[13:01] == PrinceBlake [44edaca8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #crawling
[13:01] <@Kgman04> Hi, Prince Blake. Thanks for trying out. This audition will be recorded by an audition moderator. Please start with the name of the character(s) you are trying out for.
[13:02] <PrinceBlake> I will be auditioning for Scarlett and Topher! ^_^
[13:02] <@Kgman04> Since you've auditioned for two characters, we'll start alphabetically with Scarlett, and then you can audition for Topher right after.
[13:02] <@Kgman04> First, please provide a link to your audition tape. If you have come unprepared, please post this to your userpage later.
[13:02] <PrinceBlake>
[13:02] <@Kgman04> Okay! Next, I'm going to ask you three questions which will help me understand you and your character better.
[13:03] <@Kgman04> These are for Scarlett. Do you intend to act exactly as your character in the Total Drama series would or are you seeking to try something new with your character?
[13:03] <PrinceBlake> Well, like the blog said, I'm going to remove her antagonistic qualities and make her extremely competitive. She'll do anything to win. Perhaps a sort of anti-hero role.
[13:04] <@Kgman04> Got it. Do you plan to find a love interest for your character during the upcoming season? If so, who would you be interested in establishing a relationship with?
[13:04] <PrinceBlake> No, I do not.
[13:04] <@Kgman04> Do you have any issues with anyone of a different age, disability, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation? Yes or no answer; if yes, specify.
[13:05] <PrinceBlake> Nope.
[13:05] <@Kgman04> Great. We're now going to improvise a scene. You'll be playing Scarlett and your partner for this scene is Geoff. Change your nickname by typing in: /nick followed by the name of your character and your favorite number. Please begin.
[13:05] == PrinceBlake has changed nick to Scarlett|
[13:05] == Geoff13 [ae07a81b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #crawling
[13:05] <Geoff13> Yo, Scar!
[13:05] <Geoff13> How's it hanging?
[13:06] <Scarlett|> I am currently inspecting this mysterious meat.
[13:06] <Scarlett|> Do you have any idea what kind it might be?
[13:06] <Geoff13> Oh, what?
[13:06] <Geoff13> You mean Chef's slop?
[13:06] <Geoff13> Dude.
[13:06] <Geoff13> You're not supposed to inspect it!
[13:06] * Geoff13 grabs the food from the table and scarfs it down.
[13:06] <Geoff13> *with his mouth full* You're supposed to eat it! See?
[13:07] <Scarlett|> This appears to be extremely unsanitary, and I'm not quite sure if this meets regulations.
[13:07] <Scarlett|> I'd rather not.
[13:07] <Geoff13> Unsanitary?
[13:07] <Geoff13> We're on Camp Wawanakwa, brah!
[13:07] <Geoff13> Nothing's sanitary around here.
[13:07] <Geoff13> Just look at Zeke.
[13:08] <Scarlett|> You do make a fair point.
[13:08] <Scarlett|> However, Ezekiel is...less intelligent than most of us, so I do not expect him to follow the same habits that we do.
[13:08] <Geoff13> You gotta just learn to let loose. Chill a bit.
[13:08] <Geoff13> I mean, who cares if the meat doesn't meet regul--
[13:08] * Geoff13 hears his stomach growl.
[13:09] <Geoff13> OH. D:
[13:09] <Geoff13> Crap, that might not have gone in the wrong way...
[13:09] <Scarlett|> I was right.
[13:09] <Geoff13> Am I gonna be okay?!
[13:09] <Scarlett|> The food here causes indigestion.
[13:09] <Scarlett|> You should be fine.
[13:10] <Scarlett|> Perhaps a few...tummy troubles, but otherwise, you will not perish.
[13:10] * Geoff13 throws up and runs out of the mess hall screaming.
[13:10] <@Kgman04> We'll end the scene here.
[13:10] <@Kgman04> Your second character is Topher. We'll redo the audition process with him now.

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