• Brick: Gogogadget831
  • Brody: neko-naito
  • Mickey: numbuhthreefan
  • Rodney: TotalDramaNaruto
  • Samey: Prince Blake
  • Sky: Webkinz Mania


  • Brick: Gogogadget831
  • Brody: neko-naito
  • Rodney: TotalDramaNaruto
  • Samey: Prince Blake
  • Sky: Webkinz Mania

Day One

Brick: Hi
Sky: DIE.
Brody: Sup I'm friends with Geoff
Brick: Ly too bff
Sky: What the hell?
Sky: Why is there no start day?
Mickey: what
Brick: Is Rodney very shy
Rodney: *redneck chuckle*
Brick: Why is he not talking
Mickey: omg he is
Samey: mafia role is arsonist
Samey: i'm agent
Sky: Thanks Arsonist.
Samey: so that's why nobody is dying
Mickey: nice Samey
Someone threw a match into the crowd!
Rodney: Samey
Rodney: same
Mickey: Samey
Mickey: y
Brody: what
Sky: Damn.
Brody: :I
Brody: Rodney: AH! FIRE BAD
Sky: Darn.

Day Two

Brick, the bleeder, departed for the afterlife.
As read from the last will of Brick: Can I go on ur wiki

Samey: um
Samey: same
Brody: no
Sky: me
Mickey: wow
Sky: I can make your hands clap.
Samey: y
Mickey: I heard of that song
Samey: Once per game can choose to set fire to all doused players, killing them.
Samey: basically
Sky contacted the arsonist: You are going to die.
Samey: the mafia wasted their chance @ killing anyone
Sky contacted the maid: You are going to lose.
Brody: welp!
Samey: they should have set fire to everyone and then burned them
Samey: but
Samey: shook
Mickey: ahhhh at my meesgae
Mickey: message*
Sky: What do you mean?
Sky: What message?
Sky: I didn't get one!!
Rodney: Um, idk how useful my info is
Mickey: never mind it's not for you
Sky: Not useful.
Sky: Why not, tbh?
Mickey: you know ok I'll say it
Sky: What?
Samey: also the neutral role is maid
Samey: jsyk
Mickey: it said I was going to die
Mickey: Sky: Yeah.
Sky: I sent that.
Sky: I'm agent.
Rodney: samey how do you know so much?
Mickey: oh
Sky contacted the arsonist: Hi.
Sky contacted the arsonist: You are going to die.
Samey: i'm agent
Sky: I sent that to arsonist.
Mickey: why Sky: Samey
agent can contact people
Sky: Yes.
Brody: i honestly dont know whats going on
Samey: sky is lying
Samey: lynch ha
Rodney: Well Im watcher and brody's been visitng people
Sky: Samey
Rodney: so....
Mickey: yes
Sky: Is there an agent icon next to yoiu?
Rodney: Does that make him maf?
Sky: Yes or no?
Mickey: sky is a lyir
Samey: ok nvm
Samey: she gave me maid
Sky: STOP.
Samey: rude bitch
Sky: So bye @Mickey: Rodney: oh what?

Day Three

Village wins!
This game was unranked

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