• Blaineley: Webkinz Mania
  • Duncan: Ruebenn
  • Gwen: neko-naito
  • Harold: Kgman04
  • Katie: Prince Blake
  • Mr. Coconut: Oatmeal-
  • Sierra: TotalDramaNaruto
  • Tyler: TDIFan13


  • Blaineley: Webkinz Mania
  • Duncan: Ruebenn
  • Harold: Kgman04
  • Mr. Coconut: Oatmeal-
  • Sierra: TotalDramaNaruto

Day 1

Blaineley: Hi, I'm the bitch
Katie: e
Katie: e
Katie: e
Katie: e
Katie: e
Katie: it's me
Duncan: kisses Gwen.
Gwen: Ugh I hate everything except Duncan
Harold: moans sexually
Katie: kay tee
Duncan: Hey babe.
Blaineley: sorry it's not total chat drama
Mr. Coconut: channels my inner TotalDramaNaruto
Sierra: UM
Sierra: WHERE
Sierra: I S
Mr. Coconut: [i like anime]
Sierra: CODY???!?!?!
Mr. Coconut: [naruto is my favorite]
Katie: who wants some tea with kay tee
Mr. Coconut: [without anime, i'm a hollow shell]
Duncan: Iced tea?
Mr. Coconut: [oh wait, i'm a coconut]
Mr. Coconut: [heh]
Tyler: I'm straight.
Blaineley: where's lu
Sierra: (conf) Coconut sounds so sad :/
Harold: (conf) Without Leshawna here, I'm a lonely man.
Mr. Coconut: [my name is Mister Gevonte Coconut]
Harold: (conf) As a man, I have needs.
Mr. Coconut: [ ]
Blaineley: Katie, how does it feel to participate with these Total Drama legends?
Harold: (conf) Needs which need to be satisfied.
Blaineley: Mr. Coconut...
Tylerwhispers toHaroldAlliance
Blaineley: Sierra...
Blaineley: Harold?
Haroldwhispers toTyleronly if you...
Haroldwhispers toTylertake care of my needs
Sierra: Right? Talk about All-Stars 2!
Katie: i am
Katie: a legend
Katie: ??
Tylerwhispers toHaroldAlliance please
Blaineley: Wait, what?
Haroldwhispers toTylerMY NEEDS
Katie: nobody can spill tea like me, kay tea
Duncan: Katie you haven't comped since 2007
Blaineley: I thought you were just a lucky fan who got to participate.
Haroldwhispers toTylerfrom bro to bro
Blaineley: Oh, my bad.
Sierra: oo I love tea
Duncan: that's almost 10 years
Sierra: we should have tea time with my cody doll some day
Katie: who the fuck do you think you are @ Duncan: Mr. Coconut: [Katie]
Tyler: Hi everyone
Duncan: im the guy who made it to the merge in every season he was in that's who
Katie: get your cheating ass
Katie: lying ass
Katie: dumb ass
Katie: out of here
Mr. Coconut: [You're as memorable as owen's left buttcheek]
Mr. Coconut:
Tyler: Mr coconut please
Harold: I'm a legend, icon, star.
Duncan: katie did you win a td season? because i won a td season
Katie: you're a fucking fruit!!
Mr. Coconut: [Tyler please? Can you be relevant for fucking once.]
Harold: mr. coconut
Gwen: Ugh goth shit
Harold: vote
Harold: you're so annoying
Mr. Coconut: [Like, stop being Alejandro's CUCK]
Tyler: WHO td
Tyler: Tf*
Mr. Coconut: [Oh, wait... there are day actions..]
Mr. Coconut: [Awkward..]
Blaineley: You guys are lame
You find yourself in a dimly lit banquet! You sense the presence of a masked guest. The guest appears to be a Invisible Man.
You find yourself in a dimly lit banquet! You sense the presence of a masked guest. The guest appears to be a Chef.

Night 2

Gwen is part of the mafia, but not attending the mafia meeting tonight.
Guest-2: oh what the fuck
Guest-1: Hey
Guest-2: hi
Guest-1: This is crazy
Guest-2: i assume you're the chef
Guest-1: Perhapsa
Guest-2: oh yeah you are
Guest-1: Yeah I am
Guest-1: Okay end meeting
Guest-2: well ok you know that i'm harold the invisible man then

Day 2

After observing Duncan for an entire night, you realize he/she might be a Virgin.
The doctors arrived too late for MrCoconut, the drunk
As read from the last will of MrCoconut: drunked Tyler: Tyler: Good

Duncan: oh well he was just a coconut
Blaineley whispers to Harold: chef
Tyler: He was so extra
Duncan: it's not like he was a human being
Tyler: I'm vegan
Katie: i don't know who you think you are but
Sierra: How does a coconut get drunk?
Harold: I'm horny
Sierra: Does it drink itself?
Katie: mr coconut was a competitor
Sierra: Katie: just like me.
Blaineley: Fun fact
Katie: this is so disrespectful!
Tyler: Ok this sounds weird
Blaineley: The coconut was actually eliminated more recently than Katie
Duncan: Katie I think he has more apperances than you did in the entire series
Tyler: So let me just throw this out there
Blaineley: Think about that
Gwen: You're all the worst except Duncan: Blaineley: Yeah
Tyler: Harold asked me for an alliance yesterday
Harold: I did NOT
Tyler: Not sure what that means
Blaineley: Tyler, we should hire you for Celebrity Manhunt.
Tyler: But keep that in mind
Harold: You asked ME for an alliance
Tyler: No
Duncan: Like I think Mr. Coconut has more name recognition than you do.
Harold: and i told you i'd be down
Katie: I AM
Blaineley: You spill the tea for everything!
Katie: A STAR
Katie: OKAY
Harold: as long as you satisfied
Katie: ??
Blaineley: Gwuncan!
Harold: my needs
Blaineley: Alliances!
Harold: my manly needs
Katie: i have TEA to spill
Blaineley: How about you start off on an internship?
Harold: ok..
Sierra: but balineley
Sierra: what about my job at C
Sierra: Tyler: Listen
Duncan: go back to sewing your own clothes you skinny little freak
Blaineley: We might have to let you go.
Sierra: ....Do I mean NOTHING to you!?
Tyler: I can't be the mafia because if the coconut drunked me
Tyler: Then I would be roleblocked
Blaineley: It's a business, Sierra.
Harold: there's 2 mafia!!
Tyler: So I am safe
Sierra: ...:'(
Harold: we don't KNOW that
You hear a gunshot!
Tyler, the alien, had their neck broken.
As read from the last will of Tyler: Mr Coconut is so extra

Harold: plus you could be the sniper
Katie: duncan hates woc that's why he ditched courtney for Gwen
Tyler: I am safe Harold
Sierra Duncan: OH SHIT
Harold: ....
Gwen: Harold: ok well
Blaineley: Okay, Sierra.
Harold: we have a sniper
Blaineley: You can keep your job.
Katie: o:
Sierra: Well that debunks THAT theroy
Duncan: Okay everyone in my family is a cop so I should be in charge
Tyler: Harold is a liar
Blaineley: I guess Tyler spilled too much tea!
Harold: Okay that makes no sense
Tyler: It's Harold!!!!!!
Harold: I'm the SMARTEST one here
Harold: So I should be incharge
Gwen: Tyler was annoying anyways
Mr. Coconut: oh
Mr. Coconut: hello

Duncan: punches Harold
Duncan: dork
Mr. Coconut: who areoyu
Sierra: Um I know everything about EVERYONE here
Katie: UH
Blaineley: I'm on Celebrity Manhunt!
Harold: moans
Harold: harder
Katie: I JUST GOT TEA ON Duncan: Sierra: so obvi Im in chrarge
Tyler: Oats xD
Blaineley: i know all your dirt!
Katie: i'm the smartest one here
Katie: okay?
Mr. Coconut: ...
Mr. Coconut: fuck off
Mr. Coconut: Tyler

Blaineley: I spill dirt in your tea!
Katie: i should be the host of celebrity manhunt
Katie: not Blaineley
Tyler: I'm Oatmeals xD
Duncan: Katie I know you're in love with me but chill
Blaineley: or tea in your dirt
Duncan: I'm with Gwen: Harold: We should NL!
Blaineley: Well, you sure had the spare time the last nine years, Katie.
Blaineley: That's for sure
Katie: the Audacity
Blaineley: At least Zobe made that fake photo of Sadie for TDWT
Duncan: Katie you haven't competed in a DECADE
Mr. Coconut: if you're oatmeal
Mr. Coconut: you can go die

Harold: since we have no leads and also if we mislynch we lose
Tyler: I am
Katie: nine years and like.
Katie: one hundred sixty days
Duncan: when you were on the show George Bush was still President
Duncan: that's how irrelevant you are
Sierra: Katie...Im sorrfy but the polls do say that youre below Sadie in ranks
Gwen whispers to Duncan: Hey wanna go make out

Night 3

You find yourself in a dimly lit banquet! You sense the presence of a masked guest. The guest appears to be a Virgin.
You find yourself in a dimly lit banquet! You sense the presence of a masked guest. The guest appears to be a Chef.
Gwen is part of the mafia, but not attending the mafia meeting tonight.

Guest-1: Hi Duncan: Guest-1: It is I, Blaineley!
Guest-2: new phone who dis
Guest-1: I know your deepest darkest secret!
Guest-1: You are a virgin!
Guest-2: what's dat
Guest-2: gasp
Guest-2: what's ur role
Guest-1: And I plan to report it on Celebrity Manhunt tomorrow!
Guest-1: Guest-1: Chef!
Guest-2: cool beans fam
Guest-1: But I'm also a reporter for Celebrity Manhunt.
Guest-2: let's team up on Katie: Guest-2: she's locco
Guest-2: and probs mafia
Guest-1: Well, we need confirmation.
Tyler: This is so extra
Guest-2: she's rude to me so she's mafia
Guest-1: Virgin = no mafia kill the next day
Guest-2: i don't wanna be a sacrifice tho

Day 3

After observing Harold for an entire night, you realize he/she might be a Invisible Man.
Harold, the invisible man, didn't get away fast enough.
As read from the last will of Harold: harold/invis, followed katie and gwen (irrel bc sniper), cheffed w clear blaineley n1

Blaineley: Hi!
Duncan: shrugs
Duncan: One less dork.
Tyler: Blaineley is clear everyone
Harold: binch ur dead
Sierra: Um, ok so how do we decipher that message?
Katie: duh!
Tyler: Hey kggy

Katie: he literally said gwen is sniper!
Tyler: It's TDN
Harold: katie you are so dumb
Harold: or a rly smart maf
Harold: anyway hi tdn
Duncan: How would he know that though
Katie: I
Katie: DON'T
Katie: KNOW
Sierra: I never liked you. >.>
Tyler: Hi
Harold: can you guys.... read
Harold: lmao

Duncan: YOU KNOW WHAT Katie: Katie: LIKE YOU
Katie: irrelevant ass bitch
Tyler: What in the name of sweet Alabama corn is going on here
Harold: who did blaineley chef
Harold: like wtf

Katie: that's the only shit you have against me!!
Katie: you know i'm 10000000x better than you
Harold: she should have at least one confirmed maf
Duncan: the only fun trivia about you is that you were a gopher for one episode
Sierra: *tweets the Katie/Duncan fight of the century to her blog*
Harold: wait nevermind maybe not
Katie: i'm nicki minaj and he's igloo australia
Duncan: Gwen! Kick her butt!
Tyler: I've got a sneaky suspicion that Katie is Ryan
Harold: if she cheffed a clear she has a 2/3 chance of hitting maf??? come on sis
Mr. Coconut: shut the fuck up Oatmeal
Gwen: /rolls up sleeve
Katie: who's this
Mr. Coconut: who cares about your suspicion
Gwen Come here, Katie
Katie: fight your own battles bitch
Gwen: We can make this easy or hard
Tyler: Or it's Mr Coconut
Tyler: Mr Extra
Tyler: Aka Ryan

Sierra: Its about to go down. You recordinging this blainemister?
Mr. Coconut: shut up oatmeal
Blaineley: Yes.
Katie: did you just call her a mister
Katie: that's so cisphobic
Blaineley: Hot off the press: Gwen and Katie catfight.
Duncan: Katie can you just go away
Duncan: forver
Blaineley: Josh would be thrilled if he was not frozen in a chamber.
Gwen: I mean, we CAN lynch her.....
Sierra: EEe!! This is gonna be the biggest news on my blog in years!
Gwen: And she'll go away forever...........
Tyler: :/
Duncan: Lynch Katie!
Sierra: Hm....tempting
Katie: lynch duncan!!
Harold: ofc they lynch the dark one
Blaineley: No, he's clear.
Sierra: Boyfriend Stealer, or Less Popular Sadie
Sierra: Choices
Duncan: I know Blaineley is innocent, and so is my darling Gwen!
Katie: H OW
Duncan: And Sierra seems chil
Blaineley: Fuck, okay.
Duncan: *chill
Duncan: Peace, bitch.
Harold: i'm blaineley choosing katie when she about to die
Harold: kween

Sierra: Welp
Katie: stop!
Katie commits suicide!
Tyler: XD
Sierra: wtf
Tyler: WTF
Duncan: oh damn
Sierra has turned into a vegetable!

Day 4

Blaineley: Okay!
Duncan: welp
Gwen: Well.
Gwen: That's awkward.
Duncan: Gwen: Blaineley: Let's cut the crap
Duncan: how could you
Duncan: you're mafia?????
Gwen: You're not????
Duncan: I thought I was the only criminal here!
Tyler: What in the name of Paula Deen just happened
Blaineley: Save it. >_>
Gwen: Okay
Gwen: so
Blaineley: I got enough.
Gwen: We can kill me
Gwen: OR
Blaineley: No.
Gwen: Me and Duncan can be a criminal duo
Blaineley: No.
Gwen: and kill Blainely
Blaineley: No.
Duncan: Gwen...
Gwen: And we'll be like Bonnie and Clyde.
Duncan: I'm sorry
Gwen: What do you say Duncan?
Gwen: NO
Blaineley: No.
Gwen: D:
Duncan: I'm leaving you for Blaineley: Gwen: Don't you LOVE me????
Blaineley: Duncan: She's an older woman so that's a big status symbol for me

Day 5

Gwen, the sniper, didn't get away fast enough.
Village wins.

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