[19:30] Sam| Hey! Huh huh
[19:30] Jaxswim Uh...heyy. >.>
[19:30] Sam| :|
[19:30] Sam| Why so glum chum? D:
[19:30] Jaxswim No reason. What's that in your hand?
[19:31] Sam| Huh?
[19:31] Jaxswim (it's a game controller. >.>)
[19:31] Sam| My gamebog23!
[19:31] Sam| Wanna play!
[19:31] Sam| :D
[19:31] Jaxswim thanks.
[19:31] Jaxswim Listen, Sam.
[19:31] Jaxswim I was thinking.
[19:31] Sam| Yeah?
[19:31] Jaxswim I could take you all the way to the finals.
[19:31] Jaxswim If you give me your vote.
[19:31] Jaxswim Wouldn't that be great?!
[19:31] Jaxswim ^^
[19:32] Jaxswim (CONF) Psh. As if.
9:32] Sam| :-O
[19:32] Sam| REALLY?
[19:32] Sam| AWESOME!
[19:32] Jaxswim (nicey-nice voice) Yeahhh. :D
[19:32] Sam| But....IDK
19:32] Sam| What about the others? My pals
[19:32] Sam| D:
[19:33] Jaxswim Like who?
[19:33] Jaxswim It seems to me that we're the only good players on this island.
[19:33] Jaxswim Well...if you don't want to...:( *starts to walk away*
[19:33] Sam| ....NO WAIT!"
[19:33] Sam| I will. D:
[19:33] Jaxswim Really? :')
[19:34] Sam| Yeah. :3
[19:34] Jaxswim Great!! ^^
[19:34] Jaxswim Well, tonight, you vote off Dawn. Sound good?
[19:35] Jaxswim (CONF) So far, I have Sam, Dakota, and B, all thinking I'm taking them to the finals. This is fun. :)
[19:35] Sam| Yeah! I guess. :s
[19:36] Jaxswim Listen, Sam. I know what I'm doing. Unless you do EVERYTHING I say, you'll probably get voted off next.
[19:36] Jaxswim :s
[19:36] Sam| really?
[19:36] Sam| What a pal! :D
[19:36] Jaxswim Yeah. I guess I am. My pappy taught me friendliness. ^^
19:37] Jaxswim (CONF) And manipulativeness, cunning, deceivingness, the list goes on and on. Poor Sam.
[19:37] Sam| :D
[19:37] Sam| Nice guy
[19:37] Jaxswim Sure is.

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