Here's a little song I was dared to write

You wanna cover your ears before I start to sing

Don't worry, be editing!

TDAwesome and Neko's marriage did have some trouble

And because of Bb's worry he's now bald.

Don't worry, be editing!

Cheeep, cheeep cheeep cheep cheep cheeeeeep

Ain't go no place to put Chicken's unuseful trivia.

Somebody slept with MTDM in his bed.

Don't worry, be editing!

The dictator says your edit count is lame

He or she may have to litigate

Don't worry, be editing!

Look at me, I'm editing!

Don't worry, be editing!

Here I give you some edit tips

So you don't have to call me at all.

And I make you edit

Don't worry, be editing!

Bb ain't got no cash, Addict ain't got no style

Chicken ain't got not girl to make him cheep.

But don't worry, be editing!

Cause when you don't edit

You get demoted

And that will make you an emo clown

So don't worry, be editing!

DJ_Fan's original production! DJ_Fan Sharing Our worlds 04:53, January 2, 2011 (UTC)

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