[15:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- START --
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa!
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: We're coming at you live from the municipality of Muskoka, frequently called "The Malibu of the North" thanks to all the celebrity sightings.
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: But I only see one celebrity here - it's me, Don, your host!
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: *grins confidently*
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: On the campgrounds of this dilapidated island, a gaggle of sixteen-year-old weirdos are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: When they get here, our contestants will be divided into two teams.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: Every three days, one team will either win a reward or vote for one of their team members to leave the game.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: In the end, only one will be left standing and will receive a cash prize of one million dollars.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don standing at the far end of the dock; a yacht arrives and drops off Beardo*
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: And here comes our first camper now. What's up, Beardo?
[15:03] <+Beardo|> *walks in listening to his Beats by Tre* :)
[15:03] <+Beardo|> *double pistols and a winks at Don as he walks down the dock*
[15:03] <@Don|Sugar> D: ........... Not a big talker I see. Fine.
[15:03] * Don|Sugar watches the second boat pull up to the dock and deliver Ella before both yachts drive off.
[15:03] <@Don|Sugar> D: Maybe our next camper Ella has some words worth sharing.
[15:04] <+Ella|> What a lovely kingdom!
[15:04] <+Ella|> Are you the monarch of this land?
[15:04] <@Don|Sugar> D: Or maybe not.
[15:04] * Ella| walks over to Beardo and waves at him.
[15:04] <+Beardo|> ;)
[15:04] * Don|Sugar hears heavy breathing behind him and turns around to see Leonard.
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: Welcome to camp, Leonard.
[15:05] <+Leonard09> Hello *waves wand at Don's face*
[15:05] <+Leonard09> Gadzooks!
[15:05] <+Leonard09> The magic energy here is great. :D
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: Gah!
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: What is that thing?!
[15:06] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the fourth yacht pulling up to the island; just before the boat leaves, Rodney steps onto the dock*
[15:06] <@Don|Sugar> D: Everybody, this is Rodney!
[15:06] <+Rodney|> Hey there, Don!
[15:06] <@Don|Sugar> D: *high-fives Rodney*
[15:06] <+Rodney|> My ma' told me you'd look better off of the fancy television and I do reckon so!
[15:06] <@Don|Sugar> D: Your ma' is one smart lady!
[15:07] * Rodney| joins Beardo, Ella, and Leonard and smiles at them
[15:07] <@Don|Sugar> D: Next up, we have Scarlett.
[15:07] <@Don|Sugar> D: *helps Scarlett down off the yacht as it drives away from the island*
[15:07] <+Scarlett|> Perhaps this is an uneducated assumption, but are you sure this dock is stable?
[15:07] <+Scarlett|> *takes out a magnifying glass to observe some dry rot*
[15:07] <+Scarlett|> A mass amount of fungi has started to deteriorate all the wood over here
[15:07] <+Scarlett|> Enough weight and this entire construction could totally collapse!
[15:08] <@Don|Sugar> D: You're probably right!
[15:08] <@Don|Sugar> D: Now go stand with the others.
[15:08] * Scarlett| goes to them.
[15:08] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Sky landing on the dock as her yacht steers away*
[15:08] * Sky31 backflips off the boat before it stops
[15:08] <+Sky31> Hi.
[15:09] <@Don|Sugar> D: Wicked moves, Sky!
[15:09] <@Don|Sugar> D: Gotta say, I'm impressed.
[15:09] <+Sky31> Thanks, it's my dream to someday take part in the Olympics
[15:09] <+Scarlett|> A statistical improbability
[15:09] <+Scarlett|> You won't make it very far.. @Sky
[15:09] * Sky31 stands with everyone else and glares at Scarlett
[15:10] <@Don|Sugar> D: Contestant number nine is Topher.
[15:10] * Don|Sugar fist-bumps Topher as he approaches him.
[15:10] <+Topher|> What's up, man?!
[15:10] <+Topher|> Gotta hand it to you, the location is great.
[15:10] <+Topher|> Was this where they filmed Camp Drama season one or am I thinking of some other place?
[15:10] <@Don|Sugar> D: Probably some other place.
[15:10] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to a boat pulling up to the far end of the dock and dropping off Sugar*
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> D: Hey everyone, Sugar!
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> S: The beauty queen has arrived, y'all!
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> S: Where's my bouquet? :@
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sugar, this...
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> D: Isn't a pageant, you know.
[15:11] <@Don|Sugar> S: *grumbles and joins the others*
[15:12] <+Beardo|> *makes a fart noise when Sugar walks over*
[15:12] * Topher| plugs his nose.
[15:12] <+Topher|> Lotta fiber, I'm guessing?
[15:12] <@Don|Sugar> S: :o
[15:12] <@Don|Sugar> S: THAT WAS NOT ME. :@
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: *snickers as Shawn steps off the next boat and both yachts pull away*
[15:13] * Shawn| walks in, distressed.
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: What's wrong, Shawn?
[15:13] <+Shawn|> I left all my luggage on the boat!
[15:13] <+Shawn|> I had enough food in there to last for MONTHS.
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: No worries dude, you'll be fed plenty here!
[15:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: None of it's good, but hey, it's still food.
[15:14] <+Shawn|> Guess I have no other option to escape the zombies now.
[15:14] * Shawn| mutters to himself and stands next to Sky.
[15:14] * Sky31 giggles at Shawn
[15:14] <+Max|> *hops off his boat*
[15:14] <+Max|> This show is the perfect stepping stone for my path to EVIL domination!
[15:15] * Max| laughs menacingly.
[15:15] <+Topher|> :|
[15:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sounds fun! You can go scheme over there.
[15:15] * Max| walks toward the other contestants.
[15:15] <+Topher|> Are you some kind of dwarf? @Max
[15:16] <+Max|> Very funny.
[15:16] <+Max|> We'll see who's laughing when EVIL finally claims its first victim!
[15:16] <@Don|Sugar> D: *watches as the eleventh boat delivers Jasmine and steers away from the dock*
[15:16] <+Jasmine|> I can't believe I'm here! This definitely beats what I was originally planning for the summer!
[15:16] <+Jasmine|> Playing rugby with a bunch of kangaroos...
[15:16] <+Jasmine|> It's not as fun as it sounds, you know.
[15:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: I......... don't know any of what you just said. :|
[15:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: Please take your spot beside the other contestants.
[15:17] * Jasmine| walks over to the others
[15:17] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Dave being thrown into the lake as his yacht speeds by the island*
[15:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: Need a little help there, Dave?
[15:18] <+Dave|> Y-Yes please...
[15:18] <+Dave|> Th-The water is so...cold...
[15:18] * Sky31 runs over to Dave and guides him to the others
[15:18] * Dave| climbs onto the dock
[15:18] <+Dave|> Wow! I'm meeting you in person! @Don
[15:18] <+Dave|> You're much more attractive in real life...
[15:19] <+Dave|> ...N-Not that I'm attracted to you
[15:19] <+Dave|> I mean, you're not ugly, but...I'm gonna stop talking now.
[15:19] <@Don|Sugar> D: *watches as the last yacht pulls up to the dock and delivers Amy*
[15:19] * Amy13 steps off the dock.
[15:19] <@Don|Sugar> D: Finally, it's cheerleader twins Amy and Samey.
[15:19] <@Don|Sugar> D: ... or just Amy. Didn't your sister sign up for this show too?
[15:20] <@Amy13> I think you've got me confused with somebody else.
[15:20] <@Amy13> I don't have a sister!
[15:20] * Samey3 steps off with her and Amy's bags.
[15:20] <@Amy13> Oh.
[15:20] <@Amy13> I mean...
[15:21] <@Amy13> I guess there's her. :s
[15:21] <@Samey3> Amy, why do have to carry your bags AND mine?
[15:21] <@Amy13> SAMEY.
[15:21] <@Amy13> We need to work on your upper body strength, remember? :@
[15:21] <@Amy13> Let's go!
[15:21] * Amy13 walks over to the others.
[15:22] <@Samey3> *sigh*
[15:22] <@Don|Sugar> D: Oookay.
[15:22] <+Sky31> :/
[15:22] <@Don|Sugar> D: Well now that everyone's here, let's get started, shall we? :D
[15:22] * Samey3 walks over and stands near Topher. She secretly looks at him.
[15:22] <+Topher|> *beams at Samey*
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the campsite, where Don stands in front of the campers assembled in a line*
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> D: Campers, today marks your first day on Wawanakwa.
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> D: For the next seven weeks, you and the people standing around you will be on camera in all public areas.
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> D: Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of high definition cameras situated all over the island!
[15:23] * Rodney| looks at camera.
[15:23] <+Rodney|> H-hi.. I'm Rodney!
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: Hundreds of cameras? On me? Y'all know how to make a girl happy!
[15:24] <+Max|> The cameras will not know where my evil laboratory is located!
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: ... Riiiiiiight.
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: These are your cabins. Girls will be sleeping on the east side, and guys will be sleeping west.
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: Before you guys start to unpack, I'm gonna split you up into teams - so if I call your name, go stand by the east cabin.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Rodney.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Samey.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Amy.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Topher.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Dave.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Beardo.
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> D: Anddd...... Sugar!
[15:26] <@Samey3> Umm, it's actually Sammy.
[15:26] * Amy13 puts her hand over Samey's mouth.
[15:26] <@Amy13> Oh, you don't have to listen to her.
[15:26] <@Amy13> Sometimes I just tune her out! It's so much easier.
[15:26] <@Don|Sugar> D: From this moment on, you will be officially known as...
[15:26] <@Don|Sugar> D: *tosses Rodney a green flag revealing the Floating Salmon's team logo*
[15:27] * Rodney| holds up the flag.
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> D: THE FLOATING SALMON!
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> S: I ain't no fish!
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> D: The rest of you, over by the west cabin.
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> D: Leonard.
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> D: Jasmine.
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: Shawn.
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: Ella.
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sky.
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: Scarlett.
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: ... and Max!
[15:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: You guys will officially be known as THE CONFUSED BEARS!
[15:29] <@Don|Sugar> D: *tosses Jasmine a red flag revealing the Confused Bears' team logo*
[15:29] <+Ella|> Oh, how lovely!
[15:29] <+Ella|> I'm honored to represent one of nature's kindest creatures!
[15:29] <+Jasmine|> Could be worse I suppose.
[15:30] * Amy13 clears throat.
[15:30] <@Amy13> Um, I think there's been like, a huge misunderstanding. @Don
[15:30] <@Amy13> I don't really want to be on the same team as Samey.
[15:30] <@Amy13> Like, no offense...
[15:30] <@Amy13> But she's horrible.
[15:30] <@Amy13> At everything.
[15:31] <@Don|Sugar> D: Can't help you there. We don't do team swaps.
[15:31] <@Don|Sugar> D: You'll just have to get used to the people around you.
[15:31] <@Don|Sugar> D: Or act like normal teenagers and talk behind each others' backs.
[15:31] <@Don|Sugar> D: (CONF) You will also be able to share your innermost thoughts on tape with video diaries anytime you want.
[15:31] <+Max|> (CONF) I have been absolutely dying to appear on this show. I plan to bring MAXIMUM EVIL! *laughs evilly*
[15:31] <+Jasmine|> (CONF) I personally like my team. Everyone seems really genuine. Sure Max is a little zaney, but who cares, right? I have faith.
[15:31] <@Samey3> (conf) We just literally arrived and Amy's already being mean to me. *sigh* The whole reason I signed up for this show was to get away from her. This sucks!
[15:32] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the campers in their bathing suits at the top of a cliff, the tallest point of Camp Wawanakwa*
[15:32] <@Don|Sugar> D: Okay gang, it's now time for your first challenge: teams will be plunging off this one thousand foot high cliff into the lake.
[15:32] <+Sky31> Seriously? That's it?
[15:32] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sky, you underestimate me.
[15:32] <@Don|Sugar> D: If you look down, you will see a discernible target area. This is your safe zone.
[15:33] <@Don|Sugar> D: The other part of the lake is home to a shiver of, uh... a few psychotic, bloodthirsty sharks.
[15:33] <+Topher|> Sh-sharks?!!?
[15:33] <+Ella|> This has never happened in a fairytale... :(
[15:33] <+Leonard09> Sharks are nothing compared to the thousands of dragons I've fought...
[15:33] <+Shawn|> Dragons? Pffft.
[15:33] <+Shawn|> Zombies are my specialty. @Leonard
[15:34] <@Don|Sugar> S: What kind of pageant puts the swimsuit and talent rounds together, huh?
[15:34] <@Don|Sugar> D: Once you dive into the water, try to avoid the sharks long enough to snag a key.
[15:34] <@Don|Sugar> D: There are two keys in the water, one for each team.
[15:34] <@Don|Sugar> D: When you find your team's key, make your way back to the campsite to unlock the door to the main lodge, where you'll be feasting with your teammates tonight.
[15:34] <@Don|Sugar> D: The team that wins today's challenge gets an awesome seafood dinner prepared by our camp's chef de cuisine, Chef Hatchet!
[15:35] <@Don|Sugar> D: And today's losers go hungry. Sorta like those vicious sharks we stocked in the lake.
[15:35] <@Don|Sugar> D: Man, I could go for a coffee right now.
[15:35] <+Topher|> Me too!
[15:35] <+Sky31> (conf) Why? WHY did I have to ask if that was it? A thousand foot dive I can handle, but sharks?
[15:35] <+Max|> (CONF) I refuse to participate in this foolish challenge! I'll just make an EVIL invention of my own to win... nobody will know! *maniacal cackling*
[15:36] <+Max|> Uh... I have to... run... to the bathroom.
[15:36] * Max| scampers to start his evildoings.
[15:36] <+Sky31> Where is he going?
[15:36] <+Shawn|> No clue. @Sky
[15:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: You get thirty seconds in the water before your next teammate has to jump.
[15:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: So, who's going first?
[15:37] * Sky31 gulps
[15:37] <+Sky31> I will.
[15:37] <+Rodney|> Who wants to go for our team?
[15:37] * Rodney| points at Beardo.
[15:37] <+Rodney|> Hey, this guy looks pretty tough!
[15:38] <+Beardo|> :| *shakes head no violently* !!!
[15:38] <@Amy13> That's like, so dangerous.
[15:38] <@Amy13> Why don't we let Samey go?
[15:38] <@Amy13> She's the bravest person I know, aren't you Samey? :)
[15:38] <+Topher|> I'LL do it! :D
[15:39] <@Don|Sugar> S: What?!
[15:39] <+Dave|> Huh?
[15:39] <+Topher|> I've watched a million of these shows before.
[15:39] <+Topher|> They always make the interns test the challenges first.
[15:39] <+Topher|> It's no big deal.
[15:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: It looks like Topher and Sky taking the first dive for their teams!
[15:40] <+Ella|> Good luck, Sky! We believe in you!
[15:40] <@Samey3> Go Topher!
[15:40] <@Samey3> Woo!
[15:40] <+Beardo|> *nervously gives Topher a thumbs up* ^^;
[15:40] <+Jasmine|> Nice initiative, Sky! Way to be a team player!
[15:41] <+Rodney|> You can do this Topher. :) *double thumbs up*
[15:41] * Sky31 stands at the edge
[15:41] <@Don|Sugar> D: Aaaaaanytime you want to jump, guys.
[15:41] * Sky31 takes a deep breath and dives
[15:41] * Topher| jumps off the edge of the cliff
[15:41] <+Topher|> Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
[15:42] <+Topher|> *lands in the water*
[15:42] * Sky31 lands in the water
[15:42] <+Rodney|> Aw man...
[15:42] <+Rodney|> What do you think about this challenge?
[15:42] <+Rodney|> It looks harder than getting a bull out of the pig pen. @Amy
[15:42] <@Amy13> Don't talk to me.
[15:42] <@Amy13> @Rodney
[15:43] <+Rodney|> :|
[15:43] <+Topher|> *calls out* I don't see a key guys!
[15:43] * Sky31 climbs out of the water
[15:43] <+Sky31> Nothing.
[15:43] <@Don|Sugar> D: No dice!
[15:43] <@Don|Sugar> D: Next divers?
[15:44] <+Jasmine|> Darn it.
[15:44] <+Shawn|> I'll go!
[15:44] <+Rodney|> Me too!
[15:44] * Max| is still building his robot.
[15:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: Rodney and Shawn!
[15:44] <+Jasmine|> How hard could fighting sharks be if you fight zombies every day, right? @Shawn
[15:45] <+Shawn|> Aw yeah, I'm glad you get it!
[15:45] <+Shawn|> FOR THE CONFUSED BEARS!!!
[15:45] * Shawn| dives in
[15:45] <+Rodney|> *looks over the edge* It's just a clear shot over the edge! I got this!
[15:45] <+Rodney|> *he slips off falling off the cliff*
[15:45] <+Rodney|> Whoaaaaaaaaa!
[15:45] <@Don|Sugar> S: *gasps*
[15:46] <+Rodney|> Pigs can fly, but I sink through the air! *he yells while falling*
[15:46] <+Leonard09> I could easily win this challenge by using a finding spell!
[15:46] <+Leonard09> Unfortunately, using magic for selfish purposes goes against my morals...
[15:46] <+Scarlett|> What a shame
[15:46] <+Scarlett|> I'm sure we'd all love to see that happen
[15:46] * Rodney| lands outside of the safe zone.
[15:47] <+Leonard09> *nods in agreement*
[15:47] <+Leonard09> A shame indeed!
[15:47] * Rodney| looks around in the water for the key.
[15:47] <+Shawn|> Man, I'm supposed to be the survivalist here...
[15:47] <+Shawn|> where is this stupid key?!
[15:47] * AManEatingShark swims up behind Rodney.
[15:47] <+Rodney|> *spots a key*
[15:48] <+Rodney|> Hey, I think I see one!
[15:48] * AManEatingShark taps Rodney on the shoulder.
[15:48] * Rodney| turns around and gulps.
[15:48] <+Rodney|> Oh..
[15:48] <+Rodney|> H-hi there... nice shark...
[15:48] * AManEatingShark smiles, showing Rodney its teeth.
[15:49] <+Rodney|> AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!
[15:49] * Rodney| swims away frantically.
[15:49] <+Ella|> Oh no!
[15:49] <+Leonard09> Look out!! D:
[15:49] * Rodney| runs out of the water, panting.
[15:49] <+Rodney|> I made it!
[15:49] <+Rodney|> I'm alive!
[15:50] * Scarlett| gasps.
[15:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: *snickers*
[15:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: No sign of a key from either!
[15:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: Next?!
[15:50] <+Jasmine|> It looks like it's my turn to bat. Wish me luck, guys!
[15:51] <+Ella|> It's okay team! With the power of friendship and love...
[15:51] <+Ella|> nothing is impossible!
[15:51] <+Shawn|> You got this now, Jasmine!
[15:51] <@Amy13> Samey!
[15:51] <@Amy13> When are you gonna take one for the team and go?
[15:51] <@Amy13> You need to start pulling your weight!
[15:52] * Amy13 pushes Samey in.
[15:52] <@Samey3> AHHHHHHHHHHHH
[15:52] * Jasmine| crashes into the water
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> S: Well, with one of them twins in there I ain't gotta ruin my hair today!
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> S: *smiles and turns back to her team*
[15:52] <+Jasmine|> I still can't find anything!
[15:53] <@Amy13> Hurry up Samey!
[15:53] <@Amy13> What's taking you so long?!
[15:53] <@Samey3> Hey, check it out!
[15:53] <@Samey3> I actually found one :D
[15:53] <+Topher|> Nice going Samey ;)
[15:53] <+Jasmine|> I FOUND IT TOO!
[15:53] <+Jasmine|> LET'S GO TEAM!
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the campsite, where the teams race to open the door to the main lodge*
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: It's a neck and neck race to see who takes home the victory!
[15:54] <+Rodney|> Jeez, we're running like the hogs when we accidentally let them out!
[15:54] <+Dave|> Um, that doesn't really sound sanitary!
[15:54] * Jasmine| reaches building and fumbles with keys
[15:54] <+Sky31> They're catching up...
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> S: *shoves Jasmine* Move out the way, we gotta win this thang!
[15:55] <@Samey3> *reaches the main lodge and opens door*
[15:55] <+Rodney|> WE WON! :D
[15:55] <@Samey3> Yay :)
[15:55] <+Dave|> Oh yeah!
[15:56] <+Beardo|> *makes trumpet noise*
[15:56] <+Leonard09> Darn!!
[15:56] <+Max|> Finally.
[15:56] <+Max|> My evil invention has prevailed...
[15:56] <+Max|> Unleash Maxbot!
[15:57] <+Robot|> *bursts out of the confessional*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *speeds up the cliff*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *falls off the cliff*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *hits a goat*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *hits a fire hydrant*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *hits a cactus*
[15:57] <+Robot|> *combusts at the very end and gets eaten by sharks*
[15:58] <+Max|> HA! That was SO EVIL!
[15:58] <+Topher|> :|
[15:58] <+Max|> *walks over to the team* So, what do you think? Impressed?!
[15:58] * Sky31 glares at Max
[15:58] <+Sky31> (conf) If we have to send somebody home, Max is so the first one to leave.
[15:58] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don standing on the dock at nighttime*
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: And that's a wrap on day one!
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: What drama is in store for our cast?
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: And who's first in line to leave the island?
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: Find out next time on another thrilling episode of Wawanakwa!
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: ... will anybody get me that coffee I asked for?! :@
[16:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- END --

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