Episode 7 (Failed to Start)

[19:30] == Sam| [~Sam|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[19:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Uhhhh.... :|

[19:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Or.... not. :|

[19:31] <+Jim|Blayne> he'll be back

[19:31] <+Jim|Blayne> give him a minute

[19:31] <@ChrisMcLean> Okay.

[19:31] <+Jim|Blayne> wait for dakota too

[19:31] <@ChrisMcLean> KK. -w-

[19:31] <@ChrisMcLean> BTW, Zobe.... Again, I'm not rushing you... but I still need that Logo if you can still make it after this for my next FF. :(

[19:31] <Derek||> (conf): Hmmmmm..... I can't wait till they find out I'm in here ready to claim my money! :@

[19:32] <@ChrisMcLean> Zobe? :|

[19:34] <+Blayne|DC> Back.

[19:34] <@ChrisMcLean> Great. :p

[19:34] <@ChrisMcLean> We're waiting on Sam, now.

[19:34] <@ChrisMcLean> Final challenge.

[19:34] <+Blayne|DC> WTF? Derek is back?

[19:34] <@ChrisMcLean> Jim vs.--

[19:34] <@ChrisMcLean> No.

[19:35] <@ChrisMcLean> Blayne vs. Jim vs. Sam

[19:36] <+Blayne|DC> 3 person finale? Sweet!

[19:36] <@ChrisMcLean> Mhm. Still waiting on Sam.............. And apparently Zobe now. :p

[19:38] * Blayne|DC whistles.

[19:38] <+Jim|Blayne> im here

[19:38] <@ChrisMcLean> Oh.

[19:38] <@ChrisMcLean> Okay.

[19:38] == Jim|Blayne has changed nick to Jim|

[19:38] <+Blayne|DC> so Sam.

[19:38] <+Blayne|DC> ..

[19:38] <@ChrisMcLean> Well, we still need Sam. If she doesn't come after a while, one of you will have to be her, or we can eliminate her.

[19:38] == Derek|| has changed nick to Sam|

[19:39] <@ChrisMcLean> That works. -w-

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