[19:44] <@Bigez> --- START (Brick) ---
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: *turns camera on, gets on floor*
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: *does three push-ups* Four hundred ninety eight, four hundred ninety nine, five hundred!
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: *looks up* Oh, I didn't see ya there! *stands*
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: My name is Private Brick McArthur, and I've got what it takes for Total Drama!
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: To me, the most important part of the game is the team. Can't win without team work.
[19:45] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: Team work is also crucial in war. The army is like one big team winning challenges and eliminating the enemy.
[19:46] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: And you can't win a way without a good leader! Due to my cadet experience, I'd be a perfect team captain! It's all about putting the team first.
[19:46] <Nalyd-Panda> war*
[19:46] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: I've got the strength, charisma, and smarts to win this game!
[19:46] <Nalyd-Panda> Brick: So pick me and watch the most perfectly executed strategy ever unfold!

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