[12:56] <BatmanBaleLover> Summary: OKAY. CAN YOU STOP?! -_-''
[12:56] <BatmanBaleLover> what ?
[12:56] <WebkinzMania> If you didn't care about edits so much, you would've known that trivia was listed on the top of the article.
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> i didn't notice the sentence.
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> Sorry.
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> :-/
[12:57] <WebkinzMania> ...
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> And look
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> That summary was pretty rude.
[12:57] <WebkinzMania> Yeah, sure.
[12:57] <WebkinzMania> You know what?
[12:57] <BatmanBaleLover> what ?
[12:57] <WebkinzMania> You know what's rude?
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> The fact that you continue to care about edits.
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> I stood up for you long enough, Bale.
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> I helped you.
[12:58] * BatmanBaleLover laughs
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> But I see that all you care is about edits and a silly rollback promotion.
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> Yeah, and i apperciate them.
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> ....
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> I don't care.
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> ...
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> WHAT
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> WHAT
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> O_O
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> and i never do.
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> WM
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> [12:58] <WebkinzMania> But I see that all you care is about edits and a silly rollback promotion. [12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> Yeah, and i apperciate them.
[12:58] <WebkinzMania> ...
[12:58] <BatmanBaleLover> i dunno why you always thinking i care about these little edit counts for nothing
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> And i meant
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> apperciate
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> BY YOU HELPED ME
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> T_T
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> Not those freaking edits.
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> T_T
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> It's not just me.
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> And WM
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> It's everyone.
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> :|
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> Everyone thinks you care about edits.
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> As i've respect to you.
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> Everyone.
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> and i like you as a friend.
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> :|
[12:59] <WebkinzMania> You can ask everyone on the chat. :S
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> Don't care.
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> I'm proving
[12:59] <BatmanBaleLover> who cares about the little edits
[13:00] <WebkinzMania> You!
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> Nothing
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> It's just Nothing.
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> NOTHING
[13:00] <WebkinzMania> You care about those little edits.
[13:00] * BatmanBaleLover laughs
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> you're funny.
[13:00] <WebkinzMania> I know.
[13:00] <WebkinzMania> Thanks.
[13:00] <WebkinzMania> :)
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> But, Webkinz, i apperciate your helping.
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> and Thanks so much.
[13:00] <BatmanBaleLover> And
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> I just want to forget everything i did in past. I just don't wanna remember those horrible moments.
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> And as i said
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> ...
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> I rebooted myself.
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> You are creating more and more horrible moments each day.
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> Webkinz
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> This could've been avoided if this:
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> You read the top of the article.
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> And read through it.
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> you're a great person and i never excepted you to be THAT rude.
[13:01] <WebkinzMania> And saw I wrote down the trivia you put.
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> :/
[13:01] <BatmanBaleLover> How can you blame me when i didn't notice it said ?
[13:02] <WebkinzMania> You just add stuff and dn;t read through
[13:02] <BatmanBaleLover> Sometimes
[13:02] <BatmanBaleLover> people forget and don't notice always.
[13:02] <BatmanBaleLover> and WM
[13:02] <BatmanBaleLover> Stop being like that to me.
[13:03] <WebkinzMania> Okay, sure.
[13:03] <BatmanBaleLover> I know you were here more than me and you're a great B-Crat.
[13:03] <BatmanBaleLover> but
[13:03] <BatmanBaleLover> it doesn't mean you should to talk to everyone else like that.
[13:03] <BatmanBaleLover> and i see you always have harted for me.
[13:03] <WebkinzMania> Harted?
[13:03] <WebkinzMania> for you?
[13:03] <BatmanBaleLover> But this is the last time i wanna say..
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> Bale, everyone believes you are after the edits.
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> I rebooted myself.
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> Whether you make 150 minor edits.
[13:04] * BatmanBaleLover laughs
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> Or go through each episode.
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> Or go add "blah blah blah didn't appear in this season"
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> and i do main spaces these days.
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> Or go talk to everyone's message walls when it doesn't involve you.
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> and so on.
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> ....
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> Webkinz
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> This is last time i wanna say
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> Look
[13:04] <BatmanBaleLover> I rebooted myself.
[13:04] <WebkinzMania> The reboot has not been successful.
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> And N3, CD
[13:05] <WebkinzMania> I'm not being mean.
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> it will.
[13:05] <WebkinzMania> When?
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> many reboots were always successful
[13:05] <WebkinzMania> When will it be successful?
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> I'm improving.
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> and it be better
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> better better better
[13:05] <BatmanBaleLover> I want to train myself.
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> while you keep saying
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> "Everyone knows that you care about Edits"
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> HA
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> It's true.
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> :|
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> I'm not lying.
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> My real life activities are more important than that little points
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> what those points give me?
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> NOTHING
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> NOTHING
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> And keep saying
[13:06] <BatmanBaleLover> to everyone
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> You want it to get you something.
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> :|
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> Rollback.
[13:06] <WebkinzMania> You want to be a rollback. You keep asking about those silly rollback promotions.
[13:07] <WebkinzMania> They are not happening soon.
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> ....
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> I said no.
[13:07] <WebkinzMania> Ryan is satisfied with his staff.
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> I said no when you asked this question
[13:07] <WebkinzMania> He likes every admin and likes the new rollback he appointed.
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> And i like everyone
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> even you
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> even Ryan
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> even N3
[13:07] <BatmanBaleLover> even everyone else
[13:08] <BatmanBaleLover> Look, i always support you and i will until the end of the world.
[13:08] <BatmanBaleLover> and i think you're a very great user.
[13:08] <WebkinzMania> Well, you aren't supporting me in this conversation.
[13:08] <BatmanBaleLover> Because you say something that is just Nothing deserved being talked.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> ... :|
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> Yeah
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> Instead of blaming me
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> and keep saying wrong facts
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> I have no idea what you are saying yet AGAIN.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> Wrong facts.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> It's true.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> It's a true story.
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> HA
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> And it's a true story you're rude.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> So, why do you keep saying "HA"
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> You always like to blame a person
[13:09] <BatmanBaleLover> you always like.
[13:09] <WebkinzMania> And why do you keep talking to me.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> Because
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> If I'm being rude.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> I just wanna put the damn thing ONCE FOR ALL IN YOUR HEAD.
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> Why is it worthy of you to keep speaking to me?
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> Interesting.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> I'm always repeating
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> I kinda feel like you are being rude to me right now.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> I rebooted
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> That's just me, though.
[13:10] <WebkinzMania> :)
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> Because you never listen to me.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> While i listen
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> you don'.
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> *don't
[13:10] <BatmanBaleLover> and you keep saying the same facts, the same stories
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> but as i said
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> I changed.
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> And
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> I rebooted
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> How about this?
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> I don't see the change.
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> I can see bits and pieces.
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> But I can't see the full picture.
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> Now, I'm going off to the deli.
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> Because you never listen to me and believe me.
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> N3 did.
[13:11] <WebkinzMania> I'll be back at 1:20.
[13:11] <BatmanBaleLover> N3 believed me
[13:24] <WM|Deli> Back
[13:24] == No such nick/channel: BatmanBaleLover

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