[19:06] ThatEpic So, I think we could rock an alliancE. (CONF) Please, I just want her vote.
[19:06] 14WAAEQS6 Uhhh, who are you?
[19:06] 14WAAEQS6
[19:07] ThatEpic Scott, stu- valuable teammate(fake smile)
[19:07] 14WAAEQS6
[19:07] 14WAAEQS6 You think I'm valuable?
[19:07] 14WAAEQS6 Well... :3
[19:07] 14WAAEQS6 My Daddy IS the CEO of Banana.
[19:07] 14WAAEQS6 ^^
[19:07] ThatEpic Sure! You're the most valuable girl here!
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 I know, right?
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 If I join this alliance, what's in it for me?
[19:08] ThatEpic (CONF) It pained me to say those words, really.
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 I'm not getting any more screentime if I do this, am I?
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 And if I do join, will I be treated like a princess?
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 I AM...
[19:08] 14WAAEQS6 *turns to camera* Um, close up, please. -_-
[19:09] 14WAAEQS6 Dakota Milton. ^^
[19:09] ThatEpic Anyways, you'll get tons of cameratime. People in alliances are focused on.
[19:10] 14WAAEQS6 Eeeeeee!
[19:10] 14WAAEQS6 I'm in. ^^
[19:10] ThatEpic (CONF) Did I just say something true to her? I'm going soft... I miss pappie and the rats.

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