[11:20] <Bbhinton15> I'mma happy now. -w-
[11:20] <Bbhinton15> TDC's back..... Kinda. :p
[11:20] <Crash85> Back.
[11:20] <TDFan1000> :p
[11:20] * TDFan1000 had a nightmare last night D:
[11:20] *** TDAddict is now known as TDCLover
[11:21] <TDFan1000> WB
[11:21] * TDFan1000 misses Tulle :(
[11:21] <Samuel450> I lost my virginity
[11:21] <Samuel450> :s
[11:21] <Samuel450> :|
[11:21] <TDCLover> O_O
[11:21] <Freehugs41> Thank you for sharing, Sam.
[11:22] <TDCLover> :-|
[11:22] <Samuel450> what u asked
[11:22] <Samuel450> xD
[11:22] <TDCLover> You made us ask
[11:22] <Samuel450> No
[11:22] <Zobe> Anyway, as I openly said something about FH last night I cant repeat before midnight. I may be gone from this irc.
[11:22] <Samuel450> i made u guess
[11:22] <Samuel450> xD
[11:22] <Zobe> But Ill still be in the community guys :B
[11:22] <Samuel450> [11:18] <TDAddict> So Sam what did you do
[11:22] <Samuel450> :(
[11:22] *** TDCLover is now known as Hiding
[11:22] <Samuel450> Zobe..........
[11:22] <Samuel450> dont go
[11:22] <Hiding> Who is this TDAddict
[11:22] <Hiding> O_O
[11:22] <Freehugs41> His disrespect will not be tolerated by this wiki
[11:23] <Bbhinton15> Sam, aren't you still banned? O.o
[11:23] <Bbhinton15> I just remembered that. :|
[11:23] <Bigez> No.
[11:23] <Bigez> It's been 5 days.
[11:23] <Samuel450> nope
[11:23] <Samuel450> Disrespect?
[11:23] <Hiding> Can anyone read this colr
[11:23] <Samuel450> If that was the case
[11:23] <Hiding> *color
[11:23] <Samuel450> none of us would be on the wiki
[11:23] <Freehugs41> Well
[11:23] <Samuel450> No TDAddict
[11:24] <Freehugs41> I don
[11:24] <Samuel450> U disrespect some of us all the time
[11:24] <Freehugs41> *don't exactly like it being said that I should "go f*** myself"
[11:24] <Freehugs41> :)
[11:24] <Samuel450> and we never say anything
[11:24] <Zobe> Oh no, I said something that really summed up my feelings for someone, and yes it was totally disrespectful. I can openly admit it.
[11:24] <Bbhinton15> O.O
[11:24] <Freehugs41> Please leave, Zobe.
[11:24] <Hiding> O_O
[11:24] <Bbhinton15> :|
[11:24] <Bigez> O.O
[11:24] <Hiding> O_O
[11:24] <Zobe> No, you brought up the subject.
[11:24] <Bigez> :|
[11:24] <Zobe> If you don't want to talk about it, YOU leave.
[11:24] <Freehugs41> No, Zobe
[11:24] <Freehugs41> you don't understand
[11:24] <Zobe> Then we both stay for now.
[11:25] <Freehugs41> This is our IRC
[11:25] <Freehugs41> we govern the content
[11:25] <Freehugs41> and you are no longer welcome
[11:25] <Zobe> in YOUR eyes, who else says this?
[11:25] <Zobe> you said "our" not "my".
[11:25] <Freehugs41> Zobe
[11:25] *** TDFan1000 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[11:25] <Freehugs41> This is the total Drama Wiki IRC
[11:25] <Zobe> I had noticed.
[11:25] <Freehugs41> Therefore, we govern the content
[11:26] <Bbhinton15> Where, half the time, we don't even talk about TD. xD
[11:26] <Hiding> Zobe you might want to leave before you get in more trouble
[11:26] * Samuel450 is trying so hard to keep his mouth shut
[11:26] <Freehugs41> the admins do
[11:26] <Freehugs41> Please leave right now
[11:26] <Bbhinton15> :(
[11:26] <Zobe> The f word is allowed after midnight.
[11:26] <Freehugs41> No, it's not
[11:26] <Samuel450> Not anymore
[11:26] <Freehugs41> And
[11:26] <Samuel450> Its a rule
[11:26] <Bbhinton15> KG said it was. O.o
[11:26] <Freehugs41> it's still an insult
[11:26] <Bbhinton15> I thought it still was. :|
[11:26] <Freehugs41> -_-
[11:26] <Zobe> Yeah, kg said it was the other night.
[11:26] <Samuel450> that the high and mighty Admins never mentioned to us
[11:26] <Freehugs41> IT is not an official rule
[11:26] <Freehugs41> Kg made it up
[11:26] <Samuel450> then there u go
[11:26] <Samuel450> Kage?
[11:27] <Samuel450> he cusses like crazy
[11:27] <Samuel450> O.o
[11:27] <Samuel450> :)
[11:27] <Samuel450> I love him
[11:27] <Samuel450> xD
[11:27] <Zobe> and well, yes it's an insult. You were very rude to me.
[11:27] <Hiding> O_O
[11:27] <Zobe> Demanding
[11:27] <Zobe> etc.
[11:27] <Hiding> Zobe you might want to leave before you get in more trouble
[11:27] <Zobe> I'll leave now
[11:27] <Freehugs41> I didn't openly disrespect you though
[11:27] <Bbhinton15> .... *sigh*
[11:27] <Samuel450> Openly
[11:27] <Freehugs41> Please do.
[11:27] <Samuel450> key word
[11:27] <Samuel450> :s
[11:27] * Samuel450 slaps himself
[11:27] <Bbhinton15> It's not even worth this. -_-
[11:27] <Zobe> but before I do. FH, you are a childish, self centered, self-victimising, naggy, bossy, power obsessed bitch
[11:27] <Hiding> :-|
[11:27] <Zobe> and you can go fuck yourself
[11:27] <Freehugs41> Goodbye
[11:27] <Zobe> goodbye
[11:27] <Freehugs41> :)
[11:27] *** Zobe has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)
[11:27] <Bbhinton15> ...........................................................................
[11:28] <Samuel450> (Conf) OMG
[11:28] <Hiding> :-|
[11:28] <Hiding> (conf):-|
[11:28] <Bbhinton15> For off-record purposes, I'm going to do something I need to do.
[11:28] <Freehugs41> Lovely, insult added to injury.
[11:28] <Bbhinton15> -- BRB --
[11:28] <Samuel450> Freehugs.........
[11:28] <Samuel450> he has a point.........
[11:28] <Samuel450> :s
[11:28] <Freehugs41> ...
[11:28] <Bigez> :o
[11:28] <Bigez> Salty.
[11:28] <Samuel450> u are very disrespectful urself......
[11:28] <Samuel450> im sorry to say it
[11:28] <Samuel450> but its true
[11:28] <Bigez> :|
[11:28] <Samuel450> :(
[11:28] <Bigez> No.
[11:28] <Bigez> She's not.
[11:29] *** Hiding is now known as Hiding_Harder
[11:29] <Samuel450> NOw im gonna just stop before i say anything else
[11:29] <Hiding_Harder> O_O
[11:29] <Bigez> When someone tells her to go f*ck herself that's not disrespectful.
[11:29] <Samuel450> oh
[11:29] <Samuel450> that was very disrespectful
[11:29] <Freehugs41> No, you think?
[11:29] <Samuel450> See there u go
[11:29] <Freehugs41> Well, it's okay
[11:29] *** TDF_ has joined #TDWIKI
[11:29] <Samuel450> proving my point
[11:29] <Freehugs41> I'll go perma ban him from the wiki.
[11:29] <Hiding_Harder> Ello
[11:29] <Freehugs41> :)
[11:29] <Samuel450> Freehugs
[11:30] <TDF_> BR
[11:30] <Samuel450> never mind
[11:30] <Samuel450> ;)

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