CHAPTER 0 -- “Prologue”

Unknown Hotel Room



Simone: Ugh... What’s going on? … Where am I?! Is this some sort of high school prank?!

Where is everyone? What's going on?

You set your eyes on a door.

Hmmm... that's odd. It won't open. 

Suddenly a tv screen flickers on.

???: Welcome! Looks like you finally woke up, Simone Washington.

Simone: Excuse me!? How do you know my last name?! 

???: Of course I do... but that's a road we'll cross later. For now, I'll have to inform you that your initiation into Despair's Edge Resort School. I'm sure you'll be very excited once things get rolling.

Simone: What? What are you saying! That's ridiculous. I never signed up for any Resort School! What are you talking about?!

???: Oh silly girl, don't worry. You'll be under extensive... care. :)

Simone: What is that supposed to mean?! What's going on?! 

The screen shut off suddenly.

What the f*ck is going on? Well, I might as well find a way to leave...

You grab the door, and try to open it one more time, it unlocks. 

Hotel Hallway

Simone: It's a hallway... that's odd. 

It appears to be a hotel. I guess I need to look for someone... There's some stairs over there, I'll go down to the lobby. This whole situation is really weird...


You walk down the stairs and into the lobby.

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