[15:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- START --
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the beach, where Don stands in front of the campers assembled in a line*
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: Today's challenge will test your minds, your teamwork, and your skills in the kitchen.
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: Chef Hatchet will be out of the kitchen all day today.
[15:01] <@Don|Sugar> D: In lieu of him, you'll be cooking a three-course meal and serving it to me, Don, your host. :D
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: The winners get a reward and the losers will send somebody home.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: Each team will appoint a head chef to oversee the cooking.
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: Floating Salmon, as the winners of our last challenge...
[15:02] <@Don|Sugar> D: *tosses Samey a green recipe book*
[15:02] <@Samey3> *catches recipe book*
[15:03] <@Don|Sugar> D: You'll be preparing pineapple skewers for your appetizer, ribs for the entrée, and citrus macadamia upside-down cake flambé for dessert!
[15:03] <@Don|Sugar> S: Citrus maca-who now?
[15:03] <+Rodney|> .. What's an en-tree?
[15:03] * Amy13 groans silently.
[15:03] <@Don|Sugar> D: *tosses Leonard a red recipe book*
[15:04] <+Leonard09> *fails to catch it*
[15:04] <@Don|Sugar> D: As for the Confused Bears, you'll make antipasto for the appie, a spaghetti and meatball main course, and classic custard tarts to wrap it up.
[15:04] <+Ella|> Ooh, custard! I love baking! :D
[15:04] <@Don|Sugar> D: *walks over to a large commercial truck stocked with dozens of food items*
[15:04] <@Don|Sugar> D: All the ingredients you need are in this delivery truck!
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: Get everything you can and make your way to the kitchen to start cooking.
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: Oh, and before I forget.
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: On each side of the kitchen, you will find a small jug of sauce that you MUST incorporate into your team's dessert.
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: The liquid in this vial will not be made known to you until the end of the challenge...
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: And if I were you, I wouldn't use any of the stuff in the kitchen!
[15:05] <@Don|Sugar> D: Who knows what Chef Hatchet stocks in there?
[15:06] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears entering the kitchen from the west side*
[15:06] <+Scarlett|> I think, obviously, I should be head chef
[15:06] <+Scarlett|> After all, baking is child's play and I have the most intellectual capacity out of anyone here
[15:06] <+Sky15> Uh, what's that supposed to mean? We're all smart on this team.
[15:06] <+Sky15> And I've done a lot of ACTUAL cooking in my time, so I'm pretty fluent in that avenue.
[15:07] <+Sky15> What are your qualifications to be head chef, besides being "smart"? @Scarlett
[15:07] <+Scarlett|> I.. well, I...
[15:07] <+Shawn|> I think Sky should be head chef!
[15:07] <+Jasmine|> I second that notion.
[15:07] * Scarlett| scoffs
[15:08] <+Scarlett|> Fine.
[15:08] <+Scarlett|> But if we lose, you know who to blame
[15:08] * Ella| claps
[15:08] <+Ella|> Congratulations Sky!
[15:08] <+Leonard09> I think it would have been wiser if I was head chef
[15:09] <+Leonard09> I'll have you know,my Roon Escape cooking level is 67...
[15:09] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon entering the kitchen from the east side*
[15:09] <+Dave618> So, who wants to be head chef?
[15:09] * Rodney| burps loudly.
[15:09] <+Rodney|> Well I know how to eat well, does that count for a chef?
[15:10] <@Samey3> *smiles at Topher*
[15:10] <+Topher|> With a face like this, it'd be a crime to leave me with the grunt work. I should take the lead! :D
[15:10] <@Don|Sugar> S: Ooh, okay!
[15:10] <@Don|Sugar> S: I can be yer taster!
[15:10] <@Amy13> I don't have any objections to that.
[15:10] <+Beardo|> *makes a ding noise in approval*
[15:11] * Dave618 rolls eyes.
[15:11] <+Dave618> Fine.
[15:11] <+Dave618> But don't mess it up, pretty boy.
[15:11] <@Samey3> Can I make the ribs?
[15:11] <@Samey3> I know how to make really good ones!
[15:12] <+Topher|> Beardo and Dave, you're on the cake.
[15:12] <+Topher|> Amy and Rodney, you take the skewers.
[15:12] <+Topher|> Samey and Sugar, you guys are on ribs!
[15:12] <+Rodney|> Don't worry, captain!
[15:12] <+Rodney|> I'll make the best skewers ever! *burps again*
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> S: Huh?
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> S: But...
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> S: I wanted to work on the flam-bee with Rodney.
[15:13] <@Samey3> Don't worry Sugar. If you need help on the ribs, I'm here.
[15:13] <@Don|Sugar> S: *growls at Topher*
[15:14] <@Don|Sugar> S: (conf) That Topher has some nerve stickin' me on ribs after I REQUESTED to work on the flam-bee. Us country folk know all about lightin' stuff on fire! Who does he think he is anyway? :@
[15:14] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears on the west side of the kitchen*
[15:14] * Jasmine| carefully works on the antipasto
[15:14] <+Shawn|> You ever made this before, Jasmine?
[15:14] <+Jasmine|> Not... exactly.
[15:14] <+Jasmine|> How hard can it be though, right?
[15:15] <+Jasmine|> I think the two of us can figure it out. :)
[15:15] <+Shawn|> Yeah, we are the survivalists, after all. :D
[15:15] <+Shawn|> (conf) If danger poses a threat, Jasmine and I are the only two people on this island who could right away set into survival mode! Man I'll tell you, that girl has serious skills. I'm impressed...
[15:15] <+Scarlett|> Ella, please refer to the recipe book.
[15:15] <+Scarlett|> Each tart should have the same amount of custard!
[15:16] <+Ella|> It's fiiine, Scarlett!
[15:16] <+Ella|> Our heart will LEAD us to the right amount of custard. <3
[15:16] <+Ella|> ♫ Filling a tart is no prob, cause Scarlett and Ella have the job! ♫
[15:16] <+Scarlett|> *mutters under her breath* Idiot...
[15:16] <+Leonard09> So,sky! I'll take the spaghetti and you take the meatballs?
[15:17] <+Sky15> Already on it!
[15:17] <+Sky15> *takes pot of meatballs and backs away*
[15:17] * Scarlett| backs up into Sky
[15:17] <+Sky15> *accidentally pours the meatball sauce onto Scarlett*
[15:17] <+Sky15> Oops!
[15:18] <+Scarlett|> My... my clothes
[15:18] <+Scarlett|> You did that on purpose :@
[15:18] <+Sky15> What? No, I didn't!
[15:18] <+Leonard09> Uh oh
[15:18] * Jasmine| turns head to see Scarlett implode.
[15:19] <+Shawn|> Uh...everything okay over there?
[15:19] <+Scarlett|> She just spilled her sauce all over me!
[15:19] <+Sky15> By accident. :s
[15:19] <+Leonard09> Don't worry Scarlett!
[15:19] <+Leonard09> A quick clean up spell will fix you right up!
[15:20] <+Scarlett|> I don't need a spell, I need a shower and another set of clothes
[15:20] <+Scarlett|> Thanks, Sky! >.>
[15:20] * Scarlett| storms out
[15:20] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the Floating Salmon on the east side of the kitchen*
[15:20] * Amy13 watches Scarlett exit and smirks.
[15:21] <@Amy13> Hmmm...
[15:21] <@Amy13> I'm just gonna be right back, guys. :D
[15:21] * Amy13 slips out of the room.
[15:21] <@Samey3> *takes a taste of the rib sauce* Ooh, this tastes really good.
[15:21] * Topher| sniffs ribs.
[15:22] <@Samey3> I mean, unless you don't like them Topher...
[15:22] <+Topher|> What are you talking about?!
[15:22] <+Topher|> They smell excellent!
[15:22] <+Topher|> Coming along well Sammy. Great job, Sugar! :D
[15:22] <@Don|Sugar> S: Oh, I know they're great.
[15:22] <@Don|Sugar> S: I'd make anything great.
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> S: Especially that flam-bee.
[15:23] <@Don|Sugar> S: Which I SHOULD'VE been makin'. :@
[15:23] <+Topher|> We've been over this.
[15:23] <+Topher|> I'm the head chef, so you do the cooking and I do the tasting.
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: Oh yeah?!
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: Wanna taste my basting sauce? :@
[15:24] <@Don|Sugar> S: *shoves in in Topher's face*
[15:24] * Topher| runs out screaming.
[15:24] <+Topher|> Not the face!!!
[15:25] <@Samey3> (conf) Okay, I have to admit when Topher complimented my ribs, that was really cool. And ok don't tell Amy I said this, but he is pretty cute. <3
[15:25] <+Topher|> (conf) *staring at himself in a mirror* I have to admit, I am pretty cute. ;)
[15:25] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Scarlett taking a shower in the communal washrooms*
[15:25] * Amy13 tiptoes into the washrooms.
[15:26] <+Scarlett|> *while taking a shower* Lousy Sky and her lousy meatball sauce!
[15:26] <+Scarlett|> She'll regret this eventually...
[15:26] * Amy13 grabs Scarlett's glasses from the bench by her shower stall.
[15:26] <@Amy13> Yes! >:D
[15:26] <@Amy13> *laughs evilly*
[15:26] * Scarlett| hears Amy laughing.
[15:27] <+Scarlett|> What was that?
[15:27] <@Amy13> Oh, nothing!
[15:27] <@Amy13> I mean-- CRAP.
[15:27] * Amy13 dashes outside with Scarlett's glasses.
[15:27] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to the Confused Bears on the west side of the kitchen*
[15:27] * Ella| has birds surrounding her, helping her fill the tarts
[15:28] * Jasmine| continues to work on the antipasto, until she accidentally cuts her finger.
[15:28] <+Jasmine|> Agh!
[15:28] <+Shawn|> Jasmine!
[15:28] <+Shawn|> You okay?
[15:28] <+Jasmine|> I... I'm fine, it's just a little cut...
[15:29] * Shawn| grabs a bandage out of pocket and wraps it around her finger
[15:29] <+Shawn|> Here, hold still
[15:29] <+Jasmine|> Thanks Shawn. :)
[15:29] <+Jasmine|> And hey, impressive planning!
[15:29] <+Shawn|> Always come prepared, right?
[15:30] * Scarlett| storms in without her glasses and points at Leonard
[15:30] <+Scarlett|> SKY! I know what you did.
[15:30] <+Leonard09> ....
[15:30] <+Scarlett|> You think you're so clever, but I NEVER misplace my belongings!
[15:30] <+Scarlett|> You are a thief :@
[15:30] <+Leonard09> Um,Scarlett...Sky's on your left...
[15:31] <+Scarlett|> Wherever she is, she stole my glasses!
[15:31] <+Shawn|> Whoa, hang on a sec.
[15:31] <+Shawn|> Sky's been here the whole time, no way she could've stolen them.
[15:31] <+Jasmine|> Yeah Scarlett, just relax for a second.
[15:31] <+Scarlett|> Relax? RELAX?!
[15:32] <+Scarlett|> Hard to relax when you're on a team with A BUNCH OF MORONS!
[15:32] <+Ella|> :o
[15:32] <+Scarlett|> Miss bossy control freak, a zombie obsessed maniac, a delusional wizard roleplayer, a ten foot tall sack of simple...
[15:32] <+Scarlett|> And whatever you call THAT! *points to Ella*
[15:32] <+Leonard09> I'm only 5'8"....
[15:33] <+Jasmine|> I believe that jab was at me, Leonard.
[15:33] <+Scarlett|> You know what, forget it!
[15:33] <+Scarlett|> Let's just get through this challenge so I don't have to see any of you at tonight's elimination
[15:33] * Scarlett| walks over to the counter and grabs what she believes is cinnamon
[15:33] * Scarlett| adds the powder to the dessert
[15:34] <+Ella|> I don't want to quarrel, Scarlett, but...
[15:34] <+Ella|> Are you even sure that's the right ingredient?
[15:34] <+Scarlett|> Of course it is, you loon!
[15:34] <+Scarlett|> I am the smartest one here
[15:34] <+Scarlett|> I KNOW what I'm doing. :@
[15:35] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Don and the campers standing in the main lodge, where the teams' dishes have been placed on two respective tables*
[15:35] <@Don|Sugar> D: Awesome work today, guys.
[15:35] <@Don|Sugar> D: Everything here looks scrumdiddlyumptious!
[15:35] <@Samey3> Great job everyone
[15:35] <+Topher|> ;)
[15:35] <+Rodney|> :D
[15:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: It looks SO good that, despite what we initially planned...
[15:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: The producers and I have decided you should be eating your OWN food!
[15:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: That means each team will have to scarf down a plate of their own three-course meal.
[15:36] <@Don|Sugar> D: And the sauces I mentioned earlier? Glad you asked, even though you didn't...
[15:36] <+Scarlett|> Oh no...
[15:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: The Confused Bears were given a jug of my own invention: blended cockroach juice.
[15:37] <+Sky15> Ew...
[15:37] <+Leonard09> Gadzooks!
[15:37] <+Jasmine|> Oh, that's just vile!
[15:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: Not to mention, your teammate Scarlett added something of her own to your dish.
[15:37] <@Don|Sugar> D: And it was itching powder. xD
[15:38] <+Scarlett|> What?!
[15:38] <+Scarlett|> I-I did no such thing!
[15:38] * Sky15 smacks forehead.
[15:38] <@Don|Sugar> D: Actually, you did, after you "lost" your glasses.
[15:38] <@Don|Sugar> D: Maybe next time, look into buying some contacts.
[15:39] <+Scarlett|> >:(
[15:39] <+Dave618> What do you think was in our sauce? :s
[15:39] <@Don|Sugar> D: Well Dave, the Floating Salmon received a blended puree of Chef's mystery meat.
[15:39] <+Rodney|> What could be wrong about meat?
[15:39] * Dave618 starts twitching.
[15:40] <+Dave618> C-Chef's...mystery...meat?
[15:40] * Dave618 vomits in mouth.
[15:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: Okay, that was dramatic. :|
[15:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: Regardless Dave, you'll still have to compete with your team.
[15:40] <@Don|Sugar> D: On your marks, get set, and SCARF!
[15:41] * Rodney| scarfs down those ribs like he hasn't eaten.
[15:41] <+Beardo|> *eats meal*
[15:41] * Scarlett| takes small bites.
[15:41] * Dave618 nitpicks at plate.
[15:41] <+Dave618> Euggghhh...
[15:42] <@Don|Sugar> S: *wolfs down the pineapple skewers with sticks included*
[15:42] * Jasmine| starts chowing down on antipasto
[15:42] * Ella| bites into tart
[15:42] <+Ella|> Eeek!
[15:42] * Ella| begins itching uncontrollably
[15:43] <+Scarlett|> *throat starts itching*
[15:43] <+Scarlett|> Gah, I can't eat it anymore!!!!
[15:43] <+Dave618> This dish alone goes against 10 health code violations!
[15:43] <+Rodney|> Do it for the team, Dave!
[15:43] * Dave618 gulps
[15:44] * Dave618 quickly swallows down the rest of his plate.
[15:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: And the Floating Salmon have floated to the finish line!
[15:44] <@Don|Sugar> D: Congratulations to today's big winners.
[15:44] <+Rodney|> Woohoo!
[15:44] <+Topher|> Nice job team!
[15:45] <+Beardo|> *high fives Rodney*
[15:45] * Amy13 slaps Samey in the face.
[15:45] <@Samey3> Ow!
[15:45] <@Amy13> Oops! Sorry.
[15:45] <@Amy13> You should've been open for that high-five, sis.
[15:46] <@Amy13> *giggles*
[15:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: Tonight, the Floating Salmon have earned a luxurious mobile shower to wash off all the gross-osity this challenge had to offer.
[15:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: And the Bears will be sent to the campfire ceremony, where one of them will be going home.
[15:46] <@Don|Sugar> D: ... Again.
[15:46] <+Sky15> I think we all know who was responsible for that loss.
[15:47] * Sky15 glares at Scarlett.
[15:47] <+Scarlett|> This is not fair!
[15:47] <+Scarlett|> Someone sabotaged our chances!
[15:47] * Scarlett| gets up.
[15:47] <+Scarlett|> And I think I know who it was....
[15:48] <@Amy13> :o
[15:48] <+Scarlett|> I'd recognize that laugh anywhere, it was one of the twins!
[15:48] * Amy13 scoffs.
[15:48] <@Amy13> I don't know what you're talking about, but me and my sister are completely innocent here.
[15:48] <@Amy13> Aren't we, Samey?
[15:49] <@Samey3> Ummm
[15:49] <@Samey3> I mean I don't think we did anything
[15:49] <+Scarlett|> Don't play dumb with me!
[15:49] <+Scarlett|> One of you stole my glasses!
[15:49] <@Amy13> Wait, you mean THESE glasses?
[15:50] * Amy13 pulls them out of her back pocket.
[15:50] <+Leonard09> :0!
[15:50] <@Don|Sugar> S: Sweet mother of mustard!
[15:50] <@Amy13> I found them on our side of the kitchen.
[15:50] <@Amy13> I was going to return them, I just didn't know whose they were...
[15:51] <@Amy13> Jeez, Scarlett.
[15:51] <+Scarlett|> Huh?!!? But..
[15:51] <+Jasmine|> You need to start getting your mouth in check, Scarlett.
[15:51] <+Leonard09> *shakes head* Seriously
[15:51] <@Samey3> (conf) Ok there is no way Amy found those glasses and didn't know whose they were. She's up to something, I can just tell and I sure hope this doesn't end badly for Scarlett... :s
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> *scene flashes over to the Confused Bears at the campfire ceremony*
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: You've all cast your votes and made your decisions.
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: There are only five marshmallows on this plate.
[15:52] <@Don|Sugar> D: The first marshmallow goes to Shawn.
[15:52] * Shawn| catches marshallow
[15:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Ella...
[15:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Jasmine!
[15:53] <@Don|Sugar> D: Aaaaaaaaand Sky.
[15:53] * Sky15 jumps up to catch her marshmallow.
[15:53] * Scarlett| pushes her glasses up her nose
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: Leonard and Scarlett, this is the final marshmallow of the evening.
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: Scarlett, you accused your teammates of sabotaging you all day, and then put itching powder in your dessert.
[15:54] <@Don|Sugar> D: And Leonard, uh, well... you're annoying.
[15:54] <+Leonard09> Excuse you!
[15:54] <+Scarlett|> Oh please, I think we all know who's going home
[15:55] <+Scarlett|> I'd like to say you played a good game Leonard, but unlike Sky here, I'm not a liar :D
[15:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: Nope!
[15:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: But you are a loser, because Leonard's safe tonight!
[15:55] <@Don|Sugar> D: *tosses Leonard his marshmallow*
[15:55] <+Leonard09> *sighs in relief*
[15:56] <+Scarlett|> I beg your pardon?!
[15:56] <+Scarlett|> This...
[15:56] <+Scarlett|> This is absurd!
[15:56] <+Sky15> Really?
[15:56] <+Sky15> I'd say it was pretty accurate.
[15:57] <+Jasmine|> (conf) I have no idea what Scarlett was thinking. She can't pick on everyone on our team and expect us to keep her around. She has a LOT to learn about the real world, I reckon.
[15:57] <@Don|Sugar> *screen flashes over to Scarlett sitting in the Flush of Shame*
[15:57] <+Scarlett|> You're all morons!
[15:57] <+Scarlett|> Voting off your smartest player...
[15:57] <+Scarlett|> You will all pay for this indecency!
[15:58] <+Leonard09> Smartest player?
[15:58] <+Leonard09> Hello...I'm standing right here...
[15:58] <@Don|Sugar> D: *flushes Scarlett down*
[15:58] <@Don|Sugar> D: Man, was she annoying!
[15:58] <@Don|Sugar> D: Bet you guys are glad you got rid of her.
[15:59] <+Sky15> (CONF) TWO losses in a row. And for what? A stuck-up brainiac that can't tell itching powder from cinnamon. Thankfully, we won't have to deal with her any longer.
[15:59] <@Amy13> (conf) Ooh. I can't believe they actually sent Scarlett home... she was their smartest player, and now, she's five feet deep in a toilet! *giggles* That was way too easy.
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: Who's going home next?
[15:59] <@Don|Sugar> D: Find out next time!
[16:00] <@Don|Sugar> -- END --

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