[14:52] <Jaxswim> (Mike is seen in his room recording his audition)
[14:52] <Jaxswim> Mike: Hey! I’m Mike. I would be a great addition to Total Drama because I have so many different talents! It’s almost like I’m a whole slate of different people!
[14:52] <Jaxswim> Mike: I can be just about anything! Really, I can be intelligent, strong, charming, manipulative…the list never ends.
[14:52] <Jaxswim> (Clearly starts to get a little nervous, makes a strange gasping sound)
[14:52] <Jaxswim> Mike: (In a deeper, sexier voice) Hello, audience. My name is Rodney, but my friends call me Hot Rod.
[14:52] <Jaxswim> Mike: I’m a supermodel and very charismatic, too. I would be a good asset to Total Drama because I will be able to get all the ladies wrapped around my finger. I’m not sure what to do then, but, you know, I’ll figure-----
[14:52] <Jaxswim> (Makes another gasping sound)
[14:53] <Jaxswim> Mike: (back to normal voice)…did I go somewhere? Sorry. *nervously laughs* So, that pretty much is it. I hope you accept me to Total Drama Reloaded!
[14:53] <Jaxswim> (Gasps again)

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