[16:34] == Bridgette_dj10 [] has joined #dramatizing-1
[16:34] <Bridgette_dj10> Hey Ready to audition ^_^
[16:34] <CD-TDA> Nalyd, please exit.
[16:34] <CD-TDA> >->
[16:34] == Nalyd-Panda [4a4c1053@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #dramatizing-1 []
[16:34] <Bridgette_dj10> I was wondering why Nalyd was in here xD
[16:34] <Bridgette_dj10> Tell me when to start :p
[16:34] <CD-TDA> K.
[16:34] <CD-TDA> You can start.
[16:34] <CD-TDA> -w-
[16:34] <Bridgette_dj10> alright, this is a tape right?
[16:34] <Bridgette_dj10> not a live audition?
[16:34] <CD-TDA> A tape, yeah.
[16:34] <CD-TDA> -w-
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> alright cool
[16:35] <CD-TDA> But make it seem so you're filming the tape at that moment
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> ----------------------START-----------------------------------
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> Zoey: *turns on camera* Hey Chris! It's Zoey, and this is my audition for Total Drama
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> I'll start by telling you a little about myself
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> I have never really been popular as a kid
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> And as an only child, I was pretty lonely
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> I'm hoping I can make some friends on the show!
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> You do think I'll make some friends right?
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm weird?
[16:35] <Bridgette_dj10> Anyways...I promise to compete my hardest, with integr-
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> Ok seriously, you think they will like me right? Am I trying to hard?
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> It's just I could really use some more friends, or really friends at all
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked, I promise to try my hardest and make it as far as I can
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> I hope you pick me, I promise you won't be disappointed
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> That was good right?
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> *video ends with Zoey looking worriedly at the camera*
[16:36] <Bridgette_dj10> --------------------------END--------------------------------
[16:36] <CD-TDA> Alright. -w-
[16:37] <CD-TDA> Are you auditioning for anyone else?
[16:37] <Bridgette_dj10> Did you like it? ^_^
[16:37] <Bridgette_dj10> ATM no :p
[16:37] <CD-TDA> I can't say if I liked it.
[16:37] <CD-TDA> -w-
[16:37] <Bridgette_dj10> Pssh well
[16:37] <Bridgette_dj10> xD Alright, well thanks for having me :p
[16:37] == Bridgette_dj10 [] has left #dramatizing-1 []
[16:39] == Lightning| [4bb6309b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dramatizing-1
[16:39] <CD-TDA> K.
[16:39] <CD-TDA> So,
[16:39] <CD-TDA> You have to make up an audition tape.
[16:39] <CD-TDA> For your audition.
[16:40] <Lightning|> ok
[16:40] <Lightning|> :3
[16:40] <CD-TDA> --- START ---
[16:41] <Lightning|> Chris should choose Lightning for Dramatizing.
[16:42] <Lightning|> Lightning can do anything better than the bunch of losers that Chris is gonna pick.
[16:42] <Lightning|> *He is seen at a basketball court and tries to shoot a basketball into the hoop, which bounces back at Lightning at hits his head*
[16:43] <Lightning|> What the?! Lightning definitively is good at basketball, that was on purpose!
[16:43] <Lightning|> Let Lightning do it again! *shoots again and same thing happens*
[16:44] <Lightning|> What ever, Lightning is Chris's best pick though!
[16:45] <Lightning|> So without Lightning, Dramatizing will fail!
[16:45] <Lightning|> *shoots once more and Camera falls over* hey!
[16:46] <Lightning|> --END LIGHTNING--

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