[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *static*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Hi Total Drama! I want to audition for your newest season!
Funny story, actually.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *moves over towards a prepared diorama*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> My uncle invented Total Drama! Before him, people just sat at
their TV watching shows like Carpetrats. Classic.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *points at another picture*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> But before my great-great-great grandpa invented the
television, people just stared at cardboard boxes all day, while someone used
handpuppets for entertainment. So sad.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *points to another picture*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> My great-great-great-great-great grandma invented handpuppets.
Before handpuppets, people used their socks on their feet for puppet shows. Stinky.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *moves away from diorama*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Anyways, with my rich family history and stuff like that, I
think I would make a ton of friends on Total Drama Reloaded.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> Oh yeah! One more thing.
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> *moves back to diorama*
[11:27] <Dakotacoons> My great-great-great-great-great-great-gre-
[11:28] <Dakotacoons> *static*

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