Ryan TDA15 Ale Tulle Liz Missy WM FH

[11:11] <@Musou> :'(

[11:12] <Ale|Artwork> Liz left.

[11:12] <Ale|Artwork> But I know who.

[11:12] <Ale|Artwork> But I won't say

[11:12] <@Musou> It's not CD.

[11:12] <Ale|Artwork> 'Cause I don't want to face ban-or-hate.

[11:12] <Ale|Artwork> I know it's not.

[11:12] <@Musou> She hasn't been on since yesterday.

[11:12] <@Musou> FK? :|

[11:13] <@Musou> Who talked to her though?

[11:13] <Ale|Artwork> Don't want to face ban-or-hate. Sticking to my beads. -w-

[11:13] <@NalydRenrut> who knoooows

[11:13] <@NalydRenrut> xD

[11:14] <@Musou> Nalyd.

[11:14] <@Musou> There's something you should see. :|

[11:15] <@Musou> Nalyd?

[11:15] <@Musou> o.o

[11:15] <@NalydRenrut> Yes?

[11:15] <@NalydRenrut> Sorry

[11:15] <@NalydRenrut> changing into bathing suit

[11:15] <@Musou> Oh.

[11:15] <@Musou> xD

[11:15] <@NalydRenrut> tell me :p

[11:16] <@NalydRenrut> i'll reply in a sec

[11:16] <@NalydRenrut> hurry >_>

[11:17] <@NalydRenrut> g2g bbl

[11:17] == NalydRenrut [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[11:20] == Oatmeal- [4476e2ea@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[11:23] <FedoraKid> BACK

[11:23] <FedoraKid> I read a bit of the above conversation.

[11:23] == Kgman04 [182c5a8f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]

[11:24] <@Musou> Everyone died.

[11:24] <@Musou> -w-

[11:24] <@Musou> Conveniently, all the admins. :s

[11:24] <FedoraKid> I don't want to start up this whole issue of me supposedly calling Liz a b****, because I DIDN'T.

[11:24] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:24] <FedoraKid> IKR?

[11:24] <Ale|Artwork> No one accused you, Fedora, it was just a Musou geuss. -w-

[11:24] <Ale|Artwork> Don't worry about it.

[11:25] <@Musou> I'm getting tired of how they treat issues. I know I defend them a lot, but now it's ridiculous. :|

[11:25] <Ale|Artwork> Anyways, back to destroying Twiligt.

[11:25] <Ale|Artwork> IKR @Musou

[11:25] <@Musou> I just filed a report, and you know what I got?

[11:25] <@Musou> "BBL".

[11:25] <@Musou> WTF.

[11:25] <FedoraKid> Oh my gosh.

[11:25] <FedoraKid> I just read Liz's final blog.

[11:25] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:25] <FedoraKid> Are you f***ing kidding me?

[11:26] <@Musou> I wish Liz would stop making blogs. I feel bad for her, but it's really not helping the "attention-grabber" thing people see her as. :/

[11:26] <FedoraKid> She totally is.

[11:26] <FedoraKid> And you know what else?

[11:26] <@Musou> Hm?

[11:26] <FedoraKid> She immediately acknowledges Ryan and FH as two of her best friends.

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> GUYS!

[11:26] <FedoraKid> And she LIKES being called "The New FH."

[11:26] <FedoraKid> -_-

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> GUYS!

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> OMG! :D

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> LADY

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> GAGA

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> AND

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> JUSTIN

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> TIMBERLAKE

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> ARE

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> GONNA

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> BE

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> IN

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> THE

[11:26] <@WebkinzMania> SN

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> SNL*

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> SEASON

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> FINALE

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> :D

[11:27] <FedoraKid> So, as I was saying, Musou.

[11:27] <FedoraKid> And then she goes to her "Apology" section."

[11:27] <FedoraKid> She apologizes to CD and Poli.

[11:27] <FedoraKid> But CONVENIENTLY leaves ME out and doesn't apologize for flat-out LYING about me.

[11:27] <FedoraKid> -_-

[11:27] <@Musou> *pets*

[11:27] <@Musou> "All of you should go to school or find a new hobby."

[11:27] <@Musou> ...

[11:27] <@Musou> Yeah.

[11:27] <FedoraKid> No, no. It pisses me off.

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> :|

[11:27] <FedoraKid> I'm sick of it.

[11:27] <FedoraKid> She's deliberately trying to put me down

[11:27] <@WebkinzMania> :|

[11:28] <@Musou> "All of you should go to school or find a new hobby." --- Thank you Liz. That was really sweet of you. :|

[11:28] <@WebkinzMania> :s

[11:28] <FedoraKid> Ugh.

[11:29] <@Musou> I dislike how people act as if she's the victim. Like she's done nothing wrong. I have nothing against Liz, I consider her a friend. But she is NOT innocent.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> IKR?

[11:29] <FedoraKid> That's the thing.

[11:29] <@Musou> Everyone gangs up on CD instead, because for some reason, everyone naturally hates CD.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> People like her and Ryan make these "goodbye blogs," and people instantly feel sorry for her.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> *and him

[11:29] <@Musou> Fun fact, CD has NEVER trashtalked Liz.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> I

[11:29] <FedoraKid> K

[11:29] <FedoraKid> R

[11:29] <FedoraKid> ?

[11:29] <FedoraKid> It pisses me off.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> And CD is my friend.

[11:29] <FedoraKid> I know she wouldn't trash-talk Liz.

[11:29] <@Musou> She's always told her directly, and has never INSULTED her.

[11:30] <@Musou> "I don't think you're suitable for admin" IS NOT A F**KING INSULT.

[11:30] <@Musou> -_-

[11:30] <FedoraKid> And now, after Ryan makes this boo-hoo blog, people are all like: "Plz stay, ryan, lol."

[11:30] <FedoraKid> And now he's apparently trying to regain his admin status.

[11:30] <@WebkinzMania> I did it too

[11:30] <@WebkinzMania> :D

[11:30] <@WebkinzMania> Oh

[11:30] <@WebkinzMania> I did the first thing

[11:30] <@WebkinzMania> xD

[11:30] <@Musou> Do people have any idea how hurt CD was?

[11:30] <@Musou> How depressed she was?

[11:31] <@Musou> CD has enough pride to hide it.

[11:31] <@Musou> And gets called a villain for it.

[11:31] <FedoraKid> She's NOT a villain.

[11:31] <@WebkinzMania> 54936 Elephant 290 Images/i16/checkit_2leggedelephant_290x210.jpg 210 100 Images/i16/checkit_2leggedelephant_100x72.jpg 72

[11:31] <@Musou> I saw how Liz treated her.

[11:31] <FedoraKid> Ryan, FH, and Liz are villains.

[11:31] <@WebkinzMania> O.O

[11:31] <FedoraKid> And they know it.

[11:31] <@WebkinzMania> o.o* Whoops

[11:31] <@Musou> I saw the cruel comments, I saw the insults.

[11:31] <FedoraKid> But they try to get sympathy from the n00bs and people who don't know the truth.

[11:31] <@WebkinzMania> Let me say this:

[11:31] <FedoraKid> At least FH had the ability to admit defeat and leave for good.

[11:31] <@Musou> Liz is a good person. But she is NOT the victim. It sickens me that she pretends to be.

[11:32] <FedoraKid> Liz and Ryan are all like: "I'm leaving," but then they still hang around and try to make themselves look better.

[11:32] <@Musou> [00:01] <FedoraKid> But they try to get sympathy from the n00bs and people who don't know the truth.

[11:32] <FedoraKid> Yes.

[11:32] <@Musou> THIS.

[11:32] <@Musou> THIS.

[11:32] <@Musou> THIS.

[11:32] <FedoraKid> YES

[11:32] <FedoraKid> I

[11:32] <FedoraKid> FREAKIN'

[11:32] <FedoraKid> KNOW

[11:32] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:32] <FedoraKid> It's disgusting.

[11:32] <@Musou> Bloody shameless. -_-

[11:32] <FedoraKid> Almost like my "Behind-The-Scenes" blog on Countdown Season 4.

[11:32] <FedoraKid> Of course, this is WAY more serious.

[11:32] <@Musou> Agreed.

[11:32] <Ale|Artwork> No offence to Liz, CD, or anyone else, but it's not like the people on the other side of the fence are Saints, either...

[11:32] <FedoraKid> It's a shame that no admins are here, save for WM.

[11:33] <@Musou> Who said they were?

[11:33] <FedoraKid> But they are being repeatedly bashed and made to look bad.

[11:33] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:33] <@Musou> I'm saying everyone's at fault, and that Liz shouldn't keep acting like she's the victim and everyone else is wrong.

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> </isn't an admin anymore>

[11:33] <FedoraKid> I know.

[11:33] <FedoraKid> O.o

[11:33] <FedoraKid> WM?

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> ?

[11:33] <FedoraKid> You're not an admin?

[11:33] <Ale|Artwork> Yes

[11:33] <Ale|Artwork> He demoted himself.

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> No, demo...

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> :|

[11:33] <FedoraKid> Again?

[11:33] <FedoraKid> Why?

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> No, demoted myself b/c I got angry b/c I let my emotions bottle up.

[11:33] <@WebkinzMania> And build.

[11:33] <@Musou> Poli told him edits aren't everything. @FK

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> So, yeah

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> Nah

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> More than that

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> :s

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> On the bright side

[11:34] <@Musou> Then why did you write that on your blog? xD @WM

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> I got a high average th...

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> That was one reason

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> xD

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> I got a high average last marking period

[11:34] <FedoraKid> Ah.

[11:34] <FedoraKid> Nice.

[11:34] <FedoraKid> Oh, well.

[11:34] <@WebkinzMania> I doubt I'll be re-re-promoted xD

[11:34] <@Musou> Everyone started yelling at Poli, since the blog made them think it was her fault. o_o

[11:34] <FedoraKid> At least we know that -.

[11:34] <FedoraKid> Which blog?

[11:34] <FedoraKid> Liz's?

[11:35] <@WebkinzMania> My blog.

[11:35] <FedoraKid> Oh.

[11:35] <FedoraKid> Link?

[11:35] <@Musou> In summary: I hate blogs that put the blame on others.

[11:35] <FedoraKid> In summary: I hate blogs that try to gain sympathy.

[11:35] <@WebkinzMania> :p

[11:36] <FedoraKid> Again, at least FH is gone.

[11:36] <@Musou> *high-fives Feddy* -w-

[11:36] <FedoraKid> She was definitely the ringleader.

[11:36] <@Musou> :p

[11:36] * FedoraKid hi-fives Musou back.

[11:36] <FedoraKid> FH was undoubtedly the one who inspired Ryan and Liz.

[11:36] <@Musou> Liz, Ryan and Tulle were the only people who opposed her demotion. :p

[11:36] <@Musou> I found that kind of funny. xD

[11:36] <FedoraKid> Tulle?

[11:36] <@Musou> Yep.

[11:36] <FedoraKid> Where does Tulle get dragged into all of this?

[11:37] <@Musou> Tulle loves FH.

[11:37] <FedoraKid> O.o

[11:37] <FedoraKid> Oh.

[11:37] <FedoraKid> Wow.

[11:37] <FedoraKid> Never thought I'd hear a sentence that goes like: "_______ loves FH."

[11:37] <FedoraKid> O.o

[11:37] <@WebkinzMania> Back

[11:38] <Ale|Artwork> FH was just a bit passive agressive and OCD, she's not really a bad person and she was a good admin.

[11:38] <FedoraKid> Nalyd even admitted it: "I didn't think Freehugs even HAD a popularity rate."

[11:38] <Ale|Artwork> At least she does some banning like the recently needed ones that aren't happening..

[11:38] <FedoraKid> But she also let biase get in the way at times.

[11:38] <FedoraKid> And personal feelings.

[11:38] <@Musou> Ale, I wish I could tell you what Nalyd told me. :(

[11:38] <FedoraKid> Zobe's ban?

[11:38] <FedoraKid> TEN months.

[11:38] <FedoraKid> TEN months.

[11:38] <FedoraKid> For one curse word.

[11:38] <FedoraKid> Without anyone else's consent, from what I heard.

[11:39] <@Musou> And then she threatened to increase it because JASON, Zobe's FRIEND had offended her.

[11:39] <FedoraKid> See?

[11:39] <FedoraKid> -_-

[11:39] <@Musou> It's all there on the blog. -w-

[11:39] <FedoraKid> I'll tell you something:

[11:39] <@WebkinzMania> :S

[11:39] <FedoraKid> Which blog?

[11:39] <@Musou> Screenshots, everything.

[11:39] <FedoraKid> I want to see it.

[11:39] <Ale|Artwork> That was overdramatic, I admit, but I think FH might of had a personality disorder and it was, like, compulsion of her....

[11:39] <FedoraKid> Which blog, Musou?

[11:39] <@Musou> FH made an angry blog calling the council "corrupt".

[11:39] <FedoraKid> Oh.

[11:39] <@Musou> Everyone knows it was just because we demoted her.

[11:39] <Ale|Artwork> Google PTypes Passive Agressive

[11:40] <+google> PTypes Passive Agressive:

[11:40] <Ale|Artwork> ^

[11:40] <Ale|Artwork> That sounds like her.

[11:40] <@Musou> She was terrrifying users, we were up to out shoulders in complaints.

[11:40] <@Musou> *our

[11:40] <FedoraKid> I believe it.

[11:40] <@Musou> Someone like that shouldn't be in power Ale.

[11:40] <FedoraKid> I'll tell you something:

[11:40] <@Musou> A leader must be respected, not feared.

[11:40] <@Musou> Like Jam. :p

[11:40] <FedoraKid> It's no wonder people were believing in the conspiracy/clique/abuse-of-power things going around.

[11:41] <@Musou> Everyone loves Jam, she's not scary, but she does follow the rules and conduct herself in an adminly way.

[11:41] <FedoraKid> Jam is a good admin.

[11:41] <FedoraKid> She's like the nice version of FH.

[11:41] <@Musou> I find it funny that she made a blog complaining about it, when SHE was infamous for HER clique. -_- @FK

[11:41] <FedoraKid> Yep.

[11:41] <FedoraKid> The clique was pretty much herself, Ryan, and Liz.

[11:41] <FedoraKid> It's funny: Other admins were saying "There is NO clique" in other blogs. And yet, ironically, there was. :s

[11:42] <Ale|Artwork> Jam's a good admin, but she kinda needs to get on more often and edit more.

[11:42] <FedoraKid> But it's gone now.

[11:42] <@Musou> Other admins = Liz

[11:42] <@Musou> Oh the irony.

[11:42] <FedoraKid> Yep.

[11:42] <FedoraKid> Thank God they're gone.

[11:42] <FedoraKid> The old, corrupt guard is out.

[11:42] <FedoraKid> The new, solid one is in.

[11:42] <@Musou> I found it really funny how WM and Kg were like, "What? What clique? :|" because they honestly had nothing to do with it. xD

[11:42] <FedoraKid> I remember BB saying: "Without admins like FH or Ryan holding us back, I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel for our Wiki."

[11:42] <FedoraKid> I couldn't agree more.

[11:42] <@Musou> Yeah, I remember that too. :p

[11:43] <FedoraKid> We've got a solid Council now.

[11:43] <@Musou> Ryan's cool though.

[11:43] <@Musou> He's way saner now.

[11:43] <FedoraKid> We just need to find SOME way to deal with these bad eggs now.

[11:43] <FedoraKid> The ones that keep coming back to bother us.

[11:43] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:43] <FedoraKid> (Cough, cough, Liz, cough)

[11:43] <@Musou> Lulz.

[11:43] == BarBar [~BarBar@] has joined #WIKIA-TDWIKI

[11:43] <BarBar> Hey Musou

[11:43] <@Musou> I don't understand why she made such a big deal out of all this if she's gonna be on the IRC anyway. :|

[11:44] <@Musou> Hi Bar. :p

[11:44] <FedoraKid> IKR?

[11:44] <FedoraKid> Hola, Bar.

[11:44] <BarBar> Hi Fedora

[11:44] <FedoraKid> Anyway: Liz is obviously playing the victim.

[11:44] <FedoraKid> And again, I hate how she tries to bring good people like me and CD down with her.

[11:44] <FedoraKid> It's outrageous.

[11:44] <@Musou> I mean, she only used the wiki for blogs anyway, and the blogs were about adminship, which she no longer has. :/

[11:44] <FedoraKid> And people are BELIEVING her

[11:44] <BarBar> Fedora if yiu want the Scream 4 I found it on Youtube

[11:46] <FedoraKid> Again: People were so willing to instantly believe Liz and condemn CD, without any solid proof.

[11:46] <@Musou> Like I said before, I consider Liz a friend, but I admit that what's she's doing is pretty terrible. :/

[11:46] <FedoraKid> Which is why I IMMEDIATELY spoke up when Liz posted that lie about me.

[11:46] <BarBar> Fedora?

[11:46] <FedoraKid> I figured that, if that lie ever got onto the mainstream (i.e., blogs), people would start bashing me.

[11:46] <FedoraKid> I went onto her blog and said it straight: "I have NEVER called anyone a b****."

[11:46] <FedoraKid> Ever.

[11:46] <@Musou> I find it funny that if Liz says something cruel to CD, nobody says anything, but if the reverse happens, everyone's all, ":|" or, "CD's a bad admin".

[11:46] <@Musou> -_-

[11:46] <FedoraKid> I know.

[11:46] <FedoraKid> See?

[11:46] <FedoraKid> Liz is just one of those kinds...

[11:46] <FedoraKid> -_-

[11:46] <FedoraKid> She makes me sick.

[11:46] <@Musou> Liz treated her horribly. It was that treatment that made CD dislike her.

[11:46] <@Musou> Not "going to hawaii" or whatever.

[11:46] <FedoraKid> And now Liz is trying to do the same to me.

[11:46] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:46] <FedoraKid> I just want to know this: "Why me?"

[11:46] <FedoraKid> What the hell did I EVER do to her?

[11:47] <FedoraKid> I've never really confronted her about ANYTHING.

[11:47] <@Musou> Because a "friend" apparently "told her".

[11:47] <FedoraKid> UGH

[11:47] <FedoraKid> Friend = Ryan or FH.

[11:47] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:47] <@Musou> I'd like to find this little liar she keeps talking about. -_-

[11:47] <FedoraKid> Ugh.

[11:49] <@Musou> And you know what I HATE the most? How people keep saying, "I know who it is, but won't say it."

[11:49] <FedoraKid> O

[11:49] <FedoraKid> M

[11:49] <FedoraKid> G

[11:49] <@Musou> You know what I think when I read that? I think, "The person doesn't exist. You're lying."

[11:49] <FedoraKid> Yep.

[11:49] <FedoraKid> It's just like signature-less n00bs who come to the TDR Talk Page and say "I work with the show, and I know what happens, but I won't tell you, lol."

[11:49] <FedoraKid> >.>

[11:49] <@Musou> Exactly.

[11:49] <@Musou> xD

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> xD

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> I hated it when Jk did that to us

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> -.-

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> And nobody told us who he really was

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> It was Leon, i just know it

[11:49] <FedoraKid> Who?

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> Jk1920

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> or w/e

[11:49] <@Musou> I loved how, when he revealed who he was, everyone was still like, "... Who? :|"

[11:49] <@Musou> xD

[11:49] <FedoraKid> Who's that?

[11:49] <@WebkinzMania> he did? o.o

11:52] <@Musou> WM!

[11:52] <@Musou> xD

[11:52] <@Musou> He's Leon. :p

[11:52] <@WebkinzMania> i thought he gave us a clue

[11:52] <@WebkinzMania> :|

[11:52] <@WebkinzMania> wow

[11:52] <@Musou> Leonboru, or something.

[11:52] <@WebkinzMania> mhm

[11:52] <@Musou> He left.

[11:52] <@Musou> He said he'll return next year.

[11:52] <@Musou> Some tradition of his.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Ugh.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> A n00b?

[11:52] <@Musou> No.

[11:52] <@Musou> He's ancient.

[11:52] <@Musou> xD

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Oh.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> XD

[11:52] <@Musou> Older than everyone her but WM. :p

[11:52] <@Musou> *here

[11:52] <FedoraKid> O.O

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Dang.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Was WM the one who founded the Wiki?

[11:52] <@Musou> xDDDDD

[11:52] <FedoraKid> I'm trying to remember who it is.

[11:52] <@Musou> Naw, that was VS.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> I keep hearing that it was WM or Nalyd.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> VS?

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Who?

[11:52] <@Musou> Vampire Spectrum.

[11:52] <@Musou> Or something.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> He founded the Wiki?

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Figures.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> He's not here anymore. :s

[11:52] <@Musou> Mhm.

[11:52] <@Musou> Got banned.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> Ouch.

[11:52] <FedoraKid> :s

[11:52] <Codyfan9000> Vampyrum Spectrum is the username

[11:52] <@Musou> I remember him though. He talked about Nazis a lot.

[11:52] <@Musou> OMG.

[11:52] <@Musou> JACKSON.

[11:52] <@Musou> *hugs* -w-

[11:52] <FedoraKid> O.O

[11:52] <Codyfan9000> *hugs Musou back*

[11:53] <FedoraKid> I typed that name in.

[11:53] <FedoraKid> And it doesn't show up. :s

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