[21:16] <WebkinzMania> Good evening.
[21:16] <@Mygeto> Yo, Kate had the baby, is Ireland freaking out? @TDF
[21:16] <TDFan1000> A bit too nutty about RP.
[21:16] <TDFan1000> NO BUT ENGLAND IS.
[21:16] <TDFan1000> AND AMERICA
[21:16] <TDFan1000> ^____^
[21:16] <@Mygeto> Lulz.
[21:17] <TDA15> What is it about a British baby that it makes worldwide news?
[21:17] <gsu_eagle_31049> He's supposedly the future head of state for the UK.
[21:17] <TDA15> That kind of sucks
[21:17] <gsu_eagle_31049> And the other Commonwealth Relams.
[21:18] <@Mygeto> I thought it was gonna be King once Liz and Kate's husband kick the bucket.
[21:18] <TDA15> "Congradulations, it's a politician!"
[21:18] <TDFan1000> That is all they ever wanted
[21:18] <@Mygeto> How old is the Queen now? :|
[21:18] <TDFan1000> IDK
[21:19] <TDA15> Very.
[21:19] <TDA15> 87, actually
[21:19] <gsu_eagle_31049> Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of the UK; David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, is the head of government.
[21:19] <TDFan1000> Dang man, how do you know so much!?
[21:21] <@Mygeto> So is the new baby gonna be the new king decades from now? :|
[21:21] <TDA15> Probably
[21:21] <gsu_eagle_31049> Barring certain factors, yes.
[21:22] <@Mygeto> Coolio.
[21:24] <@Mygeto> OH, MY CHEEK MEAT.
[21:26] == TDFan1000 has changed nick to BuffTanner
[21:32] <@Mygeto> Walt shaved his head last episode.
[21:32] <@Mygeto> And now he's badass. -w-
[21:33] <BuffTanner> Yup
[21:33] <TDA15> Mhm
[21:33] <BuffTanner> TDA15, did you hear about the comic con clip for Breaking Bad?
[21:33] <BuffTanner> Like what happened in it.
[21:33] <TDA15> Mhm
[21:33] <BuffTanner> IDK how the heck they are gonna get to that point in 8 episodes. I can't wait.
[21:34] <TDA15> They're probs gonna have the last episode be two hours or something
[21:35] <BuffTanner> hopefully
[21:35] <BuffTanner> They should have aired it during the summer
[21:35] <BuffTanner> >_>
[21:35] == TDME3 [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[21:36] <BuffTanner> So TDM
[21:36] <BuffTanner> What brings you back?
[21:36] <Dakotacoons> Hey Tanner.
[21:36] <Dakotacoons> :)
[21:36] <TDME3> Eh, just decided to come back. I remembered that Karter or something might be starting his own RP so I came back.
[21:37] <BuffTanner> Ah
[21:37] <TDA15> Odd, Kater left a while ago.
[21:37] <TDME3> Odd, he told me about the RP, but eventually stopped posting. I didn't realize he had left.
[21:37] <Dakotacoons> That awkward moment when TDME3 auto-corrects to Tanner...
[21:38] <TDME3> Huh?
[21:38] == numbuhthreefan [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[21:38] == mode/#tdwiki-chat [+o numbuhthreefan] by ChanServ
[21:38] <TDA15> You must have a really weird autocorrect setup
[21:38] <TDA15> Better fix that
[21:38] <BuffTanner> Mhmmm
[21:38] <@numbuhthreefan> Hello
[21:38] <Dakotacoons> Shut up. :@ It also auto-corrects "hahaha" to "muahahahahahahaha."
[21:38] <TDME3> Idk what an Autocorrect is. O.o
[21:39] <TDME3> As far as I know I don't have one set.
[21:39] <Dakotacoons> So TDME3, are you new?
[21:39] <BuffTanner> So TDME.
[21:39] <TDME3> Yes.
[21:39] <Jaxswim> You should really turn autocorrect off.
[21:39] <Jaxswim> Unless it helps.
[21:39] <Jaxswim> It helps me.
[21:39] <TDME3> I was here earlier.
[21:39] <Jaxswim> @Dako
[21:39] <Jaxswim> I literally cannot type
[21:40] <Dakotacoons> It helps my texting. @Jax
[21:40] <Jaxswim> on apple devices
[21:40] <BuffTanner> You really want that Noah role, huh? Hope you get it.
[21:40] <TDA15> He joined at 00:43 GMT in fact
[21:40] <BuffTanner> It should be fun to play
[21:40] <TDA15> Wiki-wise
[21:40] <BuffTanner> You'll do a LOT better than the last RPer.
[21:40] <TDA15> Noah's last actor sucked horribly
[21:40] <Jaxswim> Yeah.
[21:40] <BuffTanner> mhmmm and talk about crazy.
[21:40] <Jaxswim> okay
[21:40] <Jaxswim> can I ask
[21:40] <Jaxswim> who is "Buff Tanner"
[21:40] <TDME3> I'm aware. I was already told. XD
[21:40] <BuffTanner> TDFAN1000. ;)
[21:40] <Dakotacoons> TDF.
[21:40] <TDA15> By who?
[21:40] <TDME3> I think it might be TDF.
[21:40] <Jaxswim> no
[21:40] <Jaxswim> I know
[21:41] <Jaxswim> but like
[21:41] <@Mygeto> Skylar doesn't look 7 months pregnant. >~>
[21:41] <Jaxswim> who is Buff Tanner
[21:41] <Jaxswim> I know the user here
[21:41] <Jaxswim> with the nick
[21:41] <Jaxswim> "BuffTanner"
[21:41] <Jaxswim> is TD
[21:41] <Jaxswim> TDF *
[21:41] <Jaxswim> but
[21:41] <Jaxswim> who is Buff Tanner?
[21:41] <BuffTanner> ?
[21:41] <TDA15> Isn't it past your bedtime?
[21:41] <BuffTanner> I made it up.
[21:41] <Dakotacoons> Like, the character.
[21:41] <Dakotacoons> Or whatever.
[21:41] <@numbuhthreefan> Did anyone hear that the royal queen had a baby today. :p
[21:41] <@numbuhthreefan> ? *
[21:42] <TDA15> Everyone and their mother tweeted about it
[21:42] <@numbuhthreefan> yeah
[21:42] <BuffTanner> So TDM
[21:42] <BuffTanner> Do you have any other questions about RP?
[21:42] <BuffTanner> You seemed really curious earlier.
[21:42] <Jaxswim> Power & control
[21:42] <Jaxswim> I'm gonna maaaaaaaaaaake
[21:42] <Jaxswim> you fall
[21:42] <Jaxswim> nvm
[21:42] <Jaxswim> too lazy to sing
[21:43] <TDME3> I pretty much found out quite a bit earlier so I can't think of much. What kinds of challenges do you guys do? Or is secret until you join or something?
[21:44] <BuffTanner> We do a lot of challenges. Like scavanger hunts, cooking challenges, fear challenges, treasure searching and lots more!
[21:44] <BuffTanner> :D
[21:44] <Dakotacoons> The challenges are really good.
[21:44] <Dakotacoons> And original.
[21:44] <TDME3> Wow, that
[21:44] <Jaxswim> brb
[21:44] <Jaxswim> dinner
[21:44] <TDME3> 's cool. :D
[21:45] <TDME3> Sounds like TDI, but still sounds fun to do.
[21:45] <Dakotacoons> The best part is, like, you don't know who votes you off.
[21:45] <BuffTanner> Mhmmm
[21:45] <Dakotacoons> So people could lie and you'd never know. :)
[21:45] == Bigez [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[21:45] == mode/#tdwiki-chat [+o Bigez] by ChanServ
[21:45] <BuffTanner> Yup
[21:45] <BuffTanner> Like
[21:45] <TDME3> Well, duh. Part of the game.
[21:45] <BuffTanner> If you were paranoid you might think that Ryan rigged the votes. xD
[21:45] <BuffTanner> But only psycho's think that
[21:46] <@Bigez> We're still talking about RP/
[21:46] <@Bigez> :@
[21:46] <@Bigez> *?
[21:46] <TDME3> Fair enough.
[21:46] <BuffTanner> I hope your audition for Noah goes well.
[21:46] <@numbuhthreefan> Hi Bige
[21:46] <BuffTanner> You seem like a nice user.
[21:46] <@numbuhthreefan> Bigez *
[21:46] <BuffTanner> 10x better than Tannter. -_-
[21:46] <BuffTanner> *Tanner
[21:46] <@Bigez> Yeah, Noah's last player was a major hot head!
[21:47] <TDME3> So I've heard. XD Thanks.
[21:47] == TotalDramaNaruto [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[21:47] <@numbuhthreefan> HI
[21:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> hi
[21:47] <BuffTanner> Now Bigez
[21:47] <@Mygeto> Hiya.
[21:47] <BuffTanner> He was on the honor roll.
[21:47] <TDME3> Wait, this is all if TDIFan13 even lets me audition. It IS middle of a season.
[21:48] <BuffTanner> Thats quiet an accomplishment
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> ah
[21:48] <@numbuhthreefan> @TDME3: You know the roleplay traces back to the 1st season right. ;)
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> the new guy that wants to rep;lace Tanner.
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> hi.
[21:48] <BuffTanner> Yeah but ANYONE is better than Tanner. @TDME
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> :3
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> Yeah dude. you should have SEEN the s**t that went down
[21:48] <TDME3> True.
[21:48] <@numbuhthreefan> oh and auditions are closed
[21:48] <@numbuhthreefan> however
[21:48] <@Bigez> Now, now, N3.
[21:48] <BuffTanner> Like talk about wasting Noah's potential. :/
[21:48] <@numbuhthreefan> you can sub for a person
[21:48] <@Bigez> Let's give him a chance.
[21:48] <@Bigez> I mean.
[21:49] <@Bigez> It's not like he's horrendously horrific as Tanner.
[21:49] <BuffTanner> ^
[21:49] <@numbuhthreefan> ok
[21:49] <TDA15> I was kind of shocked as his horrid peformance actually
[21:49] <BuffTanner> All Tanner did as Noah is talk in the confessional.
[21:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> TDM3 you will probs beable to audition for him for S2 (if we have one) but if you show up for RP this saturday, Ryan will probably give you a chance to sub
[21:49] <TDA15> I guess being a validictron doesn't really as much about someone
[21:49] <TDME3> Mhm, that's cool. I hope I do well.
[21:50] <TotalDramaNaruto> being valedictorian is more of a Courtney crdential anyway
[21:50] <TDA15> I guess being a validictron doesn't really say as much about someone *
[21:50] <BuffTanner> How would you play Noah if given the chance? @TDME
[21:50] <BuffTanner> Like how would you improve over the last?
[21:50] <BuffTanner> Just curious
[21:51] <BuffTanner> ?
[21:51] <BuffTanner> You there?
[21:51] <TDME3> Mhm, hard to say. I would definitely try to use him more than the last guy. I mean, if all he did was talk in confessionals, his elimination seems fairly understandable. Though Noah is the most active guy either. He's intelligent enough to make some major alliances and last for a while.
[21:51] <TotalDramaNaruto> :|
[21:51] <TotalDramaNaruto> yes. yes he is
[21:52] <TDME3> Sorry, you asked, I figured I'd tell you.
[21:52] <@Bigez> Well, he doesn't have to do much to improve over the last.
[21:52] <@Bigez> @TDF
[21:52] <@Bigez> XDDD
[21:52] <BuffTanner> TRUE THAT. XDDDD
[21:52] <Dakotacoons> XD
[21:52] <BuffTanner> Wanna hear something funny?
[21:52] <BuffTanner> TANNER
[21:52] <@numbuhthreefan> lol
[21:52] <Dakotacoons> Tanner was totes gunning for me anyway.
[21:53] <Dakotacoons> So I got people to vote him out. lol.
[21:53] <BuffTanner> He was.
[21:53] <Dakotacoons> xD
[21:53] <TDME3> Who do you RP Dakota?
[21:53] <BuffTanner> He wanted Duncan to vote Courtney
[21:53] <BuffTanner> Like, how stupid is that?
[21:53] <Dakotacoons> Courtney.
[21:53] <@numbuhthreefan> OMG :o
[21:53] <Dakotacoons> Sooooo OOC.
[21:53] <@numbuhthreefan> yep
[21:53] <BuffTanner> Just like Tanner's performance. XD @Dakota
[21:53] <TDME3> Not in TDWT. :-P But I get the idea of what you're saying.
[21:53] <@Bigez> Guys, you know what's funnier than Tanner?
[21:54] <@Bigez> ....... TANNER. XDDDDDDDDDDDD
[21:54] <BuffTanner> HA!
[21:54] <BuffTanner> XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[21:54] <BuffTanner> Like the episode where the whole team was against Bridgette he still wanted to vote Courtney
[21:54] <TotalDramaNaruto> All you would need to do as Noah is be more manipulative. Tanner tried to do that, but he did it behind the scenes so no one knew what he was doing so it looked like he was doing nothing. that's all well and good, but it's bad to be too boring and unoitble. if you can pull off the manipulative side of Noah well you should be set
[21:54] <BuffTanner> Even though it was the perfect chance for him to do something like an antagonist. xDDD
[21:54] <TDME3> Thanks! I'll try @TDN.
[21:55] <TotalDramaNaruto> ^_^
[21:55] <BuffTanner> Tanner didn't even know what a PM was till I told him.
[21:55] <TotalDramaNaruto> lol
[21:56] <BuffTanner> If I hadn't told him he would have done all his alliances out of the open.
[21:56] <TDME3> I didn't know what a PM here was until Karter sent me one. I'm not used to the IRC. . .Thanks @BuffTanner. . .
[21:56] <BuffTanner> So he probably would have been booted first.
[21:56] <BuffTanner> It's okay not knowing. @TDME
[21:56] <BuffTanner> You aren't an IDIOT like Tanner. xD
[21:57] <TDME3> I should hope not. XD
[21:57] <BuffTanner> Yep
[21:57] <BuffTanner> Youa aren't ANYWAY like him. xDDD
[21:57] == BuffTanner has changed nick to TDFan1000
[21:57] <TotalDramaNaruto> that's the thing. tanner was SO STUPID. But he acted liek he ran everything. I'm surprised I used to be scared of the guy
[21:57] <TDME3> You used to be scared of an idiot like that?
[21:57] <TDFan1000> He has his own RPs which probably fail. :/
[21:57] <Dakotacoons> What's your view on spanking? @TDME
[21:58] <TDME3> Why? @Dakotacoons.
[21:58] <TDFan1000> Dakota does surveys for a living.
[21:58] <Dakotacoons> Just wondering. I'm taking a poll of the IRC room.
[21:58] <TDME3> Ah, makes sense.
[21:58] <TDFan1000> So sometimes he asks random questions!
[21:58] <Dakotacoons> Because we had a huge discussion the other day.
[21:58] <@Mygeto> Hm.
[21:58] == Jaxswim [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[21:58] <Dakotacoons> So I'm seeing which side has more believers.
[21:59] <@Mygeto> So, you guys hear about England passing the law allowing gay marriage?
[21:59] <TDME3> Well, I really don't care much for it. I mean, some parents do, some don't. All in the parent's decision. I'm not one, so I don't try to speak for them until I become one myself.
[21:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> yep
[21:59] <TDFan1000> Yeah.
[21:59] <@Mygeto> Very progressive.
[21:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> and finally. someone with a neutral opijnion!
[21:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> you win!
[21:59] <TDFan1000> Mhmmm
[21:59] <@Bigez> Let me start off by saying that all homophobes are idiots.
[21:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> That was another thing. he was such an asshole. Homophobic. Beats children.
[22:00] <TDFan1000> Like, I'm suprised it took this long.
[22:00] <TDME3> Haven't heard about it yet. Probably going to make a lot of Englanders quite happy. Get it? Gay means both homosexual and happy? XD Just trying for stupid humor.
[22:00] <TDFan1000> Hahaha.
[22:00] <TDFan1000> Thats almost as funny as Tanner.
[22:00] <TotalDramaNaruto> lool
[22:00] <TDME3> Speaking of stupid, you know what's really stupid? People who know things, but instead of outright saying it, they try to trick someone else into admitting it first. That's really stupid. XD
[22:01] <TotalDramaNaruto> wow yeah
[22:01] <Dakotacoons> I know right?
[22:01] <TDME3> I hate those people so much. And people who change their opinions just for that reason!
[22:01] <Dakotacoons> Preacj.
[22:01] <Dakotacoons> *Preach.
[22:02] == Jaxswim [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:02] <TotalDramaNaruto> hey jax
[22:02] <@Bigez> I feel as though something is being implied here.
[22:02] <Jaxswim> Back
[22:02] <@Bigez> @TDM
[22:02] <TDFan1000> ^
[22:02] <TDME3> I've felt like that this whole time.
[22:02] <Dakotacoons> ^ @Bigez
[22:02] <TDFan1000> You are new, what could we try and make you admit? :|
[22:02] <TDFan1000> We barely know you. xD
[22:03] <TotalDramaNaruto> lol
[22:03] <TDME3> Me? I just thought we were listing things about people we hated. XD Sorry to give you the wrong idea.
[22:03] <TotalDramaNaruto> DOnt worry dude. stay here long enough, and they'll just make s*8t up about you
[22:03] <TotalDramaNaruto> oh
[22:03] <TotalDramaNaruto> no
[22:03] <TotalDramaNaruto> we were listing things we hate about Tanner
[22:04] <TDME3> Ah. Well, my misunderstanding then.
[22:04] <TDFan1000> Yeah
[22:04] <@Bigez> We should just list things we like about him:
[22:04] <@Bigez> BLANKITY
[22:04] <@Bigez> BLANKITY
[22:04] <@Bigez> BLANK
[22:04] <TotalDramaNaruto> again, still cant believe he scarred me. TDM, you wernet here for this obvi, but at first he was REAEEEALY intimidating
[22:04] <TotalDramaNaruto> *scared
[22:04] <TDFan1000> We would dislike the things we dislike about him but we don't have all day. xD
[22:04] <TDME3> What makes a guy that bad o intimidating???
[22:04] <TotalDramaNaruto> lol
[22:04] <TDME3> so*
[22:05] <TDFan1000> Nothing. @TDME
[22:05] <TDFan1000> We all actually thought he was going to be......a good antagonist. xDDDD
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> he always talked as if he was gonna cut someone. he gets competeticve in comeption so he'd often talk all seriosu and creepy
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> then a few weeks past
[22:05] <TDME3> Wow. XD
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> and he became a stupid butt
[22:05] == TDME3 [] has left #tdwiki-chat [requested by Bigez (TDME3)]
[22:05] <@Bigez> IT'S A CONSPIRACY.
[22:05] <TDFan1000> DUDE
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> ..
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> wtf?!
[22:05] == TDME3 [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> :|
[22:06] <TotalDramaNaruto> BIGEZ WTDF
[22:06] <TDME3> Ah, stupid thing keeps cutting me out.
[22:06] <@Bigez> I'm sorry I swore.
[22:06] <@Bigez> Jesus.
[22:06] <@Bigez> :@
[22:06] <@Bigez> @TDN
[22:07] <@Bigez> How did you like Be More.
[22:07] <@Bigez> @TDF
[22:07] <TDFan1000> Oh
[22:07] <TDFan1000> I reaaaalllt liked it
[22:08] <TDME3> What's Be More?
[22:08] <Jaxswim> I didn't see last week's
[22:08] <Jaxswim> or this weeks'
[22:08] <TDFan1000> An AT episode.
[22:08] <Jaxswim> good?
[22:08] <Jaxswim> @TDF/Bigez
[22:08] <TDME3> Oh. :|
[22:08] <@Bigez> It was GREAT
[22:08] <TDFan1000> Tanner didn't like AT either. :(
[22:08] <@Bigez> @Jax
[22:08] <@Bigez> No wonder.
[22:08] <Jaxswim> Yeah.
[22:09] <Jaxswim> OH
[22:09] <Jaxswim> I MET A GIRL
[22:09] <Jaxswim> IRL
[22:09] <TDME3> Well, one thing I've found in common with the guy.
[22:09] <Jaxswim> WHO LIKES TDI
[22:09] <Jaxswim> TODAY
[22:09] <@Bigez> Tanner was just a buzzkill.
[22:09] <TDFan1000> Bigez I have a theory about Bmo now!
[22:09] <@Bigez> ?
[22:09] <TDFan1000> Spolerz for My My
[22:09] <TDFan1000> *Spoilerz
[22:09] <TDFan1000> I'll PM ya
[22:10] <@Bigez> Hey, Finn and Jake are gonna be in the Macy's Day Parade!
[22:12] <TDFan1000> coool
[22:13] <TDME3> Cool for all the AT fans I guess. XD
[22:13] <WebkinzMania> Oh!
[22:13] <TDFan1000> Weird
[22:13] <WebkinzMania> I saw the AT episode this week#
[22:13] <TDME3> -tries to stay in the convo despite not having any idea what we're discussing-
[22:13] <WebkinzMania> It was so good.
[22:13] <Jaxswim> Wait
[22:13] <TDFan1000> Whenever Aimers get a message on his wall I am notified about it. :|
[22:13] <Jaxswim> was it another one like B-Mo Noire?
[22:13] <TDFan1000> Nah
[22:13] <WebkinzMania> It was BMO one, but not like that
[22:13] <Dakotacoons> Same for me for Bale. @TDF
[22:13] <Dakotacoons> IDK why.
[22:13] <TDFan1000> It was kinda BMO's origin. @Jax
[22:13] <@Bigez> It was more light-hearted.
[22:13] <TotalDramaNaruto> it was BMO's origin story
[22:13] <@Bigez> @Jax
[22:14] <WebkinzMania> Probably one of the best this season
[22:14] <@Bigez> ^
[22:14] <TDFan1000> It was really nice.
[22:14] <TDFan1000> Like the ending.
[22:14] <@Bigez> Aziz Ansari was tweeted last minute to be in this episode.
[22:14] <TDFan1000> I know!
[22:15] <TDFan1000> I saw that tweet and I was like "Oooooh boy!
[22:15] <TDFan1000> And then I heard him and I was all "YAY! PARKS AND REC!!! WOOP!"
[22:18] <@Mygeto> Lulz.
[22:19] <@Mygeto> Episode hasn't aired for me, yet. >~>
[22:19] <@Mygeto> So y'all shut up.
[22:19] <TDFan1000> kk
[22:20] <@numbuhthreefan>
[22:20] <@numbuhthreefan> I'm in tinychat.
[22:20] <@numbuhthreefan> Anyone wanna come?
[22:20] <@numbuhthreefan> it finally works now
[22:21] <@Bigez> ...
[22:22] <TDME3> So quiet. . .
[22:23] <@numbuhthreefan> yeah
[22:24] <TDFan1000> Yeah haha
[22:24] == Dakotacoons [~Dakotacoo@unaffiliated/dakotacoons] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:25] <TDFan1000> So, what are your interests? @TDME
[22:27] <@Bigez> TDME, I'm not going to beat around the bush.
[22:28] <@numbuhthreefan> lol:p
[22:28] == ferguson97 [4426bebe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:28] <@Bigez> I'm speaking for everyone in this room when I say that I think you're Ferguson.
[22:28] <@Bigez> *Tanner
[22:28] <ferguson97> Yo
[22:28] <@Bigez> Odd timing.
[22:28] <@Bigez> :|
[22:28] <@Bigez> Hai, Fergy.
[22:28] <TDME3> :| Huh?
[22:28] <ferguson97> What happened?
[22:28] <ferguson97> Who did you think was me?
[22:28] <TotalDramaNaruto> it was a typo
[22:28] <@Bigez> I meant Tanner.
[22:28] <@Bigez> @Ferg
[22:28] <ferguson97> Oh ok :p
[22:28] <TDME3> I don't know. . .I'm new. . .And the person they all hate I'm now being accused of being. . .
[22:29] <ferguson97> Do you guys have proof?
[22:29] <TotalDramaNaruto> well
[22:29] <TDFan1000> The IPs match.
[22:29] <TDA15> So you just so happened to come onto the IRC to audition for Noah BEFORE making a wiki account?
[22:29] <TotalDramaNaruto> he's new. first thing he does is ask to be noah after Tanner was fired from it
[22:29] <TDA15> And you already knew the backstory on what happened to Noah's actor?
[22:29] <@Bigez> Also, you seem to defend Noah an awful lot, and know things that a new user probably wouldn't know about.
[22:29] <TotalDramaNaruto> talks in long sentences, we've been talking about tanner none stop with him
[22:29] <ferguson97> Yeah, I know... the backstory
[22:30] <ferguson97> It IS kind of fishy...
[22:30] <@Bigez> You even asked me "Someone told me you were in charge of Roleplay as well."
[22:30] <@Bigez> You never told me who that "someone" was.
[22:30] <TDME3> That wasn't the first thing I asked. I was asking about the RP itself and I had ask you guys if there were any open spots and then I found the RR wiki and asked why he was listed as a former actor.
[22:30] <TDFan1000> ^Exactly how Tanner posts stuff.
[22:30] <TDFan1000> Long sentences.
[22:30] <TDA15> How did you find the RR wiki if you were on here before the wiki?
[22:30] <TotalDramaNaruto> then there's what you PM'd me.
[22:30] <TDME3> Because I already knew what the TD Wiki.
[22:31] <@Bigez> [22:01] <TDME3> Speaking of stupid, you know what's really stupid? People who know things, but instead of outright saying it, they try to trick someone else into admitting it first. That's really stupid. XD
[22:31] <@Bigez> There's also this.
[22:31] <TDFan1000> ^ I was just about to paste that
[22:31] <TotalDramaNaruto> [21:14] <TDME3> Look, you seem like a pretty decent guy here. Can I ask if I did something wrong? Everyone seemed to be sort of shoving things down my throat about this Tanner guy earlier. . .
[22:31] <@Bigez> And considering the fact that your both type almost indentically.
[22:31] <TotalDramaNaruto> [21:15] <TDME3> I mean, when I was first on, I was asking questions about the situation and trying to make conversation since they were all talking about AT and I was hoping to hear more about the role of Noah. . .But now everyone seems to be forcing the situation at me. I'm so confused.
[22:31] <TDFan1000> ^He asked me something similar in PM as well.
[22:31] <ferguson97> That sounds REALLY Republican...
[22:31] <TDFan1000> Look Tanner.
[22:31] <TDFan1000> Confess now please.
[22:31] <TotalDramaNaruto> ánd then you mentioned Karter
[22:31] <TDFan1000> And we won't ban you
[22:31] <TotalDramaNaruto> how the hell do you know whp that is?
[22:32] <TDME3> I spoke to Karter earlier. He pmed me about his rp. Ask him.
[22:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> was he here earl;ier?
[22:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> *earlier
[22:32] == Ferguson97604 [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:32] <ferguson97> another me may join, so if it does, kick the first me
[22:32] <TDFan1000> Tanner please, if you just admit it now it will be okay.
[22:32] <ferguson97> Can you kick this me?
[22:32] <@numbuhthreefan> wb
[22:32] == ferguson97 was kicked from #tdwiki-chat by Bigez [ferguson97]
[22:32] <Ferguson97604> Gracias
[22:33] <@Bigez> Why would you constantly interrogate us about Noah, while not being even slightly interested in any other character in roleplay?
[22:33] <TotalDramaNaruto> Look dude. I wanna believe that you're not him. But the evidence is too deep.
[22:33] <TDME3> Because Noah is apparently the only one whose actor is available/
[22:33] <TotalDramaNaruto> actually
[22:33] <TotalDramaNaruto> there is Sadie
[22:34] <TDA15> For a new user, you seem to already know a lot about the RP
[22:34] <TDA15> And that there was a spot open
[22:34] <TDME3> Because I asked and found the RR Wiki.
[22:34] <Ferguson97604> To be fair, a lot of users "lurk" before joining.
[22:34] <TDA15> Asked who?
[22:34] <TDFan1000> [00:35] <TDME3> Hey, Karter couldn't answer this question. >.> I'm sort of curious. I found the RR Wiki and found where is said Noah had a former actor, but apparently not a current one. Does anyone know exactly why? If his actor is a 100% never return, I'd love to take over.
[22:34] <Ferguson97604> I lurked for a bit before making an account.
[22:35] <TDFan1000> ^One of the first things you said when you joined.
[22:35] <TDME3> Yes, because I found the RR Wiki. Is that impossible for you guys to believe?
[22:35] <TDA15> No
[22:35] <TDFan1000> Tanner, please admit it.
[22:35] <@Bigez> That's not the point.
[22:35] <TDA15> But what is possible, is that your IP and Tanner's IP are the same.
[22:35] <WebkinzMania> back; what's going on?
[22:35] <@Bigez> well, yeah.
[22:35] == TDME3 []
[22:35] == realname : PJIRC User ::
[22:35] == channels : #tdwiki-chat
[22:35] == server  : [Perth, AU]
[22:35] == End of WHOIS
[22:35] <@Bigez> That's the main point.
[22:35] <@Bigez> :|
[22:35] <TDFan1000> We have your IP.
[22:35] <TDFan1000> We know it is you
[22:35] <WebkinzMania> [22:35] == TDME3 []
[22:35] <Ferguson97604>
[22:35] <WebkinzMania> yup
[22:35] <TotalDramaNaruto> actually, how do yall even know Tanner's IP? can yall search peoples IP's at anytime?
[22:35] <WebkinzMania> I'm on webchat
[22:35] <WebkinzMania> [22:35] == TDME3 []
[22:35] <TDA15> Chatzilla and Webchat @TDN
[22:35] <TDFan1000> ^What do you say to that Tanner?
[22:36] <TotalDramaNaruto> oooh
[22:36] * TDME3 claps.
[22:36] <WebkinzMania> If you come on, at least don't change your nickname and come.
[22:36] <TDA15> You're only making things worse for yourself
[22:36] <TDME3> I say very persceptive.
[22:36] <WebkinzMania> Lol, he's acting like Bale. xD
[22:36] <Ferguson97604> Do you share a computer with anyone?
[22:36] <TDFan1000> So you are admiting it?
[22:36] <TDFan1000> Long speech is coming.
[22:36] <TDFan1000> I can feel it
[22:37] * Ferguson97604 drumrolls
[22:37] == Ferguson97604 has changed nick to ferguson97
[22:37] <TotalDramaNaruto> Evidence Bullet: IP Adress. Weak Point Break!
[22:37] <TotalDramaNaruto> (dont even ask)
[22:37] <WebkinzMania> So... is a ban in order? Or what?
[22:37] <ferguson97> Wait
[22:37] <TDME3> Hm? I went to get a glass of water.
[22:38] <ferguson97> Wait for the speech
[22:38] <TDA15> Indeed it is
[22:38] <TDFan1000> Your IP and Tanner's are the same. @TDM
[22:38] <TDFan1000> Want to give yourself up or....?
[22:38] <Jaxswim> ... Oooooh.
[22:38] <Jaxswim> Juicy.
[22:38] <Jaxswim> yeah we knew this all along
[22:38] <Jaxswim> I think
[22:38] <ferguson97> Juicy... like a grapefruit
[22:38] * ferguson97 eats a grapefruit
[22:38] <TDFan1000> Yup
[22:39] <ferguson97> Mmm grapefruit
[22:39] <TDA15> I believe a kickban is in order @Bigez Mygeto or numbuhthreefan
[22:39] <TDME3> As much as I'd love to explain this to everyone, I have a feeling that the minute I give myself up, everyone is going to ignore everything I say so I'm not going to get anywhere with any of you.
[22:39] <@Bigez> wait.
[22:39] <@Bigez> I want to here his side.
[22:39] <TDFan1000> Yes Tanner
[22:39] <TDFan1000> I would love to hear your side of things.
[22:39] <@Bigez> Tanner, if you have a legit point.
[22:39] == TDME3 has changed nick to TannerCook100
[22:39] <TDA15> Enthrill me @Tanner
[22:39] <WebkinzMania> hear* and so do I
[22:39] <@Bigez> Then go for it.
[22:39] <TDFan1000> And we will be respectful.
[22:39] <TotalDramaNaruto> :|
[22:39] <ferguson97> OHHH
[22:39] <WebkinzMania> :-O How shocking.
[22:40] <TDFan1000> Please go on Tanner.
[22:40] <TotalDramaNaruto> *unsurprising development*
[22:40] <TannerCook100> The whole reason I did this, as I'm sure you can guess, was for a chance to have Noah again. Hear me out first before yelling at me.
[22:40] <ferguson97> kick him
[22:40] <TDFan1000> continue
[22:40] <TotalDramaNaruto> no fergy
[22:40] <TDA15> Let him finish Ferg
[22:40] <ferguson97> Okay
[22:40] <TotalDramaNaruto> we shall let him talk
[22:41] <ferguson97> Do we give him a last meal too?
[22:41] <ferguson97> :p
[22:41] <@Mygeto> LOL I KNEW IT.
[22:41] <@Mygeto> *Is late*
[22:42] <TotalDramaNaruto> wow
[22:42] <ferguson97> Wow Mygeto.
[22:42] <TDA15> Today would be nice.
[22:42] <ferguson97> You're soooo late
[22:42] <@Mygeto> I was watching AT. >~>
[22:42] <TotalDramaNaruto> It's Tanner
[22:42] <TDFan1000> Come on Tanner
[22:42] <WebkinzMania> Wasn't it good?
[22:42] <TannerCook100> I did it for a few reasons. After realizing how badly I had overreacted the first time around, I came up with a plan to be someone else, get him back either this season or next and RP better than I had originally. On top of that, the plan was if I got eliminated, to take it well for a while. If I won, to not be a sore winner about it. That way I could redeem myself to you guys. However, I knew that you'd kick me the m
[22:42] <@Mygeto> Be More was awesome.
[22:42] <TotalDramaNaruto> He types in paragraph form
[22:42] <WebkinzMania> Tanner, are you d--
[22:42] <TDA15> It cut off at "I knew that you'd"
[22:42] <WebkinzMania> Cut off after "kick me the m"
[22:43] <TannerCook100> Ack, you're not serious?
[22:43] <ferguson97> It does.
[22:43] <TDFan1000> Just copy and paste it
[22:43] <@Bigez> ^
[22:43] <TDA15> Finish, then we will give our feedback.
[22:43] <TannerCook100> It doesn't let me paste in the dang IRC. >.>
[22:43] <ferguson97> Try control + v
[22:43] <TDA15> Just post it in segments rather than a paragraph
[22:43] <TotalDramaNaruto> ctrl c then ctrl v
[22:43] <TDFan1000> ^
[22:43] <ferguson97> That pastes
[22:44] <TannerCook100> However, I knew that you'd kick me the moment I showed up as TC100, so I thought I'd better try to redeem myself in disguise. Btw, I never said I was 18. I said I was the Valedictorian. My school does 8th and 12th Grade Top Ten. I'm only 14.
[22:44] <TannerCook100> Thank you. XD
[22:44] <TotalDramaNaruto> ok
[22:44] <ferguson97> I personaly think that he should have a lengthened ban.
[22:44] <TDA15> Right well
[22:44] <TotalDramaNaruto> ==FEEDBACK===
[22:44] <@Bigez> Wait.
[22:44] <TDA15> That's not a reason to sockpuppet
[22:44] <TDA15> WHich you did
[22:44] <TDA15> *Which
[22:44] <ferguson97> He lied to us, made a sockpuppet, and tried to trick his way back on RP...
[22:44] <@Bigez> Yeah, so.
[22:45] <@Bigez> Technically, in doing all thisd.
[22:45] <@Bigez> *this
[22:45] <ferguson97> You claim to be a moral, good person. Is lying and cheating moral and good?
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> Yeah. Sockpuppeting (makeing a seperate account) is against the rules
[22:45] <@Bigez> You broke a wiki rule and lied.
[22:45] <@Bigez> Which all adds up to an indefinite ban.
[22:45] <ferguson97> If anything, you lost more respect.
[22:45] <TDFan1000> So you wanted to redeem yourself by lying?
[22:45] <TDA15> I believe that calls for an indefinate ban
[22:45] <@Bigez> Honestly, Tanner.
[22:45] <@Bigez> You had the choice to do the right thing back in Roleplay.
[22:45] <TDFan1000> Props to you man for not cracking at all the crap we were saying about you.
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> I understand you were afraid we wouldnt listen to you. ubt you could have TRIED to do thing the right way
[22:45] <ferguson97> So he's a cheating liar... maybe he WOULD make a good politician.
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> we arent that evil and vindictave
[22:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> if you came here for forgivness
[22:45] <WebkinzMania> My thoughts:
[22:45] <Jaxswim> huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue
[22:46] <Jaxswim> @Fergy
[22:46] <TotalDramaNaruto> we would have welcomed it
[22:46] <WebkinzMania> It's pretty pathetic that he tried to come in as a sockpuppet.
[22:46] <WebkinzMania> The IP address matches.
[22:46] <WebkinzMania> His name was under "Tanner"
[22:46] <TannerCook100> Well, the last time I spoke to you guys, it didn't seem that way to me.
[22:46] <@Bigez> Everyone's talking at once, I want my speech.
[22:46] <@Bigez> :@
[22:46] <ferguson97> ======VOTE===========
[22:46] <WebkinzMania> Sockpuppeting = indefinite ban
[22:46] <TDA15> So. Any last words before we send you away for good?
[22:46] <WebkinzMania> Them's the rules.
[22:46] <TDA15> Choose wisely
[22:46] <ferguson97> I vote for indefinte ban.
[22:46] <TotalDramaNaruto> we kinda have to Fergy
[22:46] <TDFan1000> Yup
[22:46] <@Bigez> What?!
[22:46] <@Bigez> I never got to speak.
[22:46] <@Bigez> :@
[22:46] <ferguson97> I want to here his last words.
[22:47] <TDFan1000> YOU DID
[22:47] * ferguson97 shoves Bigez
[22:47] <TDA15> YOU DON'T GET TO CHEER @Bigez
[22:47] <ferguson97> No
[22:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> it's sad. I kinda wanna give him a second chance. :c
[22:47] <ferguson97> :@
[22:47] <WebkinzMania> Put the chat on +q
[22:47] <ferguson97> He doens't deserve it @TDN
[22:47] <TDFan1000> Well
[22:47] <@Bigez> Hey, great idea, WM!
[22:47] <TDFan1000> To be fair
[22:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> yeah true
[22:47] <TDFan1000> an admin should handle this
[22:47] <TannerCook100> I broke rules. It's only fair.
[22:47] <TDA15> It's +m actually
[22:47] <TDFan1000> And since Bigez is the only active one.
[22:47] <TDA15> Not +q
[22:47] <@Mygeto> Legit, he just made everything worse for yourself.
[22:47] <ferguson97> @TDFan1000:
[22:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> there's Mygeto
[22:47] <Jaxswim> [19:47] <TDFan1000> And since Bigez is the only active one.
[22:47] <Jaxswim> --
[22:47] <Jaxswim> read this as
[22:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> and god I wish Ryan was here
[22:47] <@Mygeto> If he didn't act like a donk, he could have maybe came back.
[22:47] <Jaxswim> "since Bigez is the only attractive one"
[22:47] <Jaxswim> :|
[22:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> xDDDD
[22:48] <@Mygeto> But nah, that's gone for him now.
[22:48] <@Bigez> I'm sure if you talked to Ryan in a polite and calm manner he would've let you back.
[22:48] <TDFan1000> ....You misread things a lot.
[22:48] <TDFan1000> @Jax
[22:48] <@Bigez> @Tanner
[22:48] <ferguson97> It's like real life, if a cop isn't available, shouldn't a citizen take the law into their own hands?
[22:48] <ferguson97> A citizen's arrest?
[22:48] <TDFan1000> ^ @Bigez
[22:48] <ferguson97> That's a thing.
[22:48] <@Bigez> Well, props to you for at least being mature.
[22:48] <TDFan1000> Instead your critizied his challenges and RPing.
[22:48] <TDA15> I think they need some sort of license to do that @Ferg
[22:48] <TDA15> IDK
[22:48] <@Bigez> Thanks for stopping by, sorry we like, insulted you.
[22:48] == mode/#tdwiki-chat [-o TannerCook100] by Bigez
[22:48] == mode/#tdwiki-chat [+b TannerCook100!*@*] by Bigez
[22:48] == TannerCook100 was kicked from #tdwiki-chat by Bigez [TannerCook100]
[22:48] <TDFan1000> DUDE
[22:48] <@Mygeto> And you made a sockpuppet, here an on-
[22:48] <WebkinzMania> [22:48] <@Bigez> Well, props to you for at least being mature. -- mhmmm.
[22:48] <TDFan1000> LAST WORDS
[22:48] <@Mygeto> I WASN'T DONE.
[22:48] <WebkinzMania> ^
[22:48] <TDFan1000> :@
[22:48] <TDFan1000> Bigez
[22:48] <TDFan1000> You selfish s**t
[22:48] <@Mygeto> WHATEVER.
[22:49] <@Bigez> >.>
[22:49] <TDFan1000> We weren't done
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> someone record his IP
[22:49] <@Bigez> JESUS
[22:49] <@Mygeto> I'm banning him on the wiki. ~>>
[22:49] <ferguson97> Bigez....
[22:49] == TDA15 [~TDA15@] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[22:49] <TDFan1000> NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID
[22:49] <ferguson97> First you are too late, now you're too early...
[22:49] <ferguson97> Jesus...
[22:49] <TDFan1000> YOU MADE TDA15 MAD.
[22:49] <TDFan1000> thank you Fery!
[22:49] <TDFan1000> :@
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> "[22:35] == TDME3 []"
[22:49] <@Bigez> GOSH
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> Might want to keep this for a few weeks
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> That's his IP address.
[22:49] <ferguson97> Bigez, just be yourself...
[22:49] <TDFan1000> Anyway
[22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> *sighs*
[22:49] == Eh [] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> ...
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> OUT
[22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> :|
[22:49] <ferguson97> Tanner?
[22:49] == Eh [] has left #tdwiki-chat []
[22:49] <@Bigez> LOL
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> K good.
[22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> really?
[22:49] <ferguson97> Was that him?
[22:49] <WebkinzMania> mhm
[22:50] <ferguson97> Does the IP match?
[22:50] == TDA15 [~TDA15@] has joined #tdwiki-chat
[22:50] <TDA15> F**K -_-
[22:50] <ferguson97> Tanner?
[22:50] <ferguson97> Again?
[22:50] <WebkinzMania> [22:49] == Eh [] has joined #tdwiki-chat [22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> ... [22:49] <WebkinzMania> OUT [22:49] <TotalDramaNaruto> :| [22:49] <ferguson97> Tanner? [22:49] == Eh [] has left #tdwiki-chat []
[22:50] <TotalDramaNaruto> WM is on webxchat so he always sees the IP's
[22:50] <WebkinzMania> there we go.
[22:50] == mode/#tdwiki-chat [+b *!*@] by Bigez
[22:50] <TDA15> God dammit, I lost the entire log
[22:50] <TDA15> F**king Chrome
[22:50] <WebkinzMania> i have everything

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