[19:16] Sam| Hey huh huh.
[19:16] TotalDramaNaruto Oh look, it's Gamer Boy. >.>
[19:16] Sam| Whats your deal man?
[19:17] TotalDramaNaruto Whoa whoa. Sorry. Just kidding. *lying*
[19:17] Sam| Really?
[19:17] TotalDramaNaruto *looks mischevious and puts arm around* Yeah, you know we're buds. Right?
[19:18] Sam| I guess so. :3
[19:18] TotalDramaNaruto Good. So would you be willing to have alliance. *evil look*
[19:18] TotalDramaNaruto *say
[19:19] Sam| .....I don't know.
[19:19] |<-- Totoro| has left freenode (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[19:19] TotalDramaNaruto Aw, come on. Do you really trust that other team of yours?
[19:20] Sam| Yes.
[19:20] Sam| They've never done me wrong
[19:20] TotalDramaNaruto They've been accusing you of have the immunity idol right? and also Staci and B? Maybe it's cause they think you're fat. *smiles*
[19:21] Sam| :(
[19:21] Sam| They do?
[19:21] Sam| :(
[19:22] TotalDramaNaruto Well, I can't say the same for Anne Maria. But I know for a fact that Lightning does. Or should I say, "Sha-Lightning?
[19:22] Sam|
[19:22] TotalDramaNaruto And Brick? He'd get kicked off the first chance he gets
[19:22] TotalDramaNaruto *GET YOU
[19:22] TotalDramaNaruto (*caps sorry)
[19:23] Sam| I guess you are the only one I can trust.
[19:23] Sam|
[19:24] TotalDramaNaruto Seems so. So, whaddya say pal?
[19:24] Sam| I guess we can have an alliance.
[19:24] Sam| 3:
[19:25] TotalDramaNaruto Great! *evil smile and shakes hand* And hey, don't be sad. If you need anything, I've got your back.

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