[16:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- START --
[16:01] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes into the male cabin on the west*
[16:01] * Rodney| rolls out of bed and makes a loud slam noise.
[16:01] * Rodney| gets up.
[16:01] <+Rodney|> Whoa!
[16:01] <+Rodney|> That was some fall..
[16:02] * Topher| is under the blanket combing his hair.
[16:02] <+Rodney|> Wh..where did Topher go?!
[16:02] <+Rodney|> He was sleeping right under me!
[16:02] * Rodney| pulls the blanket off him
[16:02] * Topher| gasps and covers his hair in embarrassment
[16:03] <+Topher|> DON'T LOOK AT ME!!!
[16:03] <+Rodney|> Oh, hey Topher...
[16:03] * Shawn31 is checking under everyone's beds and blankets
[16:03] <+Shawn31> No signs of the undead sneaking into our cabin here
[16:03] <+Leonard09> *is standing over Beardo's bunk waving his wand in his face*
[16:04] <+Shawn31> Uh... Leonard?
[16:04] <+Shawn31> What are you doing?
[16:04] <+Leonard09> Silence!
[16:04] <+Leonard09> Can't you see I'm trying to cast a tranquility spell...
[16:04] <+Beardo|> *suddenly wakes with a sound liek a cat screech*
[16:05] <+Beardo|> :|!!!!!
[16:05] <+Leonard09> (CONF) I barley slept last night cause of Beardo's snoring! As a wizard,its my duty to do something about it! I always use my powers to protect those around me.
[16:05] <+Rodney|> (CONF) .. Not to be mean but.. Beardo? He's louder than a rooster in the morning sun..
[16:05] <+Beardo|> (conf) *snores like a bugle horn, literally*
[16:05] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes into the female cabin on the east*
[16:06] * Sky15 yawns as she wakes up.
[16:06] * Samey3 is putting on eyeliner.
[16:06] * Amy13 hops off the top bunk and smacks Samey's eyeliner out of her hand.
[16:06] <@Samey3> Amy!
[16:06] <@Amy13> Whoops! Sorry Samey...
[16:06] <@Amy13> Maybe you should go and get my breakfast ready now, I'm starving. :D
[16:07] <@Samey3> *sighs*
[16:07] * Jasmine| rubs her eyes
[16:07] * Ella618 has birds doing her hair in the adjacent mirror.
[16:07] <@Don|Sugar> S: *hums as she blowdries her hair*
[16:07] <@Don|Sugar> S: Like momma said, the bigger the better.
[16:08] * Amy13 walks over to the outlet and unplugs it.
[16:08] <@Don|Sugar> S: Hey, what gives?!
[16:08] <@Don|Sugar> S: I was usin' that!
[16:08] <@Amy13> I know, and I'm pretty sure it's mine. >.>
[16:08] <@Amy13> Where did you find it?
[16:09] <@Don|Sugar> S: *scoffs* I saw it on the dresser. :@
[16:09] <@Amy13> Yeah, MY dresser. It belongs to me, so give it here.
[16:09] <@Don|Sugar> S: Ohhhhhh... well.
[16:09] <@Don|Sugar> S: Guess you should've put yer name on it. :/
[16:09] <@Don|Sugar> S: But I'll be done in juuuuuuuuust a minute.
[16:10] <@Amy13> I said I wanted it NOW!
[16:10] <+Jasmine|> Come on Amy.
[16:10] <+Jasmine|> You don't have to make it a big deal.
[16:10] <@Samey3> Uh, Amy doesn't really share things well.
[16:10] <@Amy13> I don't want to share because it's MY HAIRDRYER! MINE!
[16:10] <@Amy13> MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!
[16:11] * Sky15 walks over and grabs the hairdryer from Sugar.
[16:11] <+Sky15> *gives the dryer to Amy* Here, okay?
[16:11] <@Don|Sugar> S: :@
[16:11] <+Sky15> Now can we please have one morning where we don't act like total loons?
[16:11] <+Sky15> We're all mature here.
[16:12] <+Ella618> Sky is right!
[16:12] <+Ella618> We should all get along and be friends forever, and bake friendship cupcakes. :)
[16:12] <+Sky15> ...
[16:12] <+Sky15> That's not really what I meant.
[16:12] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don and the campers; each team is positioned by one of two three hundred meter balance beams over an alligator-infested gorge*
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: Good morning, campers!
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: I hope you all packed an extra pair of undies, because this challenge is gonna be brutal.
[16:13] <+Rodney|> Undies? Commando is how you do it! Right, Leonard?
[16:13] * Rodney| nudges him.
[16:13] <@Don|Sugar> D: Your first task is to cross these three hundred meter balance beams over the gorge, which has been stocked with alligators.
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: Your goal is to reach that...
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: *points to a carriage on the other side of the gorge with a crying baby inside*
[16:14] <+Rodney|> :o
[16:14] <+Sky15> That can't be legal!
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: The first team to reach the end wins an awesome advantage in part two.
[16:14] <@Don|Sugar> D: And try your best not to fall in because the alligators haven't been fed in a while.
[16:15] <+Shawn31> Great. :/
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: Ready, set, annnddd...
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: GO!!!
[16:15] <@Don|Sugar> D: *grabs the whistle around his neck and blows into it*
[16:15] * Sky15 starts crossing the Confused Bears' beam with her team.
[16:16] <+Sky15> Let's move, guys!
[16:16] <+Sky15> We can't afford to be last, not again!
[16:16] * Shawn31 crosses behind Sky
[16:16] * Amy13 hesitantly crosses gorge.
[16:16] <@Don|Sugar> S: Hurry it up, twiggie! @Amy
[16:17] <@Amy13> Ugh. :@
[16:17] <@Amy13> This beam is too heavy!
[16:17] <@Amy13> Maybe if we got rid of some DEADWEIGHT...
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> S: What did you just call me?
[16:17] <@Don|Sugar> S: Oh, you are so gonna get it, lil' missy!
[16:18] <+Rodney|> Guys stop fighting, we gotta keep going!
[16:18] * Beardo| crosses balance beam tentatively
[16:18] <+Sky15> I am a true Olympian! I can do this!
[16:18] <+Sky15> I...
[16:18] * Sky15 almost slips.
[16:19] <+Shawn31> Sky!
[16:19] * Shawn31 grabs onto Sky.
[16:19] <+Sky15> :o
[16:19] * Sky15 blushes.
[16:19] * Jasmine| raises an eyebrow.
[16:20] <+Sky15> (conf) Wow... that was a seriously close call! I can't thank Shawn enough for saving me. I never knew he was that strong.
[16:20] <+Jasmine|> (conf) Is there something going on with Shawn and Sky? I mean, I don't care, I didn't come here for that, but- I- but-
[16:20] <@Don|Sugar> S: (conf) I don't like that other twin not one bit. She's oilier than a pig after playtime. I'm keepin' an eye out on her. >.>
[16:20] * Sky15 gets to the other side and runs over to the carriage.
[16:20] <+Sky15> We made it!
[16:20] <+Sky15> And it's...
[16:21] * Sky15 reaches inside the carriage and pulls out a tape recorder.
[16:21] <+Sky15> Not a real baby. :s
[16:21] * Rodney| makes it to the other side with his team.
[16:21] <+Shawn31> That's it?
[16:21] <+Shawn31> There's nothing in there but a tape recorder?
[16:22] * Jasmine| reaches into the carriage and pulls out a sewing machine
[16:22] <+Jasmine|> A sewing machine?!
[16:22] <+Jasmine|> We crossed a gorge full of crocodiles for this?
[16:22] <@Don|Sugar> D: *grabs a megaphone and speaks into it from the other side*
[16:22] <@Don|Sugar> D: All in the name of today's challenge, Jasmine!
[16:23] <@Don|Sugar> D: Who here loves FASHION? ;D
[16:23] <@Amy13> Clearly not Sugar.
[16:23] <@Don|Sugar> S: Yer wearing a school uniform on public TV, missy.
[16:23] <@Don|Sugar> S: You ain't much to look at either. :@
[16:23] <+Ella618> Ooh, my clothes were made by woodland creatures if that counts!
[16:24] <+Sky15> Why would it ever?
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: *over the megaphone* Today, players will elect one person from their team to model, and another to design.
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: Using the sewing machine and whatever else you can find on the island, you'll piece together a look on the model to be judged by me!
[16:24] <@Amy13> But there's only one sewing machine.
[16:24] <@Don|Sugar> D: Yep. And since the Confused Bears grabbed it first, it looks like it's theirs.
[16:25] <+Sky15> Yes!
[16:25] <+Topher|> (conf) My clothes were hand-me-downs worn once by a young John F Kennedy. How they came into my possession is a mystery. But I'm not complaining and they must look good on me if no one else is. ;)
[16:25] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the Confused Bears on the left side of the outdoor amphitheater*
[16:25] <+Jasmine|> Who do you guys think the model should be?
[16:25] <+Shawn31> Sky could do it
[16:26] <+Jasmine|> Sky?!
[16:26] <+Jasmine|> I mean.
[16:26] <+Jasmine|> Sky, sure. Good idea...
[16:26] <+Leonard09> I personally think I should be the designer!
[16:26] <+Sky15> Okay, Leonard.
[16:27] <+Sky15> But Jasmine, Ella, and Shawn have to help you make the fabric, so be quick, alright?
[16:27] <+Ella618> That sounds like a marvelous plan!
[16:27] <+Ella618> The Confused Bears will be unstoppable this week!
[16:27] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the Floating Salmon on the right side of the outdoor amphitheater*
[16:27] <@Amy13> Okay, with me as the model, we are so gonna win this challenge.
[16:28] <@Don|Sugar> S: You? The model?
[16:28] <@Don|Sugar> S: But I'm the one with real pageant experience!
[16:28] <@Amy13> I could always design, but I can't promise you won't get a pin stuck in you if I do.
[16:28] <+Beardo|> *makes tire screeching noise* :|
[16:28] <@Don|Sugar> S: Fine! I'LL design for YOU then.
[16:29] <@Samey3> But how are you supposed to design anything without a sewing machine?
[16:29] <@Don|Sugar> S: We could use old clothes. :D
[16:29] <+Rodney|> I can take off my overalls if you need them..
[16:29] <@Amy13> Ew, no!
[16:29] <@Amy13> We can use Samey's luggage.
[16:30] <@Amy13> All the stuff she packed is ugly and worthless anyway.
[16:30] <@Amy13> Plus, she's my size, so it totally works.
[16:30] <@Samey3> Umm...
[16:30] <@Samey3> I don't think my clothes are ugly.
[16:30] <@Amy13> They are.
[16:30] <@Amy13> You really need some tips on becoming more fashionable, like me!
[16:31] <@Don|Sugar> S: Y'all are wearing the same dang thing. :@
[16:31] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the Confused Bears on the left side of the outdoor amphitheater*
[16:31] <+Leonard09> I present to you,Sky the Dragon Slayer!
[16:31] * Sky15 walks out wearing Tammy's outfit from Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race.
[16:31] <+Sky15> Wow, this is...
[16:32] <+Sky15> This is really bad, Leonard.
[16:32] * Ella618 attracts a bird. As the bird sees Leonard's design, it pukes and floats away.
[16:32] <+Shawn31> :|
[16:32] <+Leonard09> What are you talking about!
[16:32] <+Leonard09> You look like a strong warrior princess!
[16:33] <+Sky15> That's great, but I don't know how familiar Don is with "strong warrior princesses".
[16:33] <+Sky15> Is it too late to change the design?
[16:33] <+Shawn31> We could always go with my outline!
[16:33] <+Shawn31> It's got a protective pouch for anti-zombie weaponry
[16:33] <+Sky15> Wow, that doesn't really sound like much of an improvement... at all, actually.
[16:34] <+Sky15> (conf) I felt bad rejecting Shawn's idea, but we need to win this challenge or the Salmon are gonna CREAM us. I can't have anyone holding the team back, even if it's a guy. The competition always comes first!
[16:34] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the Floating Salmon on the right side of the outdoor amphitheater*
[16:34] * Amy13 walks out wearing a pink cowskin pageant dress.
[16:34] <@Amy13> THIS is your bright idea?!
[16:34] <@Amy13> It's probably the itchiest thing I've ever worn!
[16:35] * Amy13 begins scratching herself repeatedly.
[16:35] <+Topher|> *winces*
[16:35] <@Don|Sugar> S: Yer sure to get pageant queen!
[16:35] <@Don|Sugar> S: I firmly believe it.
[16:35] <+Beardo|> *walks over and sees outfit*
[16:35] <+Beardo|> *walks away and HURLS*
[16:36] <@Don|Sugar> S: :@
[16:36] <@Don|Sugar> S: Well, Y'ALL didn't have any bright ideas!
[16:36] <+Rodney|> Sorry Sugar.. :(
[16:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: *walks over to the Floating Salmon* Okay campers, time's up!
[16:36] <@Don|Sugar> S: UGH!!
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the amphitheater, which has been converted to a catwalk*
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: First on stage, Leonard Couture!
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: As worn by that poor sucker Sky.
[16:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: Let's bring 'er out!
[16:38] * Sky15 walks out wearing Leonard's design.
[16:38] * Ella618 applauds loudly, but is the only one in the audience applauding.
[16:38] <+Ella618> Woohoo!
[16:38] * Jasmine| slaps hand to forehead
[16:39] * Sky15 weakly smiles at Don.
[16:39] <+Sky15> It's... the best we could come up with on such short notice.
[16:39] <@Don|Sugar> D: I don't really know what to say about that.
[16:39] <@Don|Sugar> D: The breastplates are... a nice touch.
[16:39] <+Leonard09> What did I tell you,it's a genius idea!
[16:40] * Sky15 sighs.
[16:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: Would I wear it? No.
[16:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: But props for the creativity and effort!
[16:40] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes backstage to Samey backstage wearing Sugar's design*
[16:40] * Amy13 uses Samey's eyeliner to draw a mole on Samey's face.
[16:41] <@Samey3> Tell me why we're doing this again...
[16:41] <@Amy13> There is no way I'm going out there wearing that hideous dress!
[16:41] <@Amy13> So pretend to be me and DON'T screw up.
[16:41] <@Samey3> What?
[16:41] <@Samey3> But Amy!
[16:42] <@Amy13> No buts!
[16:42] * Amy13 pushes Samey onto the stage.
[16:42] <@Samey3> Whoa!
[16:42] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Samey on the catwalk*
[16:42] <@Samey3> Uhhh hey guys.
[16:43] <@Samey3> I mean...
[16:43] <@Samey3> *pretends to be Amy* Don't you just love the dress, Don?
[16:43] <@Don|Sugar> D: Oh!
[16:43] <@Don|Sugar> D: Uh, what...
[16:43] <@Don|Sugar> D: What do you call this?
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> S: It's a pageant winnin' dress, that's what it is!
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> S: Look at the de-tail in the sewin'!
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> S: The ex-qui-seet stitchin'!
[16:44] <@Don|Sugar> S: It is so bee-yoo-tee-ful!
[16:45] <@Don|Sugar> D: Um... yeah.
[16:45] <@Samey3> *pretends to be Amy* If you don't like it, you're blind.
[16:45] <@Samey3> I was born to wear this dress!
[16:45] <+Rodney|> You look awesome Amy!
[16:45] <+Beardo|> *throws up again*
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: Okay, I think I've made my decision!
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: While Leonard's outfit was definitely...
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: Alternative...
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sugar's pageant dress is without a doubt the biggest fashion flop.
[16:46] <@Don|Sugar> S: What?!
[16:47] <@Don|Sugar> D: So the Confused Bears win invincibility and a one thousand dollar online shopping spree!
[16:47] <+Sky15> YES!!!
[16:47] <+Shawn31> Wicked :)
[16:47] <+Jasmine|> Finally!
[16:47] <+Leonard09> You're all welcome!
[16:48] <@Don|Sugar> D: And the Floating Salmon will be headed to their first elimination tonight.
[16:48] <@Don|Sugar> D: Who will be flushed first?
[16:48] <@Samey3> *pretends to be Amy* Definitely not me.
[16:48] <@Samey3> I'm way too pretty to be sent home!
[16:48] <@Samey3> And selfish...
[16:49] <@Amy13> *whispers to Samey backstage* HEY.
[16:49] <@Amy13> The challenge is over!
[16:49] <@Amy13> You can drop the act now, Spare-my.
[16:49] <@Samey3> Oh, whoops :)
[16:49] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes to the Floating Salmon at the campfire ceremony*
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: Floating Salmon!
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: Welcome to the dreaded campfire ceremony, where marshmallows represent LIFE.
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: You've all cast your votes and made your decisions.
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> D: I have six marshmallows on this plate, and one of you will NOT be receiving any.
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: I don't know who's going home tonight, but it better not be me!
[16:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: I tackled this challenge, and no one else on this team has done diddly. >.>
[16:50] * Amy13 growls at Sugar.
[16:51] <@Don|Sugar> D: With that, let's get started.
[16:51] <@Don|Sugar> D: The first marshmallow goes to Rodney!
[16:51] <+Rodney|> *catches his marshmallow*
[16:51] <@Don|Sugar> D: Topher, you're safe too.
[16:51] <+Topher|> Phew...
[16:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: Beardo and Samey! You two are also safe.
[16:52] <@Samey3> Yay!
[16:52] <+Beardo|> *ding ding ding DING*
[16:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: And the next one goes to Dave.
[16:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: Which means...
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sugar and Amy, you're our bottom two this evening.
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: As the designer and model for the challenge, it's your fault that your team is here today.
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Fortunately, one of you is getting sent home.
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> S: *plays with her hair*
[16:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: The final marshmallow of the evening goes to...
[16:54] * Amy13 watches as a single bead of sweat drips down Sugar's head.
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> S: *clenches her teeth*
[16:54] * Amy13 chews on her hair.
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> S: *taps foot impatiently*
[16:54] * Amy13 picks at her fingernail.
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> S: *shuffles her teeth*
[16:54] * Amy13 bites her lip.
[16:54] <@Don|Sugar> S: *furrows her eyebrows*
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: Amy!
[16:55] <@Amy13> Oh yeah! :)
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: Sugar, it's time to go.
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> S: Exc-yooooooooooooose me?!
[16:55] <@Don|Sugar> S: Y'all voted for ME?!
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Sugar in the Flush of Shame*
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> S: I'm the only one who deserves to win this pageant!
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> S: Y'all need to watch out for AMY. >.>
[16:56] <@Don|Sugar> S: She's as mean as a momma chicken without her eggs!
[16:56] <+Rodney|> .. I'll miss you, Sugar. :(
[16:56] <+Rodney|> Don't forget me!
[16:57] <@Samey3> Bye, Sugar. :/
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> S: Aw!
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> S: Goodbye, everybody!
[16:57] <@Don|Sugar> S: *pageant waves to her team*
[16:58] <@Amy13> Byeee, Sugar. :D
[16:58] <@Don|Sugar> S: Except you. :@
[16:58] <@Don|Sugar> S: *flips off Amy*
[16:58] <@Amy13> :-O
[16:58] <@Amy13> Rude!
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: *flushes Sugar down*
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: We're down one pageant queen, eleven more to go!
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: What shocking surprises are in store for our cast next week?
[16:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: You'll just have to wait and see. ;)
[17:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- END --

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