[15:41] <TDIFan13> That was good, now let's try a scene with Scarlett.
[15:41] <Rodney-> Okay!
[15:41] <TDIFan13> Who would you like your partner to be?
[15:41] == Rodney- has changed nick to Scarlett-
[15:41] <Scarlett-> I guess it could be um Topher
[15:41] <TDIFan13> Sure!
[15:42] <Scarlett-> Scarlett walks to the cabin and is stopped by Topher. She adjusts her glasses.
[15:42] <Scarlett-> He smiles and looks back at her, adjusting her glasses for her.
[15:42] <Scarlett-> Scarlett makes a confessional
[15:43] <Scarlett-> "According to my calculations, he seems to be trying to play me. Although I would normally barf, I should let him think I am with him."
[15:43] <Scarlett-> She pretends to smile back.
[15:44] <Scarlett-> Topher tells her he wants to team up with her to ensure safety for them both.
[15:44] == N3__ [329764b6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #nightsky
[15:44] <Scarlett-> Scarlett is not dumb, she knows what he did to his team mates. She agrees, crossing her fingers
[15:44] <Scarlett-> He smiles and she fake grins back.
[15:44] <Scarlett-> She then makes another confessional
[15:45] <Scarlett-> "Perfect, if Topher thinks he's playing me, I can easily play him back. I've studied the human mind, I know everything regarding his movements. This should be interesting."
[15:45] <TDIFan13> Thanks, DaisyPeachPower!
[15:45] <TDIFan13> That was great.
[15:45] <Scarlett-> Thanks
[15:45] <TDIFan13> A link to the final Ridonculous Roleplay cast list will be posted June 30 on the Total Drama Wiki main page. Enjoy your week!
[15:45] <TDIFan13> You're free to go now.
[15:45] <Scarlett-> Thanks! You too!
[15:46] == Scarlett- [48c1d69d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #nightsky []
[15:46] <TDIFan13> N3, may we have a word?

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