[13:17] <DakotaMilton> *audition tape cuts into a glamorous fashion show, where models walk up and down the runway in seemingly ridiculous costumes*
[13:17] <DakotaMilton> *off-screen* Hi, I'm Dakota!
[13:17] <DakotaMilton> Now, I know what you're thinking. Shouldn't this girl be one of the models?
[13:18] <DakotaMilton> *giggles* Oh, I know I should.
[13:18] <DakotaMilton> It's not like those girls have anything I don't. But it doesn't even matter because I have an entourage.
[13:18] <DakotaMilton> *coughs*
[13:18] <DakotaMilton> Um, hello? Where's the paparazzi?
[13:19] <DakotaMilton> *awkwardly turns to camera*
[13:19] <DakotaMilton> Oh, they're just a little late. Around here, I'm a really big star.
[13:19] <DakotaMilton> *stands up and starts to pose*
[13:19] <DakotaMilton> Aren't you loving this, guys?!
[13:19] <DakotaMilton> *someone chucks a drink at Dakota, messing up her hair*
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> *gasps and sits down, offended*
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> Uhhh, it's dark in here. They probably can't see me well enough. *fixing hair* :D
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> Oh, yeah! *stops fixing*
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> Well, let's go over why I should be on Total Drama. I know my way around the ropes, and Total Drama Reloaded seems like a great opportunity for you guys to boost up your ratings.
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> I aspire to be a fashion model, actress, and whatever else. Someone with such a wide variety of talents, such as myself, could be anything.
[13:20] <DakotaMilton> But all I know is that you guys would be MONSTERS if you turned me down.
[13:21] <DakotaMilton> *chuckles confidently*
[13:21] <DakotaMilton> *another soda is chucked at Dakota's head*
[13:21] <DakotaMilton> *screen fades to black*

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