[20:47] <Bbhinton15> 1. Which three characters ranked third in the three seasons of Total Drama Roleplay?
[20:47] <TDAROCKS1> Now.
[20:48] <TDAROCKS1> Heather, Courtney andf LIbdsay
[20:48] <TDAROCKS1> *Lindsay
[20:48] <Bbhinton15> 2. Name the three contestants who had used an idol in Season Three.
[20:48] <TDAROCKS1> Noah, LeShawna and Lindsay
[20:49] <Bbhinton15> 3. What was the sixth movie genre used in Season Two?
[20:49] <TDAROCKS1> Spy movie
[20:49] <Bbhinton15> 4. How many contestants competed in all three seasons of Total Drama Roleplay?
[20:50] <TDAROCKS1> 13
[20:50] <Bbhinton15> 5. Which character received a spider as their pet in Buddy Up?
[20:50] <TDAROCKS1> Gwen
[20:51] <Bbhinton15> 6. Name three contestants who received a ranking that they had received in the ACTUAL show.
[20:51] <TDIFan13> Time's up.
[20:51] <TDAROCKS1> Sorry
[20:51] <TDAROCKS1> Izzy, Noah and Lindsay
[20:51] <TDAROCKS1> Oh wait
[20:52] <Bbhinton15> (Ryan, what are you talking about?)
[20:52] <TDAROCKS1> Was I supposed to do that
[20:52] <TDIFan13> (15 seconds was up, BB.)
[20:52] <TDIFan13> (I was timing it.)
[20:52] <Bbhinton15> (Ohhhhh.)
[20:52] <TDAROCKS1> KK.
[20:52] <Bbhinton15> 7. Who was the only person to not receive a vote in Not a Treasure Island?
[20:52] <TDIFan13> Time's up.
[20:53] <Bbhinton15> 8. Where was Come Fly With Me located in?
[20:53] <TDAROCKS1> Irelandf
[20:53] <TDAROCKS1> *Ireland
[20:53] <Bbhinton15> 9. Which three competitors played LARGE roles in the challenges of In Gold We Trust and Aqua-Holics?
[20:53] <TDAROCKS1> Geoff and Heather
[20:54] <Bbhinton15> :|
[20:54] <TDAROCKS1> Wait
[20:54] <TDAROCKS1> You meant three
[20:54] <TDAROCKS1> Oh Izzy
[20:54] <TDIFan13> Next question.
[20:54] <Bbhinton15> Time was up.
[20:54] <TDAROCKS1> K
[20:54] <Bbhinton15> 10. How old did Chef turn in Justin Bond?
[20:54] <TDAROCKS1> 42

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