[16:29] == Jacklovesnaruto9 [4853e629@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #assumption
[16:29] <@TDIFan13> Hi, Jacklovesnaruto90. Thanks for trying out. This audition will be recorded onto our transcript bot. You can start by telling us the name of the character(s) you are trying out for.
[16:29] <Jacklovesnaruto9> hii
[16:29] <Jacklovesnaruto9> im trying out for anne maria and brody
[16:29] <Jacklovesnaruto9> ((:
[16:30] <@TDIFan13> Since you've auditioned for two characters, we're going to start alphabetically with Anne Maria, and then you can audition for Brody right after.
[16:30] <@TDIFan13> First, please provide a link to your written audition tape. If you have come unprepared, you can post this to your userpage later.
[16:30] <Jacklovesnaruto9>
[16:30] <@TDIFan13> Radical! Now I'm going to ask you some questions to help me get to know you and your character better.
[16:30] <@TDIFan13> Do you intend to act exactly as your character in the Total Drama series would or are you seeking to try something new with your character?
[16:31] <Jacklovesnaruto9> okay well for her im not doing much to change her i want her to be like funny!
[16:31] <Jacklovesnaruto9> also did u just say radical lmaaoooo
[16:31] <@TDIFan13> This is an audition.
[16:31] <@TDIFan13> Do you plan to find a love interest for your character during the upcoming season? If so, who would you be interested in establishing a relationship with?
[16:32] <Jacklovesnaruto9> not really and i dont want one so id be like opposed if someone wanted to start something with her
[16:32] <@TDIFan13> Good to know. Do you have any issues with anyone of a different age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation? Yes or no answer; if yes, specify.
[16:32] <Jacklovesnaruto9> nope
[16:32] <@TDIFan13> Great. We're now going to improvise a scene. You'll be playing Anne Maria. Your partner for this scene is Rodney. Change your nickname by typing in: /nick followed by the name of your character and your favorite number. Please begin.
[16:33] == MysteryPerson has changed nick to Rodney04
[16:33] == Jacklovesnaruto9 has changed nick to AnneMaria09
[16:33] * Rodney04 is carrying Anne Maria's suitcases into her cabin.
[16:33] <AnneMaria09> Thank you SO much Ronnie, you're such a doll!
[16:34] <+Rodney04> Hehe, no problem.
[16:34] <AnneMaria09> Just uh be more careful with that one please, all of my spray tanning supplies are in there!
[16:34] <+Rodney04> Spray tanning?
[16:34] <+Rodney04> Y-you mean you just...
[16:34] * Rodney04 trips and drops the bag of spray tanning supplies.
[16:34] <+Rodney04> :-O
[16:34] <AnneMaria09> :@!!!
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> MY CANS
[16:35] * Rodney04 shields his eyes from the explosion of fake tan in the cabin.
[16:35] <+Rodney04> Hey, I look like you now!
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> DO YOU KNOW MUCH THIS COST ME?
[16:35] <+Rodney04> Uhhhh......
[16:35] <+Rodney04> ....... No.
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> Oh you do look nice...*she shakes her head forgetting she was angry* THATS NOT THE POINT
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> You have three seconds to run
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> 1
[16:35] <AnneMaria09> 2
[16:35] <+Rodney04> W-w-wait!
[16:36] <+Rodney04> What about these cans? :/
[16:36] <AnneMaria09> THREE
[16:36] * Rodney04 drops the bag full of hairspray cans.
[16:36] <+Rodney04> AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
[16:37] <+Rodney04> You're fun when you're all angry, haha. xD
[16:37] * Rodney04 runs out of the cabin.
[16:37] <@TDIFan13> We'll end the scene here.
[16:37] <@TDIFan13> Now we'll redo the audition process with Brody, your second character.

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