[17:11] <Bbhinton15> 1. What is your character's name?
[17:11] <XoTulleMorXo> Parvati.
[17:11] <Bbhinton15> 2. What are your character's pros?
[17:11] <XoTulleMorXo> Flirty, Devious.
[17:11] <Bbhinton15> 3. What are you character's cons?
[17:12] <XoTulleMorXo> Over-Competitive, Outdoor-hater.
[17:12] <Bbhinton15> 4. Why do you think your character deserves to be in TDR?
[17:12] <XoTulleMorXo> Her tactics, strategy and personality.
[17:13] <Bbhinton15> 5. Will you try to start up a relationship during your time in the series?
[17:13] <XoTulleMorXo> Mabye.
[17:13] <Bbhinton15> 6. If you could give your character a stereotype, what would it be?
[17:14] <XoTulleMorXo> The Competitive Beauty.
[17:14] <Bbhinton15> 7. Do you plan to be an antagonist (Example: Heather), protagonist (Example: Owen), or anti-hero (Example: Duncan) during your time on the show?
[17:14] <XoTulleMorXo> Anti-hero.
[17:15] <Bbhinton15> 8. What does your character look like? Describe their hair, what they're wearing (shirt[s], pants, skirt, shoes, accessories), etc.
[17:17] <XoTulleMorXo> Long brown hair, yellow shirt (with red stripe across sleves), short blue jeans, high heel wedges.
[17:17] <Bbhinton15> 9. If you are chosen for Total Drama Roleplay's fourth season, do you promise to update your character's page AT LEAST every five episodes?
[17:17] <XoTulleMorXo> Sure.
[17:18] <Bbhinton15> 10. Your final question: Have you been involved in Total Drama Roleplay before? (I.E: Have you watched the show, been a previous competitor, or been a previous character?)
[17:18] <XoTulleMorXo> I have watched the show.

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