• Pierzina

    Amnesia -- Book 1: Ecstasy

    February 20, 2017 by Pierzina

    CHAPTER 0 -- “Prologue”

    Unknown Hotel Room



    Simone: Ugh... What’s going on? … Where am I?! Is this some sort of high school prank?!

    Where is everyone? What's going on?

    You set your eyes on a door.

    Hmmm... that's odd. It won't open. 

    Suddenly a tv screen flickers on.

    ???: Welcome! Looks like you finally woke up, Simone Washington.

    Simone: Excuse me!? How do you know my last name?! 

    ???: Of course I do... but that's a road we'll cross later. For now, I'll have to inform you that your initiation into Despair's Edge Resort School. I'm sure you'll be very excited once things get rolling.

    Simone: What? What are you saying! That's ridiculous. I never signed up for any Resort School! What are you talking about?!

    ???: Oh silly girl, don't worry. You'll b…

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