[16:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- START --
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: *screen flashes over to Don standing at the far end of the dock*
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: Welcome back to Wawanakwa!
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: I'm your host, Don.
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: Over the past seven weeks, we've watched Samey, Amy, Rodney, and Leonard make their way to the final four.
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: In today's special episode, we give our finalists a well-deserved break, and shift the attention over to the losers who got booted off the island.
[16:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: Where have they been staying?
[16:02] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don pulling up to the dock of an extravagant resort on his jet ski*
[16:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: Welcome to Playa Des Losers, the all-inclusive luxury resort where our reality show has-beens are sent after elimination.
[16:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: *walks over to Max and Scarlett by the grill*
[16:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: And here are two has-beens now!
[16:03] <+Max|> I am not a has-been. >:(
[16:03] <+Max|> I'm the greatest supervillain this world has ever SEEN.
[16:03] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Oh please, how could the world see you if you didn't even make it past day two?
[16:03] <+Max|> My teammates underestimated me.
[16:03] <+Max|> I had lots of potential!
[16:04] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Maybe as cannon fodder. >.>
[16:04] <@Don|Sugar> D: And Scarlett, how are you taking your early exit from the game?
[16:04] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: I'm far too accomplished to let something like that impact me.
[16:04] <+Max|> So it doesn't bother you that Amy set you up?!
[16:05] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: *strangles Max*
[16:05] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: I SAID I DON'T CARE. :@
[16:05] <+Max|> O_O
[16:05] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Beardo, Sugar, and Topher at the in-pool bar*
[16:05] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Another juice please!
[16:05] <+Beardo|Dave> B: *makes a whistle noise as he canonballs into the pool*
[16:06] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: *gets splashed*
[16:06] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Hey! Watch out for the hair, man.
[16:06] <@Don|Sugar> S: Watch MY hair!
[16:06] <@Don|Sugar> S: It took hours to get these curls ready.
[16:06] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sugar, Topher, what's the verdict on this place?
[16:07] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Are you kidding?
[16:07] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: This resort is so great, I even named my Bumblr after it!
[16:07] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Losing doesn't even feel that bad after spending a week here.
[16:07] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Plus, I know Sammy's got this in the bag.
[16:07] <@Don|Sugar> S: *sips her drink, then spits it out*
[16:07] <@Don|Sugar> S: That little quiet one? In the cheerleadin' uniform?
[16:08] <@Don|Sugar> S: *snorts*
[16:08] <@Don|Sugar> S: She doesn't stand a chance!
[16:08] <@Don|Sugar> S: We all know that moola's going to Rodney.
[16:08] <+Beardo|Dave> B: *makes farm animal noises, followed by crowd cheering sound*
[16:08] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: *rolls eyes*
[16:09] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Jasmine, Shawn, and Sky by the hot tub*
[16:09] * Sky15 is seen doing jumping jacks near the others.
[16:09] * Jasmine| rests at the edge of the hot tub.
[16:09] <+Jasmine|> You know, Sky.
[16:09] <+Jasmine|> Now that the competition is over, you can take a break and relax.
[16:10] <+Sky15> Maybe it's over for you... but I have a future ahead of me!
[16:10] <+Sky15> Ever since my elimination, I've been training for the next Olympics.
[16:10] <+Shawn|> I'm so proud of my girl!
[16:10] <+Shawn|> She can do anything she sets her mind to.
[16:10] <+Jasmine|> So you guys are officially a thing now, huh?
[16:11] <+Sky15> I decided boys weren't so bad, as long as they don't try and get in the way of my career.
[16:11] * Sky15 resumes jumping jacks.
[16:11] <+Sky15> Fifty-six, fifty-seven...
[16:11] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: *walks over to Sky and offers her a hot dog*
[16:11] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Hey Sky! Hot dog?
[16:11] <+Sky15> Agh! You made me lose count. :@
[16:12] * Sky15 roundhouse kicks Topher into the hot tub.
[16:12] <+Sky15> See what I mean about boys getting in the way of things?!
[16:12] <+Sky15> It's just in their nature. :s
[16:12] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Dave and Ella lounging on beach chairs*
[16:12] <+Beardo|Dave> D: *lathers 10 pounds of suntan lotion*
[16:12] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Ah that's better. :)
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: *walks over* So Dave.
[16:13] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Oh, my experience? Well, I mean all i did was gush over a girl that didnt know I existed, then latched onto some other guy cause i didnt know how friends work.
[16:13] <+Beardo|Dave> D: As much as I tried to fit in, it always felt like I was the odd one out, and maybe thats something I need to work on when it comes to friendships in the real world.
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: Whoah!
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: Slow your roll there, I was just gonna ask if you had extra sunscreen.
[16:14] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Oh.
[16:14] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Yeah, here you go. :/
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: *looks at the bottle for a second, then chucks it away*
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: And, Ella! How was your experience on the show?
[16:14] <+Ella|> It was fantastic Don!
[16:14] <+Ella|> I loved everything about it!
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: Even being voted off?
[16:15] <+Ella|> Oh yes! I got to see Max again!
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: And having to come back?
[16:15] <+Ella|> I was reunited with my teammates!
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: What about being flushed a second time? Right after you returned?
[16:16] <+Ella|> That was all right,what matters is I had fun!
[16:16] <+Ella|> And I got to sing all day!
[16:16] <+Ella|> ♫ La la la la la la! ♫
[16:16] <@Don|Sugar> D: *to Dave* Jeez.
[16:16] <@Don|Sugar> D: Is this girl ever NOT happy? >.>
[16:16] <+Beardo|Dave> D: *shrugs*
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes back to Don*
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: Now we're going to ask these underachievers what they think of our final four!
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: Let's start with...
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> D: Leonard!
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Max and Scarlett by the grill*
[16:17] <+Max|> Who?
[16:18] <+Max|> Oh, the wizard! He was... odd.
[16:18] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Very odd.
[16:18] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: His making it this far is a statistical improbability.
[16:18] <+Max|> Probably cheated with his magic, no doubt
[16:18] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: His magic isn't real! It's all an act. :@
[16:19] <+Max|> Oh please. Why would somebody just make that up?
[16:19] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: *facepalms*
[16:19] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Beardo, Sugar, and Topher at the in-pool bar*
[16:19] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Leonard's cool.
[16:19] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: He actually gave me advice on how to talk to Sammy.
[16:20] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: He's smarter than he looks, you know.
[16:20] <@Don|Sugar> S: The wizard? He's funnier than a piglet learnin' to walk!
[16:20] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: How is that funny?
[16:20] <@Don|Sugar> S: You ever seen one up close?
[16:20] <@Don|Sugar> S: They're hysterical!
[16:21] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Jasmine, Shawn, and Sky by the hot tub*
[16:21] <+Jasmine|> Leonard's surprisingly kind of hilarious.
[16:21] <+Jasmine|> We were on the same team and he was always a blast to have around.
[16:21] <+Sky15> Seriously! I know this is weird, but I'm proud of him for getting so far - I'm almost vicariously living through him.
[16:21] <+Sky15> Except... I don't have a wand or anything. :|
[16:22] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Dave and Ella lounging on beach chairs*
[16:22] <+Ella|> Leonard was my favorite person on our team!
[16:22] <+Ella|> He was a real life wizard! You don't see that everyday! :D
[16:22] <+Beardo|Dave> D: How a guy can fool himself and other people into believing that stuff, I'll never know.
[16:22] <+Beardo|Dave> D: He was completely unlikable, everyone wanted him outta the game.
[16:22] <+Ella|> Then how come you're here and he isn't? :)
[16:23] <+Beardo|Dave> D: ...
[16:23] <+Beardo|Dave> D: :(
[16:23] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don walking by Max and Scarlett at the grill*
[16:23] <@Don|Sugar> D: How about Samey? Came back with a vengeance, huh?
[16:23] <+Max|> She's not evil enough for my liking.
[16:23] <+Max|> If I had a sister like that, I'd be rotten to the core!
[16:24] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: While she's not much of a threat, I have to say she's brave for putting up with Amy.
[16:24] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: It takes backbone to deal with someone that irritating.
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Beardo, Sugar, and Topher at the in-pool bar*
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: Samey?
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: I don't like that one. >.>
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: Or is it the other one?
[16:25] <@Don|Sugar> S: Oh, forget it.
[16:25] <@Don|Sugar> S: I don't like both of 'em!
[16:25] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Sammy's nothing like Amy.
[16:25] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: She's the coolest girl I've ever met.
[16:25] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: You know she likes flowers?
[16:25] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: She told me once she likes flowers.
[16:26] <+Beardo|Dave> B: *points at Topher and does crazyness gesture* :|
[16:26] <@Don|Sugar> S: Every girl likes flowers, knucklehead. :@
[16:26] <@Don|Sugar> S: I don't give a hoot about Samey, Jamie, whoever!
[16:26] <@Don|Sugar> S: I shoulda been the one who came back into this here competition.
[16:26] <@Don|Sugar> S: You hear me, Don? I SHOULDA--
[16:27] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Jasmine, Shawn, and Sky by the hot tub*
[16:27] <+Jasmine|> Samey's got a fighting spirit.
[16:27] <+Jasmine|> She's probably the most down to earth girl on the island.
[16:27] <+Sky15> I'm down to earth.
[16:27] <+Jasmine|> Uh... yeah...
[16:27] <+Jasmine|> You can be the second most down to earth.
[16:28] * Sky15 eyes Jasmine while doing jumping jacks.
[16:28] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Dave and Ella lounging on beach chairs*
[16:28] <@Don|Sugar> D: *approaches Ella, sipping an iced tea*
[16:28] <+Ella|> ♫ Samey is so sweet and kind! ♫
[16:28] <+Ella|> ♫ Big brave heart and open mind! ♫
[16:29] <+Beardo|Dave> D: *swoons* :)
[16:29] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Uh-- I mean! :| Im totally over her!
[16:29] <+Beardo|Dave> D: I SWEAR!
[16:29] <+Beardo|Dave> D: It's just hard when you're treated like you dont exist ok!
[16:29] <@Don|Sugar> D: *turns around*
[16:29] <@Don|Sugar> D: Huh? Sorry Dave, you say something?
[16:30] <+Beardo|Dave> D: *sadly sighs*, Never mind.
[16:30] <@Don|Sugar> D: Anyway, what do you two think of the more underhanded twin... Amy?
[16:30] <+Ella|> ♫ Amy? AMY?! ♫
[16:30] <+Ella|> ♫ She was a quite a witch! ♫
[16:30] <+Ella|> ♫ If I were Samey! ♫
[16:30] <+Ella|> ♫ I'd tell her she's a.....not very nice girl! ♫
[16:31] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Jasmine, Shawn, and Sky by the hot tub*
[16:31] <+Jasmine|> She was just awful.
[16:31] <+Jasmine|> I hope I never meet anyone like her again.
[16:31] <+Sky15> Okay, hold up!
[16:31] <+Sky15> I have so many words about this girl.
[16:32] <+Sky15> Like "who does she think she is?", for example.
[16:32] <+Sky15> Or "how did she even make it this far?"
[16:32] <+Shawn|> I don't get that either.
[16:32] <+Shawn|> No one actually liked her that much.
[16:32] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Beardo, Sugar, and Topher at the in-pool bar*
[16:33] <@Don|Sugar> S: I hate stinkin' Amy!!
[16:33] <@Don|Sugar> S: Her cruddy modeling got ME sent home.
[16:33] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: She was totally uncool.
[16:33] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: I thought she was nice, but she had everyone fooled.
[16:33] <@Don|Sugar> S: I wasn't fooled!
[16:33] <@Don|Sugar> S: Y'all are just dumber than a stump. :@
[16:34] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: How can a stump be dumb? Stumps don't have brains.
[16:34] <+Beardo|Dave> B: *makes trumpet wha whaaaa sound* :/
[16:34] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Max and Scarlett by the grill*
[16:34] <+Max|> The way Amy kissed her own sister's boyfriend to blindside them...
[16:34] <+Max|> It made me feel warm inside.
[16:34] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: So I'm guessing she's your pick to win then?
[16:35] <+Max|> Ehhhhhhh, no.
[16:35] <+Max|> Amy is obviously jealous of Samey, that's why she torments her.
[16:35] <+Max|> And jealousy is the lowest form of EVIL.
[16:35] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Well, I think she plays dirty and I don't like it.
[16:35] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: If I see her again... if I EVER see her again...
[16:36] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: DO YOU HEAR ME, AMY?
[16:36] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: IF YOU'RE WATCHING THIS.
[16:36] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: YOU ARE NOTHING. YOU ARE SCUM.
[16:36] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: AND WHEN YOU GOT HIT BY THAT BOAT.
[16:36] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: I CHEERED. I CHEEEEERED.
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> *screen abruptly flashes over to Don by the dock*
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: Um.
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: I.
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: Okay!
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: Let's see what the losers think of our last quarterfinalist, Rodney!
[16:38] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Beardo, Sugar, and Topher at the in-pool bar*
[16:38] <@Don|Sugar> S: He's sweeter than my ma's peach tea!
[16:38] <+Beardo|Dave> B: *politely applauds* :)
[16:38] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: If Sammy were to lose to anyone, I'd want it to be Rodney.
[16:38] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Guy's got a killer sense of humor.
[16:38] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Not to mention he's like everybody's best friend.
[16:39] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Jasmine, Shawn, and Sky by the hot tub*
[16:39] <+Jasmine|> I don't think Rodney has a mean bone in his body.
[16:39] <+Jasmine|> He's quite a charmer, that one.
[16:39] <+Sky15> You said it - at first, I thought he was just some redneck.
[16:39] <+Sky15> But then I realized that there's more to it than that. He actually cares about people.
[16:39] <+Shawn|> And he stood up to Amy, which takes a lot of guts. :D
[16:40] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don walking by Dave and Ella by the beach chairs*
[16:40] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Rodney was probably my only real friend on the island, he wasnt an evil witch, a nutcase, or an all around jerk!
[16:40] <+Ella|> I'm not any of those things, Dave!!
[16:40] <+Ella|> And I think Rodney is such a sweetheart...
[16:40] <+Ella|> I even wrote a song about him,want to hear it?
[16:41] <@Don|Sugar> D: No.
[16:41] <+Ella|> ♫ Rodney deserves to win the game! ♫
[16:41] <+Ella|> ♫ Rodney deserves all the fame! ♫
[16:41] <@Don|Sugar> D: Okay, and we're cutting away now.
[16:41] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Max and Scarlett by the grill*
[16:42] * Max| attempts to climb up on a stool.
[16:42] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Rodney wasn't so bad, interestingly he...
[16:42] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: *watches Max* What are you doing?
[16:42] * Max| gets on the stool.
[16:42] <+Max|> I'm making a speech! First and foremost, Rodney was too nice.
[16:42] <+Max|> He didn't play the game with a hint of EVIL.
[16:43] <+Max|> SECONDLY.
[16:43] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Okay, you're annoying me now.
[16:43] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: I'm done here.
[16:43] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: *walks off*
[16:43] <+Max|> Wait! You need to help me down off the stool! :(
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the ten losers and Don sitting by the pool that night*
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: Alright everyone, I went back and reviewed today's footage and it seems that you all have a lot to say about our final four.
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: But have you ever stopped to wonder how our finalists feel about YOU?!
[16:44] <+Topher|Scarlett> S: Nope!
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: Too bad. We're watching some pre-recorded video diaries to find out.
[16:44] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: :D
[16:45] <@Don|Sugar> *a TV screen pulls down to show Rodney in the confessional*
[16:45] <+Rodney|> (CONF) Wow! I can't believe I made it to the final 4.
[16:45] <+Rodney|> (CONF) I seriously love all the other campers, it sucks they had to go because they all tried there hardest.
[16:45] <+Rodney|> (CONF) And I'm honored that they let me get this far. If you guys are watching, I hope we all get to hang out soon. Love you guys!
[16:45] <+Ella|> Awww! He's so kind ^-^
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> *TV screen cuts to Samey in the confessional*
[16:46] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Is that Sammy? :D
[16:46] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Hey Sammy, it's Topher!
[16:46] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Oh, I guess she can't see me.
[16:47] <+Beardo|Dave> D: *lights up* And DAVE! :)
[16:47] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: *glares at Dave*
[16:47] <@Samey3> (conf) Well, I met a lot of really nice people here.
[16:47] <@Samey3> (conf) I think one thing I can take from this is never judge something before you try it.
[16:47] <@Samey3> (conf) I thought I wouldn't have fun but I made so many friends.
[16:48] <@Samey3> (conf) And meeting Topher was the best thing that could have happened.
[16:48] <@Samey3> (conf) If you're watching this Topher, I miss you.
[16:48] <+Jasmine|> Awww.
[16:48] <+Topher|Scarlett> T: Miss you too, babe!
[16:48] <@Don|Sugar> *TV screen cuts to Leonard in the confessional*
[16:49] <+Leonard09> (Conf) Greetings,world!
[16:49] <+Leonard09> (Conf) My name is Leonard and I'm a real life wizard.
[16:49] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Seriously?? Hes on that AGAIN :s
[16:49] <@Don|Sugar> S: Shhhhh. :-@
[16:49] <+Leonard09> (Conf) Of course,I'd like to thank my teammates for not voting me out so early,even if you guys sometimes doubted my magic...
[16:49] <+Leonard09> (Conf) But most importantly,there's one person watching I'd love to thank....
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: Is it me?!
[16:50] <+Leonard09> (Conf) My mom :)
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: Oh.
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: Eh, I guess that was still a good speech!
[16:50] <+Shawn|> They're all so nice, I don't want any of them to lose!
[16:51] <@Don|Sugar> *TV screen cuts to Amy in the confessional*
[16:51] <@Don|Sugar> S: Hmph.
[16:51] <+Ella|> Oh no! :'(
[16:51] <+Jasmine|> Not HER.
[16:52] <@Amy13> (conf) It's been a long seven weeks, but I knew I could do it.
[16:52] <@Amy13> (conf) The second I got to this place, I could tell I was smarter, prettier, and more capable than all these freaks combined.
[16:52] <@Amy13> (conf) And the best part is? They're all OBSESSED with me! I'm like, SO popular.
[16:52] <+Beardo|Dave> D: Oh get OVER YOURSELF ALREADY!
[16:52] <@Amy13> (conf) I don't regret anything. The plan worked perfectly - I'm in the final four about to win a million bucks, and their 15 minutes of fame are over.
[16:52] <@Amy13> (conf) Thankfully, none of those losers can stop me now! *blows a kiss to the camera*
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> *TV screen pulls back up*
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> S: Aw man! I wish we could send HER packing.
[16:53] * Shawn| nods.
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Funny you'd mention that, Sugar.
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: There's four players left on the island, but we need to get it down to three before the next episode.
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: So I decided, who better to pick the next loser than the voted off campers themselves?!
[16:54] <+Jasmine|> Wait a minute. You're not saying...
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: Precisely, Jasmine! Tonight, their fate is in your hands.
[16:54] <+Max|> That is...
[16:54] <+Max|> Diabolical! >:D
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: So, now that you know what these four think of you...
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: Who's getting flushed?! xD
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don pushing Amy to the Flush of Shame*
[16:55] <@Amy13> No!!! This can't be happening!
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sorry! The losers voted and it was unanimous.
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> D: You're outta here.
[16:56] <@Amy13> They voted for ME?
[16:56] <@Amy13> But everybody loves me!
[16:56] * Amy13 drops to the ground and starts crying.
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> D: Oh, jeez. >.>
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> D: Chef! A little help?
[16:57] * Amy13 starts rolling around on the dock.
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> D: Chef!
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> D: Make her stop doing... whatever that is!
[16:58] * Chef| walks over, picks Amy up and puts her in the Flush of Shame.
[16:58] <@Amy13> You don't understand! I don't deserve to leave.
[16:58] <@Amy13> I'm PRETTY.
[16:58] <@Don|Sugar> D: Yeah, pretty annoying!
[16:58] <@Don|Sugar> D: Looks like you aren't quite as popular as you thought. ;)
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: *flushes Amy*
[16:59] <@Amy13> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: And with that, we're down to our final three: Rodney. Leonard. And Samey.
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: Tune in to see who will win the million dollar prize, next week on Wawanakwa!
[17:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- END --

Wawanakwa transcripts
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