[19:50] <WebkinzMania> --START--
[19:50] <WebkinzMania> B: *in his house*
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B: *brushing his teeth*
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> *knock knock knock*
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B's Mom: B, you there? o.O'
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B: *stops brushing and walks to the door*
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B's Mom: *pounding on door*
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B: Beverly? :|
[19:51] <WebkinzMania> B: *continues walking to the door and is about to open his mouth*
[19:52] <WebkinzMania> B's Mom: *pounding on door* B, ARE YOU HOME?
[19:52] <WebkinzMania> B: *opens door and waves*
[19:52] <WebkinzMania> --END--

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