[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> Greetings. c:
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> *waves*
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> My name is Cameron.
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> My mom doesn't normally let me watch TV..
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...or record things...
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...or go outside...
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...or talk to strangers...
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...or be in the sun...
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> *sigh*
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...but Total Drama interrupted my daily nature program
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> And I decided it's time to get out there and show myself to the world! :B
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> Sure, I've never even been outside my house, but it can't be that bad, right? :D
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> ...Right? D:
[19:41] <Ale-Alejandro> *static*

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