20:47] <CDced-TDA> --- START ---
[20:47] <Copper5> *Dawn is sitting on a stump in the woods*
[20:47] <Copper5> Hello, children of mother eartrh, my name is Dawn.
[20:47] <Copper5> *earth
[20:48] <Copper5> People call me a weirdo due to my connection with nature, but I call myself a "moonchild".
[20:48] <Copper5> I hope to win Total Drama, and share my connection with mother earth, and her creatures to the world!
[20:48] <Copper5> *Several small animals crowd around Dawn*
[20:48] <Copper5> *pets a rabbit under the chin*
[20:49] <Copper5> See how wonderful they are, Animals seem to gravitate twoards me.
[20:49] <Copper5> *A bear appears and rushes over to Dawn*
[20:49] <Copper5> Aww, come here child of-
[20:49] <Copper5> *Bear bearhugs Dawn*
[20:50] <Copper5> *Dawn begins to turn blue as tape ends*
[20:50] <Copper5> END

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