[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> *static*
[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> Hey.
[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> My name is Zoey.
[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> I don't even think you can comprehend the effort it took me to decide to make this.
[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> I'm not a fan of major corporations like Teletoon.
[18:00] <Ale-Alejandro> HEARTLESS and GREEDY.
[18:01] * Ale-Alejandro sips Starbucks latte
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> Smh.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> People today.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> No, I'm not going to go to the "movies" with you.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> I only watch FILMS. -___-
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> Like The Affairs of Dobbie Gillis? Artistic GENIUS. Right there.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> I don't want your records or MP3s either.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> Vinyls are where it's at, guys. I only listen to .midi-s, too.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> S.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> M.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> H.
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> But, y'know, I really need the money. :c
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> I do art photography,
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> But I don't take it very seriously. –w-
[18:01] <Ale-Alejandro> Maybe I'll even meet a few people who share the same passion for Jackalope as I do. C:
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> Oh, you haven't heard of them?
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> Well... it IS pretty undergroud... :s
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> But maybe someone who isn't so latched on to the desperate trials of mainstream media will get me. >->
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> We'll check out each other's MyFaces and make obscure references to our Fur Cups For Teeth vinyls. :D
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> Oh, those will be the days <3
[18:02] * Ale-Alejandro pushes up glasses.
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> Well, I need to go tune up my guitar – not in a band, more of a "side project" if you're getting me. – so see you around. :D
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> Catch you later.
[18:02] <Ale-Alejandro> *static*

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