[19:30] <@CD-TDAerz> --- START ---
[19:31] <Totoro|> *is shown inside a giant bubble typing on a laptop* Hi Im Cameron, Im kinda a special chase, see I was raised in a bubble. After my dad left my mom she kinda went crazy so she put me inside this bubble. :s
[19:32] <Totoro|> But I've grown tired of living inside this bubble so Ive decided to audition for Total Drama to escape my bubble.....and my mom. So Im just typing up a list of allergies I have.
[19:33] <Totoro|> Nothing to major, Im just allergic to nearly all animal dander, any product that comes from an animal, any type of tree that growns in North and South America oh and I also get bloody noses real easy. 3:
[19:34] <Totoro|> So pick me if you want a real nice guy. ^__^

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