[16:30] <@Don|> -- START --
[16:31] <@Don|> *scene switches to Chef Hatchet and the campers on a boat driving across the lake*
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> Maggots and Rats.
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> You've all reached the midway point in the competition.
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> As a reward for puttin' up with the mutants and evil spirits for so long, the producers decided y'all deserve a break.
[16:31] <@ChefHatchet> *mumbling under his breath* But apparently a raise is too much to ask for. :s
[16:31] * ChefHatchet clears his throat.
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> So.
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> You'll be spending today at Playa Des Losers, the resort the voted off campers are at.
[16:32] <@ChefHatchet> You'll enjoy poolside drinks, access to the spa, an all-you-can-eat buffet...
[16:32] <+DakotaMilton> Um! Are we supposed to be impressed?
[16:32] <+Lightning-> Sha-Lightning's not going anywhere with the word "loser" in it.
[16:33] * ChefHatchet sighs.
[16:33] <@ChefHatchet> Y'all are never grateful for anything.
[16:33] * Devin moves away from Brody.
[16:33] <@Devin> Hey. Sorry, didn't realize I was sitting so close to you.
[16:33] <+Brody09> It's all good bro!
[16:33] <+Brody09> We're friends, don't be so like, stiff around me man (:
[16:34] <@Devin> Y-yeah, friends!
[16:34] <@Devin> Definitely.
[16:34] * ChefHatchet notices the sky is turning dark and stormy.
[16:34] <@ChefHatchet> Aw crud.
[16:34] <@ChefHatchet> Looks like there's a storm brewing!
[16:35] <+Lightning-> Oh, heck no! Lightning HATES thunder.
[16:35] <+Scott|> I knew this was a death trap.
[16:35] * ChefHatchet shouts as a thunder bolt hits the boat.
[16:35] <+Emma31> :o
[16:35] <@Devin> OH CRAP.
[16:35] <+Sam10> This is not good...
[16:36] <+Scott|> GAH!!!! *hugs Emma in fear*
[16:36] <+Emma31> AAAAAAHHHH
[16:36] * Sam10 falls over as the boat rocks
[16:36] <+DakotaMilton> I'M TOO PRETTY TO DIE.
[16:36] <+DakotaMilton> *screams*
[16:36] <@Don|> *scene switches to Carrie, Emma, Lightning, and Chef Hatchet washed up on shore somewhere*
[16:37] <+Carrie09> W-where am I?
[16:37] <+Emma31> CARRIE
[16:37] <+Carrie09> Emma!
[16:37] * ChefHatchet is unconscious by the lake.
[16:37] <+Emma31> Oh my gosh! Chef
[16:37] <+Emma31> We gotta help him
[16:37] <+Emma31> Roll him onto his back so he can breathe properly then ummm....
[16:38] <+Lightning-> Nah! Survival of the fittest, girl!
[16:38] <+Emma31> Are you crazy? We can't just leave him here
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> *coughs up a fish*
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> Yo!
[16:38] <@ChefHatchet> We made it.
[16:38] * ChefHatchet looks around.
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> Wait. Where's everybody at?!
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> *tries to help himself to his feet, but falls*
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> AUGH. MY ANKLE.
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> IT'S SPRAINED.
[16:39] <+Carrie09> We'll help you up!
[16:39] <@ChefHatchet> No, wait! I got a cell phone, I'll call for help.
[16:40] <+Emma31> You were floating around in the lake
[16:40] <+Emma31> No way that thing still works
[16:40] * ChefHatchet holds up his waterlogged phone and sighs.
[16:40] <@ChefHatchet> Fine. New plan.
[16:40] <@ChefHatchet> Y'all gotta find Don and send for help.
[16:40] <+Lightning-> What?!
[16:41] <+Lightning-> But he's all the way on Boney Island.
[16:41] <@ChefHatchet> Exactly. I can't move on my own, so it's up to you to head back.
[16:41] <@ChefHatchet> Maybe you'll run into the others. If they aren't dead.
[16:41] <+Carrie09> D:
[16:41] <@ChefHatchet> A'ight, camp is north, so...
[16:41] <+Lightning-> Which direction is north? Lightning only knows forward pass, backward pass, side pass...
[16:42] <+Emma31> Guys, this is a bad idea
[16:42] <+Emma31> We can't abandon Chef with a sprained ankle
[16:42] <+Lightning-> Yes we can! Watch!
[16:42] * Lightning- starts running off.
[16:42] <+Emma31> ...
[16:43] <@Don|> *scene switches to Brody, Dakota, and Devin on shore*
[16:43] <@Devin> Auggghhhhh...
[16:43] * Devin crawls onto shore and sees Brody.
[16:43] <@Devin> Brody! You're alive?
[16:43] <+Brody09> Devin! Phew, glad you're safe man
[16:43] <+DakotaMilton> HELLO?
[16:44] <+DakotaMilton> *walks out from the bushes and gasps*
[16:44] <+DakotaMilton> Devin! Brody!
[16:44] <@Devin> Whoa, Dakota's okay too?
[16:44] <@Devin> Well, that makes three of us.
[16:44] <+Brody09> Think everyone else is okay?
[16:44] <+Brody09> I mean that was a pretty gnarly crash
[16:45] <@Devin> We should try to find our way back to camp.
[16:45] <+DakotaMilton> Absolutely. And at least we have Brody. He seems like he'd be good at getting out of binds.
[16:45] <@Devin> I think I see the big skull waaay over there. *points north*
[16:45] <@Devin> Worth a shot, right?
[16:45] <@Don|> *scene switches to Sam, Scott, and Staci on shore*
[16:45] <+Scott|> *peels a pink starfish off his face* BLEGH!
[16:45] * Sam10 is on his back, with seaweed on face
[16:46] <+Staci> Y'know, my great-uncle Boris invented boats! @Scott
[16:46] <+Staci> I'm going to send him a VERY angry letter.
[16:46] <+Scott|> *gets up groggy* Great, looks like it's me you and Couch Potato....
[16:46] <+Scott|> (conf) Ugh of all people, Sam and STACI?? The most those two can provide is bait for bear attacks and maybe an emergency meal. Not that they'd taste all that great.
[16:46] * Sam10 checks pocket and takes out GameGuy, short circuited
[16:46] <+Sam10> Oh no.
[16:46] <+Sam10> Oh no, no, no.
[16:47] <+Sam10> This is not good.
[16:47] <+Scott|> Forget the toy, we need to find a way off this island and get back
[16:47] <+Scott|> Anyone here good with directions? >.>
[16:47] * Sam10 puts down GameGuy, burying sand over it
[16:47] <+Sam10> Rest In Peace, buddy.
[16:47] <+Sam10> I'll... win this for you. *sniff*
[16:48] <+Scott|> *facepalm*
[16:48] <+Scott|> Fine. We'll follow my lead.
[16:48] <@Don|> *scene switches to Carrie, Emma, and Lightning*
[16:48] <+Emma31> We need to find fresh water
[16:48] <+Emma31> And a source of food in case we stay the night
[16:48] <+Lightning-> >.> @ Emma
[16:49] <+Emma31> What?
[16:49] <+Lightning-> Sha-Lightning doesn't have to listen to future lawyer girl.
[16:49] <+Lightning-> She called him an airhead.
[16:49] <+Carrie09> (conf) Ugh, I feel SO awful about driving a wedge between Emma and Lightning!! Sometimes I get so boy crazy, I forget what I'm doing. I gotta make it up to Emma. And the only way to do that is by setting her up with Lightning.
[16:49] <+Carrie09> Lightning, why don't you take Emma's advice? She's like SUPER smart!
[16:49] <+Carrie09> And Emma, believe in Lightning's capability! He's an amazing team player.
[16:50] <+Emma31> Sure thing. But we need to find water
[16:50] <+Lightning-> And Chef told us to go back to camp, not look for food.
[16:50] <+Lightning-> So I'm gonna listen to him.
[16:50] <+Emma31> You won't get very far without water but ok
[16:50] <+Carrie09> GUYS, quit arguing!
[16:50] <+Carrie09> You two are like the ultimate dynamic duo! Partners in crime!
[16:51] <+Emma31> I'd rather die of starvation than be partners with him
[16:51] <+Carrie09> *pulls Emma aside and whispers* Listen Emma, I realized last week that Lightning and I will never be together.
[16:51] <+Carrie09> I regret everything I said to you and I really just need some space from him. As a fellow girl you have to let me have my space! It's girl code!
[16:51] <+Carrie09> So please, leave with Lightning pleaasee
[16:51] <+Emma31> *sigh*
[16:51] <+Emma31> Actually Lightning I think I see a stream over there
[16:52] <+Emma31> Wanna check it out?
[16:52] <+Lightning-> Why should I go with you?
[16:52] <+Emma31> Because I need someone... strong to help collect the water
[16:52] <+Lightning-> Oh! Well, why didn't you say so?
[16:52] <+Lightning-> Let's go, lawyer girl!
[16:52] <+Carrie09> *walks away, gleefully* I'm the best matchmaker everrrrr
[16:52] <+Carrie09> *starts fanning herself* Wow it's so hot out here haha, maybe I should have taken shade behind Lightning's strong, sturdy- NO NO CARRIE, Bad... keep walking
[16:53] <@Don|> *scene switches to Brody, Devin, and Dakota*
[16:53] <+Brody09> Y'know, back at home, my buddies and I learned how to make a water filter out of nothing but leaves!
[16:53] <+DakotaMilton> OMG. That's like the most interesting story I've heard all day. You're so fun Brody!
[16:53] <+Brody09> Right on!
[16:53] <+Brody09> Maybe I can make a filter, and y'know we can just have a cool sip and relax.
[16:53] <+DakotaMilton> I'd love to. It IS really hot...
[16:54] <+DakotaMilton> *takes off shirt revealing a small tank top*
[16:54] <+Brody09> :D
[16:54] <+DakotaMilton> Ooh! Much better.
[16:54] <@Devin> Uhhh Dakota, can I talk to you for a second? >.>
[16:54] <+DakotaMilton> Let's talk to Brody instead. He's so smart. No wonder his team's been winning challenges lately.
[16:54] <@Devin> What? We've won more challenges than they have!
[16:55] <+DakotaMilton> Um yeah... but we're down to 4 members. They have 5.
[16:55] <+DakotaMilton> Isn't that like, so impressive?
[16:55] <@Devin> Only impressive that you can count that high.
[16:55] <+DakotaMilton> *gasps*
[16:55] <@Devin> (conf) I knew something was up with Brody and Dakota. She LIKES him. Even though she knows I like him... LIKED him... first! That is so messed up. :@
[16:55] <@Don|> *scene switches to Sam, Scott, and Staci*
[16:56] <+Scott|> *walking next to Staci*
[16:56] <+Scott|> Eh hey Sam! Why don't you scout ahead? Make sure no...birds are blocking the path?
[16:56] <+Sam10> Uh, sure, I guess.
[16:56] * Sam10 shrugs and walks ahead
[16:56] <+Scott|> *grabs Staci by the arm* Alright Staci. For once I want ya to keep your mouth shut.
[16:56] <+Scott|> I've got a plan. >:)
[16:57] <+Staci> Ooohhh, fun! Tell me.
[16:57] <+Scott|> Game Boy is dead weight right?
[16:57] <+Scott|> And let's say, if somehow we ended up back at camp, what if we made sure Sam...didn't?
[16:57] <+Staci> You mean you want to lead him off-course?
[16:57] <+Scott|> Duh! With him out of the way, we're one step closer to the finals. So you in or what?
[16:57] <+Staci> Yah. You can count on me. :D
[16:58] <+Staci> (conf) Not! Scott has been getting on my nerves more than usual lately, yah. He's so bossy! I'll tell Sam everything he said, and together, we'll take Scott DOWN. *maniacal laughing*
[16:58] <@Don|> *scene switches to Emma and Lightning*
[16:58] <+Emma31> Hey so, about what Carrie told you I said
[16:58] <+Emma31> You don't really think it's true right?
[16:58] <+Lightning-> Sha-Lightning has no reason not to believe it.
[16:59] <+Emma31> I did say it
[16:59] <+Emma31> But
[16:59] <+Emma31> I only called you an airhead because Carrie wouldn't stop saying how much she liked you
[16:59] <+Emma31> I don't know, you're my friend I guess so it sorta bothered me a little
[16:59] <+Lightning-> Bothered you?
[16:59] <+Lightning-> Why would it bother you?!
[17:00] <+Emma31> Look, it doesn't matter
[17:00] <+Emma31> The point is I'm so sorry
[17:00] <+Emma31> And it would seriously suck if you hated me over this
[17:00] <+Lightning-> Pffft. Lightning doesn't hate you.
[17:00] <+Lightning-> I mean, he believes you... but if he catches you saying anything about him again, he won't be as forgiving!
[17:00] <+Emma31> Thanks
[17:01] <+Emma31> Alright this should be enough water
[17:01] <+Emma31> We'd better find Carrie
[17:01] <+Lightning-> That crazy girl? She's probably off somewhere kissin' a coconut.
[17:01] <@Don|> *scene switches to Carrie*
[17:01] <+Carrie09> *is lying down in the middle of nowhere*
[17:01] <+Carrie09> Is that..... *gets up and rubs her eyes, gasping loudly*
[17:02] <+Carrie09> THE WEEKDAY?! MY ALL TIME FAVORITE RAPPER? I KNEW YOU'D RETURN MY CALLS! *runs and grabs a coconut*
[17:02] <+Carrie09> *makes the coconut talk* Carrie, I love you soooo much! I only blocked you on Tweeter, Permagram, and everything else out of LOVE
[17:02] <+Carrie09> Oh, Weekday I forgive you!! I was never upset!!
[17:02] <+Carrie09> *coconut again* Carrie....will you marry me?
[17:02] <+Carrie09> YES!! I WILL!! *starts making out with the coconut*
[17:02] <@Don|> *scene switches to Brody, Devin, and Dakota*
[17:03] <+Brody09> Check it out...there's a tree right there *points to the tree*
[17:03] <+Brody09> Lemme scale it real quick and grab some leaves for our filter! *climbs really high*
[17:03] <+DakotaMilton> Byeee Brody!!!! Good luck. <3
[17:03] <@Devin> *mimicking her* Byeee Brody!
[17:03] <+DakotaMilton> What's YOUR problem?
[17:03] <@Devin> You like him, don't you?
[17:03] <+DakotaMilton> Uh. Yeah. Why?
[17:03] <@Devin> Because you're making it suuuper obvious.
[17:04] <+DakotaMilton> Please. I'm acting perfectly normal... *pours water in her hair*
[17:04] <@Devin> Dakota, did you hit your head on the boat too hard?
[17:04] <@Devin> You know that I like-- I mean, USED to like Brody.
[17:04] <@Devin> And now you're into him? Who does that?
[17:04] <+DakotaMilton> Listen like, I'm not trying to be mean but you really need to get over yourself.
[17:04] <+DakotaMilton> I'm the star of the show. I DESERVE a summer fling.
[17:05] <@Devin> Ex-squeeze me?
[17:05] <@Devin> That's all Brody is to you, a "summer fling"?
[17:05] <+Brody09> *is sliding down the tree, hears his name and stops mid-slide*
[17:05] <@Devin> Well guess what? He probably feels the same way about you!
[17:05] <@Devin> Guys like him go through dozens of girls. He's nothing but a player.
[17:05] <+Brody09> D:
[17:06] <+DakotaMilton> You said you weren't into him so just back off.
[17:06] <@Devin> I'm not into him! Trust me, he's perfect for you.
[17:06] <@Devin> The dumb, meatheaded jock and the spoiled princess.
[17:06] <@Devin> What an awesome couple. :@
[17:06] <+Brody09> Uh hey guys!
[17:06] <@Devin> :o
[17:07] * Devin turns around.
[17:07] <@Devin> Brody!
[17:07] <+DakotaMilton> :/
[17:07] <@Devin> I... I...
[17:07] <+Brody09> ??????????
[17:07] <@Don|> *scene switches to Sam, Scott, and Staci*
[17:08] * Scott| tosses a rock into the bushes without Sam noticing
[17:08] <+Scott|> Oh weird!
[17:08] <+Scott|> Seems to be a noise coming from over there, Ill uh... *overacting* Ill go see what's up!
[17:08] * Scott| runs into the bushes
[17:08] <+Staci> *grabs Sam and pulls him to the side*
[17:08] <+Staci> Sam! We need to talk, quick.
[17:08] <+Staci> Scott's trying to get you out. He wants us to follow him so he can lead you off-course.
[17:09] <+Sam10> Wait, he's... what? :O
[17:09] <+Staci> If we leave him stranded and make our OWN way back to camp, we might just be able to sidetrack him.
[17:09] <+Sam10> You want me to sell out Scott?
[17:09] * Staci nods.
[17:09] <+Sam10> Gee, I don't know.
[17:10] <+Sam10> Honestly, after what happened between you, me and Carrie, things were kinda weird for me.
[17:10] <+Sam10> I wasn't going to admit it, but I really did like her.
[17:10] <+Staci> I promise I'm telling the truth this time.
[17:10] <+Staci> I know it might be hard for you to trust me, but Scott is BAD news!
[17:10] <+Sam10> Okay, yeah, I guess you have a point.
[17:10] <+Sam10> I probably trust you more anyways.
[17:11] <+Staci> Thank you!
[17:11] * Staci hears Scott in the bushes and pulls Sam in the other direction.
[17:11] <+Staci> He's coming back! This way.
[17:11] <@Don|> *scene switches to Sam and Staci*
[17:11] <+Staci> Scott's gonna be so mad.
[17:11] <+Staci> But we're almost back. I can see the big skull.
[17:12] * Staci trips over something and falls.
[17:12] <+Staci> OW!
[17:12] <+Sam10> Staci!
[17:12] <+Staci> I'm fine, it's just a stupid...
[17:12] * Staci gets up and gasps.
[17:12] <+Staci> Oh my gosh. Sam. *picks it up*
[17:13] <+Staci> It's the idol!
[17:13] <+Sam10> :O
[17:13] <+Staci> WE FOUND THE IDOL. :D
[17:13] <+Sam10> YES!
[17:13] <+Staci> Keep it down! We can't let anyone hear us.
[17:13] <+Staci> Especially Scott.
[17:14] <+Sam10> Sorry.
[17:14] <+Sam10> But which one of us keeps the idol? You and me both found it.
[17:14] <+Staci> I'll tell you what.
[17:14] <+Staci> If you can get Brody or Emma to vote off Scott tonight, I'll let YOU keep it.
[17:14] <+Sam10> Really?
[17:14] <+Staci> Mhm. As long as you don't try to eliminate me instead.
[17:15] <+Sam10> No, no, I wouldn't.
[17:15] <+Sam10> (Conf) You know, when Staci first came over to our team I kind of doubted her, but man, I think I prefer her around. I get to keep the idol! This is awesome.
[17:15] <+Staci> (conf) Yah, I'll miss this thing, but it'll all be worth it when Scott's gone. *kisses idol*
[17:15] <@Don|> *scene switches to the campers running back to the campsite*
[17:15] * Emma31 arrives first
[17:15] * Lightning- sprints back to the campsite.
[17:16] <+Brody09> *runs back with Dakota*
[17:16] <+Lightning-> Woohoo! Lightning comes first again!
[17:16] * Sam10 runs in with Staci
[17:16] * Devin walks back, annoyed.
[17:16] <+Emma31> Actually I believe I was first
[17:17] <+DakotaMilton> Who cares! We're all here.
[17:17] <+DakotaMilton> Now where's Don?
[17:17] * Don| walks over to the campers.
[17:17] <@Don|> Hey everyone! Back so soon?
[17:17] <+Emma31> Don! Oh my gosh.
[17:17] <+Emma31> The boat crashed, Chef's really hurt.
[17:18] <@Don|> Oh. Yeah, I know.
[17:18] <@Don|> He used a back-up phone and called me a couple hours ago. :p
[17:18] <+Lightning-> So you knew we were lost and you didn't come find us?
[17:18] <+Lightning-> What gives?! :@
[17:18] <@Don|> If I did, it wouldn't be much of a CHALLENGE, would it?
[17:19] <+Carrie09> *comes back with a coconut in her hand* Hi guys!
[17:19] <+Sam10> Carrie?
[17:19] <+Carrie09> Sam look, I made a new friend!! *cradles the coconut in her arms*
[17:19] <@Don|> Mutant Maggots, since Scott's still not here, seems like it's your turn at the campfire tonight.
[17:19] <@Don|> And to the Rats, congrats.
[17:19] <@Don|> You win a trip to a local cheese factory. :D
[17:20] <+Lightning-> Another win for the Toxic Lightnings!
[17:20] * Scott| runs back to camp last, completely out of breath
[17:20] <+Scott|> Di---Dij we won??
[17:20] <+Scott|> *passes out*
[17:20] <+Emma31> Great!
[17:20] <+Emma31> Way to go Scott, you fully made us lose
[17:21] <+Staci> Aw, don't be too hard on him, Emma.
[17:21] <+Staci> Sam and I were SO worried! We were looking for him everywhere, yah. <3
[17:21] * Staci picks him up and hugs him.
[17:21] <+Scott|> :| *feels something in her pocket*
[17:21] <+Scott|> Hmmm...
[17:22] <@Don|> *scene switches to the Mutant Maggots at the campfire ceremony*
[17:22] <@Don|> I can tell you're all tired from today's challenge and it's been a long day so, let's just get this over with.
[17:22] <@Don|> Tonight, in a shocking 3-2 vote, the loser is.............
[17:22] <@Don|> Scott!
[17:22] <+Scott|> O_O EXCUSE ME????
[17:22] <+Emma31> YES
[17:23] <+Emma31> I mean.... *clears throat*
[17:23] <+Emma31> Oh no
[17:23] <+Scott|> Aw man... Staci??
[17:23] <+Staci> *laughs hysterically* Yep!
[17:23] <+Staci> It was all me and Sam. We totally got you. >:D
[17:23] <+Sam10> Sorry, Scott. But man, trying to get me to lose was NOT cool.
[17:24] <+Scott|> I guess the only thing I can say is...
[17:24] <+Scott|> *pulls out the idol* PSYCHE!!!!!
[17:24] <+Brody09> :0
[17:24] <@Don|> Whoa! That was unexpected. :p
[17:24] <+Staci> Wait a second, WHAT?!
[17:24] <+Staci> N-n-n-no! That's impossible...
[17:25] <+Staci> I have the idol.
[17:25] <+Scott|> Yeah, I dont think so LOSER
[17:25] <+Scott|> Next time you plan to be a rat
[17:25] <+Scott|> Dont hug the rat...tamer...guy
[17:25] * Staci feels her pocket and yelps.
[17:25] <+Staci> You STOLE it from me?!
[17:26] <+Emma31> You're kidding
[17:26] <+Sam10> Oh, come on.
[17:26] <+Staci> There is no way Don will allow this! >.>
[17:26] <@Don|> There's no way I CAN'T allow it.
[17:26] <@Don|> He technically played the idol. Not my fault you were careless with it.
[17:26] <@Don|> So, with all votes against Scott cancelled, that means Sam's going home instead!
[17:27] <+Emma31> Huh?!
[17:27] <+Sam10> Aw, man...
[17:27] <+Staci> NO. Sam doesn't deserve this!
[17:27] <@Don|> Would you like to take his place?
[17:27] <+Staci> ...
[17:27] <+Staci> Nice knowing you, Sam!
[17:28] <@Don|> *scene switches to Sam in the Hurl of Shame*
[17:28] <@Don|> Sam. You made an ally in Staci...
[17:28] <@Don|> Got promised an idol you'll never see again...
[17:28] <@Don|> And got played by Scott.
[17:28] <@Don|> How does it feel?
[17:28] * Sam10 sighs
[17:29] <+Sam10> Just make it quick, alright?
[17:29] <@Don|> That's not an answer to my question.
[17:29] <@Don|> But fine. :@
[17:29] <@Don|> *catapults Sam*
[17:29] <+Sam10> AHHHHH!!!!!
[17:29] <+Scott|> (conf) Yeah, yknow, I COULD have voted Staci off. But Sam's a likable guy. That's what happens when you mess with the Scottmeister *chuckles* One by one, they'll all go down :)
[17:30] <@Don|> -- END --

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