[17:56] <Staci|> Yah. I wanna join Total Drama Revenge of the Island so I can teach everyone about my family and stuff.
[17:56] <Staci|> Like my great great great aunt Sally invented breathing.
[17:57] <Staci|> Before her, people died thirty seconds after they were born. Or flopped around on the ground. Yah. So sad.
[17:57] <Staci|> And my great great great grandfather Charlie invented water.
[17:57] <Staci|> Before him, the only thing you could drink was mashed up dirt in a blender.
[17:57] <Staci|> And speaking of that, my great great great grandmother Elizabeth invented blenders.
[17:57] <Staci|> Before her, you couldn't drink anything so your throats got all dry and you sounded *weird voice* liiiike thiiiis.
[17:57] <Staci|> Oh, and last night, I found a million bucks in the street.
[17:57] <Staci|> I would show you, but I already spent it on a pony.
[17:58] <Staci|> And I would show you the pony, but it jumped off a cliff and died.
[17:58] <Staci|> So sad, because it was like rainbowy and stuff.
[17:58] <Staci|> And it was--
[17:58] <Staci|> *camera shuts off*
[17:58] <Staci|> --- END ---

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