• Pierzina

    Amnesia -- Book 1: Ecstasy

    February 20, 2017 by Pierzina

    CHAPTER 0 -- “Prologue”

    Unknown Hotel Room



    Simone: Ugh... What’s going on? … Where am I?! Is this some sort of high school prank?!

    Where is everyone? What's going on?

    You set your eyes on a door.

    Hmmm... that's odd. It won't open. 

    Suddenly a tv screen flickers on.

    ???: Welcome! Looks like you finally woke up, Simone Washington.

    Simone: Excuse me!? How do you know my last name?! 

    ???: Of course I do... but that's a road we'll cross later. For now, I'll have to inform you that your initiation into Despair's Edge Resort School. I'm sure you'll be very excited once things get rolling.

    Simone: What? What are you saying! That's ridiculous. I never signed up for any Resort School! What are you talking about?!

    ???: Oh silly girl, don't worry. You'll b…

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  • IfukedTDIfan13'sdisabledaunt

    How's it going you n!gger wannabe? Having fun trying to take down big bad whitey? Enjoying being jerked off by your equally  worthless ultra libtarded fellow staff members? I'm just here to say that i'm sick of you and how you run the wiki. It was quite swell until all the top brass started believing in this new age Tumblr-brand social justice bullshit, which i'm willing is because of your influence. You are probably just some middle-class concrete jungle ape who couldn't even last one month out in the wilderness. And I would just love to see how well your acting is since if it's as good as your sense of humor you probably couldn't even get a role in a Happy Madison or Seltzer & Friedberg production.

    Why am I telling you this here? Because …

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  • Numbuhthreefan

    Chat color guide

    June 12, 2016 by Numbuhthreefan

    Ok, so there was a way that was found to get color in chat that can be seen by everyone, not just you. Below are the codes you have to do in order to get color. It's done by a feature called "chat tags".

    [b] - bolds text

    [c="magenta"] - This text will be magenta.

    [bg="grey"] - Any kind of background you want.

    You can also do them together. Like so...

    [b][c="magenta"][bg="grey"]Insert text here.


    So yeah, this is pretty self-explanatory. You can use any color you want, as it's not limited to the colors of the IRC. Also, the easiest way of using this if you wanna bold, color, and have a background you can just copy and paste the code into the chatbox. You can also use each one by themselves if you wanted too.

    Here is a page for more information …

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  • TotalDramaFan1000

    TDF's review HAHAHA

    February 10, 2013 by TotalDramaFan1000

    Hello, Terry here with another Review to View and I want to take you back to the early 90's just when animation was beginning to become kick ass again. This was mostly due to the success of the 1988 film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", but of course when one studio has a big success another one is going to try and copy and that leads me into the 1992 live action/animated film Cool World.

    I mean your probably wondering how bad it could possibly be, it is just some animated fun, right? Well lets hear the premise, a cartoon wants to have sex with her creator so she can become a real person


    Alright, before we get into this sucker a little background to the production. The film was original pitched to Paramount Pictures as …

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  • CD-TDA

    Your Own Pet Carrot

    May 30, 2011 by CD-TDA

    Hai there. This is CD-TDA, making her 100th edit on this wiki. With that being said, I bring to you.... your own pet carrot! Tired of those pets that bother you all night long with those weird sounds? Tired of those pets that whine and moan? Look no further than a pet carrot.

    It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. You won't have to feed it. You won't have to play with it. And if you're hungry, you can just eat it. For a cheap price of $99.99, you can get your own pet carrot!

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  • DJ fan

    Greetings! Here it is! The first Non-Adminship campaign made by your friend, DJ_Fan!

    What's the deal with this crazy guy, you may ask? Well, I'm here to show that I can do something no one has ever tried to! That's right! I'm going to make a vote for NON-Adminship! :D

    My campaign starts with a series of pictures, made by me of course, to show how interested I am in this activity! I hope you enjoy all of them, and try to learn from them.

    That's right, a vote for me is a vote for chicken shaped cookies!

    Suggestions? Insults? Way too cool to even comment? Just express your opinion and your vote in the comment section below! :D Have a nice day!
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  • CD-TDA


    February 26, 2011 by CD-TDA

    ... is the light of my life. When she is not around, one part of my heart is with her. If she gets killed, I don't, but who cares? >.> At least she didn't leave. Musou's awesome. I felt like making this blog to honour Musou, 'cause she's awesome. >.> ~ CD-TDA is an all-star! ╰☆╮ 18:10, February 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • TDAwesome15

    Nalyd's is Longest

    January 2, 2011 by TDAwesome15

    "Nalyd's is Longest" is a phrase made up by someone. It could mean several things. (This blog was made due to a dare by FH)

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  • DJ fan

    Don't worry, be editing!

    January 2, 2011 by DJ fan


    Here's a little song I was dared to write

    You wanna cover your ears before I start to sing

    Don't worry, be editing!

    TDAwesome and Neko's marriage did have some trouble

    And because of Bb's worry he's now bald.

    Don't worry, be editing!

    Cheeep, cheeep cheeep cheep cheep cheeeeeep

    Ain't go no place to put Chicken's unuseful trivia.

    Somebody slept with MTDM in his bed.

    Don't worry, be editing!

    The dictator says your edit count is lame

    He or she may have to litigate

    Don't worry, be editing!

    Look at me, I'm editing!

    Don't worry, be editing!

    Here I give you some edit tips

    So you don't have to call me at all.

    And I make you edit

    Don't worry, be editing!

    Bb ain't got no cash, Addict ain't got no style

    Chicken ain't got not girl to make him cheep.

    But don't wor…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [19:30] == Sam| [~Sam|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

    [19:30] Uhhhh.... :|

    [19:30] Or.... not. :|

    [19:31] he'll be back

    [19:31] give him a minute

    [19:31] Okay.

    [19:31] wait for dakota too

    [19:31] KK. -w-

    [19:31] BTW, Zobe.... Again, I'm not rushing you... but I still need that Logo if you can still make it after this for my next FF. :(

    [19:31] (conf): Hmmmmm..... I can't wait till they find out I'm in here ready to claim my money! :@

    [19:32] Zobe? :|

    [19:34] Back.

    [19:34] Great. :p

    [19:34] We're waiting on Sam, now.

    [19:34] Final challenge.

    [19:34] WTF? Derek is back?

    [19:34] Jim vs.--

    [19:34] No.

    [19:35] Blayne vs. Jim vs. Sam

    [19:36] 3 person finale? Sweet!

    [19:36] Mhm. St…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [20:10]  :p

    [20:10] == Sam| has changed nick to TDAROCKZ

    [20:10] xD

    [20:10] Nice.... roleplay.

    [20:11] == Jim| has changed nick to Zobe

    [20:11] That was pretty fun. :p

    [20:11] I missed it:'9

    [20:11] *:'(

    [20:11] == ChrisMcLean has changed nick to Bbhinton15

    [20:12] == Dakota| has changed nick to Dakotacoons

    [20:13] I wrote up and elimination thing

    [20:14] Really? You saved this? xD

    [20:14] yeah

    [20:14] Zobe has the whole RP transcript? :-O

    [20:14] Wow. :p

    [20:14] yep

    [20:14] Can he post it on a wiki? :p

    [20:15] sure

    [20:15] Cool, thanks.


    [20:18] Nice. Thanks a lot.

    [20:18] oh crap

    [20:18] I dont have the whole thing

    [20:19] sorry

    [20:19] It's alright. :p

    [20:19] Jim won. ^…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [16:11] == TDA15|Webchat [18d0e806@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP

    [16:11] thats just me in webchat

    [16:12] * Shawn is recording the rp, cus he can :D

    [16:12] kk

    [16:12] Okay.

    [16:12] So start now?

    [16:12] kk.

    [16:12] * Bbhinton15 is totally ready to RP. :(

    [16:12] Nalyd, what is your character's name?

    [16:12] ^.^

    [16:12] I guess we'll wait for Ry-Ry Cuddles.

    [16:12] D:

    [16:12] Crash, are you RPing? :)

    [16:12] Crash, do /nick Crash|

    [16:13] He doesn't need to

    [16:13] I know.

    [16:13] I thought that |Crash was good, but fine. :p

    [16:13] It's just my OCD talking.

    [16:13] Crash, are you RPing? :)

    [16:13] I am. :3

    [16:13] Me too!

    [16:13] Yep. @ BB

    [16:13] Are you BB?

    [16:13] kk.

    [16:13] Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [19:39] ---------------------------------------- NEW DAY ----------------------------------------

    [19:39] *wakes up* Final 3.

    [19:39] *wakes up* FINALLY...A good night rest =D

    [19:39] Final 3!

    [19:39] final 3!

    [19:39] went so fast

    [19:40] which is good

    [19:40] AFK -- Gotta take a shower.

    [19:40] Welcome to the Final Three, and the final challenge of Total Drama Island! Before we get on with the challenges, we asked each of our Final Three to record some of their thoughts in our confessional!

    [19:41] == SaveTheWiki|Ale has changed nick to Ale-Alejandro

    [19:41] == TDAddict [~TDAddict@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP

    [19:41]  :o

    [19:41] (CONF) Final three, sure's still not all the way there...It's so close, I may be a…

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  • TDAwesome15

    19:21] ---------------------------------------- NEW DAY! ^_^ --------------------------------------------------

    [19:21] (And I am doing great here, I love losing)

    [19:21] ....well this is perfect...another day

    [19:21] (Final Four, talk about........ whatever it is you want to talk about. :p)

    [19:21] and Im up BEFORE the alarm!

    [19:21] Can we move faster now?

    [19:21] god I dont wanna think about it

    [19:21] I g2g soon.

    [19:21] Okay

    [19:22] Zobe, can you play me too?

    [19:22] yeah

    [19:22] I gotta brb.

    [19:22] == Jim|Chad has changed nick to Jim|Chad|Blayne

    [19:22] ...

    [19:22] Wow

    [19:22] Okay.

    [19:22] ....XD

    [19:22] *walks in*

    [19:22] Hi

    [19:22] *will not godplay*

    [19:22] It's Final Fo-- *cover head* Ow, ow, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....

    [19:22] cov…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [18:54] -------------------------------------------------- NEW DAY!! (FINAL FIVE! ^_^) --------------------------------------------------

    [18:55] *wakes up*

    [18:55] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-v Blayne|] by ChrisMcLean

    [18:55] == Ale|Drawing has changed nick to UpsetAle

    [18:55] good morning

    [18:55] Aww, Final 5 is a happy day.

    [18:55] (Conversate about whatever you want. :p Keep it going.)

    [18:55] Sorry I've been so anti-social.

    [18:56] I hope the challenge isn't as dumb as last time.

    [18:56] -.-

    [18:56] Horror themed!

    [18:56] * Blayne|DC laughs evilly.

    [18:56] I wanna go home! :'(

    [18:56] Yeah...the only thing Im scared

    [18:56] I'm scared of death. :|

    [18:56] Well if you want to go home, you should quit

    [18:56] *blows airhorn INTO a…

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  • TDAwesome15

    18:29] ---------------------------------------- NEW DAY ----------------------------------------

    [18:29] (Blayne still in? O.o)

    [18:29] Good morning

    [18:29] Can TDF take Chad?

    [18:29] Shawn is out.

    [18:29] *Wakes up.*

    [18:29] (She hasn't been voted out yet, so yes>)

    [18:29] (She hasn't been voted out yet, so yes.)*

    [18:29] Shawn is out.

    [18:29] TDF, can you take Chad for me?

    [18:29] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-v Shawn||] by Chris|Brandon

    [18:29] Shawn is out

    [18:29] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-v Shawn] by Chris|Brandon

    [18:29] (Didn't Mandy quit? O.O)

    [18:29] *O.o

    [18:30] Double Elim.

    [18:30] (Yes, she did.)

    [18:30] mmhm

    [18:30] TDF, can you take Chad for me?

    [18:30] (It was a surprising Double Elimination.)

    [18:30] (Fine.)

    [18:30] == Derek|Chad has chan…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [18:07] ---------------------------------------- NEW DAY ----------------------------------------

    [18:07] (I've been counting.)

    [18:07] (conf) That Annie is sooo yesterday. It's her fault for like, messing with me. Now I'm ready to go home with a million bucks and show Daddy that I really CAN earn money. ^_^

    [18:07] * Shawn|| wakes up.

    [18:07] (Webby, can you be dakota? hes overly excitable and finds everything AWESOME)

    [18:07] == Chris|Brandon changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Team Plasma: Chad, Dakota, Derek, Jim, and Sam | Team LBE: Blayne, Brandon, Mandy, and Shawn

    [18:07] * Chad| wakes up.

    [18:07] (That confessional never happened. :p)

    [18:07] Back.

    [18:07] Is BB back?

    [18:07] *Yawns* Morning eh.

    [18:08] == WebkinzMania has changed …

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  • TDAwesome15

    [16:28] ---Noo Daye---

    [16:28] (Nobody talk.

    [16:28] (Nobody talk.)

    [16:28] (No talking until you are introed)

    [16:28] (just wanting to watch xD)

    [16:28] (He's doing intros.)

    [16:29] (kk.)

    [16:29] (omg stop it)

    [16:29] (...WAITING)

    [16:29] Welcome to the show! We have 11 contestants coming to the island and they are in for some total drama!

    [16:29] First here is Annie!

    [16:30] (...)

    [16:30] (Where's Annie?)

    [16:30] (Annie, say somtin)

    [16:30] (9_9;;)

    [16:30] (Yo, Nalyd. o.o)

    [16:30] * Annie| arrives wearing a red bikini :D

    [16:30] (Nalyd, quit being such a player-hater.)

    [16:30] (kk.)

    [16:30] (Naaaallyyyyd D: )

    [16:30] * Annie| arrives wearing a red bikini :D

    [16:31] Hiiii :D

    [16:31] Woah!

    [16:31] Hello there!

    [16:31] ( o_e )

    [16:31] * Anni…

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  • TDAwesome15

    [17:20] ====New Day====

    [17:20] -


    [17:20] == WebkinzMania [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

    [17:20] (I call new days! :-@)

    [17:20] (CONF) Annie: While Mandy is sleeping, I'm gonna put a beaver in her bed. Those things get mad fast ^_^

    [17:20] (That's Chris's job.)

    [17:20] == Mandy| changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (9): Annie (NalydRenrut), Blayne (Courtney~Duncan~TDA), Brandon (Bbhinton15), Chad (CrashMan 85), Dakota (Dakotacoons), Derek (TDA ROCKS), Jim (TheZobe), Mandy (TDIFan13), Sam (misstditylerfan) / Eliminated (2): Shawn (TDAwesome15), Terrence (TotalDramaFan1000)

    [17:20] (Fine. Sorry.)

    [17:20] ---NEW DAY---

    [17:20] * ChrisMcL…

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  • TDAwesome15

    Welcome to...Total...Drama...Island...the Roleplay! We've picked 11 new teens to come to Camp Wawanakwa for a few quick challenges, followed by some shocking eliminations. And what excatly did these teens have to go through to earn the big bucks? Scroll down to find out!

    Username Contestant

    Bigez Chris McLean
    TDIFan13 Mandy
    Nalyd Renrut Annie
    CD-TDA Blayne
    Bbhinton15 Brandon
    CrashMan85 Chad
    Dakotacoons Dakota
    TDA ROCKS Derek
    TheZobe Jim
    misstditylerfan Sam
    TDAwesome15 Shawn
    TotalDramaFan1000 Terrence

    ***Note: This did NOT stay the same throughout the entire thing, there WERE replacements, alot of them.…

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