[15:25] <@CD-TDA> First, we're going to ask you three personal questions, none of which will invade your privacy in any way but will help us get to know you better.
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> My bad, haha.
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> We already asked you those. xD
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> Just testing ya! LOL.
[15:26] <Noah> lol it's quite alright
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> We'll ask you three character questions instead.
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> A. Are you looking to establish a romantic relationship with your character and another user's character during this upcoming season? Yes or no answer. If so, please specify whom you would be interested in starting a relationship with.
[15:26] <Noah> Yes
[15:26] <Noah> Izzy and Owen
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> B. Do you plan on taking your character in some form of a new direction in this roleplay? i.e: Are they going to be identical to their show persona or are you planning on developing their character? Yes for new path, no for staying completely in-character.
[15:26] <Noah> Yes and no
[15:26] <@CD-TDA> C. What will your character's role be on the show? Main protagonist, protagonist, anti-hero, antagonist, main antagonist... please reply with just one of those.
[15:27] <Noah> protagonist
[15:27] == Harold| has changed nick to Tyler|
[15:27] <@CD-TDA> Great. We're now going to improvise a scene. Your character for this scene is TYLER. Change your nickname by typing in: /nick and then the name of the character you're auditioning for, with a random number after. Please begin.
[15:27] == Noah has changed nick to Rockerboyalien4
[15:27] <Rockerboyalien4> can't change to owen
[15:27] <@CD-TDA> Change it to Owen with a random number after, as it was said above.
[15:27] <@CD-TDA> xD
[15:28] <@Tyler|> xD
[15:28] <@Tyler|> :p
[15:28] == Rockerboyalien4 has changed nick to Owen13
[15:28] <Owen13> sorry
[15:28] <Owen13> Hey Tyler
[15:28] <@Tyler|> OWEN
[15:28] <@Tyler|> WHAT UP MAN?
[15:28] <@Tyler|> WOOOOO!
[15:28] <@Tyler|> WOOOOOOOOOO
[15:28] <Owen13> Man I am pumped for this season
[15:29] <Owen13> We should like totally team up
[15:29] <@Tyler|> Pumped? You dirty d-- Oh, you mean exicited!
[15:29] <@Tyler|> Team up?
[15:29] <@Tyler|> I thought you and Izzy were together.......;)
[15:29] <Owen13> We are
[15:29] <Owen13> Well i think we are she hits me in the kiwis and runs off
[15:30] <@Tyler|> :(
[15:30] <@CD-TDA> We'll end the scene here. As you are not auditioning for anyone else, you may leave. Thanks for trying out, and we will message you on Sunday, September 22 to let you know whether or not you have gotten the part.
[15:30] <Owen13> Thank you for your time
[15:30] <@Tyler|> Man, relationship abuse is tough, you should definet-- >_>
[15:30] <Owen13> lol
[15:30] <@Tyler|> NO
[15:30] <@Tyler|> :@
[15:30] <@Tyler|> Ugh
[15:30] == Owen13 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

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