[13:42] <@Kgman04> First, please provide a link to your written audition tape. If you have come unprepared, you can post this to your userpage later.
[13:43] <DarkMaster999> And about the audition tape:
[13:43] <@Kgman04> Great. Now I'm going to ask you three questions to help me get to know you and your character better.
[13:43] <@Kgman04> Do you intend to act exactly as your character in the Total Drama series would or are you seeking to try something new with your character?
[13:44] <DarkMaster999> Yes and just like Chef maybe add a one or two details if I manage to enter the RP
[13:44] <@Kgman04> Any you have in mind right now?
[13:45] <DarkMaster999> I was thinking of maybe giving him, a little more depth on his history as a gamer, the fact even if he fails at the athletic challenges he is always a guy ready to face it and maybe give him more social
[13:46] <DarkMaster999> game*
[13:46] <@Kgman04> Good call! Do you plan to find a love interest for your character during the upcoming season? If so, who would you be interested in establishing a relationship with?
[13:47] <DarkMaster999> Maybe and probably if I would follow a love plot I would try to stick with Dakota like on TD or go for Jen
[13:48] <@Kgman04> We're now going to improvise a scene. You'll be playing Sam. Your partner for this scene is Lindsay. Change your nickname by typing in: /nick followed by the name of your character and your favorite number. Please begin.
[13:48] == Owen04 has changed nick to Lindsay04
[13:49] <DarkMaster999> Hey Lindsay
[13:49] <DarkMaster999> ops
[13:49] <DarkMaster999> forgot to change
[13:49] <Lindsay04> Hey, Stan! Oh my gosh, I LOVE your collared shirt, it's so in this season!
[13:49] == DarkMaster999 has changed nick to Sam60
[13:50] <Sam60> It's Sam, but thanks for the compliment, you look pretty as well Lindsay just like Princess Peach hahaha
[13:51] <Lindsay04> Peach? That's the same color as my foundation, ohmigosh.
[13:51] <Sam60> So, ah Lindsay you think I could have a chance with a girl? Like I'm not that physical guy but maybe someone could like me
[13:51] <Lindsay04> Ooooooh!
[13:51] <Lindsay04> Maybe if you used some makeup.
[13:51] <Lindsay04> I could do it for you sometime!
[13:51] <Lindsay04> Girls LOVE makeup, trust me.
[13:51] <Sam60> Hahaha thanks, but I don't know if all the girls would like me doing cosplay
[13:52] <Sam60> But you know what, I really appreciate your help maybe it could work
[13:52] <Sam60> Like you helping me to look like one of those super hollywood actors
[13:53] <Lindsay04> No problem! :D
[13:53] <Lindsay04> And let me know if you want to go shopping sometime.
[13:53] <Lindsay04> We could get matching tops. ^_^
[13:53] <@Kgman04> We'll end the scene here.
[13:54] <@Kgman04> Thanks so much for auditioning!
[13:57] == Sam60 [b3d20c60@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]

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