[15:52] <@ChrisMcLean> -- START (Heroes' side) --
[15:52] <+Alex|> Soooooooo. It's just us now. Huh, bro?
[15:52] <@Ethan|> I guess so.
[15:52] <+Alex|> I bet we can take down MOST of those Villains and make it to the final three!
[15:53] <@Ethan|> I'm in!
[15:53] <+Alex|> Alexis can come with us too. c:
[15:53] <@Ethan|> ... Yeah. :|
[15:53] <@Ethan|> (CONF) A villain? With the heroes? Never!
[15:53] <+Alex|> (conf) No one gets Alexis... I do, though! She's a true hero. Like me and my buddy Ethan!
[15:53] <@ChrisMcLean> -- (Villains' side) --
[15:54] * Ryan13 eats gruel.
[15:54] <@Samantha|> >.> @Alexis
[15:54] <+Alexis|> What? :|
[15:54] <@Samantha|> *looks away*
[15:54] <@Samantha|> *scoffs*
[15:54] * Ryan13 chokes out gruel.
[15:54] <@Ryan13> Ewww!
[15:55] <@Samantha|> That is disgusting. >.> @Ryan
[15:55] <+Alexis|> (conf) I do NOT understand Samantha... I'm supposed to be in an alliance with her, but lately, I feel like I've just been 'doing whatever she wants'.... Hmph.
[15:55] <+Trixie-> (conf) There's only 6 of us left, and I'm thinking I can really win this now! I just have to stay focused. This alliance is sort of working... Samantha's annoying, but she isn't AS annoying as she was before.
[15:55] <@Samantha|> (conf) Right now, the Vultures have a considerable advantage over the Hamsters, but just think of how much better things would be if ALEXIS hadn't gone against my orders and caused a double elimination. >.>
[15:55] <@Samantha|> Can we have some decorum, please? :@
[15:55] <@Ryan13> I... don't know what that is.
[15:55] <@Samantha|> Of course not.
[15:55] <@Ryan13> By the way, since we're double the size of the Heroes, we're almost BOUND to lose this challenge.
[15:56] <@Ryan13> It's, like, an unwritten TD rule.
[15:56] <@Ryan13> So, let's try and focus today, alright, team?
[15:56] <+Alexis|> Let's do it!!! ^^ | (conf) I think Ryan has made that speech like 3 times now...
[15:57] * Trixie- tries to take out a spoonful of gruel and her spoon snaps in half.
[15:57] <+Trixie-> >.>
[15:57] <@Ryan13> (conf) I am, like, the only sane one on Team Villain. They are SO annoying! And P.S: I was the only one that DID anything last challenge. I feel like I've said this about 3 times now!
[15:57] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CHALLENGE --
[15:57] <@ChrisMcLean> Challenge time, kiddies!
[15:57] <+Alex|> Hey Chris!
[15:58] <+Alex|> Ummm, I was thinking...
[15:58] <+Alex|> Since the Villains are DOUBLE the size of my team...
[15:58] <+Alex|> Could you place the only NICE member of that team on the Heroes?
[15:58] <@ChrisMcLean> No. @Alex
[15:59] <+Alexis|> Can we hear the challenge now?
[15:59] <@ChrisMcLean> Yes, we can!
[16:00] <@ChrisMcLean> The challenge today will be a throwback to the egg hunt last season.
[16:00] <@ChrisMcLean> BUT!
[16:00] <@ChrisMcLean> With a twist.
[16:00] <@ChrisMcLean> Instead of walking aimlessly around the forest trying to find mutant eggs, you'll be ROCK CLIMBING!
[16:01] <@ChrisMcLean> The eggs are hidden all around Mt. McLean!
[16:01] <@ChrisMcLean> The team that finds the most, wins.
[16:01] <@ChrisMcLean> It's that simple.
[16:01] <@Ryan13> Nothing's EVER been that simple before.
[16:01] <@Ryan13> You're not even giving the Heroes an advantage?
[16:01] <@Ryan13> I smell a big, fat lie.
[16:01] * ChrisMcLean shrugs.
[16:01] <@ChrisMcLean> Maybe I've just gotten uncreative.
[16:01] <@ChrisMcLean> ;)
[16:01] <@Ethan|> >.>
[16:02] <@Ryan13> <.<
[16:02] <+Alex|> >.>
[16:02] <+Trixie-> <.<
[16:02] <@Samantha|> >.>
[16:02] <+Alexis|> <.<
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CLIFF --
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> Okay, teams!
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> Time to get your rockclimbing gear on.
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> OH, WAIT.
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> I only ordered four. :(
[16:02] <@Ethan|> ...
[16:02] <@Ethan|> So.
[16:02] <@Ryan13> I knew it!
[16:02] <+Trixie-> Um.
[16:02] <+Alexis|> Four?
[16:02] * ChrisMcLean tosses the gear into the air.
[16:02] <@Ethan|> We get a DISADVANTAGE?
[16:02] <@ChrisMcLean> FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.
[16:03] * Ryan13 grabs rock climbing gear.
[16:03] <@Ethan|> *catches one*
[16:03] <@Ethan|> Yeah!!
[16:03] <@Samantha|> *pushes Alexis aside*
[16:03] <@Samantha|> *catches one* :D
[16:03] * Trixie- scurries over and grabs one.
[16:03] <@Ryan13> Sweet. ^_^
[16:03] <+Alexis|> Hey!!!
[16:03] * Alexis| bumps into Alex.
[16:03] <+Alex|> Aw! :(
[16:03] <@ChrisMcLean> Ryan, Ethan, Samantha, and Trixie have their gear.
[16:03] <@ChrisMcLean> Which means Alexis and Alex will need to wander the woods aimlessly and pick up as many eggs as they can.
[16:04] <@ChrisMcLean> JUST like last season.
[16:04] <+Alexis|> There are eggs in the woods.
[16:04] <+Trixie-> Don't screw up, Alexis. >.>
[16:04] <+Trixie-> AGAIN.
[16:04] <@Samantha|> What she said. >.>
[16:04] <+Alex|> (conf) YES, YES, YES!!!!!
[16:04] <@Ethan|> (CONF) Alex is infatuated by Alexis. Which means his head definitely won't have his head in the game!
[16:04] <@ChrisMcLean> -- WOODS --
[16:05] <+Alexis|> Hmm... Eggs, eggs, eggs...
[16:05] <+Alex|> So....looks like we're alone...again!
[16:05] <+Alex|> :D
[16:05] <+Alexis|> (conf) I don't know what Samantha and Trixie meant by SCREWING UP... just pay attention to the mountain. >.>
[16:05] <+Alexis|> Huh? :|
[16:05] <+Alexis|> Oh... Yeah.... Again. :|
[16:05] <+Alex|> Remember the shooting challenge?
[16:05] <+Alex|> Sorry about shooting you.
[16:05] <+Alex|> :D
[16:06] <+Alexis|> Oh, that's okay... You had to win the challenge, right? :p
[16:06] <+Alexis|> That's what's... important...
[16:06] <+Alexis|> (conf) WHY am I talking to him? :|
[16:06] <+Alex|> Yeah! I care about winning alot. But I also care about...other things. ;)
[16:06] <+Alex|> Soooo, why don't we work together to find eggs.
[16:06] <+Alex|> Maybe if Chris sees, he'll realize what a hero you are and put you on my team!
[16:06] <+Alexis|> *picks up an egg while listening* Uhh... I guess that could work.
[16:07] <+Alexis|> You want me on your team?
[16:07] <+Alex|> Yeah! You're a hero! Like me!
[16:07] <+Alex|> And....I can give you a few pointers for this challenge.
[16:07] <+Alexis|> *gets all defensive* WHAT!? Oh, no, no, no.. *laughs*.. I'm not a hero.
[16:07] <+Alex|> Sure you are! Now look over here!
[16:08] <+Alexis|> ? *looks* :|
[16:08] <+Alex|> I competed in this challenge last season.
[16:08] <+Alex|> I remember seeing some eggs hidden in this log.
[16:08] <+Alex|> If I know Chris, they're still there.
[16:08] <+Alexis|> Really? You want I should look?
[16:08] <+Alex|> We should look! Together!
[16:08] <+Alex|> :D
[16:08] <+Alexis|> Oh... *coughs*... Okay. :p
[16:08] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CLIFF --
[16:08] <@Ryan13> Come on, Vultures! *climbs*
[16:09] <@Ryan13> Let's go, let's go!
[16:09] <@Ryan13> We are NOT losing! :@
[16:09] <@Samantha|> Since when is HE so proactive? >.> @Trixie
[16:09] <@Samantha|> (conf) Last season, Ryan didn't even lift a finger, but now he's starting to become a real threat. Hmmm....
[16:09] <+Trixie-> He thinks he's all that since he aced the last challenge. *rolls eyes*
[16:09] <@Ryan13> I said, let's GO.
[16:09] <+Trixie-> I'm coming, I'm coming. >.>
[16:09] <@Samantha|> We're trying. :@
[16:09] <@Ryan13> This is Team Vulture, not Team LOSER!
[16:09] <@Samantha|> *climbs*
[16:09] <@Samantha|> Yeah, if it were called Team Loser, Ethan would be on it. xD
[16:10] <@Ryan13> Less jokes, more climbing!
[16:10] <@Ethan|> *climbs*
[16:10] <@Samantha|> *continues climbing*
[16:10] * Ryan13 picks up an egg.
[16:10] <+Trixie-> *lifts leg up to a rock*
[16:10] * Ryan13 accidentally drops it on Trixie's head.
[16:10] <@Ryan13> Crap!
[16:10] <+Trixie-> Ahhhhhh!
[16:10] <+Trixie-> *loses balance*
[16:10] <+Trixie-> Whoa, whoa...
[16:10] <@Ethan|> :o
[16:10] <+Trixie-> *falls*
[16:10] <@Ethan|> Woah!
[16:10] <+Trixie-> AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
[16:11] * Ethan| catches Trixie.
[16:11] <+Trixie-> :o
[16:11] * Ryan13 awkwardly chuckles, blushing at Samantha.
[16:11] <@Ryan13> Whoops.
[16:11] <@Ryan13> :D
[16:11] <@Ethan|> :|
[16:11] <@Samantha|> >.> @Ryan
[16:11] <+Trixie-> ETHAN!
[16:11] <@Ethan|> Uhhh...
[16:11] <@Samantha|>
[16:11] * Trixie- wraps her arms around Ethan's neck.
[16:11] <@Ethan|> O.O
[16:11] <@Samantha|> :D
[16:11] <+Trixie-> I can't believe you saved me!
[16:11] <@Samantha|> *finds an egg*
[16:11] <+Trixie-> You're such a man!
[16:11] <@Samantha|> That's one--
[16:11] <@Ethan|> Uh-huh. :$
[16:11] <@Samantha|> Trixie, what are you doing!? :@
[16:11] <@Ethan|> Yeah, that's me. :$
[16:11] <+Trixie-> Welll, back to the challenge. ;)
[16:12] <@Ethan|> Yeah...
[16:12] <+Trixie-> See you soon. *lifts leg up to another rock*
[16:12] <@Ethan|> You...
[16:12] * Ryan13 finds an egg.
[16:12] <@Ethan|> Go do that...
[16:12] <@Ethan|> Now.
[16:12] <@Ryan13> I got one!
[16:12] <@Ethan|> *continues climbing*
[16:12] <@Ryan13> Hey, don't we have a basket?! :@
[16:12] <@Ryan13> @Chris
[16:12] <@Samantha|> (conf) I can't be the only one tired of Trixie's constant flirtations. >.>
[16:12] <@ChrisMcLean> *appears above them in a helicopter* Sure!
[16:12] <@ChrisMcLean> *drops the basket down and it hits Trixie in the head again*
[16:12] <+Trixie-> Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
[16:12] <@Ryan13> CHRIS! :@
[16:12] <+Trixie-> *falls AGAIN*
[16:12] * Trixie- is not caught this time.
[16:12] <@Samantha|> STOP. :@
[16:12] <@Ryan13> She can't afford to lose any more brain cells!
[16:12] <@Samantha|> She's already brainless enough!
[16:12] <@Ryan13> Hey. :D
[16:12] <@Ryan13> That was kind of funny!
[16:13] <@Samantha|> Thanks, Ryan.
[16:13] <@Samantha|> I wish I could say the same about yours. :D
[16:13] * Ryan13 rolls eyes and grabs an egg.
[16:13] * Ethan| breaks a rock open
[16:13] * Ethan| notices an egg.
[16:13] <@Ethan|> Hey, I got one!
[16:13] * Ethan| drops egg.
[16:13] <@Ethan|> Oops. D:
[16:13] <@ChrisMcLean> -- WOODS --
[16:13] <+Alexis|> Hey, there was an egg in there! *pulls it out*
[16:13] <+Alex|> Look at all of these eggs! :)
[16:14] <+Alexis|> Yeah!!
[16:14] <+Alexis|> It's so--
[16:14] <+Alexis|> .. *coughs*
[16:14] <+Alex|> :|
[16:14] <+Alexis|> Ew.
[16:14] <+Alex|> Are you okay?
[16:14] <+Alex|> You sound sick..
[16:14] <+Alexis|> I'm sorry... I've had this cough for a while today...
[16:14] <+Alex|> Here, you should wear my shirt. To stay warm!
[16:14] <+Alexis|> I don't kn--
[16:14] * Alex| takes off shirt and puts it on Alexis.
[16:14] <+Alexis|> Oh, I couldn't possibly.
[16:14] <+Alexis|> I--
[16:14] <+Alexis|> ... :|
[16:14] <+Alexis|> Thanks. *cracks a smile*
[16:14] * Alexis| wears it.
[16:15] * Alex| smiles back.
[16:15] <+Alexis|> I feel a bit warmer already. *sighs and looks at Alex* Wow. You're pretty... lean. :|
[16:15] <+Alexis|> (conf) LEAN!?!? WHAT!?
[16:15] <+Alex|> Heheh, you're funny.
[16:15] <+Alex|> :)
[16:15] <+Alex|> .......
[16:16] * Alex| kisses Alexis.
[16:16] <+Alexis|> :-O
[16:16] <+Alexis|> ... *kisses back*
[16:16] <+Alexis|> Did we...
[16:16] <+Alexis|> Did...
[16:16] <@Samantha|> *appears behind a tree*
[16:16] <@Samantha|> *gasps* :o
[16:16] <@Samantha|> *runs off*
[16:16] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CLIFF --
[16:16] <@Ryan13> Ugh!
[16:16] <@Ryan13> Let's go, Trixie!
[16:17] * Ethan| holds three eggs in his hand.
[16:17] <+Trixie-> :@ I'm trying, these heels weren't meant for this!
[16:17] * Ryan13 grabs another egg.
[16:17] * Ethan| notices Trixie.
[16:17] <@Ethan|> Uh, Trix?
[16:17] <+Trixie-> Yeah? >.>
[16:17] <+Trixie-> I mean.
[16:17] <+Trixie-> *bats eyelashes* Yeah? ;)
[16:17] <@Samantha|> *runs to the bottom of the cliff, panting*
[16:17] <@Ryan13> THERE you are!
[16:17] <@Ryan13> We...
[16:17] <@Ryan13> I...
[16:17] * Ryan13 reaches top of cliff, holding five eggs.
[16:17] <@Ryan13> Wait!
[16:17] <@Ryan13> That's IT?!
[16:17] <@Ryan13> I climbed an ENTIRE CLIFF to get FIVE EGGS?
[16:17] <@ChrisMcLean> Sorry!
[16:17] <@ChrisMcLean> xD
[16:17] <@Ryan13> This SUCKS.
[16:19] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CHALLENGE --
[16:19] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CHALLENGE --
[16:19] <@ChrisMcLean> Okay, campers!
[16:19] <@ChrisMcLean> Let's see how many eggs you got.
[16:19] * ChrisMcLean inspects the Villains' basket.
[16:19] <@ChrisMcLean> Ooooohhhh, impressive. :D
[16:20] <@Samantha|> Did you expect anything less? >.>
[16:20] <@Ryan13> Maybe with your performance.
[16:20] <@ChrisMcLean> Annddddd... HEROES!
[16:20] <@ChrisMcLean> Looks like you've got the same amount.
[16:20] <@ChrisMcLean> SO.
[16:20] <@ChrisMcLean> It's a TIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:20] <@Ryan13> Great. -_-
[16:20] <@Ethan|> ...
[16:20] <+Alex|> Another tiebreaker?
[16:20] <+Alex|> >.>
[16:20] * Ethan| raises hand.
[16:20] <+Trixie-> What? :@
[16:20] <@Samantha|> Unbelievable. :@
[16:20] <@ChrisMcLean> Yes, Ethan?
[16:20] <@Ethan|> I...
[16:20] <@Ethan|> Maybe... sorta... kinda
[16:21] <@Ethan|> Gave an egg to Trixie.
[16:21] <@Ethan|> :|
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> Oh, yeah.
[16:21] <@Samantha|> :o
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> I guess you did.
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> So.
[16:21] <+Alexis|> :o
[16:21] <@Samantha|> YOU HEARD THAT!
[16:21] <@Samantha|> ETHAN CHEATED!
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> THE HEROES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:21] <@Samantha|> DISQUAL-
[16:21] <@Samantha|> WHAT?! :@
[16:21] <@Ryan13> Really?!
[16:21] <@Samantha|> He made us cheat! :@
[16:21] <+Alex|> What? No way! Cool!
[16:21] <+Alexis|> How is that even--
[16:21] <+Trixie-> Wait, what?!
[16:21] <+Alex|> We did it! We won! @Alexis
[16:21] <+Alexis|> ... -___-
[16:21] * Ethan| brohugs Alex.
[16:21] <+Alex|> Oh.. oh yeah..
[16:21] <+Alex|> :(
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> And, the Villains.
[16:21] <+Alexis|> Yeah.... YOU won. :-/
[16:21] <+Trixie-> Ethan! :@
[16:21] <+Alexis|> @Alex
[16:21] <@Samantha|> <.<
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> Please report to the campfire ceremony at once!!
[16:21] <+Trixie-> (conf) *adjusts top* Me and Ethan are SO through. I mean, well, we weren't really a thing, but, we are TOTES through.
[16:21] <@ChrisMcLean> -- CAMPFIRE CEREMONY --
[16:22] <@ChrisMcLean> Villains, this is a shock.
[16:22] <@ChrisMcLean> You've been so on par lately.
[16:22] <@ChrisMcLean> But not today. xD
[16:22] <@Samantha|> Chris, WAIT.
[16:22] <@Samantha|> Before we can get on with this, I'd like to say a few words...
[16:23] <@ChrisMcLean> Go ahead, Samantha.
[16:23] <@Samantha|> As much as anyone, I endorse team spirit, but a travesty has occurred today. :-/
[16:23] <@Samantha|> And it's not just the fact that we lost.
[16:23] <@Samantha|> When I became the team captain of Team Villain, I expected everyone to act accordingly, but that has not been the case.
[16:23] <@Samantha|> Because today...
[16:23] <@Samantha|> ALEXIS KISSED ALEX. :@
[16:23] <+Alexis|> *hums nonchalantly* Hmm-hm--  :|"
[16:23] * Alex| pops up from behind bush.
[16:23] <+Alex|> You were SPYING ON US?
[16:24] <@Samantha|> Buzz off, Alex. >.>
[16:24] * Ethan| pops up.
[16:24] <@Ethan|> I'm here too! c:
[16:24] <@ChrisMcLean> Heroes, this isn't exactly your elimination.
[16:24] <@ChrisMcLean> >.>
[16:24] <@ChrisMcLean> But.
[16:24] <@ChrisMcLean> I guess you can stay as long as you're quiet.
[16:24] <+Alexis|> Weren't you supposed to be climbing a cliff? >.> @Samantha
[16:24] <@Samantha|> Um, I was thirsty, TRAITOR.
[16:24] <@Ryan13> (conf) I don't know WHO to vote for. Samantha disappeared during the challenge, Alexis KISSED a member of the other team, and TRIXIE was totally useless! Not only did she fall twice, she is FLIRTING with Ethan, who HAS a girlfriend! Does no one on this team have morals? >.>
[16:24] <+Alexis|> (conf) Alex seems to be the only person that truly understands me..... I feel like I'm screwed now, but... but... I mean, look at Trixie.... the only thing she didn't do today was take off Ethan's pants. >.>
[16:25] <+Alex|> I didn't want to miss Alexis's possible elimination.
[16:25] <+Trixie-> Ew!
[16:25] <+Trixie-> Well, I mean, congrats, but, ew. Even you should have standards. >.>
[16:25] <+Alex|> I was planning on asking her to be my girlfriend.
[16:25] <+Alex|> :$
[16:26] <@Samantha|> That's a nice love story, Alex. >.>
[16:26] <+Alexis|> :-O @Alex
[16:26] <+Alexis|> Take that, Trixie. :@
[16:27] <+Trixie-> Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of you getting flushed tonight. @Alexis
[16:27] <+Trixie-> >.>
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> Okay!
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> And votes go to...
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> One for Trixie!
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> One for Alexis!
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> One for Samantha!
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> And the fourth and final vote is for...
[16:28] <@ChrisMcLean> ALEXIS!!! ^_^
[16:28] <@ChrisMcLean> You're gone!
[16:28] <+Alexis|> :o
[16:28] <+Alexis|> But....
[16:28] <@Samantha|> Goodbye, Benedict Arnold. :@ You won't be missed! *waves*
[16:28] <+Alex|> No!
[16:28] <+Alexis|> YOU DID THIS! What about the alliance!? What about "getting along"!?
[16:28] <+Alexis|> >.>
[16:28] <+Trixie-> Later, loser!
[16:28] <@Samantha|> From now on, it's Team Trixantha. :@
[16:29] <@Ryan13> Wait.
[16:29] <@Ryan13> You guys had an alliance?
[16:29] <@Ryan13> Without ME?
[16:29] <+Alexis|> Yes.
[16:29] <@Ryan13> Ugh!
[16:29] <@Ryan13> This team is TOTALLY USELESS.
[16:29] * Ryan13 storms off.
[16:29] <@Ethan|> :|
[16:29] * Ethan| waves to the camera.
[16:29] <@Ethan|> Hi, Ness.
[16:29] <@Ethan|> c:
[16:29] <@Samantha|> SHUT UP, ETHAN. :@
[16:29] <@Samantha|> *storms off*
[16:29] <+Alex|> (conf) For once, Ryan isn't my least favorite person on the island.
[16:29] <+Trixie-> YEAH, ETHAN. *also storms off*
[16:29] <+Alexis|> Hmph... *walks away from former team*
[16:30] <+Alex|> WAIT! *chases Alexis*
[16:30] <@ChrisMcLean> -- FLUSH OF SHAME (Alexis/Alex) --
[16:30] * Alexis| sits in toilet.
[16:30] <+Alex|> You never answered my question.
[16:30] <+Alexis|> Hmm?
[16:30] <+Alexis|> What question? :o
[16:30] <+Alex|> Will you be my girlfriend? <3
[16:30] <+Alexis|> Oh, Alex...
[16:30] <+Alexis|> Of course I will. <3
[16:30] * Alex| leans in to kiss Alexis.
[16:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Awww, this is cute!
[16:31] <@ChrisMcLean> Too bad she's getting flushed.
[16:31] * Alexis| leans in to kiss Alex.
[16:31] <+Alex|> Hm?
[16:31] <+Alexis|> WAIT! NO!!! D:
[16:31] <@ChrisMcLean> *flushes*
[16:31] <+Alexis|> Alex, I hope you WIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!
[16:31] <+Alex|> Aww! You too!
[16:32] <+Alex|> Oh wait. :|
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> And now, we're down to our final five!
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> But how will our final five react when it becomes our final seven again?
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> Find out next time right here on...
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> TOTAL!
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> DRAMA!
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> HEROES VS. VILLAINS!!
[16:32] <@ChrisMcLean> -- END --

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Pre-merge Prepare to Be Schooled | Grapes of Math | According to Gym | Bringing Xe Back | Cool Hand Puke | Of Rats and Men | Almost Maimed | Love Game | You Wood Be Shocked
Post-merge The Sound of Mercury | Arts and Craps | Eiffel Cowards | Viciously Unhealthy | Dollars and Sense | Writer's Shock | Robotched | Memories of our Lives | Heart of the Bull
Aftermaths and specials Totally Rejected!
Total Drama Cruise transcripts
Pre-merge Welcome to the Cruise | Scrapvenger Hunt | Slidewinders | Mean Cuisine | Island of the Apes | Fish Frenzy Water Wipeout | Rock Your Boat
Post-merge Crazy, Stupid, Puke | My Big Lame Cruise Wedding | Return to Boney Island | Ugly Eye for the Hot Guy | Zebra Cruising | Pirate's Life for Me | Do the Hula | Goodbye
Aftermaths and specials Total Drama Roleplay's 100th Episode Special
Total Drama: Return to the Island transcripts
Pre-merge Off the Deep End | All or NUT-thing | Forbidden Talent | Hide and Shriek | Silent Night, Lunar Fright | She, Robot? | Chickens or the Egg | Whatever Floats Your Boat | Swallow Your Pride
Post-merge Despicable He | Pedal to the Metal | Fashionleasta | Fight Liar with Fire | This Ain't The End
Aftermaths and specials Season Six Recap
Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains transcripts
Pre-merge Welcome to Camp Suckiness... Again! | Here Today, Gun Tomorrow | Pukelear Warfare | Hole in Two | Shark Fail | Alexis & Alex's Eggcellent Adventure | TARget Outta Here!
Post-merge Trustin' You Ain't Easy | Ice-Capades | Beauties and the Bear | Live and Let Dare | The Very Last Episode, Really This Time!
Aftermaths and specials Season Seven Recap

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