[17:47] <@TDIFan13> Hi, GwenXDuncan. Thanks for trying out. This audition will be recorded onto our transcript bot. You can start us off by slating.
[17:47] <GwenXDuncan93> Its GwenXDuncan93.
[17:47] <@TDIFan13> Okay, great. You can start us off by slating, thanks. :p
[17:47] <GwenXDuncan93> All right.
[17:48] <GwenXDuncan93> Im auditioning for Gwen.
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> kk
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> Typically you say your name with it
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> like
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> "I'm GwenXDuncan93"
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> auditioning for Gwen
[17:48] <GwenXDuncan93> [20:47] <GwenXDuncan93> Its GwenXDuncan93.
[17:48] <GwenXDuncan93> ?
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> k lol
[17:48] <@TDIFan13> This audition will go by quickly so make sure you're attentive or your time will run out and you won't finish on time. Okay?
[17:49] <GwenXDuncan93> Yep, well weve wasted 3 minutes already..
[17:49] <@TDIFan13> yeah
[17:49] <@TDIFan13> First, we're going to ask you three personal questions, none of which will invade your privacy in any way but will help us get to know you better.
[17:49] <@TDIFan13> A. On a scale of one to ten, how skilled would you say your grammar and spelling is? Specifically, one being abysmal and ten being excellent. Please only respond with a number from one to ten.
[17:49] <GwenXDuncan93> 10.
[17:50] <@TDIFan13> B. How committed do you think you will be to attending and participating in the roleplay, on a scale of one to ten? Be honest, as very few users actually display tens.
[17:50] <GwenXDuncan93> 10.
[17:50] <@TDIFan13> C. Do you have any issues with anyone of a different age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexuality? Yes or no answer; if yes, specify.
[17:50] <GwenXDuncan93> I have issues with people..Im not a bigot. I dont care what age/race/whatever you are as long as Im respected.
[17:50] <GwenXDuncan93> There needs to be respect.
[17:50] <@TDIFan13> my thoughts exactly
[17:50] <@TDIFan13> Secondly, we'll ask you three character questions.
[17:51] <@TDIFan13> A. Are you looking to establish a romantic relationship with your character and another user's character during this upcoming season? Yes or no answer.
[17:51] <GwenXDuncan93> Not sure..
[17:51] <@TDIFan13> "Yes or no answer."
[17:51] <GwenXDuncan93> I did read that. Im not blind.
[17:51] <GwenXDuncan93> I just dont know.
[17:51] <GwenXDuncan93> I havent gotten the part yet, have I?
[17:51] <@TDIFan13> lol okay
[17:51] <@TDIFan13> B. Do you plan on taking your character in some form of a new direction in this roleplay? i.e: Are they going to be identical to their show persona or are you planning on developing their character? Yes for new path, no for staying completely in-character.
[17:52] <GwenXDuncan93> Whats funny?
[17:52] <@TDIFan13> nothing
[17:52] <@TDIFan13> can you answer the question
[17:52] <GwenXDuncan93> I can.
[17:52] <GwenXDuncan93> Yes.
[17:52] <@TDIFan13> ....
[17:52] <@TDIFan13> soooo?
[17:53] <GwenXDuncan93> You just said yes for new path & I said yes.
[17:53] <@TDIFan13> okay
[17:53] <@TDIFan13> sorry
[17:53] <GwenXDuncan93> np
[17:53] <@TDIFan13> C. What will your character's role be on the show? Main protagonist, protagonist, anti-hero, antagonist, main antagonist... please reply with just one of those.
[17:53] <GwenXDuncan93> Protagonist, which means good guy.
[17:54] <@TDIFan13> does it
[17:54] <@TDIFan13> interesting
[17:54] <@TDIFan13> Please link us to your audition tape and opening confessional. After you have linked us, we will immediately start a two-person scene with you and another randomized Total Drama Island contestant.
[17:54] <GwenXDuncan93> All right, so..I was thinking we could do this my way.
[17:54] <GwenXDuncan93> I would like to do my opening confessional & audition tape here.
[17:55] <@TDIFan13> Can you please just post it on a wiki page ._.
[17:55] <GwenXDuncan93> I have 20 minutes dont I?
[17:55] <@TDIFan13> well 10 now
[17:55] <GwenXDuncan93> All right so I have 10 more minutes.
[17:55] <GwenXDuncan93> I can finish in 10 minutes.
[17:55] <@TDIFan13> k
[17:57] <GwenXDuncan93> �201cTotal Drama Island. Who cares? I hate this stupid show. I cant wait to see the look on everyones face when I win. The thing is everyones always viewed me as a stupid goth. But Im not. Im more than that, I have feelings too, and when the pretty b�2014ches back at home see how much money I won theyll be sorry for making fun of me. xo�201d
[17:57] <@TDIFan13> okay
[17:57] <@TDIFan13> thanks
[17:57] <@TDIFan13> um
[17:57] <@TDIFan13> was that the opening confessional or audition
[17:57] == Bigez [] has joined #chisel
[17:57] <GwenXDuncan93> Both.
[17:57] <@TDIFan13> okay
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> well
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> you're supposed to make 2 different ones
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> did you read the audition process forum
[17:58] <GwenXDuncan93> Yes. It was hard to understand and poorly written..
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> lol
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> okay
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> how
[17:58] <GwenXDuncan93> I just didnt really understand.. :/
[17:58] <@TDIFan13> okay
[17:59] <@TDIFan13> Well anyway
[17:59] <@TDIFan13> It says very clearly that you need to have both so
[17:59] <GwenXDuncan93> All right well I dont..can I just send one to you later? Like if its a problem.
[17:59] <@TDIFan13> sure
[17:59] <@TDIFan13> Great. Your character for your scene is Eva. Change your nickname by typing in: /nick and then the name of the character you're auditioning for, with a random number after. Please begin.
[18:00] == Bigez has changed nick to Eva1
[18:00] <GwenXDuncan93> I dont understand why I have to make an audition tape&opening confessional when its very clear that this is a roleplay.
[18:00] <GwenXDuncan93> Isnt the roleplaying what matters..?
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> okay
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> well
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> we'd like an audition tape and opening confessiona
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> confessional*
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> ._.
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> the roleplaying is what matters
[18:00] <Eva1> We need to see how in character you are.
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> but we want to make sure you know your character
[18:00] <@TDIFan13> yeah ^ @Bigez
[18:00] <Eva1> If you can't be in character, you can't roleplay.
[18:00] <GwenXDuncan93> I dont understand that at all. but all right.
[18:01] <Eva1> What don't you understand?
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> you don't need to understand
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> thanks
[18:01] <GwenXDuncan93> Sorry for stating my opinion.
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> I'm not getting mad at you for stating your opinion
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> -_-
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> there is 4 minutes left
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> in your audition
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> we do have other people auditioning
[18:01] <@TDIFan13> can you please participate in the scene
[18:01] <GwenXDuncan93> All right. Lol
[18:01] == GwenXDuncan93 has changed nick to Gwen93
[18:02] <Eva1> *lifts dumbells*
[18:02] <Gwen93> So are you going to start?
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> (He sort of just did.)
[18:02] <Gwen93> All right
[18:02] <Gwen93> I want Eva to approach me..
[18:02] <Eva1> ...
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> Well that's not the direction the scene is taking
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> What you need to understand is that we are auditioning dozens of people
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> We do not have time for this
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> I'm sorry
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> like
[18:02] <Eva1> And this is improv.
[18:02] <@TDIFan13> if this is coming across as mean
[18:03] <Gwen93> ..
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> because
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> it's really not meant to be
[18:03] <Eva1> The scene doesn't always go your direction.
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> it's constructive
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> but
[18:03] <Eva1> Listen.
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> I'm just saying you need to follow our direction
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> once you get your character do what you want
[18:03] <Eva1> ^
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> but for now please just participate in the scene
[18:03] <Gwen93> Can you please stop pressing enter after every 3 word..?
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> hello?
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> ...
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> -_-
[18:03] <@TDIFan13> "3 word"
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> lol
[18:04] <Eva1> I'm sorry, but why are you so ignorant?
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> yeah wtf
[18:04] <Gwen93> Im not :/
[18:04] <Gwen93> Im just trying to audition
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> okay
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> cool then audition
[18:04] <Eva1> We are literally giving you an offer to play a character and you're being demanding and brash.
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> like don't sit there patronizing me
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> how old are you like 11
[18:04] <Gwen93> 19 but nice try..
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> Okay yeah
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> so
[18:04] <@TDIFan13> you can leave
[18:04] <Gwen93> ..
[18:05] <@TDIFan13> No seriously
[18:05] <@TDIFan13> I'm not joking
[18:05] <@TDIFan13> You can actually leave
[18:05] <Gwen93> For stating my opinion? :/
[18:05] <Eva1> No.
[18:05] <@TDIFan13> I'm not getting mad at you for stating your opinion
[18:05] <@TDIFan13> like what lol
[18:05] <Eva1> Like.
[18:05] <Eva1> You don't understand.
[18:05] <Gwen93> you dont understand..who are you? Ive been with tdiFan13 for the entire audition.
[18:05] <Eva1> You are acting like you run Roleplay and everything is in your direction.
[18:06] <Gwen93> Its my character.
[18:06] <Eva1> The co-runner, actually.
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> except it isn't
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> because you're doing a shitty job, pardon my French
[18:06] <Eva1> Maybe if you read anything about it you would know.
[18:06] <Eva1> Aha.
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> and you're not getting this character anyway
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> so you can just leave
[18:06] <Gwen93> All right
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> ...
[18:06] <@TDIFan13> so, leave
[18:07] <Gwen93> I dont need to be told off by 2 pre-teens, Im an actual actor so your going to need someone like me in this but if your going to be rude..
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> okay
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> first of all you're a terrible fucking actor then
[18:07] <Gwen93> Watch your language
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> No
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> second of all
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> I am 4 years younger than you
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> that does not make me a pre-teen sweetie
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> thirdly
[18:07] <Gwen93> Dont call me sweetie -.-
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> We will not need someone like you
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> Because if you were a real actor
[18:07] <Eva1> Do you rewrite scripts when you don't agree with them?
[18:07] <@TDIFan13> a. you would know how to slate
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> b. you would know not to talk back to the directors
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> c. you would know how to play a character
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> and
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> d. you would come prepared
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> you didn't make an opening confessional or audition tape, if this was a real audition you would be out on your ass by now
[18:08] <Gwen93> But how do you know what a real audition is?
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> because I am an actor
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> I go to auditions
[18:08] <@TDIFan13> you are a fraud
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> and literally ignorant
[18:09] <Gwen93> Im stating my opinion. Your being harsh
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> Are you LITERALLY ON BATH SALTS
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> I was SO NICE
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> when you came in
[18:09] <Eva1> First of all, if you really cared about being here, you would read the rules.
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> you were SO RUDE
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> and now that I'm saying something
[18:09] <Gwen93> I did read the rules Eva
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> you're like
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> acting like I'm being a tyrant
[18:09] <@TDIFan13> restricting you from your opinion\
[18:10] <Gwen93> Im trying to say something.
[18:10] <Gwen93> You cut through my audition..
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> YOU
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> CUT
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> THROUGH
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> YOUR
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> OWN
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> AUDITION
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> you came late
[18:10] <Eva1> It's improve.
[18:10] <Eva1> *improv
[18:10] <Eva1> There's no setup.
[18:10] <Gwen93> Why are we arguing..No point your just going to kick me out of the chatroom anyway and then ban me
[18:10] <@TDIFan13> I'm not going to ban you
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> I have no reason to ban you
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> I will most definitely be kicking you out of the chatroom if you don't leave
[18:11] <Gwen93> Like I said Im 19 I dont need this, you guys will learn oneday this is not how to treat people -.-
[18:11] <Eva1> ...
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> sorry but
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> guess what
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> if you're 19
[18:11] <Eva1> YOU WERE THE ONE.
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> why are you on a wiki
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> trying out for a rolepla
[18:11] <Eva1> Arguing in the first place.
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> trying out for a roleplay*
[18:11] <Eva1> -_-
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> why don't you get your life together
[18:11] <@TDIFan13> "actor"
[18:11] == mode/#chisel [-o Gwen93] by TDIFan13
[18:11] == mode/#chisel [+b Gwen93!*@*] by TDIFan13
[18:11] == Gwen93 was kicked from #chisel by TDIFan13 [Gwen93]

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