[16:00] <@Don|> -- START --
[16:01] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the campers sleeping in their bunk beds, which have been moved into the middle of the woods*
[16:01] * Samey3 turns over in bed.
[16:01] <Leonard09> *snores loudly*
[16:01] * Rodney| sleep talks.
[16:01] * Amy13 rolls out of bed and hits the ground.
[16:02] <@Amy13> What the-- :o
[16:02] <@Amy13> Where are we?!
[16:02] <+Rodney|> Our cabin looks different.
[16:02] <+Rodney|> Did we get new wallpaper?
[16:03] <Leonard09> Gadzooks!!
[16:03] <Leonard09> My teleportation spell worked!!
[16:03] <+Jasmine|> Why are we in the woods?
[16:03] <+Shawn31> Zombies must be coming...
[16:03] <+Shawn31> I've been preparing for this for years
[16:04] <@Don|> *walks over with Chef Hatchet* Whoa, calm down, guys!
[16:04] <@Don|> There are no zombies here.
[16:04] <@Don|> Unless you die and come back to life during today's survival challenge.
[16:04] <+Shawn31> Hey man, that's not something to joke about :@
[16:04] <+Shawn31> It's happened before
[16:05] * Amy13 opens her mouth to speak and swallows a fly.
[16:05] * Amy13 starts choking.
[16:05] <@Don|> Oookay.
[16:05] <@Don|> Anyway, invincibility is on the line as usual.
[16:05] <@Don|> To win, you've gotta capture an animal and bring it back to camp in eight hours.
[16:06] <@Don|> We've set up a cage at the Dock of Shame, and if your critter's not there by midnight, you're out!
[16:06] <@Samey3> Whoah!
[16:06] <+Jasmine|> Bring it on.
[16:06] * Don| watches as two interns carry over a large wooden box.
[16:06] <+Rodney|> What's in the box?
[16:07] <@Don|> You can use whatever you find in here to trap your animal.
[16:07] <@Don|> As long as you leave it unharmed!
[16:07] * Amy13 fishes her hand into the box and pulls out a tranquilizer gun.
[16:07] <@Amy13> Ooh, tranquilizer gun! Sweet.
[16:07] <Leonard09> I got a net!!
[16:08] * Samey3 gets a bucket from the box.
[16:08] * Jasmine| pulls out a rope.
[16:08] * Shawn31 takes out a sledgehammer
[16:08] <+Shawn31> (conf) How do you catch an animal... with a sledgehammer???
[16:08] * Rodney| tries to grab something inside it.
[16:09] <+Rodney|> I don't see anything..
[16:09] <@Don|> Looks like we ran out, sorry. xD
[16:09] <+Rodney|> ..
[16:09] <+Rodney|> That's okay!
[16:09] <+Rodney|> I'll try with all my heart, Don! :)
[16:10] <@Don|> Yeahhh, let's hope "heart" is enough to get you back to camp.
[16:10] <@Amy13> How are we supposed to find our way?
[16:10] <@Don|> Uhhh, phones? Duh.
[16:10] <@Don|> Oh wait, I confiscated those.
[16:10] <@Don|> Here, just take a compass.
[16:11] * Don| tosses a compass to Amy.
[16:11] <@Don|> *exits with Chef Hatchet* Good luck, guys!
[16:11] * Amy13 shakes the compass.
[16:11] <@Amy13> How do you work this thing?!
[16:11] <@Amy13> I don't see an on button.
[16:12] <+Jasmine|> It's a compass. It doesn't have buttons.
[16:12] <+Shawn31> I can show you how it works, Amy
[16:12] * Amy13 bites Shawn's hand away.
[16:12] <@Amy13> MINE!
[16:12] <+Shawn31> ...
[16:13] * Amy13 giggles and runs off.
[16:13] * Jasmine| rolls her eyes and leaves to grab an animal.
[16:13] <+Rodney|> I'll catch this animal with my bare fists if I have to!
[16:13] <+Leonard09> You won't have to with my magic!
[16:13] <+Leonard09> I hope to catch a blue eyed white dragon! :D
[16:14] <+Rodney|> Hey Leonard, we should team up..
[16:14] <+Rodney|> Maybe we could nab an animal together!
[16:14] <+Shawn31> You guys need my help?
[16:14] <+Shawn31> I have killer survival instinct ;)
[16:15] <+Leonard09> Uh...
[16:15] <+Leonard09> We have me...
[16:15] <+Leonard09> So thanks,but no thanks!
[16:15] * Rodney| walks away with Leonard.
[16:15] <+Shawn31> Well, ok
[16:16] <+Shawn31> but
[16:16] <+Shawn31> Ok...
[16:16] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Leonard and Rodney in the woods*
[16:16] * Jasmine| walks around, looking carefully for an animal.
[16:16] * Jasmine| bumps into Rodney from the side.
[16:17] <+Jasmine|> Oof!
[16:17] <+Rodney|> Hey Jasmine, you okay?
[16:17] <+Leonard09> *blinks*
[16:17] <+Jasmine|> Yeah, I'm fine.
[16:17] <+Jasmine|> What about you guys? Any luck finding an animal?
[16:18] <+Leonard09> Not yet
[16:18] <+Leonard09> But I have a feeling my dragon is close, probably in a cave somewhere
[16:18] <+Jasmine|> Well, do you mind if I tag along for a bit?
[16:18] <+Jasmine|> Might help to have a third person on watch.
[16:18] <+Rodney|> Sure, Jasmine. As long as you can help us find our way back!
[16:19] <+Leonard09> That's simple
[16:19] <+Leonard09> Camp is north, so it's that way *points west*
[16:19] <+Rodney|> No, no. I think it's this way!
[16:19] <+Rodney|> *points east*
[16:19] * Jasmine| points south.
[16:19] <+Jasmine|> You mean that way?
[16:20] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Amy in the woods*
[16:20] * Amy13 aims her tranquilizer gun at a bunny.
[16:20] <@Samey3> Hey Amy, look out!
[16:20] * Amy13 fires and misses.
[16:20] <@Amy13> SAMEY! Way to go.
[16:21] <@Samey3> Oops sorry
[16:21] <@Samey3> My mistake.
[16:21] <@Amy13> Yeah right, that was like so on purpose.
[16:21] * Amy13 takes out her compass and examines it.
[16:21] <@Samey3> Do you know how to use that?
[16:22] <@Amy13> Of course I know how to use it. :@
[16:22] * Amy13 breaks it and gasps.
[16:22] <@Amy13> Well, whatever! If you wanna mess with me, consider yourself flushed.
[16:22] <@Amy13> Just like Topher was.
[16:22] <@Samey3> (conf) She brought Topher into this? Okay that's it, I'm over playing nice.
[16:23] <@Samey3> You know what Amy?
[16:23] * Samey3 steals Amy's gun and runs off.
[16:23] <@Amy13> Hey, get back here!
[16:23] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Don on his cell phone in the woods*
[16:23] <@Don|> The boat's supposed to take Chef and I back to the island at 10 tonight.
[16:24] <@Don|> Yeah, Mom.... yes, I know....
[16:24] <@Don|> Mom, don't hang up again!
[16:24] * Rodney| hides behind a tree listening to Don.
[16:24] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Jasmine and Leonard in the woods*
[16:24] * Rodney| runs over to them.
[16:25] <+Rodney|> Guys!
[16:25] <+Rodney|> I was just taking a leak and you'll never guess what happened..
[16:25] <+Jasmine|> Do I even want to know?
[16:25] <+Rodney|> I heard Don on the phone with his mom!
[16:25] <+Rodney|> He said something about a boat back to camp.
[16:25] <+Rodney|> At 10 o'clock!
[16:26] <+Leonard09> :0!
[16:26] <+Rodney|> I think..
[16:26] <+Rodney|> We could find a way to get on it to get back by midnight.
[16:26] <+Leonard09> That's brilliant!!
[16:26] * Shawn31 walks over to them
[16:27] <+Shawn31> Uh, did any of you guys see an eagle?
[16:27] <+Rodney|> Yeah, there was one over there!
[16:27] * Rodney| points in the other direction.
[16:27] <+Shawn31> Sweet :D
[16:27] <+Shawn31> Hey, did I hear you guys mention a boat?
[16:28] <+Rodney|> A boat?
[16:28] <+Rodney|> No!
[16:28] <+Leonard09> We said goat!
[16:28] <+Leonard09> Goat!! Goat at 10 o'clock!!
[16:28] <+Shawn31> A goat at 10 o'clock?
[16:29] <+Shawn31> Nice, I could use that as my animal!
[16:29] <+Shawn31> Thanks guys
[16:29] * Shawn31 runs away
[16:29] * Jasmine| giggles.
[16:29] <+Jasmine|> You guys are bad liars.
[16:30] <+Jasmine|> Anyway, good luck with your boat, I have a moose to catch!
[16:30] <+Rodney|> You're not gonna get on it with us?
[16:30] <+Jasmine|> I still have to find my animal. Stay safe.
[16:30] <+Rodney|> Okay then..
[16:30] <+Rodney|> I guess it's you and me again Leonard.
[16:31] <+Leonard09> Off to find a blue eyed white dragon!! :D
[16:31] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Shawn at the top of a mountain*
[16:31] * Shawn31 spots the eagle in its nest
[16:31] <+Shawn31> Finally!
[16:31] <+Shawn31> Now how do I catch it...
[16:31] * Shawn31 starts climbing the rocks towards the nest
[16:32] * Shawn31 wobbles a bit on the rocks
[16:32] <+Shawn31> Woah
[16:32] * Shawn31 gets right up to the eagle nest
[16:32] <+Shawn31> Hey there pal
[16:32] <+Shawn31> You're gonna be real nice and come along with your Uncle Shawn aren't ya?
[16:32] * Shawn31 reaches out to grab the eagle
[16:33] <+Shawn31> *the rock he's standing on suddenly falls*
[16:33] * Shawn31 falls off the cliff
[16:33] <+Shawn31> AHHHHH!!!!!
[16:33] <+Shawn31> Oww! My leg!
[16:33] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Jasmine in the woods*
[16:33] * Jasmine| waits patiently behind a bush, glaring at the moose.
[16:34] <+Jasmine|> Alright, here goes...
[16:34] * Jasmine| lunges at the moose and screams.
[16:34] * Jasmine| rides the moose like a horse, grabbing it by the antlers.
[16:34] <+Jasmine|> STOP BUCKING!
[16:34] * Jasmine| is thrown off of the moose, then races back and attempts to tackle it, only to land face first in the mud.
[16:34] <+Jasmine|> Ugh.
[16:35] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Amy in the woods by the bunk beds*
[16:35] <@Don|> *over the intercom* It's now 8 o'clock!
[16:35] <@Don|> Only a few hours left until today's challenge ends.
[16:35] <@Amy13> This is so unfair! How I am supposed to catch a rabbit without gear?!
[16:35] * Amy13 kicks over the empty wooden box and grunts.
[16:35] <@Amy13> ...
[16:36] <@Amy13> *gets an idea* Wait a minute!
[16:36] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Leonard and Rodney in the woods*
[16:36] <@Don|> *over the intercom* 9 o'clock! Hope you've all got your animals; it's a two-hour walk back.
[16:36] <+Rodney|> 9 o'clock?
[16:36] <+Rodney|> We only have an hour til the boat leaves! @Leonard
[16:37] <+Leonard09> Oh man, I haven't found a dragon anywhere!!
[16:37] <+Leonard09> Should I go for something smaller?
[16:37] <+Rodney|> Maybe a bear?
[16:37] <+Leonard09> *sees a squirrel climbing a nearby tree*
[16:37] <+Leonard09> Eureka! Squirrels, the modern world's dragons!
[16:38] <+Leonard09> *approaches squirrel calmly with his net*
[16:38] * Rodney| watches and bites his nails.
[16:38] <+Leonard09> *grabs squirrel*
[16:38] <+Leonard09> Huzzah!!
[16:38] <+Leonard09> I didn't even use up any energy :D
[16:38] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Amy in the woods*
[16:39] * Amy13 sees Samey as she pushes a box through the woods.
[16:39] <@Amy13> Hey, loser! I got my animal.
[16:39] <@Amy13> Where's yours, huh?
[16:39] <@Samey3> I already caught a duck 10 minutes ago.
[16:39] <@Amy13> Okay. Well, I'm still making it back first.
[16:40] <@Amy13> Just like I kissed Topher first.
[16:40] * Samey3 pulls out tranquilizer gun and shoots at Amy.
[16:40] * Amy13 is hit in the foot and squeals.
[16:40] <@Amy13> SAMEY.
[16:40] <@Samey3> Whoops!
[16:41] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Leonard and Rodney by the lake*
[16:41] * Rodney| rides past Don on his bear and onto the boat.
[16:41] <+Leonard09> Forcefield!
[16:41] <+Leonard09> *hops on the boat with the squirrel in his net*
[16:42] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Shawn in the woods*
[16:42] <@Don|> *over the intercom* It's now 11 o'clock. These are prerecorded - I'm really on a boat!!
[16:42] * Shawn31 limps using his sledgehammer as a crutch
[16:42] <+Shawn31> At least this was sort of useful...
[16:42] * Shawn31 collapses
[16:42] <+Shawn31> or not
[16:43] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to Amy and Samey at the Dock of Shame*
[16:43] * Amy13 runs over to the dock and empties her box in the cage.
[16:43] <@Amy13> Ha! I win again! @Samey
[16:43] <@Amy13> Just like how I won Topher.
[16:43] <@Samey3> What is your deal?
[16:43] <@Samey3> You're always so mean!
[16:44] <@Samey3> I've never done anything to you.
[16:44] <@Amy13> Maybe in your mind, but I've had to spend the last 16 years being mistaken for you!
[16:44] <@Amy13> You know how embarrassing that is? We're NOTHING alike!
[16:44] <@Samey3> Amy, look out!
[16:45] <@Amy13> I'm smart, popular, pretty... uhhh, pretty...
[16:45] <@Samey3> AMY!
[16:45] <@Amy13> Don't interrupt me. :@
[16:45] <@Amy13> You're just mad because I won like I always do, so take that!
[16:45] * Don| suddenly crashes the boat into the Dock of Shame, hitting Amy.
[16:46] <@Samey3> *gasps*
[16:46] * Rodney| gets off the boat with his bear
[16:46] <+Rodney|> Amy?!
[16:46] * Don| hops onto the broken dock and cringes.
[16:46] <@Don|> Hehe, whoops.
[16:47] <@Don|> *screen flashes over to the campfire ceremony*
[16:47] * Amy13 sits down all bruised up, wearing a halo brace.
[16:47] * Shawn31 hobbles in
[16:47] <+Shawn31> My.. animal.... it's in the cage
[16:47] * Shawn31 collapses again
[16:48] <@Don|> Way to go Shawn! I almost thought you wouldn't make it.
[16:48] <@Don|> *checks watch*
[16:48] <@Don|> Anddd you didn't - it's 6 seconds past 12. :p
[16:48] <@Don|> So, you've been disqualified!
[16:49] <+Shawn31> What!?
[16:49] * Shawn31 leans on Don as he pulls himself up
[16:49] <+Shawn31> Come on man!
[16:49] <@Don|> It's time for you to take the Flush of Shame!
[16:49] * Chef| takes Shawn away to the Flush of Shame
[16:50] <@Don|> A big congrats to Amy for winning today's challenge!
[16:50] <@Don|> Which means she's immune from tonight's vote. >:D
[16:50] <+Jasmine|> We're voting?
[16:50] <+Jasmine|> But Shawn just went home!
[16:50] <@Don|> Did I ever say there wasn't going to be a vote?
[16:51] <+Jasmine|> :@
[16:51] <+Rodney|> (CONF) I don't know who to vote for. All these people are my friends, this is gonna be hard. :(
[16:51] <@Don|> Marshmallows go to Amy, Samey, and Rodney!
[16:51] <@Samey3> Yay :D
[16:51] <+Rodney|> Yay!
[16:52] <@Amy13> Yay...
[16:52] <@Don|> Which means Leonard and Jasmine, one of you has spent your last night on Wawanakwa.
[16:52] <+Leonard09> D:
[16:52] <@Don|> The camper who is NOT going home today is...
[16:53] <@Don|> *slowly pinches the marshmallow*
[16:53] <@Don|> *squeezes it occasionally*
[16:53] <@Don|> *squints at Leonard*
[16:53] <+Leonard09> .....
[16:53] <@Don|> *inhales sharply*
[16:53] <@Don|> *looks at Jasmine, then tosses the marshmallow to Leonard*
[16:54] <@Don|> Leonard!
[16:54] <+Leonard09> HUZZAH!!
[16:54] <+Leonard09> :D!!!
[16:54] * Rodney| smiles at his friend Leonard, but frowns at Jasmine going home.
[16:54] <@Don|> Jasmine, it's time to take the Flush...... with Shawn. xD
[16:55] * Jasmine| sighs.
[16:55] <+Jasmine|> Can't say I saw this coming.
[16:55] <+Rodney|> Jasmine!
[16:55] <+Rodney|> Before you go.. I have something to say.. :|
[16:55] <+Jasmine|> What is it, Rodney?
[16:56] * Rodney| gulps and looks at her.
[16:56] <+Rodney|> Well..
[16:56] <+Rodney|> I, I.. uh I think you're a really cool gal!
[16:56] <+Jasmine|> Oh.
[16:56] <+Jasmine|> Well.
[16:57] <+Jasmine|> Thanks, I guess.
[16:57] <+Rodney|> I'll see you around?
[16:57] <+Jasmine|> Yeah. Of course.
[16:57] * Rodney| hugs her.
[16:57] <@Don|> *screen flashes to Jasmine and Shawn in the Flush of Shame*
[16:58] <@Don|> So guys, how do you feel?
[16:58] <+Jasmine|> DON'T talk to me.
[16:58] <@Don|> Okay. :|
[16:58] <@Don|> *flushes Jasmine and Shawn*
[16:59] <@Don|> We're down to the final four!
[16:59] <@Don|> Who would've guessed it?
[16:59] <@Don|> Which of the twins will come out on top? Will Rodney make it to the end? How'd Leonard manage to get this far?
[16:59] <@Don|> The answers to all these questions and more...
[16:59] <@Don|> On the next episode of Wawanakwa!
[17:00] <@Don|> -- END --

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