[18:31] <Reddeh> *Camera shows static, before showing Scott*
[18:31] <Reddeh> Scott: Hey there, men. The name's Scott, and I think I'd be perfect for this new show.
[18:31] <Reddeh> Scott: My papy always said, you've got to earn what you want.
[18:32] <Reddeh> Scott: So, when I heard this show was going on, I decided whoever wins is going to have to EARN it.
[18:32] <Reddeh> Scott: I'll be the only challenge this season.
[18:32] <Reddeh> Scott: *chuckles* Of course, the only one earning anything will be me.
[18:33] <Reddeh> Scott: I'll do anything to make sure I earn the money - lie, cheat, steal, you name it. Papy always says you should do whatever it takes.
[18:33] <Reddeh> Scott: *smirks* And I'm going to win, and the others won't have a clue what hit them.
[18:33] <Reddeh> Scott: *So pick me for your new show: I dare you NOT to. *produces a baseball bat and smashes camera to pieces*

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