[15:00] <@Don|> -- START --
[15:01] <@Don|> *screen flashes into the male cabin on the west, where the remaining campers watch a slasher movie on a small TV*
[15:01] * Shawn| sits next to Leonard, staring blankly at the movie
[15:01] * Jasmine| cringes as she covers her eyes.
[15:01] <+MovieProtagonist> *from the TV* Brad?
[15:01] <+MovieProtagonist> Brad, are you there?
[15:02] <+Leonard09> No!! Go back!
[15:02] <+MovieProtagonist> I'm coming upstairs.
[15:02] <+Jasmine|> Seriously?! Leave the house! *throws popcorn at tv*
[15:02] <+Dave|> This is psychological trauma...
[15:03] <+MovieProtagonist> Brad! Is that you?
[15:03] <+MovieProtagonist> *trips and falls*
[15:03] <+Leonard09> GET UP!! QUICKLY!!
[15:03] * Amy13 hides behind Rodney.
[15:03] <+Rodney|> I'm no genius, but I reckon she's heading.. towards the killer!
[15:04] <@Amy13> Turn it off!
[15:04] <+MovieProtagonist> *screams as she is attacked*
[15:04] <+Shawn|> AHHHHHHH!!!
[15:04] <+Leonard09> *hides his face in his hat*
[15:05] * Dave| screams in horror
[15:05] <+Dave|> S-So much's not even normal...
[15:05] <+Leonard09> Is it finally over?
[15:05] * Topher| sits, unnerved by the film.
[15:06] <+Dave|> How were you not even scared? @Topher
[15:06] <+Topher|> Eh, I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to slasher flicks.
[15:06] <+Topher|> Seen every film in the genre.
[15:06] <+Dave|> Why would people watch that...for FUN?!
[15:06] <+Dave|> I can picture the nightmares already.
[15:07] <+Rodney|> Don't worry guys!
[15:07] <+Rodney|> If this was real life, I'd protect all of you!
[15:07] <+Jasmine|> You must be kidding.
[15:07] <+Jasmine|> Did you see the way he chopped up that little Sheila?
[15:07] <+Topher|> Meh. The actress and her stunt double are both Geminis.
[15:08] <+Topher|> They had it coming. *munches popcorn*
[15:08] <@Don|> *a loud airhorn noise goes off outside*
[15:08] <+Dave|> AHH!
[15:08] <+Dave|> THE KILLER IS HERE
[15:08] <+Dave|> HIDE EVERYONE
[15:08] <+Dave|> DON'T GO UPSTAIRS
[15:09] <+Topher|> ...There is no upstairs..
[15:09] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Don at the campsite*
[15:09] <@Don|> Good evening, campers! Or... I guess it's closer to midnight now.
[15:09] <@Don|> Bet you didn't expect me to be up this late, huh?
[15:09] <@Don|> Thought I was too old to have fun? :@
[15:10] <+Dave|> I thought you needed your beauty sleep.
[15:10] <@Don|> I don't sleep Dave, the producers keep me cryogenically frozen.
[15:10] <+Leonard09> D:
[15:10] <@Don|> That was a joke.
[15:10] <@Don|> How come YOU guys are up this late?
[15:11] <+Shawn|> The Bears ordered a TV with the money we won from the fashion challenge.
[15:11] <@Amy13> And Topher here conned us into watching this stupid scary movie.
[15:11] <+Topher|> It wasn't stupid. :@
[15:11] <+Leonard09> Next time let's watch some nice Japanese cartoons instead....
[15:11] <+Topher|> I don't get what the big deal is.
[15:11] <+Topher|> Scary stuff is cool.
[15:12] <@Don|> Then you'll love tonight's challenge, Topher!
[15:12] <@Don|> It's an island scavenger hunt for three creepy skeleton keys.
[15:12] <@Don|> You'll find them in a haunted forest, an extra spook-tastic cave, and lastly, at the Dock of Shame.
[15:12] <@Don|> First team to find all three keys wins a KILLER reward.
[15:12] <@Don|> So move fast, and stick together... you'll be penalized for each player you lose-- I mean.
[15:12] <@Don|> Each player who gets LOST.
[15:13] * Rodney| gulps.
[15:13] <+Shawn|> How could we get lost in a challenge?
[15:13] <@Don|> Well, uh.
[15:13] * Don| clears his throat.
[15:13] <@Don|> Not to frighten you or anything...
[15:14] <@Don|> But we've received word that the old asylum nearby has been broken into and apparently some guy with a chainsaw and a hook has been living there for the past few weeks.
[15:14] <@Don|> Prooobably nothing to worry about, but I'd keep an eye out if I were you.
[15:14] <+Topher|> :D
[15:14] <+Dave|> Great, thanks for that.
[15:14] <+Dave|> (conf) A real life horror movie?! Don's really making us work for the million this time. Farewell, cruel world :(
[15:15] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon walking through the forest*
[15:15] * Rodney| looks at his team and looks in the darkness.
[15:15] <+Topher|> Everyone follow my lead and I promise you, we will win this challenge!
[15:15] <+Dave|> You don't have to tell me twice.
[15:15] <+Dave|> What do we do?
[15:16] <+Topher|> The most important rule of any slasher film: stick together.
[15:16] <+Rodney|> You guys should definitely stick together!
[15:16] <+Rodney|> And Rodney, you go off to find and beat up this dude who's trying to hurt your friends.
[15:16] <+Rodney|> Oh wait, I'm Rodney.
[15:17] <@Amy13> Didn't Don say we'd be penalized if we split up?
[15:17] <+Topher|> Yeah Rodney, that's way too risky.
[15:17] <+Topher|> We should link arms and walk in a circle!
[15:17] <+Rodney|> I'm not gonna let some angry killer threaten the people I love.
[15:17] <+Rodney|> Besides, there might not even be one..
[15:17] <+Rodney|> But just to be safe, I'll go check the campsite.
[15:18] * Rodney| walks off
[15:18] <+Topher|> Welp, he's a goner.
[15:18] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears at the campsite*
[15:18] <+Shawn|> Okay guys, we need to devise a plan.
[15:18] <+Leonard09> We should split up to cover more ground!
[15:19] <+Leonard09> Three keys and three of us!!
[15:19] <+Leonard09> It's genius! :D
[15:19] <+Jasmine|> We can't afford to get lost, there's not that many of us.
[15:19] <+Shawn|> Plus in these forests, there's no telling how many zombies there are.
[15:19] <+Shawn|> Keeping together is critical, now let's go find that key!
[15:20] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Rodney walking through the woods*
[15:20] * Rodney| whistling the Total Drama theme song.
[15:20] <+Chef|> *some sounds can be heard nearby from the trees*
[15:20] <+Rodney|> Hello?
[15:20] * Rodney| looks over towards the trees.
[15:21] <+Rodney|> Ma', if this is another one of your pranks, it's not funny..
[15:21] <+Rodney|> I'm coming over there!
[15:21] * Rodney swallows and walks over to the bushes.
[15:21] * Chef| appears from the bushes wearing a mask and holding a chainsaw.
[15:21] * Rodney| screams in a super high pitched voice.
[15:22] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon walking through the forest*
[15:22] * Dave| hears an owl hooting and jumps a little.
[15:22] <+Topher|> Relax man. It's just a dumb bird.
[15:22] <+Dave|> I know, I'm just really freaked out.
[15:22] <+Dave|> It's so dark and quiet...
[15:23] <@Amy13> Wow! Really?
[15:23] <@Amy13> Because all I hear is you talking. :)
[15:23] <+Topher|> Look! Up there! At the top of that tree!
[15:23] * Topher| spots a key.
[15:23] * Amy13 walks over to the tree and rolls her eyes.
[15:24] <+Topher|> Who wants to climb up there and get it?
[15:24] <@Amy13> Easy stuff! It's only a tree.
[15:24] * Amy13 attempts to climb with her heels and grunts.
[15:24] <+Dave|> Need a little help there, Amy?
[15:24] <@Amy13> I'M FINE. :@
[15:25] * Amy13 slips and lands into a mud puddle.
[15:25] <@Amy13> Ewwwwwww, I'm all muddy!
[15:25] * Topher| snickers.
[15:25] * Amy13 gets up and starts walking away.
[15:25] <+Topher|> Where are you going?
[15:26] <@Amy13> Where else? I obviously need to shower off.
[15:26] <+Topher|> But we need to stick together!!
[15:26] <@Amy13> Yeah right, I'm done with this stupid challenge.
[15:26] <+Topher|> (conf) Rodney would've been able to climb that tree. But he was stupid and walked off by himself. Then again...I'm kinda stupid too. And handsome.... Did I have a point to make? Why'd I come in here?
[15:26] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Amy walking towards the washrooms*
[15:27] * Amy13 tries to open the door to the washrooms, which is locked.
[15:27] <@Amy13> Hey... what the--
[15:27] <@Amy13> *starts banging on the door* Hello? Open up!
[15:27] * Amy13 groans.
[15:27] <@Amy13> Great. Now there's no place to shower.
[15:28] <@Amy13> Could today get ANY worse?
[15:28] * Chef| walks behind Amy and turns on his chainsaw
[15:28] <@Amy13> O_O
[15:28] <@Amy13> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!
[15:28] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Don in a tent full of monitors*
[15:29] * Amy13 is pushed into the room by Chef and sees Rodney.
[15:29] <@Amy13> Holy crap!
[15:29] <@Amy13> Am I dead?
[15:29] <@Amy13> Please don't tell me I have to spend eternity with RODNEY.
[15:29] <@Don|> Don't worry Amy! You're still alive.
[15:30] <@Amy13> Oh my gosh, this is some dumb challenge isn't it?
[15:30] <@Don|> It's not a dumb challenge! :@
[15:30] <@Don|> I spent a week thinking of this one.
[15:30] <+Rodney|> So that whole story about the asylum was fake? :c
[15:30] <@Don|> Precisely, Rodney.
[15:31] <@Don|> Chef's rounding you all up one by one dressed as a psycho because apparently, you all learned nothing from that horror movie earlier.
[15:31] <@Don|> The good news is you guys are safe, the bad news is you're out of the challenge.
[15:31] <@Don|> But you DO get to stay here and watch our fake slasher abduct his next victims. :D
[15:31] <@Don|> And it looks like zombie boy Shawn is up next.
[15:31] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears walking through the woods*
[15:32] <+Shawn|> Okay, maybe we're a bit lost now.
[15:32] <+Leonard09> I'm telling you guys....the killer always goes after groups!
[15:32] <+Leonard09> If we split it up we'll be less targeted!
[15:32] <+Jasmine|> That's a terrible idea, Leonard!
[15:32] <+Leonard09> Well excuse me for thinking!!
[15:32] <+Leonard09> *kicks a tree and is hit in the head with a key*
[15:33] <+Leonard09> :0!
[15:33] <+Jasmine|> Hey! We got it! Nice!
[15:33] <+Shawn|> (conf) Either Leonard has a fiercely strong kick, or he's secretly a wizard after all...
[15:33] * Chef| observes the Confused bears from a tree, waiting for a moment to capture one of them discreetly
[15:33] * Jasmine| turns around to peer into the distance.
[15:34] <+Jasmine|> Now we just have to find that cave.
[15:34] <+Jasmine|> Should be easy enough!
[15:34] * Chef| notices Shawn is a little far from the other and grabs him without noticing
[15:34] * Shawn| is taken away
[15:34] * Jasmine| swivels back around.
[15:35] <+Jasmine|> Right, Shawn?
[15:35] <+Jasmine|> Shawn?
[15:35] <+Leonard09> Uh...where did he go?
[15:35] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon at the cave*
[15:35] <+Dave|> So we have one key.
[15:36] <+Topher|> And the other key should be somewhere in this cave.
[15:36] * Topher| approaches the cave.
[15:36] <+Dave|> Are you sure it's safe in there?
[15:36] <+Topher|> Not certain, but I definitely see the key inside.
[15:36] <+Topher|> Don't know if both of us will fit. We could get stuck.
[15:37] <+Topher|> You wait out here. I'll go ahead and get ourselves key number two! ;)
[15:37] * Topher| enters the cave.
[15:37] * Dave| bites his nails
[15:37] <+Dave|> Well, this isn't so bad.
[15:37] * Chef| moves to his next target and captures Dave
[15:38] <+Dave|> :o
[15:38] <+Dave|> TOPH-
[15:38] * Dave| gets captured
[15:38] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears running up to the cave*
[15:38] <+Jasmine|> Do you want to go in or should I?
[15:39] <+Leonard09> Ladies first? Heh...
[15:39] <+Jasmine|> How chivalrous of you :@
[15:39] <+Jasmine|> Okay, here goes nothing.
[15:39] * Jasmine| makes her way into the cave.
[15:39] <+Leonard09> *follows closely behind her*
[15:40] * Chef| waits as Jasmine enters it and captures Leonard from behind
[15:40] <+Jasmine|> Leonard, I got it!
[15:40] * Jasmine| feels around blindly and grabs the key.
[15:40] <+Jasmine|> Leonard?
[15:40] <+Jasmine|> Seriously?!
[15:41] <@Don|> *screen flashes back to Don and the captured campers in the tent*
[15:41] <@Don|> How much more obvious are we supposed to make it?
[15:41] <@Don|> Never go anywhere alone!
[15:41] <+Shawn|> Seriously, Leonard, it's horror movie math.
[15:42] <+Leonard09> I am a wizard!
[15:42] <+Leonard09> Math cannot triumph magic.
[15:42] <@Amy13> Whatever!
[15:42] <@Amy13> Can I shower now?
[15:42] <@Don|> Not until Chef Hatchet claims his final victim, which is about to happen...
[15:42] * Don| spins around in his chair to observe a monitor.
[15:43] <@Don|> Now!
[15:43] <@Don|> No, wait, not yet. :|
[15:43] <@Don|> ... Now!
[15:43] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Topher arriving at the Dock of Shame*
[15:43] <+Topher|> Dave? Dave? Hello??
[15:44] <+Topher|> *sighs*
[15:44] <+Topher|> Well, may as well complete the challenge before I'm dead too.
[15:44] * Topher| turns around and bumps into Jasmine.
[15:44] <+Jasmine|> AGH!
[15:44] * Jasmine| turns around to see Topher.
[15:45] <+Topher|> Oh hey cool!! Jasmine!
[15:45] <+Topher|> You're still alive. :D
[15:45] <+Jasmine|> Hey, where are your teammates?
[15:45] <+Topher|> Probably dead.
[15:45] <+Topher|> Yours?
[15:46] <+Jasmine|> No clue.
[15:46] <+Jasmine|> It wasn't that hard! All we had to do was stick together!
[15:46] <+Jasmine|> Do you think this psycho with the chainsaw and the hook is really here?
[15:46] <+Topher|> I don't know about you, but I'm gonna find that key.
[15:46] <+Jasmine|> Fair enough.
[15:47] * Chef| steps on the dock and turns on the chainsaw
[15:47] <+Jasmine|> IT'S HIM!
[15:47] <+Topher|> :o
[15:47] * Chef| advances to contestants ready to capture one of them
[15:47] * Don| runs over to the dock with the other campers.
[15:48] <+Topher|> Amy? Dave? Rodney? Other team?
[15:48] <+Topher|> I thought you guys were dead.
[15:48] <+Rodney|> We are dead!
[15:48] <+Rodney|> We're ghosts..
[15:48] <+Rodney|> OOOOOOOO!!!
[15:48] * Rodney| waves his arms.
[15:49] <+Jasmine|> Okay, now I'm confused.
[15:49] <+Dave|> It's all part of a challenge guys...
[15:49] <+Dave|> Grab the last key!
[15:49] <+Topher|> But the psycho!
[15:49] * Chef| takes a step forward and removes his mask
[15:50] <+Topher|> Wait, it was CHEF all along?
[15:50] <@Amy13> Seriously, how STUPID are you people?!
[15:50] * Rodney| watches a fly pass by his head.
[15:50] * Chef| goes slowly to the direction of Jasmine
[15:50] * Jasmine| backs up from Chef cautiously.
[15:50] <+Topher|> :0
[15:51] <+Shawn|> JASMINE!
[15:51] <+Shawn|> MOVE!
[15:51] * Topher| spots key behind Chef.
[15:51] <+Topher|> *gasps*
[15:51] * Jasmine| backs up towards the end of the dock.
[15:51] * Topher| slides under Chef and grabs it.
[15:52] <@Don|> The Floating Salmon have won the challenge!
[15:52] <@Don|> Topher! Nicely done!
[15:52] <+Dave|> Woohoo!!
[15:52] <+Jasmine|> Ugh.
[15:52] * Rodney| hugs Topher.
[15:53] <+Rodney|> You did an awesome job!
[15:53] <+Topher|> Thanks, man.
[15:53] <+Topher|> I'd like to dedicate this win to Sammy! Wherever she may be.
[15:53] * Dave| looks cautiously at Amy
[15:53] <@Amy13> Who?
[15:54] <@Don|> As a reward, Topher and his team get to enjoy an outdoor movie tonight.
[15:54] <@Don|> It's "Screech 3: The Screechen-ing", now available on DVD worldwide!
[15:54] <+Dave|> More scary movies?
[15:54] <@Don|> As for the Confused Bears...
[15:54] <@Don|> The three of you are safe tonight.
[15:55] <@Don|> For now.
[15:55] <+Leonard09> Phew.
[15:55] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon watching their outdoor movie*
[15:55] * Dave| sits next to Topher, horrified by the movie
[15:55] * Rodney| looks at Amy, then fixates himself on the projector screen.
[15:56] <+Rodney|> That sure was a scary challenge, huh team?
[15:56] <+Dave|> Oh yeah.
[15:56] <+Topher|> We made it through and we won though, and that's what counts!
[15:56] * Rodney| puts arms around his team and brings them inward to him.
[15:56] <+Rodney|> I'm glad we're all safe, guys!
[15:57] * Amy13 cringes.
[15:57] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears walking by the opposing team*
[15:57] <+Leonard09> Why can't we be close like that?
[15:57] <+Leonard09> Look at them! Like a strong hunting clan!
[15:57] <+Leonard09> And we're....peasants..
[15:58] <+Jasmine|> We can be just as good.
[15:58] <+Jasmine|> We just have to focus. I have hope.
[15:58] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Don standing by the Flush of Shame*
[15:58] <@Don|> I don't!
[15:58] <@Don|> Okay, welllll, guess that wasn't the most DRAMATIC episode ever.
[15:59] <@Don|> But I still get paid!
[15:59] <@Don|> Who will be the next one voted off as we head for the big merge?
[15:59] <@Don|> See for yourself next time on Wawanakwa!
[15:59] <@Don|> *screen pans away to show a real killer watching Don from the distance*
[15:59] * TheKiller laughs wickedly and disappears into the forest.
[16:00] <@Don|> -- END --

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