[17:54] <Jaxswim> Dawn: (without opening her eyes) Hello there. I am Dawn. (opens one eye) You seem to have caught me on one of my rather extensive meditating sessions.
[17:54] <Jaxswim> Dawn: I wish to audition for Total Drama Reloaded. A little birdie told me this morning that some obscure new reality show would bring me good fortune, so I looked one up on the web.
[17:54] <Jaxswim> (Camera is moved to show a giant spiderweb covered with current events and things going on in the forest)
[17:54] <Jaxswim> Dawn: That’s the web I mentioned a moment ago. Anyway, if I win Total Drama Reloaded, I would use the money to stop all things people are doing to hurt Gaea. That’s mother Earth, if you didn’t know. She raised me since I was a little hatchling.
[17:54] <Jaxswim> (looks dreamily into the Earth)
[17:54] <Jaxswim> END

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