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Kg Chris McLean
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TDA15 Harold
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Episode 1

[20:47] =-= ChrisMcLean has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Amy, Ezekiel, Geoff, Harold, Leshawna, Lightning, Noah, Samey”
[20:48] ChrisMcLean --------------------------- IMPROVISED INTRO ---------------------------
[20:48] ChrisMcLean Chris: Welcome to the first episode of Total Drama World Tour!
[20:48] ChrisMcLean We've got 8 contestants ready to travel the world and win a TON of bank.
[20:49] ChrisMcLean But first, they'll have to go through one thing:
[20:49] ChrisMcLean ME!
[20:49] ChrisMcLean Without further delay, let's meet our 8 passengers:
[20:49] ChrisMcLean First up, the twins Amy and Samey!
[20:50] Samey3 Uhhh it's Sammy ot Samey
[20:50] Samey3 that's my real name
[20:50] Amy31 *pushes Samey to the side*
[20:50] Samey3 HEY
[20:50] ChrisMcLean looks at clipboard.
[20:50] Amy31 Don't listen to her
[20:50] Samey3 :@
[20:50] ChrisMcLean Here it says Samey.
[20:50] Amy31 Everybody calls her Samey, and she doesn't matter ;)
[20:50] ChrisMcLean And your older sis here says EVERYONE calls you Samey.
[20:50] Samey3 pushes Amy
[20:50] ChrisMcLean Yup!
[20:50] Samey3 that's for pushing me
[20:50] Samey3 omg
[20:50] ChrisMcLean Oh dear.
[20:50] Amy31 I was born first, and the attention should be pointed to me. ;)
[20:51] Samey3 but I'm the nice one
[20:51] Samey3 :(
[20:51] Amy31 Shush, the host is talking.
[20:51] Amy31 Continue.
[20:51] ChrisMcLean As much as I care, here's our next pair of contestants: Lightning and Geoff!
[20:51] Samey3 you shush
[20:51] Samey3 @Amy
[20:51] Lightning|Zeke SHA-LIGHTNING IS IN THE HOUSE!
[20:51] Noah|Geoff G: 'Sup, man!
[20:52] Lightning|Zeke And Lightning is ready to win all that sweet, sweet cash!
[20:52] Noah|Geoff G: This is gonna be the best party EVER!
[20:53] Noah|Geoff high-fives Chris.
[20:53] ChrisMcLean high-fives Geoff back and then massages his hand.
[20:53] Lightning|Zeke L: Party? Nobody parties like Lightning! *breaks it down* (H)
[20:53] ChrisMcLean I don't know about a party, but whatever floats your boat!
[20:53] Noah|Geoff G: Oh, sweet, you're here to party too?
[20:53] Noah|Geoff fist-bumps Lightning.
[20:53] ChrisMcLean Hold up, I think I spy a Harold and Noah coming up!
[20:53] Harold| You are aware that there are only seven episodes you can do this season, and spending the show's budget on an around-the-world tour in a private jet can be cost-effective and will result in major losses in profits for the studio making the whole thing pointless.
[20:54] Noah|Geoff covers his ears.
[20:54] Lightning|Zeke Sha-wha? :|
[20:54] Noah|Geoff N: Can someone please shut him up?
[20:54] ChrisMcLean Harold. Nice to meet you too.
[20:54] Noah|Geoff N: I had to hear all of that the entire. ride. here.
[20:54] Lightning|Zeke L: Lightning's never seen such skinny boys in his life!
[20:54] Amy31 (lol)
[20:55] Harold| I hope my knowledge will be of further use for you all
[20:55] ChrisMcLean Don't worry, Chef's got pleeeeeenty of food ready for you all.
[20:55] ChrisMcLean Isn't that right?
[20:55] ChrisMcLean *raccoons are heard screeching from inside the plane*
[20:55] ChrisMcLean :|
[20:55] ChrisMcLean ANYWAY.
[20:55] Noah|Geoff N: Great.
[20:55] ChrisMcLean Let's meet our final two contestants, Leshawna and Ezekiel!
[20:55] Lightning|Zeke L: Sounds like protien!
[20:55] Leshawna_ What's up ya'll? Leshawna's in the house! Ain't no lames winning this one!
[20:55] Lightning|Zeke E: *looks around* Wow, this sure is different from the farm, eh?
[20:56] Leshawna_ Feel free to quit now cause you're dealing with a girl from the projects!
[20:56] Lightning|Zeke E: No cows or sheep or chickens. Just one of those big fancy flying machines!
[20:56] Noah|Geoff N: ... A plane?
[20:56] ChrisMcLean I like the determination, Leshawna!
[20:56] ChrisMcLean As for you Zeke, uh, just try not to get booted first.
[20:56] Lightning|Zeke E: A plain what?
[20:57] Noah|Geoff N: :|
[20:57] Lightning|Zeke E: Yes sir! @Chris
[20:57] Noah|Geoff N: Never mind.
[20:57] Leshawna_ Thanks baby @Chris
[20:57] ChrisMcLean Alright, enough chit-chat!
[20:57] ChrisMcLean The eight of you will be flying from country to country in our fabulous, state of the art, Total Drama Jumbo Jet!
[20:57] ChrisMcLean *a wing collapses*
[20:57] ChrisMcLean Patent pending.
[20:58] Noah|Geoff both look shocked.
[20:58] Harold| It doesn't look up to code to me :|
[20:58] Lightning|Zeke L: Lightning's body is ready!
[20:58] ChrisMcLean Yeah, well, you're not up to code. :@
[20:58] ChrisMcLean ANYWHO.
[20:58] ChrisMcLean At each location, you'll be subjected to a challenge!
[20:59] ChrisMcLean The winner of the challenge is invincible from that night's Barf Bag Elimination Ceremony, where the person with the most votes has to take the DROP OF SHAME.
[20:59] Lightning|Zeke L: You mean the challenge will be subjected to Lightning! *flexes*
[20:59] ChrisMcLean And hopefully, this guy goes first. >.>
[21:00] ChrisMcLean With that, hop on! We'll be taking flight in 2 minutes. And dinner's ready!
[21:00] ChrisMcLean ------------------ CHAT AND CONVERSE AND WHATNOT WHILE I THINK OF A CHALLENGE -------------
[21:00] Noah|Geoff G: Sweet! I'm starved! :D
[21:00] Samey3 Me too @Geoff
[21:00] Lightning|Zeke L: Time for Lightning's hourly dose of protieeeeen, (H)
[21:00] Harold| Airport food? Really?
[21:00] Samey3 ewwww
[21:00] Amy31 *pushes Samey* I'm even more starved! @Geoff
[21:01] Leshawna_ @Harold eat up boy. My brush got more meat than you.
[21:01] Lightning|Zeke E: I could eat a cow, eh.
[21:01] Lightning|Zeke L: You chumps better rest up because Lightning is gonna mop the floor with all of yall! (H)
[21:01] Noah|Geoff N: *inspects the food* This doesn't even look safe enough to be in a 50-mile radius with it.
[21:01] ChrisMcLean *plane begins to buck and kick as it takes off*
[21:02] Samey3 Ooh, a chef salad. One of the more better meals.
[21:02] Samey3 yum
[21:02] Lightning|Zeke L: Give it here then! *takes Noah's food*
[21:02] Noah|Geoff N: You can HAVE it.
[21:02] Noah|Geoff N: I'm pretty sure I saw it moving. >.>
[21:02] Amy31 Ewwwwwwww
[21:02] Noah|Geoff G: Uhhh, Samey?
[21:03] Samey3 what
[21:03] Noah|Geoff G: I think there's a fly in your salad. :|
[21:03] Noah|Geoff G: Or maybe five.
[21:03] Amy31 *laughs*
[21:03] Harold| *pokes food*
[21:03] Samey3 What? EWWW
[21:03] Leshawna_ These are low carbs right? Cause a sista's gotta know when to quit.
[21:03] Samey3 A FLY
[21:03] Harold| *food scurries off plate* :|
[21:03] ChrisMcLean [Spongebob narrator voice: several hours later]
[21:03] ChrisMcLean *over a loudspeaker* Guten tag, passengers! We'll be arriving in Germany shortly.
[21:03] Samey3 *salad goes up and hits Amy*
[21:03] Samey3 oops
[21:03] Samey3 sorry sis
[21:03] ChrisMcLean In the mean time, feel free to vent in our cabin confessional.
[21:04] Amy31 *screams*
[21:04] Samey3 sorry
[21:04] Amy31 You're so useless, Samey! Ugh :@
[21:04] Lightning|Zeke E: Wow, I've never left my town before now I'm all the way in Germany!
[21:04] Samey3 Uhhhh :(
[21:04] Noah|Geoff N: *rolls eyes at Samey and Amy fighting*
[21:05] Noah|Geoff N: (CONF) I haven't been here a full day and I hate everyone already. Hmph.
[21:05] Lightning|Zeke L: Prepare to lose losers cause Lightning's taking it home. (H)
[21:05] Harold| (conf) Sweet! Now I can take these mad skills around the world!
[21:05] Leshawna_ *Confessional Day one and I'm already ready to rock! Girl,you would not believe the crazies riding in this plane with me! But this sista's not gonna rest till that check has my name on!
[21:06] Samey3 (CONF) This is so unfair. I came here to get anyway from Amy. Why must she follow me around?
[21:06] Noah|Geoff G: Man, I'm still hungry. :(
[21:06] Lightning|Zeke L: (conf) Lightning is ready to win his first of many challenges. (H)
[21:06] Noah|Geoff sits down next to Ezekiel.
[21:06] ChrisMcLean *floor underneath everyone opens, dropping them into a snowy mountaincap in Germany*
[21:06] Noah|Geoff G: You used to live on the farm, right? You know how to get food in--
[21:07] Noah|Geoff G: AHHHHHHH
[21:07] Harold| Ah!
[21:07] Lightning|Zeke L: *shoots down like a bullet* SHA-WOHOOOOO!
[21:07] Noah|Geoff N: AHHHHHHHHH
[21:07] Samey3 Whoo
[21:08] Leshawna_ YA'LL ARE CRAY-CRAYYYYY
[21:08] ChrisMcLean Welcome! Hope you had a nice landing. :)
[21:08] ChrisMcLean sips coffee.
[21:09] Amy31 *screams at Chris* It was awful. I had to look at Samey's face the entire flight! :@
[21:09] ChrisMcLean I'll try to be more considerate next time, Amy.
[21:09] Noah|Geoff N: *brushing off snow* T-thanks for t-the w-w-warning. It's s-so c-c-c-cold!
[21:09] Leshawna_ We landed on our gluteus maximuses on a snowy mountain in the alps, and all you can do is sip your coffee? Whats wrong with you boy?!
[21:09] ChrisMcLean But welcome not only to Germany, but to your first challenge!
[21:09] Lightning|Zeke E: Pa was right, people on that television thing are crazy.
[21:09] Lightning|Zeke L: YAY!
[21:10] ChrisMcLean Here. *tosses a scarf to Leshawna* Go wild.
[21:10] ChrisMcLean Now!
[21:10] Leshawna_ *rolls eyes
[21:10] ChrisMcLean You may have noticed we're near the top of a snowy mountain in the Alps.
[21:10] Noah|Geoff G: (CONF) I didn't come prepared! I didn't think we'd be in the snow, and I'm wearing SHORTS. This isn't the beach, man! D:
[21:10] ChrisMcLean You may have ALSO noticed the two bobsleds behind me!
[21:10] ChrisMcLean Note, two! With four seats each.
[21:10] Lightning|Zeke (BRB two secs)
[21:10] Samey3 (CONF) It's snowy and cold.
[21:10] ChrisMcLean That means TEAMWORK and PARTNERSHIP!
[21:11] Amy31 *fake-vomits*
[21:11] ChrisMcLean Luckily, I've already picked your groups for you. :)
[21:11] ChrisMcLean Amy, Geoff, Noah, and Samey, you're one group.
[21:12] ChrisMcLean Ezekiel, Harold, Lightning, and Leshawna, you're another group!
[21:12] ChrisMcLean Your jobs? RACE TO THE BOTTOM!
[21:12] ChrisMcLean Without getting seriously maimed. :|
[21:12] Harold| Maybe we should let Leshawna ride in front
[21:12] ChrisMcLean Luckily you all signed insurance forms. :)
[21:12] Amy31 *shocked*
[21:12] Harold| Her weight in front will give us a serious momentum advantage
[21:12] Amy31 He did NOT just said that.
[21:12] Harold| '*front
[21:12] Leshawna_ Yeah- wait, what'ch you trynna say? @Harold
[21:12] Amy31 :o
[21:12] Lightning|Zeke L: Please, thats it?
[21:12] Harold| It's basic physics :(
[21:13] Leshawna_ @Harold BOY, you do NOT wanna get smacked on your first day here!
[21:13] Noah|Geoff G: I wish I had my surfboard, then I could surf down the mountain.
[21:13] ChrisMcLean I love teamwork!
[21:13] Amy31 *pushes Samey to the sled* LET'S GO!
[21:13] Lightning|Zeke L: We don't need your physics to win this challenge. Lightning's all the physics we need. (H)
[21:13] Noah|Geoff N: I... don't think it works like that. @Geoff
[21:13] ChrisMcLean AND THE RACE BEGINS IN.......
[21:13] ChrisMcLean THREE.............
[21:13] ChrisMcLean TWO............
[21:13] Samey3 Amy don't rush
[21:13] ChrisMcLean ONE.........................
[21:13] Harold| JUST GET ON THE SLED
[21:13] ChrisMcLean waves a checked flag.
[21:13] Amy31 Hey Leshawna
[21:13] ChrisMcLean *checkered
[21:14] ChrisMcLean See you at the bottom! ;)
[21:14] Amy31 I heard Harold said you had the most massive butt on earth
[21:14] Lightning|Zeke L: Lets gooooo!
[21:14] Noah|Geoff N: Don't worry about the other team! What are you doing?? @Amy
[21:14] Amy31 *whispers to Geoff and Noah* Now that will keep them distracted.
[21:14] Lightning|Zeke E: YEHAAAA!
[21:14] Harold| *gets on the sled*
[21:14] Noah|Geoff both jump on the sled
[21:14] Samey3 That's not true Leshawna. Amy is lying
[21:14] Amy31 *gets on the sled*
[21:14] Leshawna_ *HE SAID WHAT?!
[21:14] Samey3 He didn't say anything
[21:14] Leshawna_ *Lunges at Harold
[21:14] Samey3 Amy lied
[21:14] Amy31 *whispers* Stop screwing around, do you wanna WIN, or NOT?
[21:14] ChrisMcLean [over a loudspeaker] Watch out for the pine trees, rocks, animals, explosives, and hail!
[21:14] Amy31 *pushes Samey to the sled
[21:15] ChrisMcLean [over a loudspeaker] One of those things was not like the others...
[21:15] Samey3 I'm not screwing around.
[21:15] Noah|Geoff N: (CONF) To be fair, I appreciated Amy's idea, just not the time for it.
[21:15] Harold| *Leshawna attacking Harold causes the sled to be pushed down the mountain*
[21:15] Noah|Geoff G: LOOK OUT BROS!
[21:15] Harold| (because physics)
[21:15] Noah|Geoff both swerve to avoid a massive boulder
[21:16] Leshawna_ *falls off Harold and lands on her head Ooh!
[21:16] Amy31 *screams after seeing the massive boulder*
[21:16] Lightning|Zeke L: Lightning's going faster than the speed of....uh....SOMETHING REALLY FAST!
[21:16] ChrisMcLean pulls on a lever, activating an explosion behind Ezekiel/Harold/Lightning/Leshawna'ssled.
[21:16] Samey3 *screams* Ahhh! two more boulders.
[21:17] Lightning|Zeke E: AH!
[21:17] Noah|Geoff N: *hears explosion* What was that?!
[21:17] Harold| Explosives! Why are there always explosives!?
[21:17] Samey3 sounds like a bomb
[21:17] Amy31 *to Noah* That was the other team getting ahead, now let's go! :@
[21:17] ChrisMcLean pulls on another lever, setting off an explosion just beside Amy/Samey/Noah/Geoff's sled.
[21:17] Leshawna_ This is not happening to me!
[21:17] ChrisMcLean I love my job. :)
[21:17] Amy31 *screams*
[21:18] Lightning|Zeke L: Doesn't matter because Lightning and his squad of chumps are winning this game!
[21:18] Noah|Geoff N&G: AHHHHHHHH
[21:18] Noah|Geoff G: Man, I don't wanna die! This is the worst party EVER!
[21:18] Harold| Steer left!
[21:19] ChrisMcLean sees both sleds in sight.
[21:19] ChrisMcLean :o
[21:19] Harold| Your other left!
[21:19] ChrisMcLean This'll be a close one!
[21:19] Noah|Geoff N: EVERYONE, BEND DOWN!
[21:19] Samey3 *bends down*
[21:19] Amy31 *Forces Samey to bend down even harder*
[21:19] Noah|Geoff N: We'll pick up speed if we get lower!
[21:19] Amy31 *bends down*
[21:19] Noah|Geoff *CROSSES*
[21:19] Lightning|Zeke E: Push forward
[21:19] Harold| *crosses*
[21:19] Samey3 ahh @Amy
[21:20] Amy31 *crosses
[21:20] Noah|Geoff G: WOOHOOOOO!
[21:20] Samey3 WHOO HOO
[21:20] Samey3 :D
[21:20] Harold| Dang
[21:20] Amy31 Woooooooooooooooooohooooooooooo!
[21:20] Lightning|Zeke E: Ah no.
[21:20] Samey3 YAY
[21:20] Leshawna_ This is all YOUR fault, Mr. Physics! @Harold
[21:20] Noah|Geoff G: *high-fives Noah and Samey*
[21:20] Lightning|Zeke L: Wait if those chumps win that means......LIGHTNING LOSES!? SHA-NOOOO!
[21:20] Amy31 *high-fives*
[21:20] Harold| Hey, we almost one BECAUSE of my physics >.>
[21:20] Harold| *won
[21:20] Amy31 *high-fives Samey's face*
[21:20] Samey3 *high-fives Noah and Goeff*
[21:21] Lightning|Zeke L: Its all yalls fault. Lightning is gonna vote all of you off tonight!
[21:21] Samey3 Ahh @Amy
[21:21] Leshawna_ Mhm, and I'm sure my massive butt defied them @Harold
[21:21] ChrisMcLean Those four are invincible from tonight's elimination ceremony!
[21:21] ChrisMcLean As for the rest of you....... not so much.
[21:21] Lightning|Zeke E: Ah man.
[21:22] ChrisMcLean All eight of you, cast your votes in the confessional to send your favorite loser packing!
[21:22] Amy31 (ALL eight of us?)
[21:22] ChrisMcLean (Yes)
[21:23] ChrisMcLean (These aren't permanent teams, I just grouped you for the challenge.)
[21:23] Harold| (conf) Dang, that was a FOOLPROOF plan. Can I vote for several people?
[21:23] Leshawna_ *conf A little birdie told me Harold said no thing about me. Guess I gotta ask for the dang fool's forgiveness
[21:24] ChrisMcLean is missing four votes. >.>
[21:24] Amy31 (conf) There is only ONE person who deserves to get my vote.
[21:25] ChrisMcLean ----------- ELIMINATION ----------------
[21:26] ChrisMcLean Welcome to the Barf Bag Ceremony!
[21:26] ChrisMcLean If you do NOT receive a bag full of airline-issued peanuts, you must take..........
[21:26] ChrisMcLean The DROP OF SHAME.
[21:26] Noah|Geoff N: You couldn't get a better name for it?
[21:26] ChrisMcLean Peanuts go to our winners of the day, Noah, Geoff, Amy, and Samey!
[21:26] Samey3 Yes
[21:26] ChrisMcLean Even though somehow Amy and Samey still received votes................
[21:26] Noah|Geoff G: *catches peanuts and cheers*
[21:26] ChrisMcLean No matter!
[21:26] Lightning|Zeke L: Should be Lightning. >_>
[21:27] ChrisMcLean Now for the good part.
[21:27] ChrisMcLean The next bag goes to Ezekiel!
[21:27] ChrisMcLean Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand........
[21:27] ChrisMcLean Lightning!
[21:27] Lightning|Zeke E: Wow, a free bag!
[21:27] Harold| :o
[21:27] Leshawna_ *crosses fingers
[21:27] Lightning|Zeke L: He got one before me!? Sha-lame!
[21:27] ChrisMcLean Harold and Leshawna!
[21:27] ChrisMcLean One of you will be taking the Drop of Shame tonight.
[21:28] Harold| *sweats*
[21:28] ChrisMcLean The last passenger who will stay with us is.........................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ....................................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ...................................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ..................................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean .................................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ................................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ...............................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean ..............................
[21:28] Leshawna_ *strokes weave
[21:28] ChrisMcLean .............................
[21:28] ChrisMcLean LESHAWNA!
[21:28] Harold| :(
[21:28] Noah|Geoff N: Good. Riddance.
[21:28] Leshawna_ YEAH BABY! THAT'S HOW I DO!
[21:28] ChrisMcLean Harold, I'm afraid with 3 votes, your time is up!
[21:28] Lightning|Zeke L: Who cares? All yall will be leaving soon.
[21:29] ChrisMcLean Any parting words?
[21:29] Leshawna_ Sorry calculator boy, on the plus side, I did not vote for you
[21:29] Lightning|Zeke E: Bye guy!
[21:29] Noah|Geoff G: :(
[21:29] ChrisMcLean (was "on the plus side" a pun if so gj)
[21:29] Leshawna_ *Looks at Amy with a menacing glare
[21:29] Harold| Well, so long
[21:29] Harold| *jumps*
[21:29] Harold| (IDK what to have him say so)
[21:29] ChrisMcLean Wait. :|
[21:29] ChrisMcLean calls out of the window.
[21:29] Samey3 (lol)
[21:29] ChrisMcLean Eh.
[21:29] Harold| *screams*
[21:29] ChrisMcLean shrugs.
[21:29] Leshawna_ Guess he isn't so good at physics after all
[21:30] ChrisMcLean 7 remain!
[21:30] ChrisMcLean Catch you next time on Total!
[21:30] ChrisMcLean Drama!
[21:30] ChrisMcLean World!
[21:30] ChrisMcLean Tour!
[21:30] ChrisMcLean -- END --

Episode 2

[21:32] ChrisMcLean --------------- EPISODE 2 -------------
[21:32] ChrisMcLean Welcome, passengers, to the lovely Serengeti!
[21:32] ChrisMcLean Today's task?
[21:32] ChrisMcLean :@
[21:32] ChrisMcLean Capture the monkey that STOLE my hair gel.
[21:33] ChrisMcLean I mean, seriously, of ALL things anyone could've taken from me...
[21:33] Lightning|Zeke E: We're still in Europe, eh?
[21:33] Noah|Geoff N: Gee, sounds totally safe and not at all dangerous.
[21:33] ChrisMcLean Uh, no Zeke, this is Africa. :|
[21:33] Noah|Geoff G: I think so, man. @Ezekiel\
[21:33] ChrisMcLean Tanzania, to be exact.
[21:33] Noah|Geoff G: Oh.
[21:33] Amy31 Pffffffft, even I know Serengetti is in Asia.
[21:33] Leshawna_ Without that hair gel, your hair is as sheen as some dusty oven mitts
[21:33] ChrisMcLean Did I ASK for commentary?
[21:33] ChrisMcLean :@
[21:33] Amy31 (okay we get it fuck dialouge)
[21:33] ChrisMcLean tosses tranq guns with 3 tranq balls to each contestant.
[21:33] ChrisMcLean Find that monkey and GO!
[21:33] =-= ChrisMcLean is now known as Chris|Monkey
[21:33] Leshawna_ *Conf Two days and this old fool is working my last nerve
[21:34] Chris|Monkey M: *runs into a forest*
[21:34] Amy31 *forces Samey to come with her* YOU'RE COMING WITH ME :@
[21:34] Leshawna_ *Grabs Samey from Amy
[21:34] Samey3 But...
[21:35] Leshawna_ Hold on hon, I think SHE should come with ME!
[21:35] Lightning|Zeke L: A monkey?.....*eye twitches*
[21:35] Amy31 Sshhhhhhh! Hurry it up!
[21:35] Noah|Geoff G: *to Ezekiel and Lightning* Hey bros, wanna team up?
[21:35] Lightning|Zeke E: Sure eh!
[21:35] Leshawna_ After all, which twin is the most "truthful?"
[21:35] Samey3 Me
[21:35] Lightning|Zeke L: *Takes out a picture of himself as a young lad with his pet monkey, Josh* :(
[21:35] Amy31 I'm sorry all I heard is "beautiful"
[21:35] Lightning|Zeke L: I....I MUST MOVE ON
[21:36] Noah|Geoff N: (CONF) I don't really like anyone here. At all.
[21:36] Amy31 And if you think that's Samey you might just be identified as Hellen Keller.
[21:36] Chris|Monkey (Yikes)
[21:36] Leshawna_ Well then clearly that monkey's feces must've clogged your ears hon.
[21:36] Lightning|Zeke L: *grabs Geoff and Zeke and runs*
[21:36] Noah|Geoff N: *walks off into the plains alone*
[21:36] Chris|Monkey M: * runs past Lightning, Geoff, and Ezekiel*
[21:36] Samey3 Come on Leshawna. Let's just go without Amy.
[21:36] Chris|Monkey M: Ooo, ooo, ooo!
[21:36] Lightning|Zeke E: There it is, eh!
[21:37] Amy31 You don't wanna come with me? Fine, I'll go alone. I don't need you.
[21:37] Chris|Monkey M: *flings poop in Lightning's general direction*
[21:37] Amy31 *walks off*
[21:37] Lightning|Zeke L:.....He looks exactly like Josh. :'(
[21:37] Leshawna_ Fine then, cause this monkey's more use of my time than her.
[21:37] Samey3 (CONF) Well no one likes Amy anyway.
[21:37] Chris|Monkey M: *reacts to the name Josh*
[21:37] Noah|Geoff G: *smacks Lightning on the back gently* Come on man, snap out of it!
[21:37] Lightning|Zeke L: O_O
[21:37] Chris|Monkey M: *shakes his head and runs off*
[21:37] Lightning|Zeke L: C-could it be?
[21:38] Chris|Monkey M: *wipes a tear from his left eye*
[21:38] Lightning|Zeke L: *runs after monkey leaving the other behind*
[21:38] Lightning|Zeke E: Whats up with that guy, eh?
[21:38] Chris|Monkey C: (conf) *attempting to salvage hair*
[21:38] Noah|Geoff N: *is in the plains*
[21:38] Noah|Geoff N: ...... #&@(&.
[21:38] Leshawna_ *her and Amy approach the monkey from in front
[21:38] Leshawna_ Gotcha!
[21:38] Chris|Monkey M: *enters the plains*
[21:38] Chris|Monkey M: O_O
[21:38] Noah|Geoff N: *turns around*
[21:38] Noah|Geoff N: There you are!
[21:38] Chris|Monkey M: OOO!!!! OOO!!!!
[21:39] Noah|Geoff N: *moves towards Monkey slowly* N-nice....
[21:39] Noah|Geoff N: M-monkey.....
[21:39] Lightning|Zeke L: Get your hands off Lightning's best friend!
[21:39] Chris|Monkey M: *clutches hair gel*
[21:39] Noah|Geoff N: Gah!
[21:39] Lightning|Zeke L: *punches Noah in the face*
[21:39] Chris|Monkey M: Ooo?
[21:39] Noah|Geoff N: What the heck?!
[21:39] Chris|Monkey M: OOO.
[21:39] Samey3 (Leshawna made a mistake it should say Amy)
[21:39] Samey3 Samey*
[21:39] Samey3 (oops)
[21:39] Amy31 *shoots Leshawna and Amy with the tranq gun*
[21:39] Lightning|Zeke L: Josh its me, Lightning!
[21:39] Leshawna_ *Leshawna and Samey approach monkey from behind
[21:39] Amy31 (Leshawna and Samey lol)
[21:39] Chris|Monkey M: Ooo. :(
[21:39] Lightning|Zeke L: Don't ya sha-memeber?
[21:40] Samey3 I think we have it.
[21:40] Leshawna_ YOU LITTLE NASTY! *faints with Samey
[21:40] Harold| (Right?)
[21:40] Noah|Geoff N: *holds head after Lightning's punch* Ow....
[21:40] Samey3 Come on it went that way!
[21:40] Amy31 And I have it!
[21:40] Amy31 I won!
[21:40] Chris|Monkey M: OOO!
[21:40] Noah|Geoff (what)
[21:40] Chris|Monkey M: ?!?!?!?
[21:41] Amy31 (oops lol)
[21:41] |<-- Samey3 has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:41] Amy31 Give me.
[21:41] Amy31 THIS.
[21:41] Amy31 GELL.
[21:41] Amy31 MONKEY!
[21:41] Leshawna_ (SERIOUSLY N3)
[21:41] Chris|Monkey M: *clutches hair gel even tighter*
[21:41] Noah|Geoff G: Amy, like, take it easy....
[21:41] =-= YOU are now known as Samey|
[21:41] Noah|Geoff G: The monkey might attack.....
[21:41] Amy31 *shoots Geoff with a tranq gun*
[21:41] Samey| (What was Samey doing)
[21:41] Lightning|Zeke L: Josh wouldn't hurt a fly! :'(
[21:41] Leshawna_ Sorry girl, but these tranq balls done their work on me.
[21:41] Chris|Monkey [The first person to shoot the monkey TWICE in two separate lines of text after this message wins invincibility.]
[21:41] Noah|Geoff G: *PASSES OUT*
[21:41] Amy31 *shoots Monkey*
[21:42] Leshawna_ (she's chasing the monkey while leshawna is paralyzed by the tranq balls)
[21:42] -->| Samey3 ( has joined #TDWIKI-RP2
[21:42] Amy31 shoots Monkey*
[21:42] Lightning|Zeke E:*shoots monkey*
[21:42] Noah|Geoff G: *weakly* L-Lightning... get Josh!
[21:42] Samey3 (d/ced fuck)
[21:42] Chris|Monkey M: *passes out, falls off a tree into Amy's arms*
[21:42] Amy31 ( I won)
[21:42] =-= YOU are now known as Harold|
[21:42] Lightning|Zeke L: YOU FIENDS
[21:42] Chris|Monkey C: Aaaaaaaaand Amy wins invincibility!
[21:42] Amy31 Yes! Told you I didn't you ! (To Samey) ;)
[21:42] Chris|Monkey M: *faintly mouths "Sha-Monkey"*
[21:42] Samey3 What?
[21:42] Lightning|Zeke L: :o
[21:42] Noah|Geoff G: *is completely knocked out*
[21:43] Samey3 *wakes up Leshawna*
[21:43] Leshawna_ *still asleep
[21:43] Noah|Geoff N: *brushes self off* My head is KILLING me.
[21:43] Chris|Monkey C: Everyone else, cast your votes against anyone EXCEPT Amy! And wake up! :@
[21:43] Leshawna_ *snores gonna *snores get *blonde mole girl
[21:43] Samey3 Leshawna get up
[21:43] Samey3 oh
[21:43] Noah|Geoff N: Thanks a lot for punching me, idiot. @Lightning
[21:43] Leshawna_ Huh honey?
[21:43] Leshawna_ Did we stop the evil mole girl?
[21:43] Leshawna_ *dazed and confused
[21:44] Amy31 (lmao )
[21:44] Lightning|Zeke L: All the years of Lightning filling the void with sports and victory are over!
[21:44] Chris|Monkey M: *curls up in Lightning's arms*
[21:44] Chris|Monkey [okay but actually PM me your votes]
[21:45] |<-- Samey3 has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:45] Amy31 (cong): If everybody are smart, they will reconize the ugly in Samey and vote her off!
[21:45] Noah|Geoff N: (CONF) My vote tonight is easy.
[21:45] Amy31 (lol N3 just d/c'd)
[21:45] Lightning|Zeke L: (Conf) Lightning don't need no game anymore now that Josh is back. :3
[21:45] Chris|Monkey (she voted for Amy AGAIN jesus)
[21:45] Noah|Geoff G: (CONF) *groggy af* Uhhh... ... Where am I?
[21:45] Leshawna_ *Confessional Since mole face is immune, the only other option is...
[21:45] Noah|Geoff G: *eyes widen, smiles* MOM??? :D
[21:46] Lightning|Zeke E: Afraid not, eh.
[21:46] -->| Samey3 ( has joined #TDWIKI-RP2
[21:46] Chris|Monkey [just for calrificatin]
[21:46] Chris|Monkey *clarification
[21:46] Chris|Monkey [Amy is immune]
[21:46] Chris|Monkey [3 people have already voted for her]
[21:46] Chris|Monkey [please do not]
[21:46] Chris|Monkey [lmao]
[21:47] =-= Mode #TDWIKI-RP2 +v Samey3 by Chris|Monkey
[21:47] Samey3 (ty)
[21:47] Chris|Monkey ----------- ELIMINATION ---------------
[21:47] Chris|Monkey Alrighty!
[21:48] Lightning|Zeke L: Lightning don't care about no competition as long as Josh is here. :3
[21:48] Chris|Monkey Seven passengers stand before me, but I only have six barf bags.
[21:48] Chris|Monkey M: *coos*
[21:48] Leshawna_ Boy, do you wanna get hit? @Lightning
[21:48] Chris|Monkey Now, first bag goes to our winner of the day, Amy!
[21:48] Lightning|Zeke L: *sha-squee's*
[21:48] Noah|Geoff N: *holds ice to swollen eye*
[21:48] Chris|Monkey Ezekiel, Leshawna, and Geoff! You three are also safe.
[21:49] Lightning|Zeke E: Great, eh!
[21:49] Leshawna_ Dang straight!
[21:49] Chris|Monkey The rest of you all received at least one vote!
[21:49] -->| Ruebenn (ad361fda@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #TDWIKI-RP2
[21:49] Chris|Monkey The next barf bag goes to Samey.
[21:49] Noah|Geoff G: *is still very much out of it* How's it going, hot stuff? ;) @Ezekiel
[21:49] Noah|Geoff G: *peanuts hit him in the face*
[21:49] Chris|Monkey Noah and Lightning! ONE of you will be going home tonight.
[21:49] Chris|Monkey And the final bag..........
[21:49] Chris|Monkey Goes to.............................
[21:49] Chris|Monkey .................................
[21:49] Lightning|Zeke E: Pretty good eh and it is a bit toasty in here. @Geoff
[21:49] Chris|Monkey ................................
[21:49] Chris|Monkey ................................
[21:49] Chris|Monkey ...............................
[21:49] Chris|Monkey ...............................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey ..............................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey .............................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey ............................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey ...........................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey ..........................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey .........................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey ........................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey .......................
[21:50] Chris|Monkey NOAH!
[21:50] Lightning|Zeke L: *shakes Josh* :o
[21:50] Chris|Monkey Lightning, time for you to go sha-home!
[21:50] Lightning|Zeke L: *drops the monkey* SHA-WHAT!?
[21:50] Chris|Monkey M: *grunts*
[21:50] Samey3 Just don't get sha-hurt.
[21:50] Lightning|Zeke L: I LOSE!? BUT THAT AIN'T POSSIBLE!
[21:51] Noah|Geoff N: (CONF) That's for this. *points at black eye*
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: *shoves Lightning and Josh off the plane*
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: That's for your stupid monkey taking my hair gel! :@
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: *fixes hair, looks back at camera* (:
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: We're down to six!
[21:51] Lightning|Zeke L: All this time Lightning thought Lighting was trying to fill a void, but now Lightning realises Lightning was wrong!
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: Tune into the next episode of...
[21:51] Samey3 (lmfao)
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: Total!
[21:51] Chris|Monkey C: Drama!
[21:52] Chris|Monkey C: World Tour!
[21:52] Chris|Monkey -- END --

Episode 3

[21:55] ChrisMcLean ----------- EPISODE 3 FOR REAL -----------
[21:55] Samey3 (kk)
[21:55] ChrisMcLean Welcome, passengers, to the sunny shores of Jamaica!
[21:56] ChrisMcLean Rumor has it, in the deep waters off this 500-foot high cliff, lies rare treasures.
[21:56] ChrisMcLean Then again, it's just a rumor.
[21:56] Noah|Geoff G: Now THIS is the kind of place I'm talking about!
[21:56] ChrisMcLean Plus, I stocked it with sharks and electric eels.
[21:56] Samey3 (CONF) Omg, Jamaica is such paradise. ; )
[21:56] Leshawna_ Unreleased Beyonce albums? Ooh!
[21:56] Amy| Let me guess, more of your precious hair gel?
[21:57] ChrisMcLean DON'T joke about that. :@
[21:57] ChrisMcLean ANYWAY.
[21:57] ChrisMcLean Chef!
[21:57] ChrisMcLean Chef: *struggles to haul in a large treasure chest*
[21:57] ChrisMcLean Interns: *push forward another large treasure chest*
[21:58] ChrisMcLean Your MAIN task is to jump off the cliff and unlock that treasure chest by figuring out the combination!
[21:58] ChrisMcLean Inside that chest contains an invincibility pass!
[21:58] ChrisMcLean And...
[21:58] Ezekiel| E: Wow, eh!
[21:58] ChrisMcLean Wait..
[21:58] ChrisMcLean *from within the second chest, rattling is heard, and the chest busts open*
[21:58] ChrisMcLean It's.............
[21:58] ChrisMcLean A new contestant!
[21:58] Noah|Geoff N: What? Not fair. >.>
[21:58] Jo1 The WINNING contestant.
[21:58] Samey3 Ooh who is it
[21:58] Leshawna_ Homie say wha...?
[21:59] Samey3 wait what
[21:59] Amy| Didn't we JUST get rid of a testosterone junkie? >.>
[21:59] Ezekiel| E: Wow, shes kinda like that Light guy, eh!
[21:59] Jo1 (Confessional) That's right! I'm back! And here to take what's rightfully mine! Now with Jockstrap out of the way, I don't have any REAL competition
[21:59] Noah|Geoff G: *walks up to Jo* Hey, man. *holds hand out for a high-five*
[22:00] Leshawna_ *Walks over to Jo: Hey wassup girl, how you doing?
[22:00] Jo1 (groans)
[22:00] Jo1 I
[22:00] Jo1 am
[22:00] Jo1 not
[22:00] Jo1 a
[22:00] Jo1 guy
[22:00] Samey3 Well, she/he seems like a threat to the game. Or.....
[22:00] Jo1 for the last TIME! (slaps Geoff's hand away)
[22:00] Noah|Geoff G: ._. Chillax, I didn't say you were.
[22:00] Noah|Geoff G: D:
[22:00] -->| ChrisMcLean_ (18bd94d3@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #TDWIKI-RP2
[22:00] ChrisMcLean_ (whoops)
[22:01] Noah|Geoff (wow good job)
[22:01] ChrisMcLean_ (shut ur tits)
[22:01] Jo1 (Confessional) God, did Chris HAVE to put me with a bunch of rejects? Maybe Lightning would have been BETTER.
[22:01] ChrisMcLean_ (op por favor)
[22:01] Amy| ( Ezekiel| that's you)
[22:01] ChrisMcLean_ (wait Jo PM me again I accidentally x'ed it out lmao)
[22:02] ChrisMcLean_ (sorry i'm a mess rn)
[22:02] Ezekiel| (?)
[22:02] Leshawna_ (we can see that...)
[22:02] ChrisMcLean_ (op me)
[22:02] =-= Mode #TDWIKI-RP2 +o ChrisMcLean_ by Ezekiel|
[22:02] =-= ChrisMcLean was booted from #TDWIKI-RP2 by ChrisMcLean_ (wibble)
[22:02] ChrisMcLean_ Alright!
[22:02] ChrisMcLean_ With that, let's get started.
[22:02] Noah|Geoff (wibble)
[22:03] ChrisMcLean_ If anyone would like to be the first to jump off, be my guest!
[22:03] Amy| Samey, the water looks cold
[22:03] Jo1 (jumps off) M
[22:03] Amy| Test it for me
[22:03] ChrisMcLean_ [honestly just jump, swim to the chest, and guess a # from 1-10]
[22:03] ChrisMcLean_ [if you get it right you win]
[22:03] Samey3 No
[22:03] Amy| *pushes Samey off the cliff*
[22:03] Ezekiel| jumps
[22:03] Leshawna_ *Sneaks behind and pushes Amy off the cliff
[22:03] Ezekiel| HERE GOES SOMETHING!
[22:03] Amy| o_o
[22:03] Amy| Ugh!
[22:03] Noah|Geoff G: *calls out to Ezekiel* WAIT FOR ME, BRO!
[22:04] Noah|Geoff G: *jumps* WOOHOOOOOOOO!
[22:04] Noah|Geoff N: *to Chris* Are you sure this is safe?
[22:04] ChrisMcLean_ C: Nope!
[22:04] Leshawna_ Don't worry, if eels come near you...tell em Shawnie sent ya!
[22:04] Jo1 (shoves Samey out of the way underwater) Out of my way, princess!
[22:04] Noah|Geoff N: Uhhhhh. Okay....
[22:04] Leshawna_ *jumps off cliff
[22:04] ChrisMcLean_ *eels begin to swarm Jo*
[22:04] Noah|Geoff N: *jumps* AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.
[22:05] ChrisMcLean_ *sharks approach Amy and Samey*
[22:05] Leshawna_ *butt cause wave to splash Geoff and Ezekiel
[22:05] Amy| *swims to what looks like a chest*
[22:05] Amy| *eel pops up from behind a rock and zaps Amy*
[22:05] Amy| x_x
[22:05] Jo1 Eels? Seriosuly?
[22:05] Leshawna_ *swims past Amy
[22:05] Amy| (oh wait sorry I didn't see Kg's thing)
[22:05] Leshawna_ Ha! Payback's a-
[22:05] Leshawna_ OH NO!
[22:06] Leshawna_ *Shark lunges at Leshawna
[22:06] Samey3 *swims to look for the chest*
[22:06] Ezekiel| realises he doesn't know how to swim. x_x
[22:06] Jo1 (swims up towards Leshawna) YOU might be my only real competition. Congrats.
[22:06] Amy| *swims towards a chest*
[22:06] ChrisMcLean_ [whenever you choose to reach the chest just PM me a number from 1-10, if you're wrong i'll tell you to jump off the cliff again]
[22:06] Leshawna_ *thinks of a devious plan for Jo
[22:06] Noah|Geoff G: HANG ON MAN!
[22:06] Leshawna_ Yeah, I may just be competition
[22:07] Noah|Geoff G: *swims towards Ezekiel*
[22:07] Jo1 (sees the chest) Ha! (dives)
[22:07] Leshawna_ *swims out of Jo's way and the shark approaches her instead
[22:07] ChrisMcLean_ Sharks: :@
[22:07] Amy| *gets out and jumps again*
[22:07] Noah|Geoff G: Come on, we'll make it to the chest together. :D
[22:07] Noah|Geoff N: *swims to the safe*
[22:07] Leshawna_ *makes it to the chest
[22:07] Samey3 *gets out of water and goes to the cliff*
[22:07] Jo1 Damn it! (swims to shore, jumps again)
[22:07] Leshawna_ Game on baby!
[22:07] Ezekiel| E: This is different from the swimming hole back home, eh.
[22:07] Noah|Geoff N: Ugh, not again. *swims to shore*
[22:07] Jo1 (Confessional) Alright, Leshawna. You want a competition? You got one!
[22:07] Amy| *swims underwater to another chest*
[22:08] Jo1 (swims to another chest)
[22:08] ChrisMcLean_ C: I'll give you a hint! None of you are EVEN close!
[22:08] Samey3 *swims*
[22:08] Noah|Geoff G: It's just like your swimming hole! Only bigger, and scarier! :D
[22:08] Leshawna_ Dang it!
[22:08] Leshawna_ *jumps cliff
[22:08] Jo1 Come ON!
[22:08] Amy| Ugh
[22:08] Amy| *gets out*
[22:08] Jo1 (climbs out, jumps cliff again)
[22:08] Leshawna_ *butt causes wave to splash Noah
[22:08] Amy| *jumps*
[22:08] Samey3 I think I found one. *swims to chest*
[22:08] Ezekiel| E: *swims with Geoff's help*
[22:09] ChrisMcLean_ Eels: *begin to swim near Ezekiel* c:
[22:09] Leshawna_ *swims towards chest
[22:09] Samey3 ugh just a rock
[22:09] ChrisMcLean_ Eels: c:<
[22:09] Jo1 (shoves Samey out of her way) Move it, Weird Twin!
[22:09] Noah|Geoff G: Auughhhh!
[22:09] Jo1 (dives)
[22:09] Noah|Geoff N: *has jumped at this point and is breathing heavily*
[22:09] Samey3 I'm not weird
[22:09] Samey3 @Jo
[22:09] Leshawna_ What the? A rock? Ugh!
[22:09] Jo1 That's not what Amy says.
[22:09] Noah|Geoff N: This challenge is AWFUL. UGH!
[22:09] Ezekiel| YIKES!
[22:09] Amy| *swimming*
[22:09] Jo1 (combo doesn't work) For God's SAKES!
[22:09] Samey3 *gets out*
[22:10] Noah|Geoff G: Zeke, we need to get away from these eels! *swims as fast as he can holding Ezekiel*
[22:10] Samey3 *jumps again* *lands on Amy*
[22:10] Samey3 Oops
[22:10] Noah|Geoff G: We're almost to the chest!
[22:10] Jo1 (kicks shark in the stomach, it flies over to Geoff)
[22:10] Samey3 Sorry
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ C: *takes scenic Jamaica selfies*
[22:10] Amy| *finds another chest*
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ Shark: D:
[22:10] Noah|Geoff G: AHHHHHHHH!
[22:10] Jo1 (gets out onto shore)
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ Shark: *sees Geoff* :o
[22:10] Jo1 (dives again)
[22:10] Samey3 I'm sorry for landing on you Amy.
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ Shark: ;)
[22:10] Jo1 Fourth time's the charm...
[22:10] Noah|Geoff G: Ezekiel, come on! D:
[22:10] Samey3 *swims*
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ Chest: *clicks open*
[22:10] ChrisMcLean_ Chris: :o
[22:10] Amy| Yes!
[22:11] Noah|Geoff G: (CONF) I wanted to win, but I couldn't leave Zeke alone by himself. Poor buddy. :(
[22:11] Samey3 Uhhhhh what
[22:11] Ezekiel| E: WAAAA
[22:11] Samey3 :(
[22:11] Ezekiel| E: Sorry Geoff, looks like I failed us, eh?
[22:11] ChrisMcLean_ Chris: Congrats to Amy for correctly guessing the combo! (It was 8)
[22:11] Noah|Geoff G: Nah, it's cool.
[22:11] Noah|Geoff N: *is laying on shore, panting* That. was. the. WORST.
[22:11] Jo1 (Conf) Crap. How did I lose a physical challenge to that dainty little princess?
[22:11] Noah|Geoff G: We'll get 'em next time! D
[22:11] Noah|Geoff :D
[22:11] =-= ChrisMcLean_ has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Amy, Ezekiel, Geoff, Jo, Leshawna, Noah, Samey | Eliminated: Harold, Lightning”
[22:12] ChrisMcLean_ As for the rest of you........
[22:12] Amy| (conf) I KNEW I'd rock at this game. It's just a shame the *other* me is still here.
[22:12] ChrisMcLean_ Get to voting for your favorite TWO losers!
[22:12] Ezekiel| Yay!
[22:12] ChrisMcLean_ That's right, TWO people are getting the boot.
[22:12] ChrisMcLean_ And each of you get TWO votes.
[22:12] ChrisMcLean_ So, uh, get to work! :@
[22:13] ChrisMcLean_ (Vote for two different people)
[22:13] Leshawna_ *Confesional Mole face won it again, so I gotta keep my eye on the next big threat
[22:13] Noah|Geoff (yikes tbh)
[22:14] Samey3 (CONF) I just can't decide. Since Amy has immunity "again". Ugh! I guess I gotta pick someone other two that I felt were pretty useless.
[22:14] Jo1 (CONF) Everything is going to go juuuust perfectly.
[22:16] Samey3 (CONF) Landing on Amy kinda felt amusing for some reason. Omg
[22:16] Amy| (we voting or nah)
[22:16] Samey3 (by the way*)
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ -------------- ELIMINATION ------------------------
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ Alright!
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ This vote was INTENSE!
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ Everyone except Amy obviously received at least one vote!
[22:17] Jo1 (glares at Leshawna)
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ So without further delay.....
[22:17] ChrisMcLean_ Barf bags go to Amy!
[22:18] Ezekiel| Thats fair.
[22:18] Leshawna_ As if I didn't see that coming.
[22:18] ChrisMcLean_ Geoff!
[22:18] ChrisMcLean_ Ezekiel!
[22:18] ChrisMcLean_ And Noah!
[22:18] Jo1 (clenches her fists)
[22:18] ChrisMcLean_ Jo, Samey, and Leshawna.... you each racked up a lot of votes!
[22:19] Leshawna_ Say what now?!
[22:19] Samey3 *looks terrified*
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ But, in the end...
[22:19] Jo1 REALLY? (cracks knuckles)
[22:19] Samey3 Oh wow :|
[22:19] Amy| Shocker :s
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ The last passenger continuing with us is.................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ........................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .......................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ......................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .....................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ....................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..................................
[22:19] Leshawna_ *Conf Either Samey is like Amy, or Jo's up to this
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ................................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...............................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..............................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .............................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ............................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...........................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..........................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .........................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ........................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .......................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ......................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .....................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ....................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ................
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...............
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..............
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .............
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ............
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...........
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..........
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .........
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ........
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .......
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ......
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .....
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ....
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ...
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ ..
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ .
[22:19] ChrisMcLean_ JO!
[22:19] Jo1 Ha! YES!
[22:20] ChrisMcLean_ Samey and Leshawna, time to go!
[22:20] Samey3 NOOOOO
[22:20] Samey3 I wanna say something before I go.
[22:20] Leshawna_ ...Ya'll are unbelievable.
[22:20] Leshawna_ BYE Felica.
[22:20] Jo1 Bye bye, "worthy competition". ;)
[22:20] =-= ChrisMcLean_ has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Amy, Ezekiel, Geoff, Jo, Noah | Eliminated: Harold, Lightning, Samey, Leshawna”
[22:20] Samey3 Amy is the worst person ever.
[22:20] Leshawna_ *grabs parachute and jumps off plain without any emotion
[22:20] Amy| Sorry, did you say something important?
[22:20] Amy| Oh that's right. You didn't.
[22:20] Amy| Bye-bye now. *waves*
[22:20] Samey3 Watch your backs.
[22:20] Noah|Geoff N: *shrugs at Samey*
[22:21] Samey3 But I mean it though
[22:21] Jo1 Eh. Never had a sister. Can't empathize.
[22:21] Jo1 You're the one talking bad about your sister on live TV.
[22:21] Amy| *pushes Samey off the plane*
[22:21] Noah|Geoff N: We heard you the first time, honey.
[22:21] Amy| -_-
[22:21] Jo1 Not cool, Samey.
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Well, would you look at the time. *shoves Samey off the plane*
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Five competitors remain!
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Who will continue?
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Who will crumble?
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Find out on the next episode of!
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Total!
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ Drama!
[22:21] ChrisMcLean_ World Tour!
[22:22] ChrisMcLean_ -- END --

Episode 4

[22:23] ChrisMcLean_ ---------------- EPISODE 4 -------------
[22:24] ChrisMcLean_ Welcome, final 5, to the secret, government-secured, Area 51!
[22:24] Geoff| Ooooooh.
[22:24] Noah___ Government-secured, yet somehow we're all standing in it
[22:24] ChrisMcLean_ Shhhhhhhhh! :@
[22:24] ChrisMcLean_ This place is full of awesome secrets kept from the common people.
[22:24] Amy| Big whoop :s
[22:25] Amy| What's the challenge?
[22:25] Jo1 And they seriously let you film here?
[22:25] Noah___ And by common, you mean your friends at the salon where you get your hair gel from?
[22:25] ChrisMcLean_ :@
[22:25] Jo1 I mean, it's the US government.
[22:25] ChrisMcLean_ Alright, I don't need this!
[22:25] Ezekiel| What is hair gel anyway?
[22:25] Noah___ (hair gel is going to be a running gag lmao)
[22:25] ChrisMcLean_ has a helicopter fly him back over the gate.
[22:25] Geoff| Wait, where are you going?!
[22:26] ChrisMcLean_ Here's a CHALLENGE for you all, huh?!
[22:26] |<-- Samey3 has left freenode (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[22:26] Amy| (K we need a Samey)
[22:26] ChrisMcLean_ Sneak out proof of alien life from Area 51!
[22:26] ChrisMcLean_ (she... was eliminated)
[22:26] Noah___ (she's eliminated)
[22:26] Jo1 (she got voted out)
[22:26] Amy| (Oh wait I'm stupid)
[22:26] Geoff| (good job TDA15)
[22:26] ChrisMcLean_ If you can manage to get through the US military's defenses.
[22:26] ChrisMcLean_ :@
[22:26] Geoff| Isn't that kind of dangerous? D:
[22:27] ChrisMcLean_ Absolutely!
[22:27] Jo1 Too far, McLean!
[22:27] Noah___ No Geoff, it's pleasantly...oh how do I say this...pleasant.
[22:27] Noah___ *sarcasm
[22:27] ChrisMcLean_ And I'm sure this place is chock full of traps!
[22:27] ChrisMcLean_ flies away.
[22:27] ChrisMcLean_ Best of luck!
[22:28] ChrisMcLean_ *calling out* I recommend navigating the mine field first!
[22:28] Geoff| turns to Ezekiel.
[22:28] Geoff| Well, how are we gonna get through this one?
[22:28] Amy| The what?
[22:28] ChrisMcLean_ *an explosion goes off*
[22:28] Noah___ *Conf back in Jamaica, when I was searching for the treasure chest, I stumbled across this in the water
[22:28] Ezekiel| Lets just fun for it, eh!
[22:28] Jo1 Okay, cowboy, toque boy. You two will be my mine-testers. You walk ahead of me incase any mines explode.
[22:28] Amy| Ugh, where is that useless sister when you need her? -_-
[22:28] Noah___ *pulls out shovel
[22:28] Amy| The nerve
[22:29] Geoff| Jo, are you sure that's safe? D:
[22:29] Noah___ I don't know about you cretins, but I'm going solo.
[22:29] Jo1 Of course not.
[22:29] Jo1 That's why YOU"LL be testing it.
[22:29] Geoff| looks nervously at Ezekiel
[22:29] Noah___ *precedes to dig a hole
[22:29] Jo1 Look, we can't very well vote someone off if I blow up, now can we?
[22:29] Amy| *slowly sneaking* This CAN'T be legal
[22:29] Ezekiel| runs
[22:29] Ezekiel| LETS GOOOOO!
[22:30] ChrisMcLean_ flies over the minefield and drops coins across it, setting off several mines.
[22:30] ChrisMcLean_ Whoops!
[22:30] Geoff| follows Ezekiel
[22:30] Geoff| AUGH
[22:30] Amy| O_O
[22:30] Jo1 follow Geoff, slowly
[22:30] =-= ChrisMcLean_ is now known as ChrisMcLean
[22:30] Ezekiel| a mine blows up beneath him
[22:30] Ezekiel| O_O
[22:30] Geoff| runs through the minefield
[22:30] Geoff| ZEKE!
[22:30] Ezekiel| flies up into the sky
[22:30] Amy| Well, at least the hillbilly cleared a path
[22:31] Jo1 Well, there goes one ally.
[22:31] Amy| *walks*
[22:31] Geoff| keeps running, cautiously
[22:31] Jo1 walks carefully behind Geoff
[22:31] Jo1 Look, Ezekiel might be dead for all we know.
[22:31] Jo1 We can't let him die in vein.
[22:31] Geoff| stops suddenly.
[22:31] Geoff| DEAD?!
[22:31] ChrisMcLean catches Ezekiel in his helecopter.
[22:31] ChrisMcLean :|
[22:31] ChrisMcLean Dude!
[22:31] ChrisMcLean Get out of here!
[22:31] Geoff| Oh, no, look, he's fiiiiiiine.
[22:32] Geoff| keeps running
[22:32] Jo1 Wait! Don't run!
[22:32] Jo1 You might run into a--
[22:32] Geoff| runs into a mine
[22:32] Jo1 ... minefield.
[22:32] Ezekiel| I can't feel my legs, eh.
[22:32] Geoff| blasts off
[22:32] Ezekiel| Can I hitch a ride?
[22:32] Jo1 picks up Ezekiel
[22:32] Geoff| NOOOOOOOO
[22:32] Amy| Ugh...stupid...useless-*steps on mine*
[22:32] Amy| o_o
[22:32] ChrisMcLean rolls his eyes and drops Ezekiel off in front of the base entrance.
[22:32] Jo1 Am I gonna have to literally and figuratively carry this alliance?
[22:33] Amy| *mine explodes and Amy flies through the air*
[22:33] Ezekiel| Thanks, sir!
[22:33] ChrisMcLean Only because I feel bad for you!
[22:33] Jo1 Come on, home school. Let's go.
[22:33] Jo1 carries Ezekiel bridal style
[22:33] Ezekiel| Is that you Momma? x__X
[22:33] Amy| *lands conveniently near the gate I guess*
[22:33] Amy| Ow
[22:33] ChrisMcLean [over the helicopter's audio system] C'mon, ZEKE'S beat you all to the base!
[22:33] Geoff| lands on Chris' helicopter's windshield.
[22:34] Geoff| Owwwwwwww.
[22:34] ChrisMcLean Oh, come on.
[22:34] Jo1 slams Ezekiel to the ground.
[22:34] ChrisMcLean turns on his windshield wipers.
[22:34] Jo1 Where the hell is party man?
[22:34] Geoff| falls back to the start.
[22:34] Geoff| My leg. x_x
[22:34] Amy| Ugh, who CARES about him
[22:34] Jo1 Ezekiel, crawl back and try and look for him!
[22:34] Amy| Look what this did to my hair
[22:34] Amy| Seriously
[22:34] ChrisMcLean groans and slaps his forehead.
[22:34] Jo1 Um, I don't want to alarm you, but your hair is smoking...
[22:34] ChrisMcLean drops a butterfly net which captures Jo, Amy, Geoff, and Noah.
[22:35] Amy| o_o
[22:35] Geoff| walks forward best he can
[22:35] ChrisMcLean flies over to the base entrance.
[22:35] Ezekiel| drags himself with his arms
[22:35] Amy| Ugh! Ow! Make it STOP!'
[22:35] ChrisMcLean drops them off.
[22:35] Jo1 What the?
[22:35] ChrisMcLean ALRIGHT.
[22:35] ChrisMcLean That was a disaster.
[22:35] Jo1 Crawl, Ezekiel, CRAWL! Find Geoff!
[22:35] Geoff| I can't find my hat, man. :(
[22:35] Amy| *hair falls out*
[22:35] ChrisMcLean Your MAIN challenge is to get something from inside the base and bring it back here.
[22:36] -->| Noah____ (4a4eaaea@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #TDWIKI-RP2
[22:36] =-= Mode #TDWIKI-RP2 +v Noah____ by ChrisMcLean
[22:36] Jo1 Sounds easy enough.
[22:36] =-= Noah___ was booted from #TDWIKI-RP2 by ChrisMcLean (wibble)
[22:36] Ezekiel| finds an empty can
[22:36] ChrisMcLean The first person to come back here with a wicked alien artifact wins invincibility.
[22:36] Ezekiel| Does this count?
[22:36] Jo1 Wait, we have to go back for Geoff and Ezekiel.
[22:36] Geoff| Awesome job, bro!
[22:36] Jo1 I NEED my allies.
[22:36] ChrisMcLean No, Zeke, it doesn't.
[22:36] Geoff| *high-fives Ezekiel*
[22:36] ChrisMcLean They're already here, Jo. >.>
[22:36] Noah____ *Digs his way through the bottom of the minefield
[22:36] Ezekiel| :(
[22:36] Noah____ Hmm?
[22:36] Noah____ *taps the mines without knowing
[22:37] Jo1 Huh? I didn't see them in the net with us.
[22:37] Geoff| )
[22:37] Jo1 shrugs
[22:37] Amy| (conf) This show RUINED my hair. When I get home, I'm taking Samey's hair and tearing it off to use. Even if it is uglier.
[22:37] Geoff| (JUST SO YYOU KNOW)
[22:37] Amy| *walks into building*
[22:37] Jo1 (sorry)
[22:37] Noah____ (AIGHT CHILL)
[22:37] Jo1 Okay, Cowboy. You're leg feeling better?
[22:38] Geoff| I'm ready to go! Where's Zeke?
[22:38] Ezekiel| Should it be bent like this, eh?
[22:38] Jo1 cringes
[22:38] ChrisMcLean [I'll give y'all like 2 more mins and you have to describe and present something to me in one line of chat, and the coolest one wins]
[22:38] Geoff| Uh oh.
[22:38] Jo1 (conf) I've seen a lot of sports related injuries... he may lose the leg.
[22:38] Noah____ Heh, this seems easy.
[22:38] Geoff| picks up Ezekiel and his broken leg.
[22:38] Amy| Hm...
[22:39] Jo1 picks up a piece of paper looking thing.
[22:39] Jo1 What is...?
[22:39] Geoff| runs into the base.
[22:39] Jo1 gasps
[22:39] Amy| *searches through box*
[22:39] Amy| Useless...dumb....junk....weird....
[22:39] Noah____ *Walks into an empty room and picks up "hair gel
[22:39] Jo1 (conf) THIS may just be the easiest win yet.
[22:39] Geoff| See anything cool? @Ezekiel
[22:39] Amy| Wait a minute
[22:39] Noah____ Hmm...
[22:39] Ezekiel| Can ya see anything? @Geoff
[22:39] Geoff| Not yet...
[22:39] Jo1 Listen, boys.
[22:40] Ezekiel| That looks pretty freaky *points to an oridnary blender*
[22:40] Jo1 I already found the winning object. I might as well help you look.
[22:40] Ezekiel| Never seen anything like it!
[22:40] Ezekiel| *ordinary
[22:40] Geoff| Zeke, I have one of those at my house. :|
[22:40] Geoff| There's some nasty gunk inside it though....
[22:40] Geoff| tastes the green gunk inside the blender.
[22:40] Geoff| EWWWWWW.
[22:40] Noah____ *Conf Either this is gel, or toxic lizard urine
[22:40] Geoff| Nasty.
[22:41] Geoff| I think this is some sort of alien guts, buddy. :o
[22:41] Amy| *finds a giant-ish alien egg*
[22:41] Jo1 points at a weird alien looking egg (like the one that cloned Cody)
[22:41] Jo1 what is THAT?
[22:41] Jo1 ... Ezekiel, you better touch it.
[22:41] Amy| *egg explodes into guts all over Amy*
[22:42] Amy| Ugh...of course -_-
[22:42] ChrisMcLean Time is UP!
[22:42] Ezekiel| Eh
[22:42] ChrisMcLean Let's see what you all came up with!
[22:42] ChrisMcLean We'll go down the line.
[22:42] ChrisMcLean (Describe it in ONE line)
[22:42] ChrisMcLean Amy, what d oyou have?
[22:42] ChrisMcLean *do you
[22:43] Amy| I'll give you a smells gross, and it's YOUR fault for bringing me here >.>
[22:43] Amy| (She doesn't have anything she's just covered in alien egg stuff)
[22:43] ChrisMcLean Sounds like Chef's breakfast!
[22:43] ChrisMcLean Next up, Ezekiel!
[22:43] Ezekiel| I got a freaky looking broken leg, pretty disgusting, right?
[22:44] Geoff| It is pretty gross!
[22:44] ChrisMcLean I guess you technically got that from being here. Pretty rad!
[22:44] ChrisMcLean What about you, Geoff?
[22:44] Geoff| We, like, found this blender full of this green goo stuff... It's pretty nasty. It didn't taste too good either, man.
[22:45] ChrisMcLean You TASTED it? Duuuuuuuuuuude.
[22:45] Geoff| Right?
[22:45] Amy| *shudders*
[22:45] ChrisMcLean Alright Jo, can you top tasting alien goo?
[22:46] Jo1 I have a PHOTOGRAPH of the Roswell incident of 1947. A picture of the UFO and the scientists examining it.
[22:46] Jo1 hands Chris the picture
[22:46] ChrisMcLean The who of the what?
[22:46] ChrisMcLean Whoaaaaaaaaaaa.
[22:46] Jo1 ... Roswell? Famous conspiracy of 1947? Claims of a UFO landing in a military base?
[22:46] ChrisMcLean Is this real?
[22:46] ChrisMcLean Did you photoshop this? >.>
[22:46] ChrisMcLean Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
[22:46] ChrisMcLean Nonetheless, this is a cool picture!
[22:46] Jo1 No! Where would I find photoshop in there?
[22:47] Jo1 grins
[22:47] ChrisMcLean Alright, finally, we have Noah!
[22:47] Noah____ I'm not sure what's inside, but I think it's a bottle of hair gel. Except, I probably wouldn't recommend you put this stuff in your hair.
[22:47] Noah____ *Hands Chris the bottle
[22:48] ChrisMcLean examines the bottle.
[22:48] ChrisMcLean opens and sniffs the bottle.
[22:48] ChrisMcLean NOPE NOPE NOPE that is NOT hair gel.
[22:49] ChrisMcLean I think we have our winner!
[22:49] ChrisMcLean Between being covered in alien goop, tasting alien goop, breaking limbs, and whatever THIS is. *holds up bottle*
[22:49] ChrisMcLean I think Jo's totally not photoshopped picture wins!
[22:49] Jo1 YES!
[22:49] Ezekiel| My leg, eh.
[22:50] Amy| Whoop-dee-do
[22:50] Jo1 Don't worry. I'll pay for your surgery with my million dollars.
[22:50] Noah____ How shocking.
[22:50] ChrisMcLean That means you can all vote for someone tonight EXCEPT Jo!
[22:50] ChrisMcLean Cast your votes, and I'll see you at elimination.
[22:53] ChrisMcLean -------------- ELIMINATION -----------
[22:53] ChrisMcLean Whoo! This was quite a vote!
[22:53] ChrisMcLean Remember, if you do NOT receive a barf bag full of airline-issued peanuts...
[22:53] ChrisMcLean You must take the DROP of SHAME.
[22:53] ChrisMcLean First bag goes to Jo!
[22:54] ChrisMcLean Ezekiel, you're safe!
[22:54] ChrisMcLean Aaaaaand so is Geoff!
[22:54] Geoff| Sweet!
[22:54] Amy| *glares*
[22:54] Jo1 grins
[22:54] Noah____ *Rolls eye
[22:54] ChrisMcLean Amy and Noah... both of you received the only votes of the night!
[22:55] ChrisMcLean And the final barf bag goes toooooooooooooo............
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ...........
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ..........
[22:55] ChrisMcLean .........
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ........
[22:55] ChrisMcLean .......
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ......
[22:55] ChrisMcLean .....
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ....
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ...
[22:55] ChrisMcLean ..
[22:55] ChrisMcLean .
[22:55] ChrisMcLean NOAH!
[22:55] ChrisMcLean Amy, it's time to say goodbye!
[22:55] Jo1 gasps
[22:55] Noah____ Hah. Sorry, not sorry mole face.
[22:55] Amy| Ugh, whatever. Just get me off this stupid show. -_-
[22:55] Ezekiel| She is pretty bossy, eh?
[22:55] =-= ChrisMcLean has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Ezekiel, Geoff, Jo, Noah | Eliminated: Harold, Lightning, Samey, Leshawna, Amy”
[22:56] Amy| *grabs a parachute and jumps*
[22:56] Jo1 (conf) GREAT. My backup ally.
[22:56] Geoff| I so would not invite her to a party.
[22:56] ChrisMcLean Me neither, bro.
[22:56] ChrisMcLean We're down to our final four!
[22:56] ChrisMcLean Tune in next week to find out who will move on to the semi-finals, right here.
[22:56] Noah____ The audience clearly sees that...
[22:57] ChrisMcLean ..........
[22:57] ChrisMcLean They should've voted you off.
[22:57] ChrisMcLean >.>
[22:57] ChrisMcLean Tune in next week on!
[22:57] ChrisMcLean Total!
[22:57] ChrisMcLean Drama!
[22:57] ChrisMcLean World Tour!
[22:57] ChrisMcLean -- END --

Episode 5

[23:01] ChrisMcLean --------------- EPISODE 5 -------------
[23:01] ChrisMcLean Welcome to HOLLYWOOD!
[23:01] ChrisMcLean You're all pretty much celebrities at this point!
[23:01] ChrisMcLean D-List maybe, but still celebrities!
[23:01] Jo1 What list are YOU?
[23:01] Noah____ I feel so special...
[23:01] Ezekiel| Alright, moving on up in the world! (H)
[23:02] ChrisMcLean ignores Jo's question.
[23:02] ChrisMcLean Anyway, this brings us to today's challenge!
[23:02] ChrisMcLean Celebrities are always endorsing products.
[23:02] ChrisMcLean Hair gels, toothpastes, soda brands...
[23:02] ChrisMcLean Now it's YOUR turn!
[23:03] ChrisMcLean Your task? Make a short 30-second commercial advertising a product!
[23:03] ChrisMcLean Which products you ask?
[23:03] Jo1 ... Which products?
[23:04] ChrisMcLean throws a bag of frozen peas at Ezekiel, some flip-flops to Geoff, shaving cream to Jo, and deodorant to Noah.
[23:04] ChrisMcLean [come up with brand names yourselves bc i'm lazy tbh]
[23:04] ChrisMcLean You have ALLLL the creative freedom in this!
[23:04] ChrisMcLean Which is never true!
[23:04] Jo1 (i looked it up there is a jo's women's shaving cream lmao)
[23:05] ChrisMcLean I'll be back at the end of the day to see your commercials.
[23:05] ChrisMcLean (omfg)
[23:05] ChrisMcLean GO GO GO GO GO
[23:05] ChrisMcLean *scene flashes to everyone at their sets*
[23:05] Geoff| (how long is the end of the day)
[23:05] ChrisMcLean [like 5 minutes lmao]
[23:05] Geoff| (nice)
[23:05] Jo1 (lifts up pant leg to reveal extremely hairy leg) Well, I guess I could use a shave, anyway.
[23:06] Geoff| Well, can't have a sandals commercial without a beach!
[23:06] Jo1 Hey, Chris. Am I allowed to borrow an intern for my commercial?
[23:06] Noah____ *sniffs armpit Luckily, I don't sweat myself like a pig...UNLIKE the rest of you
[23:06] Ezekiel| Hey, I don't remember peas looking like this
[23:06] Ezekiel| They come on branches or something?
[23:07] Jo1 (sarcastically) Yes, Ezekiel. Peas grow on branches.
[23:07] ChrisMcLean Uh, sure thing.
[23:07] Noah____ (omg there's a deoderant named noa)
[23:07] Ezekiel| (pods whatever)
[23:07] Jo1 (it is meant to be)
[23:08] ChrisMcLean *at the halfway mark* I forgot to mention, today's elimination is....
[23:08] ChrisMcLean *camera zooms in*
[23:08] ChrisMcLean SUDDEN
[23:08] ChrisMcLean *zoomes in further*
[23:08] ChrisMcLean DEATH
[23:08] Geoff| gasps
[23:08] ChrisMcLean *lightning strikes*
[23:08] ChrisMcLean *hellfires raise*
[23:08] Noah____ *I'm SOOO in suspense..
[23:08] Ezekiel| (There's only generic pea brands wtf)
[23:08] Jo1 Not worried.
[23:09] ChrisMcLean *every child on Earth simultaneously shits themselves*
[23:09] Jo1 (Approaches three interns) You! Unpaid interns! I require your assistance!
[23:09] Noah____ *Approaches an old man walking down the street and sniffs his armpit
[23:10] Noah____ You sir, are in need of...Noa's deoderant! Or as I would like to call it...denoah-derant!
[23:10] Noah____ *drumclap
[23:10] ChrisMcLean (i'm crying)
[23:11] Geoff| walks up to a couple of female interns.
[23:11] ChrisMcLean (1 min left)
[23:11] Geoff| Hey ladies. ;)
[23:11] Geoff| Mind helping me out in my commercial?
[23:11] Geoff| Ladies: *blush and giggle*
[23:12] Noah____ (remembered it's spelled deodorant)
[23:12] ChrisMcLean Time is UP!
[23:13] ChrisMcLean Let's see what you all came up with, starting with..........
[23:13] ChrisMcLean (going on a random number generator wait)
[23:13] ChrisMcLean Noah!
[23:14] Noah____ Hmm...well then, here is my advertisement
[23:14] Noah____ *projector rolls down and show's Noah's commercial
[23:15] Noah____ Got b.o? get deo!
[23:16] Noah____ Or as I like to call it...
[23:16] Noah____ *Denoah-derant!
[23:16] Noah____ *drumclaps
[23:16] Noah____ *rubs old man' armpit with deoderant
[23:16] ChrisMcLean :|
[23:16] Noah____ *old man snatches Noah's wallet without knowing
[23:17] Noah____ Hey!
[23:17] Noah____ *THE END.
[23:17] Jo1 .. Was that a homeless man?
[23:17] ChrisMcLean Did...
[23:17] Geoff| I'm confused.
[23:17] ChrisMcLean Was..
[23:17] ChrisMcLean Okay.
[23:17] ChrisMcLean Well.
[23:17] ChrisMcLean Okay.
[23:18] ChrisMcLean Next up, we have Jo!
[23:18] Ezekiel| What's deoderant anyway?
[23:18] ChrisMcLean :|
[23:18] Jo1 (projector rolls down and shows Jo's commercial)
[23:18] Jo1 (Jo voice over: "Summertime. It's hot. You want to be too. How can you be when your all hairy")
[23:19] Jo1 (Jo appears on screen)
[23:19] Jo1 Hi, I'm Jo.
[23:19] Jo1 And when I shave, I use "Jo's Shaving Cream".
[23:19] Jo1 It's a lovely cream. JUst rub it on the hairy area, apply a razor... (brings the razor up too hard and cuts herself)
[23:19] Jo1 Ow!
[23:19] Jo1 Or, use it as a practical joke!
[23:20] Jo1 I don't care, it's your cream!
[23:20] Jo1 (Intern is sleeping) (Jo puts it on his hand)
[23:20] Jo1 Just watch!
[23:20] Jo1 (tickles the intern's face) (he slaps it into his face and wakes up)
[23:20] Jo1 See? Hilarious?
[23:21] Jo1 (Intern: I told you, I'm allergic to this stuff!)
[23:21] Jo1 (Jo: Shut up!)
[23:21] Jo1 --end--
[23:21] Noah____ (smackcam)
[23:21] ChrisMcLean I like the multiple uses!
[23:21] ChrisMcLean And I like.......
[23:21] ChrisMcLean Uh.........
[23:21] ChrisMcLean Yeah.
[23:21] ChrisMcLean Moving on!
[23:21] ChrisMcLean Ezekiel!
[23:21] Ezekiel| (projector rolls down and shows Ezekiel's commercial)
[23:21] Ezekiel| Hey, uh,
[23:21] Ezekiel| What I have here is said to contain peas, a common vegetable
[23:21] Ezekiel| But it's in this mysterious, cold plastic container.
[23:21] Ezekiel| Which is weird, because you can't grow plastic.
[23:22] Ezekiel| But anyway if you want to know the secret of what's in this magic bag,
[23:22] Ezekiel| check this thing out.
[23:22] Ezekiel| Eh...?
[23:22] Ezekiel| (The end)
[23:22] ChrisMcLean Truly....
[23:22] Noah____ What a brilliant work of art. 5 stars....
[23:22] ChrisMcLean How do I put it....
[23:22] ChrisMcLean Alternative!
[23:22] Geoff| Good job, buddy! :D
[23:22] ChrisMcLean sneezes.
[23:23] ChrisMcLean Geoff, you're up.
[23:23] Geoff| *projector rolls down and shows Geoff's commercial*
[23:23] Geoff| is lounging on a chair in a beach set
[23:23] Geoff| Summer means one thing: going to the beach and partying!
[23:24] Geoff| But you CAN'T party without wearing the right footwear.
[23:24] Geoff| And that's why I wear Rocket Flip Flops.
[23:25] Geoff| shows off his shoes
[23:25] Geoff| These bad boys are comfortable enough to wear all day and party all night!
[23:25] Geoff| stands up, walks past two girls and removes his shirt
[23:25] Geoff| winks at the girls
[23:25] Geoff| Girls: *giggles*
[23:26] Geoff| So come and join us for the most righteous party of the summer: wearing ROCKET FLIP FLOPS!
[23:26] Geoff| smiles at the camera in a close-up
[23:26] Geoff| *end*
[23:26] ChrisMcLean claps loudly.
[23:26] ChrisMcLean Nice job, Geoff!
[23:27] Geoff| bows
[23:27] ChrisMcLean Well, I think we have a clear winner.... *gesturing to Geoff*
[23:27] ChrisMcLean And after thinking it through...
[23:27] ChrisMcLean I think we also have a clear loser.
[23:27] Geoff| Aw, sweet!
[23:28] ChrisMcLean *screen flashes to the Banishment Ceremony*
[23:28] Noah____ Yes, because I'm destined to survive this elimination...
[23:28] ChrisMcLean ------------- ELIMINATION ---------------
[23:28] ChrisMcLean tosses a Barf Bag to Geoff.
[23:28] ChrisMcLean Welcome to the semi-finals, bro!
[23:28] Geoff| Thanks, man!
[23:28] ChrisMcLean Next one goes to Jo.
[23:29] Jo1 Yes!
[23:29] Ezekiel| :o
[23:29] Geoff| Oh, no, Zeke! :(
[23:29] ChrisMcLean Ezekiel and Noah!
[23:29] Noah____ Hoo boy. Me and my big mouth.
[23:29] ChrisMcLean Both of your commercials were....
[23:29] ChrisMcLean Sub-par.
[23:29] ChrisMcLean But, in the end...........
[23:29] ChrisMcLean The final Barf Bag belongs to....................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ........................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .......................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ......................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .....................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ....................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ...................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ..................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ................................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ...............................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ..............................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .............................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ............................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ...........................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ..........................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .........................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ........................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .......................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ......................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .....................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ....................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ...................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ..................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ................
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ...............
[23:29] ChrisMcLean ..............
[23:29] ChrisMcLean .............
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ............
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ...........
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ..........
[23:30] ChrisMcLean .........
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ........
[23:30] ChrisMcLean .......
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ......
[23:30] ChrisMcLean .....
[23:30] Noah____ JUST GET ON WITH DUDE.
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ....
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ...
[23:30] ChrisMcLean ..
[23:30] ChrisMcLean .
[23:30] ChrisMcLean EZEKIEL!
[23:30] Ezekiel| (wait what)
[23:30] ChrisMcLean tosses a parachute to Noah.
[23:30] Ezekiel| Whew
[23:30] ChrisMcLean You're out, bro!
[23:30] Geoff| (yours actually made me laugh)
[23:30] Jo1 (conf) Crap! Ezekiel and Geoff? Those two are best friends. They're bound to work against me. Unless...
[23:31] Noah____ Yes, because reality shows are TOTALLY my thing. And with that, I bid you all adou.
[23:31] =-= ChrisMcLean has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Ezekiel, Geoff, Jo | Eliminated: Harold, Lightning, Samey, Leshawna, Amy, Noah”
[23:31] Noah____ *jumps plane
[23:31] Noah____ (that means a lot...@geoff)
[23:31] ChrisMcLean Wellllll, hello Final 3!
[23:31] Jo1 (the name was the best part @noah)
[23:32] ChrisMcLean We'll see you all next week!
[23:32] ChrisMcLean On the SEMI-FINALS of!
[23:32] ChrisMcLean Total!
[23:32] ChrisMcLean Drama!
[23:32] ChrisMcLean World Tour!
[23:32] ChrisMcLean -- END --

Episode 6

[23:50] ChrisMcLean ---------------- EPISODE 6 ------------------
[23:50] ChrisMcLean Welcome to the Amazon rainforest!
[23:50] Jo1 (more like the arts and crap center)
[23:50] ChrisMcLean For the semi-finals, your task is to spend a night in the woods and be the first to make it to Machu Picchu in the morning!
[23:50] Ezekiel| (what)
[23:50] ChrisMcLean (idk why but i laughed at that)
[23:50] ChrisMcLean Seem easy enough?
[23:50] ChrisMcLean tosses bags of supplies to Jo, Ezekiel, and Geoff.
[23:51] Ezekiel| Yeah, sure
[23:51] Geoff| Sh'yeah!
[23:51] Ezekiel| The woods out here are like a second home to me!
[23:51] ChrisMcLean These duffel bags contain sleeping bags, compasses, maps, and an energy bar or two.
[23:51] ChrisMcLean The rest is up to you!
[23:51] Jo1 (tdi reference @kg and zeke)
[23:51] ChrisMcLean You can either go it alone or team up, but only ONE of you will win!
[23:51] ChrisMcLean (no I know but it seemed so random lmao)
[23:52] Ezekiel| Hey Geoff man, let's get moving.
[23:52] ChrisMcLean Unless, of course, one of you gets eaten tonight. Which could happen. :|
[23:52] Jo1 Normally, I'm not one to team up.
[23:52] ChrisMcLean is picked up by a helicopter and flies away.
[23:52] Ezekiel| The other guy gives me the creeps.
[23:52] Jo1 But would you guys mind if I joined?
[23:52] Geoff| Sure, man.
[23:52] Geoff| @ Zeke
[23:53] Ezekiel| *starts walking*
[23:53] Jo1 Hey! Remember who got you here!
[23:53] Geoff| And I dunno, Jo, you've been kind of bossy to us... :s
[23:53] Geoff| follows Zeke
[23:53] Jo1 follows and contineus talking
[23:54] Jo1 Bossy? I call it... negative reinfocement. Worked great on my cat.
[23:54] Noah____ (this is the worst final 3 in rp history)
[23:54] Geoff| (rude af)
[23:54] Ezekiel| (gtfo)
[23:54] Jo1 (jealous af)
[23:54] Jo1 But hey, I understand if you don't want me to join...
[23:54] ChrisMcLean (zamn zaddy)
[23:54] Geoff| So, how is your leg doing, dude?
[23:55] Jo1 shoves Ezekiel and Geoff to the ground
[23:55] Ezekiel| Oh yeah, it
[23:55] Ezekiel| Oh yeah, it's fine
[23:55] Jo1 I'll just take your bags as a consolation!
[23:55] Ezekiel| (Honestly I forgot he had a broken leg)
[23:55] Geoff| What are you??
[23:55] Jo1 runs away with their bags
[23:55] Geoff| UGH.
[23:55] Ezekiel| Hey!
[23:55] Geoff| What a jerk.
[23:55] Jo1 (Conf) What?
[23:55] Ezekiel| Yeah, what's his beef?
[23:55] Geoff| I dunno, dude.
[23:56] Geoff| Looks like we're roughing it....
[23:56] Geoff| :|
[23:56] Ezekiel| Yeah...
[23:56] Jo1 (Conf) (angry) HIS?
[23:56] Jo1 Hahaha. Suckers.
[23:56] Jo1 opens Geoff's bag.
[23:56] Jo1 I could go for an energy bar.
[23:56] Geoff| starts looking for shelter
[23:56] ChrisMcLean Bear: *tawns*
[23:56] ChrisMcLean *yawns
[23:56] Jo1 unwraps the energy bar.
[23:56] Geoff| (tawns)
[23:56] Noah____ (yeesh, i was talking about the characters not you guys but ill be quiet)
[23:57] Jo1 sniffs the candy bar.
[23:57] Jo1 Mm, nuts!
[23:57] Jo1 takes a bite out of the bar.
[23:57] ChrisMcLean Bear: *scratches self a couple of times, sniffs and smells the energy bars*
[23:57] ChrisMcLean Bear: (:
[23:57] Geoff| continues to look for shelter
[23:57] Jo1 gasps
[23:57] Geoff| Maybe this big leaf will work!
[23:58] Ezekiel| Yeah, maybe.
[23:58] ChrisMcLean Bear: *gives Jo puppy eyes* :(
[23:58] Jo1 Um...
[23:58] Jo1 gives bear a bar
[23:58] Ezekiel| It's cool though, we've got an expert outdoorsman with us anyway ;)
[23:58] ChrisMcLean Bear: ^_^
[23:58] Jo1 Good bear... now can you do something for me?
[23:58] Geoff| All right! :D
[23:58] ChrisMcLean Bear: *takes bar*
[23:58] ChrisMcLean Bear: ?
[23:59] Jo1 There's a few guys somewhere in the woods... I need you to make sure they... stay there for a while. until tomorrow afternoon!
[23:59] Jo1 (Conf) I hope that bear understands English...
[23:59] ChrisMcLean Bear: (conf) *shrugs*
[23:59] ChrisMcLean Bear: *leaves Jo's campsite*
[23:59] Jo1 Good bear.
[00:00] Ezekiel| *building with sticks* We can just place this here and...there we go!
[00:00] Jo1 picks up the bags and runs away.
[00:00] Ezekiel| *crappy looking structure falls apart instantly*
[00:00] ChrisMcLean Bear: *wanders into Ezekiel and Geoff's*
[00:00] Geoff| Uh....
[00:00] Ezekiel| Hm
[00:00] ChrisMcLean [night has fallen]
[00:00] Geoff| Do you think we'll both fit?
[00:00] Geoff| Oh.
[00:00] Geoff| Man, it got pretty dark outside.
[00:00] Jo1 (Conf) I figure, why sleep and have that slow me down? I'll just hike through the entire night and get to Machu Pichu faster.
[00:00] Geoff| I just hope it doesn't....
[00:00] Ezekiel| Well...but "expert outdoorsman" I kind of meant expert at existing outdoors :|
[00:00] Jo1 walks through the dark woods.
[00:00] Geoff| rain.....
[00:00] ChrisMcLean Large Caterpillar-Looking Shits from The Am-AH-Zon Race: *squirm near Jo*
[00:01] Ezekiel| *it begins raining*
[00:01] Jo1 Hmmm. I wonder if I can have it attack Ezekiel and Geoff too. I'll be in charge of this whole jungle!
[00:01] Geoff| HANG ON, I'VE GOT THIS.
[00:01] ChrisMcLean Bear: *notices rain*
[00:01] Jo1 Hey, catapiller thing! Want food? There's TWO people in the woods back there!
[00:01] Geoff| holds up big leaf to cover Zeke and Geoff's heads
[00:01] ChrisMcLean Bear: *panicks and runs directly in front of Geoff and Ezekiel*
[00:01] ChrisMcLean Bear: DDDDDDD:
[00:01] Geoff| AHHHHHH
[00:01] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: :@
[00:02] Ezekiel| Ahhhhh!
[00:02] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: *spit at Jo*
[00:02] Jo1 Ah.
[00:02] ChrisMcLean Bear: *panicked roaring*
[00:02] Jo1 kicks catapiller in the catapiller crotch
[00:02] Jo1 runs
[00:02] Geoff| (CONF) I live on the beach. We don't have bears.
[00:02] Geoff| runs away from bear
[00:02] Jo1 (Conf) That thing was as big as a school bus!
[00:02] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: *fall over, continue spitting gunk at Jo*
[00:02] Ezekiel| runs
[00:03] ChrisMcLean Bear: :(
[00:03] Jo1 Gah! What the heck? This stuff is gross!
[00:03] Jo1 sniffs gunk
[00:03] Jo1 And smelly!
[00:03] Geoff| runs next to Ezekiel
[00:03] Jo1 continues running
[00:03] ChrisMcLean Bear: *claws in Geoff and Ezekiel's general direction*
[00:03] Geoff| Do you have any idea where we're at??
[00:03] ChrisMcLean Bear: *nests in their fallen wooden thing*
[00:03] Ezekiel| Um....
[00:03] Ezekiel| There's woods
[00:03] Ezekiel| And trees
[00:03] Ezekiel| And giant bear claws right behind us
[00:04] Ezekiel| *pants* any ideas?
[00:04] Jo1 Wait... catapillers don't even eat meat! I just need to find a giant leaf!
[00:04] Jo1 searches around.
[00:04] Jo1 Aha!
[00:04] Jo1 picks up a leaf
[00:04] Geoff| Well, my dad always said that if you're lost in the woods, following a river will lead you out!
[00:04] Jo1 Come and get it, you giant beast!
[00:04] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: *continue to inch toward Jo*
[00:04] Ezekiel| Yeah...yeah that sounds good!
[00:04] Jo1 holds up leaf in front of face
[00:04] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: *hiss loudly*
[00:05] Jo1 You hungry, boy?
[00:05] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: *rip the leaf to shreds*
[00:05] ChrisMcLean Caterpillars: >:(
[00:05] Jo1 headbutts the caterpillar
[00:05] Geoff| finds the river
[00:05] Geoff| Lets follow it upstream!
[00:05] Jo1 runs
[00:05] Ezekiel| follows Geoff
[00:06] ChrisMcLean Caterpillar: *vomits on Jo*
[00:06] ChrisMcLean Caterpillar: o_e
[00:06] Jo1 EW!
[00:06] ChrisMcLean Bear: *whimpers*
[00:06] Jo1 kicks caterpillar in the crotch
[00:06] Ezekiel| *panting* You know, I've been thinking
[00:06] Ezekiel| Only one of us can win the million
[00:06] Jo1 I've got to find Geoff and Ezekiel!
[00:06] Ezekiel| And honestly
[00:06] Ezekiel| I'd rather it be you
[00:06] Jo1 runs towards the downstream river, and starts going upstream
[00:06] Geoff| Awwww, no dude! You can't give up!
[00:06] Geoff| D:
[00:06] Ezekiel| I'll hang back, and you keep going!
[00:06] Geoff| :(
[00:07] Ezekiel| I can”t keep going with this leg man
[00:07] Geoff| I'm gonna win it for you, buddy.
[00:07] Ezekiel| Go!
[00:07] Ezekiel| *slows down*
[00:07] Geoff| And when I win the million, I'm gonna throw the most righteous party! And you're invited!
[00:07] Geoff| starts running at full speed
[00:07] ChrisMcLean [sun begins to rise]
[00:07] Jo1 running
[00:07] Jo1 I'm almost... there....
[00:07] Geoff| continues to follow the river!
[00:08] Jo1 sees Geoff
[00:08] Geoff| hears footsteps
[00:08] Jo1 I don't need to win... I just need to beat Ezekiel... and he's nowhere in sight...
[00:08] Geoff| runs even faster
[00:08] Jo1 walks at a lesiurley pace
[00:08] Jo1 No use wasting my energy...
[00:08] Geoff| makes it to Machu Picchu!
[00:08] Geoff| (is that allowed)
[00:08] Geoff| (we get the idea)
[00:08] Jo1 arrives a minute later
[00:08] Ezekiel| (I guess so yeah)
[00:09] Geoff| (machu picchu is now on a river)
[00:09] Geoff| runs to the top of the pyramid
[00:09] Jo1 runs to the top
[00:09] Jo1 Ha! Looks like I beat your loser friend!
[00:10] ChrisMcLean (oh sorry i went to pee)
[00:10] Geoff| (WOW)
[00:10] ChrisMcLean C: And it seems Geoff and Jo have made it!
[00:10] ChrisMcLean C: Ezekiel, on the other hand..........
[00:10] ChrisMcLean C: Where IS he?
[00:10] Geoff| He... He told me to go on without him. :(
[00:10] Ezekiel| *Ezekiel is there in that barrel thing Scott was in at the end of TDRI*
[00:10] Jo1 (that sounds like a food company... jeffenjo)
[00:10] Jo1 gasps
[00:10] ChrisMcLean C: o
[00:10] Geoff| D:
[00:11] Jo1 Jeez... I didn't like a guy but... Jeez... are you okay?
[00:11] ChrisMcLean C: Well, not only is he last, but he's ALSO incapacitated................
[00:11] Geoff| Zeke! You okay?!
[00:11] Geoff| Zeke? :(
[00:11] Jo1 Ezekiel's face
[00:11] Ezekiel| *teardrop falls down his eye but it's not seen onscreen for some odd reason*
[00:11] Jo1 pokes Ezekiel's face
[00:12] ChrisMcLean Zeke, looks like you'll be taking the Drop of Shame!
[00:12] Geoff| Nooooo!
[00:12] Jo1 You're not going to make him jump, are you?
[00:12] ChrisMcLean Jump? Of course not!
[00:12] ChrisMcLean *scene flashes to the Banishment Ceremony, where a cannon has somehow been placed, aimed out of the door*
[00:12] Geoff| DDDD:
[00:13] ChrisMcLean Later Ezekiel!
[00:13] Jo1 shrugs, but looks somewhat concerned.
[00:13] ChrisMcLean presses a button and shoots him in Canada's general area.
[00:13] Geoff| yells out door.
[00:13] Geoff| BYE BUDDY! :'(
[00:14] Jo1 If I push Geoff out, do I win automatically?
[00:14] Jo1 grins
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Not quite!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Congrats to the final two!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Who will win?
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Who will lose?
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Find out, on the FINALE!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Of Total!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean Drama!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean World Tour!
[00:14] ChrisMcLean -- END --

"Episode" 7

[00:14] Jo1 ayyy
[00:14] Ezekiel| Oh I thought this was the final episode
[00:14] Geoff| this RP has taken nearly four hours
[00:14] Geoff| what the hell
[00:14] Ezekiel| RIP ezekiel tho
[00:14] ChrisMcLean ay jesus christo
[00:15] ChrisMcLean que dolor
[00:15] ChrisMcLean can we have a jury vote with 2 people
[00:15] ChrisMcLean lmao
[00:15] ChrisMcLean LMAO
[00:15] Geoff| then again when has TD cared about plot lines
[00:15] Noah____ can i make a guest appearance in the finale
[00:15] Jo1 let's do a random number generator, best out of five
[00:15] =-= ChrisMcLean has changed the topic to “Impromptu RP: Geoff, Jo | Eliminated: Harold, Lightning, Samey, Leshawna, Amy, Noah, Ezekiel”
[00:16] ChrisMcLean honestly I am not up for hosting a finale episode
[00:16] Geoff| im good for now
[00:16] ChrisMcLean y'all would both win in alternate endings anyway
[00:16] Noah____ okay geoff wins
[00:16] Geoff| should we wait on it
[00:16] Geoff| nah
[00:16] Geoff| ok
[00:16] Geoff| geoff wins
[00:16] Jo1 or jo wins
[00:16] ChrisMcLean LOL
[00:16] Jo1 that's good too
[00:16] Ezekiel| Geoff one since he got there first
[00:16] Noah____ geoff is the better character so...
[00:16] Ezekiel| I think
[00:16] Jo1 just think of a number 1-10
[00:16] Ezekiel| *won
[00:16] Jo1 and geoff and i pick
[00:16] ChrisMcLean sure
[00:16] Jo1 who ever is closer wins
[00:16] Geoff| geoff throws the party, invites ezekiel, its rad
[00:17] ChrisMcLean i'm thinking of a # from 1-10 guess it ok go
[00:17] Jo1 7
[00:17] ChrisMcLean omg geoff guess
[00:17] Geoff| 3
[00:17] ChrisMcLean it was 1
[00:17] ChrisMcLean w0w
[00:17] Ezekiel| Yay
[00:17] Geoff| YAAAASSSS BITCH
[00:18] Geoff| GOOD ENDING
[00:18] ChrisMcLean jef wynz
[00:18] ChrisMcLean honestly this is still better than the TDAS finale
[00:18] Ezekiel| True
[00:18] Jo1 hahaha
[00:18] Geoff| lmfao
[00:18] Noah____ lmao
[00:18] Jo1 Imagine Chris is like tired he's like "idgaf i'm tired, pick a number between 1 and 10. whoever is closer wins."
[00:19] Jo1 anywway i gotta take out the trash brb
[00:19] Geoff| looooool
[00:19] Noah____ 12?

Elimination table

Elimination Table
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
6 Samey WIN IN OUT
7 Leshawna LOW IN OUT
8 Lightning IN OUT
9 Harold OUT

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