[16:00] <@ChefHatchet> -- START --
[16:01] <@ChefHatchet> *screen flashes to Chef Hatchet sitting on a large sofa on the Studio Drama Aftermath Show stage as audience begins to cheer wildly*
[16:01] <@ChefHatchet> Yeah, yeah, I get it, it's exciting.
[16:01] * ChefHatchet rolls eyes as the music fades out.
[16:01] <@ChefHatchet> Welcome to the Studio Drama Aftermath Show!
[16:01] <@ChefHatchet> My name's Chef Hatchet, but my friends call me Chef.
[16:02] <@ChefHatchet> *crickets chirp*
[16:02] <@ChefHatchet> I'm the host of the brand-new, totally "off the hook"... whatever that means... Studio Drama Aftermath Segment!
[16:02] <@ChefHatchet> And I'm comin' to YOU losers live from the aftermath studio to dish everything Studio Drama-related.
[16:02] <@ChefHatchet> Speakin' of losers, please welcome...
[16:02] <@ChefHatchet> Ah, crap. Where did the peanut gallery go?
[16:03] <@Eva|Sadie> S: We're right here! *walks in*
[16:03] <@ChefHatchet> *audience cheers wildly*
[16:03] * Zeke|Cody enters.
[16:03] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Yo, yo, yo!
[16:03] <@Zeke|Cody> E: The Zeke's in the house!
[16:03] * Courtney| angrily walks in with her arms folded.
[16:04] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *Enters holding Tyler's hand*
[16:04] * Tyler| enters and smiles at Bridgette.
[16:04] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *takes a seat*
[16:04] <@Zeke|Cody> C: *sits next to Courtney*
[16:04] <@Zeke|Cody> C: :|
[16:04] <@Zeke|Cody> C: ;)
[16:05] * Courtney| pushes Cody off of the couch and onto the ground.
[16:05] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: *Sits*
[16:05] <@ChefHatchet> A'ight, so! Here's how the aftermath segments will work.
[16:05] <@ChefHatchet> Every challenge, after one of the fourteen castmates is kicked off Studio Drama...
[16:05] <@ChefHatchet> They will join us here, in the aftermath studio, for a personal interview and grilling.
[16:05] <@ChefHatchet> But since STUPID-o Drama has not started yet, today's all about the losers who didn't make it into season two.
[16:06] <@ChefHatchet> THAT MEANS YOU.
[16:06] <@ChefHatchet> *screen abruptly pans over to the peanut gallery*
[16:06] <@Zeke|Cody> E: *picks nose*
[16:06] <@ChefHatchet> *screen abruptly pans back over to Chef*
[16:06] <@ChefHatchet> Today, we'll be individually interviewing THESE half-wits seated in the peanut gallery of failure.
[16:06] <@ChefHatchet> First up, it's everyone's favorite fat boy... Owen!
[16:07] <@ChefHatchet> *audience cheers wildly*
[16:07] <@ChefHatchet> Owen, please make your way onto the couch, where you may rest your large BEHIND for the interview.
[16:07] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: I'm already sitting....
[16:07] <@ChefHatchet> On THIS couch, IDIOT BOY. :@
[16:07] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: *Gulps and moves over*
[16:07] <@ChefHatchet> Time for your first question.
[16:08] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Uh....Sure...I mean can I go pee first?
[16:08] <@ChefHatchet> DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
[16:08] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Yes Chef sir!
[16:08] <@ChefHatchet> Question one: how did it feel being the first person kicked off in season one?
[16:08] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Awww man, good one!
[16:09] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: I was hoping to last a bit longer...But after seeing what the others went through, it wasn't too big of a loss. I mean I got to try your scrumptious food and met really great people....Except for some.
[16:09] <@ChefHatchet> *audience cheers wildly*
[16:09] <@ChefHatchet> People say, next to Geoff, you're the nicest guy on the island.
[16:09] <@ChefHatchet> But even Party Dude has enemies.
[16:09] <@ChefHatchet> Who are the "some" people you DON'T like?
[16:09] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Uh....I really don't think I don't like anyone. *nervous chuckling*
[16:10] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: *Gulp* Okay, well maybe Heather, because...She's Heather. Maybe Gwen because of she can be such a downer. But that's it.
[16:10] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Aw, now I feel bad for saying that! :(
[16:10] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Don't worry, Owen!
[16:10] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I don't like Gwen, either!!
[16:10] <@Eva|Sadie> S: She was totally mean! :o
[16:11] <@ChefHatchet> DID I ASK THE FAME HOGGER TO SPEAK?
[16:11] <@Eva|Sadie> S: :(
[16:11] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:11] <@ChefHatchet> Question three: what is your most disgusting habit? @Owen
[16:11] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Huh? A disgusting habit.....I don't remember having one....I mean, some people call burping a disgusting habit, but I think it's a form of art!
[16:12] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: And then there's my gassiness! *Farts a little on accident* Oops!
[16:12] <@ChefHatchet> *audience reacts grossed out*
[16:12] * Courtney| plugs nose.
[16:12] <@ChefHatchet> You sicken me. >~>
[16:12] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Sorry. :(
[16:12] <@ChefHatchet> QUESTION NUMBER FOUR.
[16:13] <@ChefHatchet> What would you have done with the million dollars if you won in Camp Drama's final competition?
[16:13] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: What would I have done? Huh....Well...
[16:13] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: If I had a chance for a million dollars, I would probably throw everyone a big party like my buddy Geoff did! ....Or just load up on food. :)
[16:13] <@ChefHatchet> BORING.
[16:13] * ChefHatchet gets up from the sofa and points back to the peanut gallery.
[16:13] <@ChefHatchet> GO SIT OVER THERE.
[16:14] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: *Moves sadly*
[16:14] <@ChefHatchet> *sits back down* A'ight.
[16:14] <@ChefHatchet> Next up is the man from the farm himself, EZEKIEL.
[16:14] <@Zeke|Cody> *hops from the peanut gallery to the main couch*
[16:14] <@Zeke|Cody> E: YO, YO, YO!!!
[16:15] <@Zeke|Cody> E: What up, Studio Drama peeps?!
[16:15] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Zeke, wow....Since when did you get all....Confident?
[16:15] <+Courtney|> Yeah, it's REALLY starting to get irritating.
[16:15] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Not what I meant, Courtney.
[16:15] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Hey, Bridge, good question! Ever since Camp D ended, I got my mojo back and I'm ready to win Season 2.
[16:15] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: But you aren't even in Season 2!
[16:16] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Doesn't mean I can't come back, eh?
[16:16] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Ooh, Chef!
[16:16] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Can I ask a question? I have a medical concern, y'see?
[16:16] <@Zeke|Cody> E: I-I can't sit in the peanut gallery. I got a peanut allergy, eh?
[16:16] <@ChefHatchet> I will not dignify that stupidity with a response.
[16:16] <@ChefHatchet> QUESTION NUMBER ONE.
[16:16] <@ChefHatchet> How'd it feel to be the most ANNOYING contestant on Camp Wawanakwa?
[16:17] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Wawanakwa? Wasn't it Camp DRAMA?
[16:17] <+Courtney|> Wawanakwa was the NAME of the camp, Homeschool!
[16:17] <+Courtney|> Ugh! *stands up*
[16:17] <+Courtney|> Can't we just skip him and give ME a turn? @Chef
[16:17] <@Zeke|Cody> E: No wait, I'll answer!
[16:17] <@Zeke|Cody> E: I think Heather was the most annoying one.
[16:18] <@Zeke|Cody> E: She was wicked nasty, eh?
[16:18] <@ChefHatchet> *audience laughs*
[16:18] <@ChefHatchet> Speakin' of Heather...
[16:18] <@ChefHatchet> She orchestrated your elimination.
[16:18] <@ChefHatchet> Any lessons learned?
[16:18] <@Zeke|Cody> E: I never liked her! Or the orchestra she was apart of!
[16:19] * ChefHatchet twitches.
[16:19] <@Eva|Sadie> E: *under breath* What an idiot...
[16:19] <@ChefHatchet> CONTINUING.
[16:19] <@ChefHatchet> Does it pain you to know that you ain't good enough to be brought back for another season?
[16:19] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Yeah, man. It hurts to see all my friends go off and become successful while I'm stuck isolated here, eh?
[16:19] <@ChefHatchet> Yes, yes, it does.
[16:19] <@ChefHatchet> FINAL QUESTION.
[16:20] <@ChefHatchet> Ezekiel... our audience has been dying to know... what's under that toque? :|
[16:20] <@Zeke|Cody> E: :|
[16:20] <@ChefHatchet> ...
[16:20] <@Zeke|Cody> E: ...
[16:20] <@Zeke|Cody> E: *runs off screaming*
[16:20] <@ChefHatchet> WHAT?!
[16:21] <@ChefHatchet> COME BACK HERE.
[16:21] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *gasps*
[16:21] * ChefHatchet sighs obnoxiously.
[16:21] <@ChefHatchet> A'ight, forget it. Next up is Mr. Rage-a-holic himself...
[16:21] <@ChefHatchet> ... Eva.
[16:21] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I'M A GIRL.
[16:22] <@ChefHatchet> :|
[16:22] <@ChefHatchet> Uhhh... you sure?
[16:22] <@Eva|Sadie> E: OBVIOUSLY. *snorts*
[16:22] <@Eva|Sadie> E: *storms over to Chef and sits down*
[16:22] <@Eva|Sadie> E: Now, let's just get this over with!
[16:22] * ChefHatchet shrugs.
[16:23] <@ChefHatchet> So, Eva...
[16:23] <@ChefHatchet> Normally, I wouldn't even wanna talk to you due to your body odor and chest hair...
[16:23] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I don't HAVE chest hair. :@
[16:23] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I.
[16:23] <@Eva|Sadie> E: AM.
[16:23] <@Eva|Sadie> E: A.
[16:23] <@Eva|Sadie> E: GIRL.
[16:24] <@ChefHatchet> Man, you don't need to start trippin'. :@
[16:24] <@Eva|Sadie> E: MAN?! >.>"
[16:24] <@ChefHatchet> Uh, new topic... how are those anger problems?
[16:24] <@Eva|Sadie> E: My ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPIST says they're getting better!
[16:24] <@Eva|Sadie> E: But when I think about being excluded from season two...
[16:24] <@Eva|Sadie> E: The fire just starts right back up again. :@
[16:25] <@ChefHatchet> Yeah...
[16:25] <@ChefHatchet> It must really suck to see all of your friends back for one more shot at the money while you're just here rottin' like a year-old spud.
[16:25] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I'M NOT ROTTING. :@
[16:25] <@Eva|Sadie> E: *gets up and picks up a nearby chair*
[16:25] <@Eva|Sadie> E: RAGH.
[16:25] <@Eva|Sadie> E: *hurls it into the audience*
[16:26] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:26] <@ChefHatchet> O_O"
[16:26] <@ChefHatchet> SECURITY.
[16:26] <@Eva|Sadie> E: NO. NO. :@
[16:26] <@Zeke|Cody> Security: *grabs Eva*
[16:26] <@Eva|Sadie> E: LET ME GO.
[16:27] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, LET ME GO!
[16:27] <@Zeke|Cody> Security: *pulls her off the set*
[16:27] <@Eva|Sadie> E: I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU! THIS ISN'T THE END!
[16:27] <@ChefHatchet> *audience laughs*
[16:27] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *giggles*
[16:27] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Bye, Eva!! :B
[16:27] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Ooh, when is it my turn? :D
[16:28] <+Courtney|> Shut up, Tweedle-Dumb.
[16:28] <+Courtney|> No one even WANTS to see you go.
[16:28] <@Eva|Sadie> S: That's so mean!
[16:28] <+Courtney|> LIFE is mean!
[16:28] <+Courtney|> Just like how I didn't get into season two. I was team captain!
[16:28] <+Courtney|> IT SHOULD BE ME.
[16:29] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: We get it, Courtney! No offense, but can't you put that to rest for a while?
[16:29] <+Courtney|> Oh, SHUT IT, surfer girl!
[16:29] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:29] <@ChefHatchet> Alright, alright, settle down.
[16:29] <@ChefHatchet> Next up is our fourth guest, Sadie. Please give it up for the crazy girl.
[16:29] <@ChefHatchet> *audience cheers wildly*
[16:30] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *walks up to the sofa* Hi, guys, hi!!
[16:30] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *sits down* Wow, I'm just SO excited to be starring in this next season! :D
[16:30] <@ChefHatchet> You are NOT the star.
[16:30] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Of course I am!
[16:30] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I'm in the aftermath shows.
[16:30] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Good enough for MEEE. :)
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> Mmmmhmmm. Well, we'll just see about that.
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> When you were voted off Camp Drama, how did you feel?
[16:31] <@Eva|Sadie> S: As much as I respect Courtney's leadership skills, SHE should've been kicked off instead! SHE SUCKS.
[16:31] <@Eva|Sadie> S: And personally, Chef, I HATE her.
[16:31] <+Courtney|> :o
[16:31] <+Courtney|> Hey! I'm RIGHT here!
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> You're also completely nuts now.
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> When did THAT happen?
[16:32] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I'm not NUTS.
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> Our audience polls say otherwise. ;)
[16:32] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I'M NOT. :@
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> :|
[16:33] <@ChefHatchet> Uhhh... okay...
[16:33] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Really, I swear, Chef!
[16:33] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I just love attention! :D
[16:33] <@ChefHatchet> *clears throat* But our audience polls indicate... :|
[16:33] <@Eva|Sadie> S: THE AUDIENCE CAN SUCK IT. :@
[16:33] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:34] <@ChefHatchet> *gulps* Well, uh...
[16:34] <@ChefHatchet> What about your friendship with Katie? Is that still the same?
[16:34] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Oh, I DO miss her a lot, but I think she's mad that I got to return to the film lot and she didn't.
[16:34] <@Eva|Sadie> S: She just needs to get over it.
[16:34] <@ChefHatchet> You DIDN'T return to the film lot. :@
[16:34] <@Eva|Sadie> S: SO DID! You're in denial.
[16:35] <@ChefHatchet> Seems like your friendship is on the rocks.
[16:35] <@ChefHatchet> Just like your mental health.
[16:35] <@Eva|Sadie> S: :@
[16:35] <@ChefHatchet> *audience laughs*
[16:35] <@ChefHatchet> Yeah, you really is crazy, though. :|
[16:35] <@ChefHatchet> But since this is a reality TV program and we try our hardest to exploit crazy as much as possible...
[16:36] <@Eva|Sadie> S: :o
[16:36] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Of course!!
[16:36] <@Eva|Sadie> S: I'd LOVE to recreate my finest moment!
[16:36] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Be right back! *runs offstage*
[16:36] <@ChefHatchet> Next, it's Tyler.
[16:37] <@ChefHatchet> Lanky boy, make your way onto the stage.
[16:37] * Tyler| trips over shoelace while going to sit and lands on the couch.
[16:37] <@ChefHatchet> ...
[16:37] <@ChefHatchet> WITHOUT falling.
[16:37] <+Tyler|> Sorry about that!
[16:37] * Tyler| gets up and brushes himself off before sitting on the couch.
[16:37] <+Tyler|> Okay, ready!
[16:38] <+Tyler|> Fire away, Chef.
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> *clears throat, takes out cue card and reads off it*
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> Tell us about your experience on Camp Drama, Tyler.
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> Did you meet anyone special, besides that SURFER GIRL you've been lockin' lips with for the last seven weeks? >~>
[16:38] <+Tyler|> Oh, well uh, me and Bridge are super close and I love her. There's no one else I'd rather be with.
[16:38] <+Tyler|> But there are lots of other cool guys, too. Like Trent, Lindsay, Geoff, DJ, Owen and Cody.
[16:39] <+Tyler|> I made a LOT of new friends, man!
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> Boring.
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> Tell us something REALLY interesting! *snicker*
[16:39] <+Tyler|> Like what?
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> Did you have any girlfriends BEFORE Bridgette? ;)
[16:40] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: :o
[16:40] <+Tyler|> Well I mean...
[16:40] <+Tyler|> Yeah, uh...
[16:40] <+Tyler|> Like two though, and they weren't serious. :s
[16:41] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: You WHAT?
[16:41] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *Scoff* You never told me that!
[16:41] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:41] <+Tyler|> I-I mean!
[16:41] * ChefHatchet rolls eyes.
[16:42] <@ChefHatchet> You ain't gettin' any more intriguin', boy.
[16:42] <@ChefHatchet> Tell us, who do you hate on season two the most?
[16:42] <+Tyler|> Heather.
[16:42] <+Tyler|> But no one likes her anyway so...
[16:42] <@ChefHatchet> STILL BORING.
[16:42] <+Tyler|> Yeah, but!
[16:43] <@ChefHatchet> NEXT.
[16:43] <@ChefHatchet> SURFER GIRL, YOU UP.
[16:43] * Tyler| sighs and sits at peanut gallery without tripping this time.
[16:43] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *sits*
[16:43] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Hey Chef.
[16:43] <@ChefHatchet> There will be no "Hey Chef"s.
[16:44] <@ChefHatchet> ONTO THE INTERVIEW.
[16:44] <@ChefHatchet> Who are you rooting on in Studio Drama?
[16:44] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Oh gosh, I don't know....There's so many people that I think deserve to win. I guess mainly Beth. I always was closest to her.
[16:44] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Then I'd have to say Geoff for being so easy to talk to, Leshawna for being such a stand-up gal, and Gwen for being so cool.
[16:44] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *Sigh* I just hope Noah doesn't get anywhere NEAR that million.
[16:44] <@ChefHatchet> Sounds like you've been holdin' a grudge against your ex-teammate.
[16:45] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Oh trust me, if you had to put up with him, you'd feel the same.
[16:45] * Courtney| exhales sharply.
[16:45] <+Courtney|> Tell me about it.
[16:45] <@ChefHatchet> Onto a new topic.
[16:45] <@ChefHatchet> Bridgette, we all wanna know...
[16:45] <@ChefHatchet> Why Tyler?
[16:46] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Oh.
[16:46] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: Well, I don't know....We're both athletes, if surfing is considered a sport...And he has a goofy charm to him.
[16:46] <@ChefHatchet> Get back to your seat. >~>
[16:46] <@ChefHatchet> You've embarrassed yourself long enough.
[16:46] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: But I didn't even get to really answer.....
[16:46] <@ChefHatchet> NOW, SOLDIER, NOW.
[16:47] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *Sighs and moves back to peanut gallery*
[16:47] <@Zeke|Cody> C: *to Bridgette* Aw, don't worry Bridge! I don't think you're embarrassing.
[16:47] <@Zeke|Cody> C: You're cool. :)
[16:47] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: *Sighs at Cody and looks away*
[16:47] <@ChefHatchet> YO.
[16:47] <@ChefHatchet> FLIRTY BOY. YOU'RE UP NEXT.
[16:48] <@Zeke|Cody> C: *gulps and quietly sits down*
[16:48] <@ChefHatchet> ALRIGHT.
[16:48] <@ChefHatchet> NOW, since you LOVE interrupting my show...
[16:48] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Sorry, Chef! I...
[16:48] <@ChefHatchet> You're doing it AGAIN. >~>
[16:48] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Oh, whoops. :(
[16:49] <@ChefHatchet> Do you feel bad that you're such a loser?
[16:49] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Loser? No way! And even if I was...
[16:49] <@Zeke|Cody> C: I can move on from that. I moved on from Izzy.
[16:49] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Now I'm going after more mature girls.
[16:49] <@Zeke|Cody> C: *winks at Bridgette* ;)
[16:49] <+Bridgette|> :|
[16:50] * Tyler| glares at Cody.
[16:50] <@ChefHatchet> Oh.
[16:50] <@ChefHatchet> So you think you're MR. BIG SHOT NOW?
[16:50] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Uhhh.
[16:50] <@Zeke|Cody> C: I dunno. :|
[16:50] <@ChefHatchet> You think you're the BIG MAN ON CAMPUS?
[16:51] <@ChefHatchet> WELL, GUESS WHAT?
[16:51] <@ChefHatchet> *grabs Cody by the collar*
[16:51] <@ChefHatchet> :@
[16:51] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Hey, lay off, man!
[16:51] <@ChefHatchet> *throws Cody into a stage light*
[16:51] <@ChefHatchet> :@
[16:52] <@Zeke|Cody> C: *hits and falls to the stage, wincing*
[16:52] <@ChefHatchet> *audience makes horrified reaction noises*
[16:52] <@ChefHatchet> A'IGHT.
[16:52] <@ChefHatchet> COURTNEY'S UP.
[16:52] <+Courtney|> Hm? Sorry. I was falling asleep because of how boring this is. >.>
[16:52] <@ChefHatchet> Maggot, do you WANT an interview or not?
[16:53] <+Courtney|> Fine, I'll take it.
[16:53] * Courtney| walks over to the sofa and angrily sits down.
[16:53] <+Courtney|> Glad I'm FINALLY getting a chance to speak my mind!
[16:53] <+Courtney|> I have a lot to say about Camp Drama that the audience hasn't heard yet.
[16:53] <@ChefHatchet> Yeah, whatever.
[16:53] <@ChefHatchet> Your first question is...
[16:54] <@Eva|Sadie> S: WAIT.
[16:54] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *is at the top of the stage*
[16:54] <@ChefHatchet> *audience gasps*
[16:54] <@ChefHatchet> *looks concerned*
[16:54] <@ChefHatchet> Aw, crud. :|
[16:55] <+Bridgette|Owen> B: OH, NO!
[16:55] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Sadie!
[16:55] <@Zeke|Cody> C: Get down from there, man!
[16:55] <+Bridgette|Owen> O: Is she gonna be okay? D:
[16:55] <+Courtney|> Do I LOOK like I care? @Owen
[16:55] <+Courtney|> Let's get on with this already!
[16:55] <@Zeke|Cody> E: Sadie, you better get down or you'll hurt yourself!
[16:56] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Don't worry, everyone, I'm fine!
[16:56] <@Eva|Sadie> S: Now check THIS out!!
[16:56] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *dives off stage* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
[16:56] * Courtney| gasps.
[16:56] <@Eva|Sadie> S: *flies through the stage, leaving a giant hole in the middle of the floor*
[16:57] <@ChefHatchet> DANG!
[16:57] * Courtney| sighs.
[16:57] <+Courtney|> Typical. *shakes head*
[16:57] <+Courtney|> Okay, well, now that that's over, can we get back to MY interview?
[16:57] <@ChefHatchet> Oop, looks like we're out of time!
[16:57] <+Courtney|> I'm sorry, WHAT?
[16:58] <@ChefHatchet> I SAID, that's all the time we've got for this week.
[16:58] <@ChefHatchet> So, shut your mouth, Type-A Princess Wannabe.
[16:58] <+Courtney|> UGH! But my INTERVIEW!
[16:58] <@ChefHatchet> You'll have time to speak in the next aftermath show.
[16:58] <@ChefHatchet> And as for the viewers, make sure to tune in to Studio Drama's first challenge, hosted by Chris McLean next week!
[16:58] <+Courtney|> BUT!
[16:59] * ChefHatchet pushes Courtney off-screen with one hand.
[16:59] <@ChefHatchet> You guys'll be seeing Camp Drama's fourteen fan-favorites, including our winner, Geoff, and Gwen, last season's runner-up!
[16:59] <@ChefHatchet> Who will be eliminated next time, on the teens' first day? And what does Chris have in store for our castmates?
[16:59] <@ChefHatchet> Find out next time, on another nail-biting episode of...
[16:59] <@ChefHatchet> STUDIO!
[16:59] <@ChefHatchet> DRAMA!
[17:00] <@ChefHatchet> -- END --

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