August 2, 2013


  • Neko-naito, aka Neko - Winner
  • Kgman04, aka KG - Runner-Up
  • TDIFan13, aka Ryan - 3rd Place
  • Jaxswim, aka Jax - 4th Place
  • TotalDramaNaruto, aka TDN - 5th Place
  • gsu_eagle_31049, aka gsu - 6th Place
  • Bridgette_dj10, aka AJ - 7th Place
  • TdiAlex, aka Alex - 8th Place
  • Jam7, aka, Jam - 9th Place
  • Webkinz Mania, aka WM - 10th Place
  • TotalDramaAddict, aka Addict - 11th Place
  • BarBar, aka Bar - 12th Place

Voting Table

8/2/2013 Voting Table
Rank Contestant Rounds
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1st Neko Bar TDN Jax WM gsu Alex gsu gsu Jax Jax Jax WINNER
2nd KG Bar Addict AJ WM Jam AJ AJ gsu Jax TDN Jax RUNNER-UP
3rd Ryan Bar Addict Jam Jam Jam Alex TDN Jax TDN TDN Jax 3RD PLACE
4th Jax Addict Addict Jam Returns in Round 8 TDN TDN N/A Neko Neko
5th TDN Bar Addict Jax Jam Jam Neko AJ gsu Jax N/A N/A KG
6th gsu Jax Neko Jax AJ Neko KG AJ KG TDN N/A Ryan
7th AJ Bar TDN Jax WM gsu Alex gsu N/A Neko
8th Alex Bar Addict Jam Jam Jam N/A Ryan
9th Jam Addict Addict Jax WM gsu N/A Neko
10th WM TDN Addict Ryan Ryan N/A KG
11th Addict Bar TDN N/A Neko
12th Bar Addict N/A KG

December 27, 2013


  • Mygeto, aka Mygeto - Winner
  • gsu_eagle_31049, aka GSU - Runner-Up
  • TotalDramaFan1000, aka TDF - 3rd Place
  • Kgman04, aka KG - 4th/5th Place
  • numbuhthreefan, aka N3 - 4th/5th Place
  • TDIFan13, aka Ryan - 6th Place
  • TotalDramaNaruto, aka TDN - 7th Place
  • Nduke, aka Debbie - 8th Place
  • Jam7, aka Jam - 9th Place
  • Diddikyz, aka Diddy - 10th Place
  • Nalyd Renrut, aka Nalyd - 11th Place
  • Breakingmikey, aka Mikey - 12th Place
  • Fedora Kid, aka FK - 13th Place
  • Tyman618, aka Ty - 14th Place

Voting Table

12/27/2013 Voting Table
Rank Contestant Rounds Points
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale Mygeto GSU TDF
1st Mygeto Jam Mikey Debbie Jam Ryan Ryan GSU* TDN Ryan Ryan KG WINNER 23 PTS 15 PTS 12 PTS
2nd GSU TDN Debbie TDF Nalyd Ryan TDN TDF TDF Mygeto Ryan N3 RUNNER-UP
3rd TDF Ty FK Ryan Nalyd Jam Debbie TDN NV Ryan NV KG 3RD PLACE
4th/5th KG NV Returns in Round 7 NV* TDN N3 Ryan N3 Inactive 3 5 2
N3 Ty FK Mikey Nalyd Jam Debbie TDN TDN TDF TDF TDF Inactive N/A
6th Ryan FK FK Mikey Nalyd Jam Debbie TDN* TDN TDF NV Inactive 5 2 3
7th TDN Debbie FK Mikey Nalyd Jam Debbie TDF NV Inactive 5 3 2
8th Debbie Ty FK Mygeto Nalyd Jam Ryan Inactive N/A
9th Jam Ryan FK Debbie Debbie Ryan Inactive N/A
10th Diddy TDF FK N/A N/A Inactive N/A
11th Nalyd Debuts Ryan Mikey Ryan Inactive N/A
12th Mikey TDN FK Debbie Inactive N/A
13th FK Ty Ryan Inactive 5 2 3
14th Ty Debbie Inactive 5 3 2


* - Upon KG's return, he could not vote but was given the ability to void two of the Final Six's votes after they were already cast. Mygeto's vote for GSU and Ryan's vote for TDN did not count. Due to the voids, there was a tie between TDF and TDN for elimination. The tiebreaker acknowledged TDN to be eliminated.

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