[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *static*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *Dakota is in her bedroom, which is entirely pink*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *pose*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> ;)
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *pose*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> :D
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> Oh! Haha! I didn't see you there. My name is Dakota, and I
was born to be a star.
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *motions to a computer screen showing random charts and
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> My insider sources have explained that in order to maximize
my screentime and thus, my popularity and star-potential, I should apply for Total
Drama, which I've never even, like, heard of before. Anyways. If you pick me, I
can guarantee you one thing:
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *she stretches her arms out*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> RATINGS!
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *moves to a poster of her face*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> As you probably already know, I have an enormous fanbase,
already gathered from my debut to the stage, Dakota! The Life of a Star on
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *moves back to her computer and plays a clip of her singing
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> I mean, some people say it was cancelled after one
performance due to my bad singing, acting, and dancing. I refuse to believe that.
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *presses a button on a remote and the msuic for "Swanee
River" begins*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> (badly) Wayyyyyy down upon Dakota's River! That's where I'll
stayyyyyyy. Nooooobody better mess with my river! If they do, I'l go
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *music stops*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> ...zy. Now wasn't that amazing? You don't even have to
answer, I know it was. See, I think that my show was cancelled because my target
audience was too small.
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *moves back to her first position*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> If you pick me, Total Drama, I will do some major damage to
your ratings.
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> *thinks to herself*
[11:26] <Dakotacoons> Wait. That sounded wrong. Hmm.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *trips over a cord on the ground*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Ow!
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *she gets up, but hits her head on the camera lens*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Ow!
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *attempts to get up again*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Okay.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *fixes her hair and walks off-screen angrily*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> DADDY. BUY ME A SPOT ON TOTAL DRAMA. NOW.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *walks back on-screen*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Sorry about that.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *pose*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> ;)
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *pose*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> :D
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Bye! Tee-hee!
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *static*

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