• I live in far from any trannies, thank god
  • My occupation is Dead N!gger Storage manager
  • I am a guy and proud of it
  • IfukedTDIfan13'sdisabledaunt

    How's it going you n!gger wannabe? Having fun trying to take down big bad whitey? Enjoying being jerked off by your equally  worthless ultra libtarded fellow staff members? I'm just here to say that i'm sick of you and how you run the wiki. It was quite swell until all the top brass started believing in this new age Tumblr-brand social justice bullshit, which i'm willing is because of your influence. You are probably just some middle-class concrete jungle ape who couldn't even last one month out in the wilderness. And I would just love to see how well your acting is since if it's as good as your sense of humor you probably couldn't even get a role in a Happy Madison or Seltzer & Friedberg production.

    Why am I telling you this here? Because …

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