[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> -- START --
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to the eleven remaining contestants sleeping in the cargo hold*
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> *suddenly, the floor beneath the cast opens up and everyone begins plummeting to the ground below*
[17:01] <@Heather13> O_O
[17:01] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: GAH!
[17:01] <+Alejandro_> Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggh!
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> S: TYLEEEEEEER!!!!!!!
[17:02] <+Lindsay|> EEEEEEEK!
[17:02] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: *holds onto Gwen*
[17:02] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *holds onto Duncan*
[17:02] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Oh, um.
[17:02] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Heh-heh... whoops.
[17:02] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: >.>"
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to the contestants standing in an empty, cold film studio as Chris approaches them*
[17:03] <+Geoff|> Aw, man. Don't tell me we're back at the film lot again. :(
[17:03] <+Geoff|> *war-like flashbacks*
[17:03] <@Heather13> Seriously. A Studio Drama rehash is NOT what I signed up for.
[17:03] <@Heather13> Then again, neither is spending my night sleeping on a damp plane floor instead of first class like we were PROMISED.
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Chillax, cast, we're not back on set.
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Well, at least not OUR set. Welcome to Hollywood, USA!
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> S: :o HOLLYWOOD?!
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Wait, which Hollywood? :|
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> C: The one in Los Angeles. >.>
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> S: :o HOLLYWOOD?!
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> S: EEEEEEEEEE!
[17:05] <@Chris|Sierra> C: For today's challenge, teams will have to direct and star in their own Hollywood picture.
[17:05] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Just like the commercial challenge from season one, it's totally unscripted, but you'll each be given a genre for your film which you MUST stick to.
[17:05] <+Justin|> Finally, my face where it was always meant to be: THE BIG SCREEN! :D
[17:05] <@Heather13> Ha! You'd need a MASSIVE screen just to fit THAT entire chin. @Justin
[17:05] <+Justin|> You're just jealous because you have the face of a janitor. ;)
[17:05] <@Heather13> Ugh. >.>
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Team Amazon, horror. Just like the girls on your team.
[17:06] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: :o
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Team Chris, romance. Pick two lovers on your team to share a kiss... preferably ones that are ACTUALLY dating.
[17:06] <@Duncan|> Easy enough.
[17:06] <@Duncan|> Geoff and Lindsay will do just fine.
[17:06] <+Lindsay|> I'm dating Geoff! We're dating! :3
[17:07] <+Lindsay|> I remember now. :D
[17:07] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Very good, Lindsay...
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Video cameras are on your left, laptops are on your right... you know, for editing and stuff.
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Meet me back here in a couple of hours to present your flick. Have fun!
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Amazon in their studio*
[17:07] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: I don't know about you guys, but I don't know a thing about horror. :s
[17:08] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: The only movies I watch are inspiring documentaries about straight-A students finally becoming successful.
[17:08] <@Heather13> What a snoozefest.
[17:08] <@Heather13> Anyway, we don't need to worry about this one.
[17:08] <@Heather13> We're on a team with the horror QUEEN.
[17:08] <@Heather13> Leave it to Gwen; she'll figure it out.
[17:08] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: Last time we left her alone with Sierra and Tyler, she practically TRAUMATIZED them. :s
[17:09] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *gulp*
[17:09] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: But then again, I guess it's less work for us...
[17:09] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: Okay!
[17:09] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: Gwen, you handle it. I'm gonna go get a coffee. ^_^
[17:09] <@Heather13> I'll come.
[17:09] <@Heather13> For the last four weeks, I've been COMPLETELY deprived of my double cappuccino macchiatos.
[17:10] * Heather13 walks off with Courtney.
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> S: *glares at Gwen* :-@
[17:10] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Heh-heh... hey, guys. :D
[17:10] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: (conf) Back in Paris, during the art challenge, I totally flipped out on Sierra and Tyler. I was so wrapped up in forming an alliance that I completely blanked on their feelings and... *sigh* I feel bad, okay? I just need to find a way to make it up to them, or my butt is going to be flying out of that plane faster than I can say "vote for Heather instead".
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in their studio*
[17:10] <+Justin|> I think we can all agree that I'm the only one that's leading man material on this team.
[17:11] <+Justin|> Besides, do Geoff and Lindsay really have any chemistry? :s
[17:11] <@Duncan|> Gee, I dunno.
[17:11] <@Duncan|> Have they been dating for over a YEAR? -_-
[17:11] <+Lindsay|> Ooh, I know the answer to this!
[17:11] <+Lindsay|> We HAVE been dating for over a year. :3
[17:11] <+Lindsay|> I... think.
[17:12] <@Duncan|> Ugh, why couldn't we have gotten to do the horror flick? :s
[17:12] <@Blaineley> *walks over to her team, holding lemonade* I'm baaack!
[17:12] <@Blaineley> So, what are we discussing?
[17:12] <+Justin|> Blaineley, do you think I should be the star of this production?
[17:12] <+Justin|> Or should we trust the equally clueless Lindsay and Geoff?
[17:12] <@Blaineley> Hmmm.
[17:13] <@Blaineley> Lindsay and Geoff, definitely.
[17:13] <+Justin|> What?!
[17:13] <@Blaineley> No offense, hot guy, but they're the STARS of this show! They deserve screentime. :D
[17:13] <@Blaineley> Plus, we'd get extra credit for including fan-faves.
[17:13] <+Justin|> I'm a fan fave. :@
[17:13] <+Justin|> What about me?
[17:14] <@Blaineley> Uhhh, what ABOUT you?
[17:14] * Justin| grunts.
[17:14] <+Justin|> Whatever. I'm gonna head to the mall and pick up some magazines.
[17:14] <+Justin|> Gotta find out what's happening in the celeb world while we're still in the middle of civilization.
[17:14] * Justin| walks off.
[17:14] <@Duncan|> Meh, I assume that Geoff, Linds and Alejandro can handle it.
[17:15] <@Duncan|> Also, whatever your name is. @Blaineley
[17:15] <@Duncan|> Seeya! *Leaves*
[17:15] <@Blaineley> Okay, team, let's get this show on the road!
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Amazon in their studio*
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Sooo, this is a slasher film?
[17:15] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Yep, and don't worry, I'll do everything!
[17:16] <@Chris|Sierra> S: I figured, I mean, you kinda do owe it to us after you threatened to beat us up and then injured my hubby Tyler. :3
[17:16] <@Chris|Sierra> S: But as I was saying...
[17:16] <@Chris|Sierra> S: ... would there be a... make-out scene in this picture? :|
[17:16] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Uh... sure?
[17:16] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: But I kind of have a boyfriend, and Tyler's not REALLY my type.
[17:16] <@Chris|Sierra> S: I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU AND TYLER. :@
[17:17] <@Chris|Sierra> S: If you can write a whole scene of kissing between me and my hubby bunny, you can kiss our hate-on goodbye. :D
[17:17] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Really?!
[17:17] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: You won't be mad at me anymore? :D
[17:17] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Nope. ;)
[17:17] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Okay, deal. ^_^
[17:17] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: One making out scene coming up!
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Excellent. >:3
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Duncan and Justin walking through the mall*
[17:18] <@Duncan|> Yo, is there a reason you're following me, Pretty Boy? >~> @Justin
[17:18] <+Justin|> We should talk.
[17:18] <+Justin|> About an alliance.
[17:18] <@Duncan|> What about it? It's not happening whether you ask or not.
[17:19] <@Duncan|> You got Gwen eliminated last season.
[17:19] <@Duncan|> Plus, you're just a guy version of Heather.
[17:19] <+Justin|> You think I'M the guy version of Heather! Please.
[17:19] <+Justin|> Don't tell me you're fooled by Alejandro's act too.
[17:19] <@Duncan|> *Snickers* Act? You think he's pretending to be this chivalrous?
[17:20] <+Justin|> I know guys like him. No one's that perfect, not even me.
[17:20] <+Justin|> He's up to something.
[17:20] <+Justin|> All of this "nice guy" stuff? It's just pretend.
[17:20] <@Duncan|> Even if that WAS true, he's still an asset to the team.
[17:21] <@Duncan|> More useful than you, that's for sure. >~>
[17:21] <+Justin|> How about a deal?
[17:21] <+Justin|> If I can prove myself helpful to the team we vote him off next. How does that sound?
[17:21] <@Duncan|> You would really up your ante just so we could get rid of Alejandro?
[17:21] <+Justin|> I don't care how many nails I break.
[17:22] <+Justin|> If he's gone, it's worth it in the long run. :@
[17:22] <@Duncan|> Hmmm.
[17:22] <@Duncan|> Alright. You've got yourself a deal.
[17:22] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in their studio*
[17:22] * Alejandro_ stands behind the video camera as Geoff and Lindsay stand onset.
[17:22] <+Alejandro_> Okay, and...
[17:23] <+Alejandro_> Lights, camera, ACTION!
[17:23] <@Chris|Sierra> *crickets chirp*
[17:23] <+Lindsay|> ...Line?
[17:23] * Alejandro_ sighs.
[17:23] <+Alejandro_> Cut.
[17:24] * Blaineley storms over to Alejandro.
[17:24] <@Blaineley> What was THAT?! :@
[17:24] <@Blaineley> AUGH! The lighting's all wrong.
[17:24] <@Blaineley> And YOU. *points to Alejandro*
[17:24] <@Blaineley> Your makeup is ATROCIOUS.
[17:25] <+Alejandro_> I'm not wearing makeup. :@
[17:25] <@Blaineley> Then let's get some on ya!
[17:25] <@Blaineley> Where's the makeup crew?
[17:25] <+Alejandro_> There IS no makeup crew.
[17:25] <+Alejandro_> And I don't need makeup, BECAUSE I'M THE CINEMATOGRAPHER. >.>
[17:25] <@Blaineley> Whoaaa, testy.
[17:26] <@Blaineley> Alright, Geoff, Lindsay, you're both fired.
[17:26] <+Geoff|> What?!
[17:26] <+Lindsay|> Huh? D:
[17:26] <@Blaineley> This romance needs to be exciting. It needs blood, guts, GORE!
[17:26] <@Blaineley grabs the script from Alejandro.
[17:27] * Blaineley> Give me this. I'll rewrite the entire thing.
[17:27] <@Blaineley> In the meantime, hire a wardrobe department.
[17:27] <+Alejandro_> But-
[17:27] <@Blaineley> No excuses and NO buts.
[17:27] <@Blaineley> Prepare to take Hollywood by storm, Team Chris!
[17:27] <@Blaineley> This will be my finest production ever! ^_^
[17:28] <+Alejandro_> *sigh*
[17:28] <+Alejandro_> Fine, you know what? Have fun.
[17:28] <+Alejandro_> If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get a massage. >.>
[17:28] * Alejandro_ storms off.
[17:28] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Courtney and Heather standing by the counter at a coffee shop*
[17:28] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: *gets coffee from barista and sips it*
[17:29] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: Mmm. This is delicious. :D
[17:29] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: *heads out the door with coffee in hand*
[17:29] * Heather13 blocks Courtney's way.
[17:29] <@Heather13> Y'know, Courtney, I'm SO glad we're here together, aren't you?
[17:29] <@Heather13> I've been meaning to talk to you ever since the whole... you know, "Alejandro thing" went down.
[17:30] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: You mean how you tried to kill me in Paris by chasing after me with a stone arm?
[17:30] <@Heather13> Right! That.
[17:30] <@Heather13> That's caused a LOT of tension on our team, and I feel like there's somewhat of a divide now, y'know? :-/
[17:30] <@Heather13> Personally, I'd like us to put all our issues in the past and become FRIENDS.
[17:30] <@Heather13> Seriously, whatever I did, I apologize SINCERELY for. :3
[17:30] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: I know what you're trying to do, Heather, and it's NOT going to work.
[17:31] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: For weeks and weeks, I've wondered; who is the WORST possible person I could be stuck on a team with?
[17:31] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: And at first, I thought it was Gwen. But then she saved my life, and now I realize it's YOU.
[17:31] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: The greatest part is, now you're threatened by me and Gwen's friendship. And so you should be. ;)
[17:31] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: Because mark my words, the next time we lose, I'm getting Sierra and Tyler on our side and voting YOUR butt out of the game.
[17:31] <@Heather13> :o
[17:31] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: *snickers and walks off*
[17:32] <@Heather13> (conf) I cannot believe Courtney and Gwen are now PALS. Thanks to their new friendship, and Tyler and Sierra's on-and-off... whatever they've got going on... I am now completely out of the loop. If only SOMEONE could break them up... hm...
[17:32] * Heather13 looks out the window and sees Alejandro.
[17:32] <@Heather13> *sigh* I guess he'll have to do.
[17:32] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Amazon in their studio*
[17:32] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Anddd... done!
[17:32] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *hands script to Sierra*
[17:33] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Hmmm. *skims through*
[17:33] <@Chris|Sierra> S: NOT ENOUGH KISSING. :@
[17:33] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Sierra! It's supposed to be a SLASHER flick. If the whole scene's you two making out, then...
[17:33] <@Chris|Sierra> S: All wrong. :@
[17:33] <@Chris|Sierra> S: There's too much gore and violence.
[17:33] <@Chris|Sierra> S: And SWEARING, Gwen, really?
[17:34] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: I didn't swear. :|
[17:34] <@Chris|Sierra> S: There's a line in here that explicitly says, "Tyler isn't that great".
[17:34] <@Chris|Sierra> S: That's a curse word in my book. REWRITE IT. :@
[17:34] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Alejandro getting a massage in a fancy spa*
[17:34] * Alejandro_ sighs in relief.
[17:34] <+Alejandro_> Finally, a time where I can simply lay here in privacy and just relax.
[17:35] * Heather13 storms in.
[17:35] <@Heather13> Aha! I found you!
[17:35] <+Alejandro_> Oh, great. <.<
[17:35] <@Heather13> I need some help dismantling Courtney and Gwen's new friendship.
[17:35] <@Heather13> The Amazons were totally fine before THOSE TWO started buddying up to each other.
[17:35] <@Heather13> It used to be a hate TRIANGLE, now it's just a Hate-on-Heather Square.
[17:36] <@Heather13> PLEASE do something!
[17:36] <+Alejandro_> And why would you ask ME such a thing?
[17:36] <+Alejandro_> I don't have a sly bone in my body.
[17:36] <@Heather13> Oh, come on, we all know you're faking the whole "nice guy" act.
[17:36] <@Heather13> And I KNOW you want me gone, but if we can get Courtney and Gwen to turn on each OTHER, that'll eliminate TWO big threats.
[17:36] <@Heather13> Face it; one Heather is not as powerful as two angry ex-Gaffers.
[17:36] * Alejandro_ sighs.
[17:37] <+Alejandro_> Fine.
[17:37] <@Heather13> Yes! Thank you!
[17:37] <@Heather13> Eeee! :D
[17:37] * Heather13 gasps and covers mouth.
[17:37] <@Heather13> You didn't hear that. :@
[17:37] * Heather13 storms out.
[17:38] * Alejandro_ rolls eyes and glances at the person getting a massage beside him.
[17:38] <+Alejandro_> Hey, isn't that...
[17:38] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot in their studio*
[17:38] <@Duncan|> *Walks back in with Justin*
[17:38] * Blaineley stands behind the video camera as Geoff and Lindsay stand onset.
[17:38] <@Blaineley> Okay!
[17:39] <@Blaineley> Lights, camera, ACTION!
[17:39] * Geoff| walks over to Lindsay holding a hockey mask and a chainsaw.
[17:39] <+Lindsay|> *acting* Oh, n-no!
[17:39] <+Lindsay|> It's the famous criminal...
[17:39] <@Blaineley> *whispers* INFAMOUS. INFAMOUS! :@
[17:39] <+Lindsay|> INfamous criminal, the Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook!
[17:40] * Geoff| pretends to slash Lindsay to death.
[17:40] <@Blaineley> Annnddd... CUT!
[17:40] <@Blaineley> We're golden, guys.
[17:40] <@Duncan|> Uhhhhh, what the heck is going on here?
[17:40] <@Duncan|> I'm all for the blood and gore, but this isn't a horror flick. :@
[17:40] <@Duncan|> (Conf) I leave them alone for 5 minutes...
[17:41] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to Team Amazon in their studio*
[17:41] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *walks back in* Done!
[17:41] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: After HOURS of working, I have finally perfected the ULTIMATE script: just enough blood, just enough romance, and just enough laughter to guarantee us a win.
[17:41] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Too late.
[17:41] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Me and Tyler already gave Chris our tape.
[17:41] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: What?!
[17:42] <@Chris|Sierra> S: What can I say? You took too long. :-/
[17:42] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: But you MADE me rewrite the script!
[17:42] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: FOUR TIMES.
[17:42] <@Chris|Sierra> S: And that's what you get for threatening me and Tylerkins into an alliance. >.>
[17:42] <@Chris|Sierra> S: You should've known better, Gwen. :@
[17:42] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *sigh* Okay, I guess I kind of deserved that.
[17:43] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Are we cool?
[17:43] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Yeahhh, we're cool. :D
[17:43] <@Chris|Sierra> S: C'MERE, YOU. *grabs Gwen and hugs her tightly*
[17:43] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: O-ow! T-too tight, too tight.
[17:43] <@Chris|Sierra> S: *lets Gwen go* :3
[17:43] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: So, what DID you end up submitting?
[17:44] <@Chris|Sierra> S: A forty minute film on how to give your hubby the perfect foot massage. ^_^
[17:44] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Tyler didn't want to go with the kissing idea. >.>
[17:44] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: Wait, you're saying we DIDN'T end up doing a horror movie?
[17:44] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Oh yeah, I forgot it was supposed to be a horror.
[17:44] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: OH CRAP.
[17:44] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: *runs out of the studio*
[17:45] <@Chris|Sierra> *screen flashes over to all the contestants, minus Alejandro, standing in the main film studio as Chris approaches them*
[17:45] * Justin| fries some eggs and bacon on his hot pecks. (H)
[17:45] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Okay, SO.
[17:45] <@Chris|Sierra> C: I watched both films, and honestly, I am disappointed.
[17:45] <@Chris|Sierra> C: DISAPPOINTED.
[17:45] <@Chris|Sierra> C: THAT THE TEAM.
[17:46] <@Chris|Sierra> C: DID A ROMANCE.
[17:46] <@Chris|Sierra> C: AND.
[17:46] <@Chris|Sierra> C: *smashes a picture frame*
[17:46] <+Courtney|Gwen> G: :| :| :|
[17:46] <@Chris|Sierra> THE TEAM.
[17:47] <@Chris|Sierra> C: DID A HORROR.
[17:47] <+Alejandro_> Right here.
[17:47] * Alejandro_ walks in with Trent.
[17:47] <@Trent13> Hey, guys.
[17:48] <+Geoff|> Trent?!
[17:48] <+Justin|> Trent? :|
[17:48] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: :o
[17:48] <@Chris|Sierra> S: DRAMA BOMB. :-O
[17:48] <@Heather13> Really? Even I expected something better than this. >.>
[17:48] <+Alejandro_> I found him at the spa.
[17:49] <+Alejandro_> He's been living right here in Hollywood ever since Global Drama started.
[17:49] <@Trent13> Yeah...
[17:49] <@Trent13> Been trying to make a living for myself, you know, become a real singer.
[17:49] <@Trent13> It hasn't exactly worked out so far. :s
[17:49] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Well, this actually works perfectly! :3
[17:49] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Trent, why don't YOU decide our winner?
[17:50] <@Trent13> Me?
[17:50] <@Trent13> Uhhh, okay. :|
[17:50] <@Trent13> What team's Courtney on?
[17:50] <@Heather13> Why would THAT matter?
[17:50] <@Trent13> I dunno. Just random, I guess.
[17:50] <+Courtney|Gwen> C: :)
[17:51] <@Trent13> :)
[17:51] <@Trent13> ... uhhh...
[17:51] <@Trent13> I pick Courtney's team as the winners. :D
[17:51] <+Justin|> What!? But he didn't even look at the films!
[17:51] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Sorry, Justin, them's the rules.
[17:51] <@Blaineley> THIS IS AN OUTRAGE.
[17:52] <@Blaineley> OBESE.
[17:52] <@Duncan|> What did you just call us? >~>
[17:52] <+Lindsay|> I'm not obese! *looks at stomach*
[17:52] <+Lindsay|> ...Am I?
[17:53] <+Justin|> Wow, now I know who I'm voting for.
[17:53] <+Justin|> Thanks lady. @Blaineley
[17:53] <+Alejandro_> For once, I agree with you, Justin. >.>
[17:53] <@Blaineley> Ugh.
[17:53] <@Blaineley> What-EVER. :-@
[17:53] <@Chris|Sierra> -- BARF BAG CEREMONY --
[17:54] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Well, ladies and gents.
[17:54] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Since Trent's here anyway and we needed one more person to come back this season...
[17:54] <@Chris|Sierra> C: I'm going to allow him to join the game. :3
[17:54] <@Chris|Sierra> C: AND, more importantly, join your team. ^_^
[17:54] <@Duncan|> Great.
[17:54] <@Duncan|> Crazy's back for another round.
[17:55] <@Trent13> <.<
[17:55] <@Duncan|> >~>
[17:55] * Alejandro_ pats Trent's back.
[17:55] <+Alejandro_> Good to have you on the team, Trent.
[17:55] <+Alejandro_> Now it's time to eject one of us. And I think we all know who that someone's going to be. >.>
[17:55] <@Trent13> (conf) I don't really know what's been going on so far, but I guess I vote for Duncan. For... obvious reasons.
[17:56] <+Alejandro_> (conf) Get her out of here. Get. Her. Out. *aggressively stamps Blaineley's passport multiple times*
[17:56] <+Lindsay|> (conf) Who is she again?
[17:56] <+Justin|> (Conf): I still need to prove myself in order to get Duncan to vote for Alejandro, so goodbye Trent. >_>
[17:56] <+Geoff|> (CONF): Uhhh... :|
[17:56] <@Chris|Sierra> C: We've got our votes, and tonight's bottom two is...
[17:56] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Trent and Blaineley!
[17:57] <@Chris|Sierra> C: *tosses barf bags to everyone else*
[17:57] <@Trent13> What?!
[17:57] <@Trent13> But I just got ba-
[17:57] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Tut tut TUT. No interrupting.
[17:57] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Ultimately, despite the closeness in votes, tonight's loser has been decided.
[17:57] <@Chris|Sierra> C: And it's...
[17:57] <@Chris|Sierra> C: .......
[17:58] <@Chris|Sierra> C: .....
[17:58] <@Chris|Sierra> C: ...
[17:58] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Blaineley! Out of the plane, diva. :@
[17:58] <@Duncan|> I just voted for "that old chick".
[17:58] <@Duncan|> That IS counted as a vote for her, right? :|
[17:58] <@Blaineley> I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.
[17:59] <@Blaineley> I'M FAMOUS, I'M INTERNATIONAL.
[17:59] <@Blaineley> I'M--
[17:59] * Alejandro_ runs toward Blaineley and pushes her out of the plane.
[17:59] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Eleven contestants, one million dollars, and a whole bunch of the world left to mess up!
[17:59] <@Chris|Sierra> C: Join us next time for another THRILLING installment of GLOBAL DRAMA! :3
[18:00] <@Chris|Sierra> -- END --

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