[13:36] == Samtastic450 [] has joined #tdr2
[13:37] <@TDIFan13> Hello, there, Samtastic450.
[13:37] <Samtastic450> Hello, TDIFan13
[13:37] <@TDIFan13> Before we commence, I would like to point out that everything you say, starting now, will be recorded onto the transcripter. Are we clear on that?
[13:37] <Samtastic450> Yes we are
[13:37] <@TDIFan13> Perfect. Let's start this off, shall we?
[13:37] <Samtastic450> we shall
[13:37] <@TDIFan13> 1. What character are you auditioning for right now?
[13:37] <Samtastic450> Gini Rade
[13:38] <@TDIFan13> 2. Are you auditioning for any other characters this season?
[13:38] <Samtastic450> I'm not sure I want to. Just Gini.
[13:38] <@TDIFan13> 3. Have you ever acted on Total Drama Roleplay before?
[13:38] <Samtastic450> Yes. I played Sergio in Season 4, Total Drama School.
[13:38] <@TDIFan13> 4. Describe your character for me in three short words.
[13:38] <Samtastic450> (Sergio or Gini? :|)
[13:39] <@TDIFan13> (Who do you think? >.>)
[13:39] <Samtastic450> (Sergio? :|)
[13:39] <@TDIFan13> (Are you auditioning for Sergio?)
[13:39] <Samtastic450> (I get it! ^-^)
[13:39] <@TDIFan13> (S'right. Thought so.)
[13:40] <Samtastic450> Daredevil, Crazy, Eager
[13:40] <@TDIFan13> 5. We're getting into the trivia portion of this audition. You will be asked three questions about your character. If you answer all correctly, you have a better shot of getting in. Alright?
[13:40] <Samtastic450> Yes. (this is my favorite question so far)
[13:40] <@TDIFan13> Q1. Name two characters from previous seasons with similar personalities to Gini's.
[13:41] <Samtastic450> Izzy, Beth
[13:41] <Samtastic450> In the sense that she is eager to make friends
[13:41] <@TDIFan13> Correct.
[13:41] <@TDIFan13> Q2. True or False: Gini is a huge Total Drama fan.
[13:42] <Samtastic450> I'd say yes, considering she is in the competition.
[13:42] <@TDIFan13> Incorrect.
[13:42] <Samtastic450> But I don't remember reading anythign about that
[13:42] <Samtastic450> :|
[13:42] <@TDIFan13> Q3. True or False: Gini is related to Izzy from the first season.
[13:43] <Samtastic450> False
[13:43] <@TDIFan13> Correct.
[13:43] <@TDIFan13> I will now bring in a random character from a previous roleplay season for you to act with for one minute so we can test your skills. Please don't be embarrassed; we have all done it before.
[13:43] == Lilie| has changed nick to Mody
[13:43] <@TDIFan13> Your assigned character is Mody. They will start off with the first sentence in a scene. Please begin. Act as your character.
[13:44] <Mody> Hey, there!
[13:44] <Samtastic450> Why, HI! :D
[13:44] <Mody> Agggh!! O_O
[13:44] <Mody> Oh, gah, I thought you were male.
[13:44] <Mody> What is with that hair?
[13:45] <Samtastic450> I did it myself
[13:45] <Samtastic450> You like?
[13:45] * Samtastic450 poses
[13:45] <Mody> And the glasses? Sweetie, we're living in the 2000s, not the 200s.
[13:45] <Samtastic450> :|
[13:45] <Mody> I can give you a makeover. No fees, no catches, just me and you hanging out.
[13:46] <Mody> We are on the same season of Total Drama, that is.
[13:47] <Mody> And to think, when you step off this boat...
[13:47] <Mody> You'll be known as "Gini; The Hottest Girl on Total Drama Cruise"!
[13:48] <Mody> Wouldn't that be nice? ;D
[13:48] <Samtastic450> IT WOULD!
[13:48] <Samtastic450> *holds Mody Tightly*
[13:48] <Samtastic450> now
[13:48] <Samtastic450> when is this thing starting?!?!
[13:48] <Samtastic450> >: D
[13:48] <Mody> O_O""
[13:48] <Mody> Uhhhh...
[13:48] <Samtastic450> GO on...I dare you to finish that sentence
[13:48] <Mody> On second thought.....
[13:49] <Mody> I'm really cramped today.
[13:49] <Mody> I have to do a makeover for...
[13:49] <Mody> You know that guy...uhh....Frankie?
[13:49] <Mody> Saving all my energy for him!! :|
[13:49] * Samtastic450 stares at Mody with a crazy creep glare
[13:49] <Mody> Okay, so...
[13:49] <Mody> Bye!!
[13:49] <Samtastic450> OOOH
[13:49] * Mody jumps off boat.
[13:49] <Samtastic450> OOH
[13:49] <Samtastic450> SWIMMING?!
[13:49] <Samtastic450> I LIKE
[13:49] * Mody starts to drown.
[13:49] <Mody> Aggggh!!
[13:49] * Samtastic450 jumps in too :D
[13:49] == Mody [~Alexis|] has left #tdr2 []
[13:49] <Samtastic450> Where'd you go? :|
[13:49] <@TDIFan13> Thank you for auditioning. Do you have any other characters that you would like to audition for? If not, please leave the chatroom.
[13:50] == Samtastic450 [] has left #tdr2 []

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